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How To Be Popular

How To Be Popular is a story by MegIz who is a member of this website. It’s about a girl who wants to be popular and hangs out with the most popular girl in her school.

How To Be Popular

Have you ever wondered how to be popular in high school or middle school? It’s not so easy. Macie Rifter was the most popular girl in my school. I knew her name because of all the stories I heard about her. Since I was new, she took me under her wing and we soon became best friends.

However, that is not how the story ends. There is a story hiding behind the one I just told you. A terrifying story that left me scarred for life.

Macie Rifter was staring at me. I was sitting a few tables away from her, all by myself. I started to wonder why she was taking such an interest in me. Perhaps it was because I was the new girl. Eventually, Macie got up and walked over to me.

“Hi, my name is Macie,” she said, flashing a smile. “But I’m sure you already know that.”

It was easy to see why she was the most popular girl in school. She looked pretty and spoke politely. Everything about her was nice, sweet and wholesome. Most of all, she was very smart and knew how to manipulate people.

“Nice to meet you,” I replied, holding out my hand. “I’m Bobbi.”

She shook my hand firmly and flashed her winning smile again.

“How about you come sit at my table?” she suggested.

I nodded my head. Then, picking up my lunch tray, I followed her back to her table. She pointed at another girl and told her to sit at another table. She told me to sit in the girl’s spot. I felt bad about forcing the other girl to change seats, but shook just it off. I mean, I was with the most popular girl in the school. Who was I to question her rules?

After lunch, I realized I was in all the same classes as Macie. In a polite tone, she ordered me to sit beside her in every class. But something didn’t feel right about her. I shook off the strange feeling and did whatever she told me to do.

We quickly became best friends. Through her, I made other friends and as time went by, those friends became very popular. Even more popular than Macie. Eventually, Macie became unpopular. She was sad and depressed, and I tried to cheer her up, but it was no use.

I began to hang out with my other friends, partly because I wanted to distance myself from Macie, but also because Macie had shut me out. Apparently, she thought being popular was the most important thing in the world. To her, it was everything.

One night I held a huge party. Everyone was invited, as long as they were a junior. I met up with Macie once all of my friends had disappeared. She had finally became happy and we laughed and talked for a while.

It was almost the end of the party, and I had begun to look for my friends. I looked in my bedroom and found a dead body sprawled across the floor. The face had been sliced off and the eyes had been plucked out. I screamed and ran to Macie. Everyone else had gone home and she was the only one who had stayed.

When I opened the door, I was horrified. Everyone was dead and their mutilated corpses lay in a huge pool of blood. Macie stood in the middle. The corpses were set up around her, their sightless eyes staring at her as if in adoration.

When she turned and saw me, an evil smile stole across her face. She was holding a large kitchen knife in her hands.

“What did you do?” I yelled and started to cry.

“I killed all your friends,” she replied simply. “They were ranked above me and I had to become popular again. It’s not easy. How do you think I managed to stay popular all these years?”

She shoved me into a corner and held the knife inches away from my face.

“Are you going to kill me?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“You know I have to,” she replied, stroking my hair with the tip of the knife. “You’re the only one standing in my way.”

“But… I’m not even that popular!” I said, my voice breaking.

“But you’re more popular than I am,” said Macie as tears started to stream down her face. “I want my popularity back! Besides, now you know about all this, I can’t let you live!”

She launched herself at me. Grabbing her wrist, I managed to wrestle the knife out of her hand. It fell to the floor. She put her hands around my throat and started choking. I kicked and squirmed, trying to break her grip, but she was too strong.

Just before I blacked out, she whispered in my ear, “Goodbye.”

I woke up in the hospital. A group of people were crowding around me. My mother was crying as she told me that Macie was in jail. I gulped and tried to say something, but no sound would come out. When I put my hand to my throat, I felt stitches all across my neck.

The horrible memories began rushing back and my mother politely asked all of the other people to get out of my room and let me rest.

Then, she turned on the TV. It was a newsflash about Macie escaping jail.

Now, I’m all grown up. I have two beautiful kids and a loving husband. But every day, I live in fear. They never caught Macie. She’s still out there, somewhere. I spend my life worrying that she will return some day, looking for revenge. Never try to be the popular girl in school. It’s just not worth it.


  • I’m sorry, but I was hoping there was going to be a fight between Macie and the main character, so I am sorry but I rate this story 5.75/10

  • How to catch Masie:
    step one. place a box attached to string and a twing
    step two. place a note saying ‘popular’ under the box
    step three. wait
    step four. enjoy that your brand new pet sociopath!

