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How to See a Ghost

How to see a ghost is a scary game or ritual from Japan that allows you to catch sight of a real spirit of the dead. You can play this game on your own and find out if you have the ability to see dead people. Don’t blame me if you discover your house is haunted.

How to see a ghost

How to see a ghost – Instructions

Step 1: You must be alone in the house. Find a quiet place. You can sit down in a chair or lie on a bed.

Step 2: Close your eyes and visualize the house where you were born and raised.

Step 3: Imagine that you are standing outside the house, at the front door. Open the door and walk into the house.

Step 4: Go around the house in clockwise direction, opening all of the windows, one by one.

Step 5: Now, go back, retracing your steps in an anti-clockwise direction, closing all the windows, one by one.

Step 6: Leave the house via the front door and then open your eyes.

Don’t continue reading unless you have completed all the steps above.

Now, here is the question:

While you were walking around the house in your imagination, did you notice any strange figures lurking in any of the rooms?

The strange figure you saw was a ghost…


  • I was born while living in my grandparents house. Now I’ve lived here since 2005. So… I was raised here, but lived with my grandparents for a year. Should I visualize my grandparents house or this one?

  • I dont remember the house I lived before… but Im living in my current house since 2005 so…

  • Sometimes, i can see a cat, a black cat, sleeping on a coffin, under the table… I have a cat… A white cat… I think it’s a ghost-cat…

  • i already know how to see a ghost my physic power is to see them and sense someones thought or feeling and predict the future

  • I’m CasHere, I changed my display name so… And the knife dude is cool. He’d not evil.

  • My house is haunted and I’ve known that forever. I see spirits a lotand if I do not see them, I sense their presence. I saw my usual (positive and nice) ghosts, my very sweet great-grandmother, the shadow people who just sit there and comfort my old dog, and the aforementioned old dog who is a ghost. But in my dining room, I saw a man with a small paring knife, and he seemed malicious too… He said hello with an evil grin. Thank heavens we’re moving.

  • I would love to try this, but my parents don’t leave alone at home for more than an hour…in fact, they only leave me if it is absolutely necessary. Which means that I probably means that I wont do it…

  • I’m gonna try this cause why the glob not? :P Also, I kinda already see figures and what I call “shadow people” at times, but I don’t know if they’re spirits or not.

  • What if you were born in one house, raised in another and one more other and in another one, and currently living in another one? My family constantly moves.

  • I’ve seen some without doing this but I’ve always seen it with my eyes closed except once or twice

  • I think I saw a black cloud thing after I closed a window in the other bathroom I was kind of expecting to see one bc one time I could picture a hand coming to my forehead and then it felt like I was hit on my forehead it pushed my head back a bit my head felt weird and I think it could’ve been a little kid that did that I could see the hand by my dresser it’s short

  • BTW my dads a paranormal investigator he is on
    a team called Southwest Anomalous Research Society (SWARS) he is investigating an old restaurant on Friday and he has a website I will post a link on this page once his website is finished it’s not finished yet but you can still check it out if you can find it

  • @VengefullWitch that is a residual haunting. This ritual is probably dealing with an independent haunting, witch means the ghost can move around freely and it has a mind of it’s own. A residual haunting is, like you said, the resedue of an important event, like a recording of time witch plays itself over and over at a specific time.

  • i read this somewhere:
    ghost is residue of energy which left behind by people who experienced violent death. that energy will repeating over and over again the the time when and how the death happening.

  • I want to try this but what happens when you are done with the ritual!? Do you still see spirits?!!

  • @MeerBearBallett, Are you christian or something? @Everyone I am listening to The Script at the moment, and that takes away the creeepiness of most things, but still not pop up games!

  • I can see ghosts as well! Can I tell you something? Look away from here if you are easily spooked out! If you want to read keep going!!

    One night I was asleep, and I woke up because I was thirsty and so I picked up my glass of water, and as I did so I recognised a figure lurking in the corner. When I looked closer I saw a young lady, rather beautiful, hanging up a towel on an old towel rack I once found. I wasn’t scared then, I knew I was extremely lucky to see a ghost maid!! Then my dad told me that the playroom was where the maids and servants and cooks slept in the fifteen hundreds and when I told him my story he said that my bedroom used to be a bathroom in the very old days! Our house was made in the Elizabethan times!! The fifteen hundreds!

    Keep reading, there is more:

    One night outside my room I heard “Ring a ring of roses, a pocket full of poses, a tissue, a tissue, we all fall down!” And then dad told me that there was a lot of children living here in the old times! Creepy, huh?
    PS Tilly, we might be moving to Norwich!!

