Hungry Girl

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Hungry Girl

Hungry Girl

Abby was sitting in her room one day when she heard someone crying soutside. She ran to the window and saw a small girl sitting on the curb, sobbing. She looked about seven years old.

Abby ran outside and asked what was the matter. The girl pointed to her tummy and complained, “I’m hungry.”

Abby felt bad for the girl and tried to cheer her up.

“What’s your name?” Abby asked.

“My name is Katie,” the small girl answered. Then she said she had to go home and help her mother. Abby said okay and went back to her house for dinner.

The next morning Katie was outside playing with a ball. Abby went outside to say hi. Katie was very happy to see her. Abby asked where she lived and the girl pointed down the road.

“Down there,” the girl said, “My mommy is going to have to go to someplace an hour away tomorrow and won’t be back until seven. She can’t find anyone to take care of me and make me dinner. Will you babysit for me?”

Abby agreed and Katie ran down the road to her house to tell her mom. Abby told her dad about Katie and he guessed she had just moved to the old house that had been for sale. Katie came back and met Abby’s parents. They thought she was adorable. Abby then brought up the subject about babysitting; her parents said of course she could.

The next day at about ten o’clock she rode down to Katie’s house. It was old and beat up. Abby knocked and Katie ran to open the door. They baked and played dress up till five when Katie said she had a surprise and it would take a few minutes to set up. Abby was told to wait in the guest bedroom until Katie said she could see. Abby heard Katie’s home phone ringing and Katie asked her to get it.

Abby answered the phone it was her dad.

“Abby get Out of that house!” he screamed. “I was watching the news and a serial killer who calls herself Katie escaped from the asylum. She is about 18, but small. In previous murders she has worn makeup to make her look about seven. She has brought kids to babysit her and EATEN them.”

Abby dropped the phone and ran downstairs to the back door. Katie was already there.

“Abby… I’m hungry,” she said quietly.

Katie brought a butcher knife from the kitchen and herded Abby toward the dining room. Abby saw the table was set for dinner. She turned and saw Katie glaring at her.

“I listened to the call,” said Katie. “Your dad has ruined everything.”

Abby saw the knife coming toward and never opened her eyes again. The police arrived about 10 minutes later. They found Katie sitting at the dinner table, quietly chewing on something that looked like steak.


  1. Horrorlover0666 says

    When I was in High school I had this kid sit next to me and we were talking about cannibalism and he told me that adults taste like chicken and babies taste like fish yeah I pretty much avoided him for the rest of the year

  2. creepyforlife says

    Awww poor Abby why in the world would Katie eat human meat why not just steal and eat or bag for food

  3. Eve Neko Tsundere Otaku says

    Shes good with make up eh…
    please teach me oh young one & il let u eat me
    XD Btw im only 11

  4. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    Oh my gosh Gidgey this is the most amazing (in a scary way) scary story ever! I’m also eleven years old, my stories are on Tell Me Your Story page. (both are fiction), and since you’re the genius (NO sarcasm), how are they? Could they get published? Keep up the good work, Gidgey! :D

  5. Nada says

    From which Group is this story?
    I just clicked on it(Found it In comments)
    i wanna see more stories From this group

  6. Paradise says

    After reading:
    *Looks across room to 5 yr old sis*
    Me:”Umm, hey sis…are you hungry?”
    *Sis looks at me and nods creepilly*
    *I get up and run out of the house*

  7. NekoPrincess101 says

    Oh this sounds like the movie Orphan. Its about a 25 yr old who is like a 10 yr old and some 1 adopts her and in the end she kills the adoption dad. :)

  8. theawesomeness says

    Lesson learned: never trust little people. and i just have to add this, EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. TheHauntedStoryTeller says

    Nice story.

    And i like ur story gothbunny yeaaaah it did remind me of ‘orphan’ a lot! lol

  10. beyond scared says

    this story was on is house of pain. ps. moral of the story, when a 7 yr old says he/she’s hungry. KILL IT BEFORE IT KILLS U. Also, never babysit a 7yr old.

  11. x pinkblood x says

    wow so the dad was listening to nacy grace taking about a killer that eats people that sounds very realistic. u conavor!!!!