  • Also, apparently not all ghosts are bad. There are nice people and bad people, and apparently there are nice ghosts and bad ghosts. Personally, I think that everyone should be given a chance. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover! Friendliness is an amazing thing! :D

    (but if an somebody’s mean to you, you can have a reason to dislike them. but trust me, stuff goes better if you start off with a cordial approach. I’m guessing this applies to ghosts, too, so you shouldn’t play games that treat them disrespectfully because it’s just not nice. this game seems okay though. Tip: people will like you if you give them cookies, as a side note.

  • To clear stuff up: According to the Bible, the devil was once a seraph (i think thats how you spell it), which are one of the most powerful angels. At one point, he took about one third of the angels in heaven and they were all evil and they split off into their own little bad group. Paradise is right, God made all of them, but some of them are mean and don’t like God. I don’t think ghosts are evil, I think they’re just people who are having a difficult time moving on. We should pray for them, and try to help them.

  • @furrykinz2234 That is really cool! I wanna really see and comically get chased by a headless guy with an axe!

  • @DateWithDeath11 strange how you are saying that…I’m only 11 but at night,out of the corner of my eye,and I can see something that is misty floating and moving slightly…I’m not bluffing..I swear

  • I’m not trying this, even for a million bucks!!!! In my religion, Hinduism, spirits are VERY afraid of god.

  • DTMS no no no no nooo not devils! Spirits! It’s in the Quran but we have diff religions but I call them devils because some are nice and others are evil but you still can’t provoke them or else they’ll hurt you!! God created man and the spirits and angels and devils. Devils don’t worship God at all buy all angels worship God. Both the spirits and humans split into believers and non-believers but you can’t see the spirits because they look terrifying so God ordered them not to show themselves but I’m not so sure how it goes but the evil ones are the ones you call when you play these games!! So seriously, don’t try this!!

  • Why are my comments being posted twice? It’s annoying. And I’m sure am not the one submitting them twice

  • @dont take me seriously, I also agree with you. God didn’t create ghosts. According to the bible, the dead are unconscious so any dead thing that walks has to come from the devil. It also says that ghosts are actually demons. So my point is God has nothing to do with ghosts.

  • I’m not gonna believe either of you two people about seeing ghosts. No one can see ghost. @don’t take me seriously you are wrong. God had to create spirits,he created people, and spirits are the souls of people trapped somewhere, so he basically intended it. So typically saying..he did create ghosts.

  • @Gothic lolita…… no one can see ghosts god made them that wayyy.. don’t bluff….. btw good game creeps u out at the end

  • I would never do this. I agree, it’s kind of evil. If my house was haunted, maybe my pets would sense it by now.. -.-

  • Practically speaking, it is not possible to call the Devil himself just by imagining it. I bet your not a fan of these games, are you?@paradise

  • Guys, this stuff is all devilish stuff. You should never play these games! It’s like you calling a devil to your house then begging it not to hurt you. It’ll hurt you even more. Trust me, even the game “Three Kings” is all about summoning devils and evil things.

  • @ dont take me seriously If there was a ghost in our house that wanted to hurt me I think it would have done that by now. Besides, if there is a ghost in our house, maybe it doesn’t want to be disovered. Finding out about it might anger it. THEN it will want to hurt me.

  • Seventh. -_- XD SFK, You should post more games like this! I love reading these games and planning on doing them. This I DEFINITELY won’t do. XD
    @Carcass Whoa… That’s some scary crap.. xD

  • You guys,this really works :3 I got this from another website,so I decided to see if it works. It apparently does but it’s really slow like. I did it,once I was in the kitchen to close the window , there was a dark cloud next to it. It just floated there. Not moving or anything. T^T We got the house cleansed cause mum doesn’t like spirits. :c

  • Hey I should try this since I’m home alone alot. However I won’t! Toooo creepy to know if ur house is haunted or not. Better leave it unknown!

  • @demented xandra819 I tend to disagree with you cuz, normally, what you dont know cant hurt you, right? In this case, what you dont know can hurt you. The best thing would be to know and get the hell out of there. Trust me, You wanna know.

  • Third! Whoa. Seems like I missed out on a lot of stories! Btw I can see ghosts without doing this game. Through my peripheal vision. I see stuff I’m not supposed to. I try my best to ignore it though. They give me insane levels of adrenaline. And Fear. I keep getting remembered that If I can see them, they can see me too. And trust me, That is a bad thing.

  • SECOND! There is no way I’m trying that. Way too creepy. Besides, if there is a ghost in our house that I don’t know about then I’d like to keep it that way.

  • FIRST. By the way its really creepy… I will try it. But I can’t even close my eyes when I am home alone!

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