  12. imgianna says

    @TheHauntedStroryTeller hey, I know that movie too. And yeah, I agree =”> BTW, Gidgey’s really talented

  13. queen of chills says

    mmmmm people for dinner sounds good but i wouldn’t babysit for creepy little girl….. little girls creep me out especially the innocent ones

  14. neverscaredgirl9 says

    I’ve heard that story somewhere before and i would NEVER babysitt her lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. cestakrve says

    yea it was horror movie abour nice girl who is 30 years old insane woman. It was horrible movie

  16. xXZombieRose14Xx says

    @epicnessofjosh awesome story :] scared me for a while o.o never trust little kids with knifes

  17. Dead Girl XXx says

    I know right guys, orphan creeped me out for 3-4 days! :O er.. i knw its not sumthn i have to be THAT scared of okay so call me weird xD

  18. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    The Orphan is a weird, shocking movie, very unpredictable! I love it! :)

  19. possesed_demonn says

    omg!!!i love the orphan! esther is so freaky,when she breaks her arm and tries to kill the boy,the nun,mum and the dad!!!

  20. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    @ember112233 Yeah but I don’t think that Scary For Kids would want us to post it, because they are gonna post it here someday. Lol

  21. gothbunny2002 says

    Read This story!….
    ~Red Eyed Bunny~
    One Day Samantha Was At The Pet Store With Her Mom,After 7 Minutes Of Looking Around She Saw The Perfect Pet.It Was A Bunny With Red Eyes,
    Samantha Immediatly Said :Mommy!Can I Please Please Pleassse Have This Bunny?!?:And The Mother Said :Ok!Anthing For My Little Darling!:
    Samantha Was Over Joyed.
    Once Samantha,Her Mom,And The Rabbit Got Home,Samantha Took The Bunny In Her Room And Played With It.
    Later At Night Samantha Ate Dinner With The Rabbit And Went To Sleep.
    While Samantha Was Sleeping She Heard A Scream And Was Startled And Had Cold Sweat On Her Face.
    She Went Down Stairs With The Rabbit And Followed The Scream Into Her Moms Room.
    A Chill Went Down Her Spine And She Turned On The Lights,
    To Her Horror She Saw Her Mom And Dad Dead On The Bed Surrounded By A Pool Of Blood.
    Samantha Screamed And Ran Out Side Holding On To Her Bunny Tightly She Felt Something Wet On Her Bunny While She Was Running Down The Street Stopped And Saw The Bunny Was Covered In Blood,
    While She Was Standing There Screaming And Dropped Her Bunny In The Grass And Backed Away Slowly.
    After That An Old Lady With Red Eyes Walked Up To The Bunny Picked It Up And Said:Good Work Thomas!:
    The Little Girl Remembered That Name,
    It Had Been On The News.
    Thomas Smith,
    He Murdered Adults And Kidnapped Kids.
    After 30 Seconds The Bunny Turned Into Thomas Smith And Came Running After Samantha.
    After That She Was Never Seen Again!
    Thank You For Your Time!

    Story Written AT 8:26 pm Written By Chloe Philpot
    Age:9,Birthday 8/31/02 Story Uploded
    8:28 pm.

  22. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    Cool story, I really like it! :)

    @Dead Girl XXx I also don’t like young children XD Lol

    @xXxGrrrrRawrxXx I’ve heard that human flesh tastes like pork, that made me stop eating pork. lol XD

  23. Chiuleles says

    Wow, this story was damn cool. Am I the only one who noticed that cannibalism is a common theme in recent riddles and stories?

  24. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ creepy789
    lol xD Really? I always use to fear little kids.. they gawk in that scary way like they’re coming tonight to kill me in my sleep and all! EEEEEEEEEEE they are scary!!!! XD Oh excluding babies :P I like babies :P frightening age is 6-9 yrs xD

  25. gothsuckerpunchsibuna777 says

    Epicnessofjosh: that is already on here it’s on urban legends

  26. NinjaYuuta says

    OMG!!! I read this story in the comments and I loved it!!!!! I was hoping you would put it on your site!!!! This story is majorly wonderful! I’m glad you put it on here scaryforkids! And kudos to Gidgey for writing this story! It is one of my favorites because of how original it is and how the twist comes in so nicely at the end! Reminds me of that movie, Orphan.

  27. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Midnight 7775 and creepy789
    Yep i also read it before… It’s Gidgey’s story! :D Wow i really like it :D
    I’m scared of seven year old kids btw o.O

  28. creepy789 says

    @Midnight7776 yeah i remember reading this story but i dont remember wat story it was on…. i really liked it after i read it its like the story gecko in creepy stories i got to email the creator

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