  • Wowzers!! All of THAT just for the sake of popularity?! Dat girl is INSANE! But no! Wait! She is popular….. With the policemen who would probably catch her pretty soon!

  • this is so good! This first story that I found when I found this website! And I LOVED it!

  • Is popularity really everything? I loved and enjoyed being one of the most popular girls in school, but even though someone took that away I wouldn’t go after them and kill them. That’s ridiculous 😐

  • WOW being popular is not easy in middle school or high school I have been there and still am there I feel awful


  • Poor girl! Who would want to kill someone because they are popular? That’s just going a little bit far. Being popular really shouldn’t matter. (In my opinion)

  • This is sort of random but, the girl in the pic looks like Brooke from dance moms.

  • Nice…But it COULD use a few tweeks. As in not having her live that would make it WAYYYYYYY better. But otherwise LOVE IT!

  • Great story, I know all to we’ll that being popular ain’t all that. They get into trouble more and are mostly in prison…

  • becoming popular isn’t worth killing all those people. Btw the girl in the pic is really pretty don’t you all agree?

  • You’re ONLY TEN???? OMG that’s amazing! Good for u MegIz!!!
    I’m not saying you’re a little kid, but it’s great that you got a story published younger than most people! I got mine published when I was still 10 going on 11… :(

  • There is this website I am on and a girl wanted to become popular on that game, so that newbies would know her name instantly. Because she wanted lots of friends, virtual money and lots of level up points, she hacked people. She hacked people who became popular.

  • BEST STORY EVER you did a pretty good job I love reading this story again and agin @Meglz

  • yes, the story is pretty scary…but i believe that being popular has both advantages and disadvantages because one one hand you have to follow rules otherwise everyone will talk about your bad qualities and that you being a popular girl is doing all nonsense, on the other hand, it is very prestigious to be popular. setting an example, I am also quite a popular girl in school as am always one of the toppers in class. it is true that you will have to work really hard to be popular and it also feels good. you don’t have to kill and then become popular. just be friendly, study hard and help others fro the bottom of your heart. that will really help a lot. believe me and do try this if you want to be popular.

  • its crazzy wat ppl do in life just to get attention!!!!
    I mean if it were me I think its not worth puting my precios life at risk

  • Sad how people do whatever they can to gain popularity , If I see another person saying first , I will stay up everyday wait for the next stories to come out and take all of your opportunities of saying FIRST away.

  • There once was a boy named josiah dane who wanted every
    Thing life could offer. But he didn’t know what it would cost, his life. It was one setteld night were there was a silent death . The mother of josiah dane had walked into his room were she found him dead she screamed in terror as he was stabbed six times in his chest. The funeral that occurd three days later was a shocker as well as there was no casket. To be continued……….

  • @horrorchica,

    This is just a story! Its fake… They added the “its just not worth it” part.

  • i kinda disagree wit this story i mean sometimes it just is worth it. just dont bring any of ur low rate friends into ur popularity and if u find ur friends dead its kinda obvious the girl who HAD popularity would do it just dont do anything were al gonna die one day…….. ok im done. oh and btw….NOT ALL POPULAR GIRL ARE STUCK UP BRATS THAT WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR POPULARITY

  • No I Meant The Pic Do They Pick Out There Own Pic Or Do We Send It To Them So They Put It Up
    I Made An Error In Tht Question This Is The Actual Question

  • OMG thank u guys!
    You write on Tell Me Your Story and they publish it if they like it:)

  • @Melgz I Need To Ask You Ask You A Question.
    When You Write A Story Will SFK Put It Up Themselves Or Do You Need To Send It To Them So They Put It Up?

  • Okay, @MeganIz you’re my writer idol-something! 😃👍 Y U SO GOOD AT WRITING? Okay so you’ll probably be the next R.L. Stine >:( Ok… So i’m ummmm… Yeah! “”HOPELESS”” (._.”)

  • no one in molasky is popular just ALOT of onabees i think i never ment a popurlar person in school or saw one i hope this webstie gets a app i want this on my phone

  • I used to be popular.
    Then I got weird. XD
    I mean. The stuff I talk about. I can only really talk about it with certain people. :3

  • Well thats a compliment coming from u DeadGirlXXx. U are a very big icon for ur packed lunch story;)

  • MagIz its an awesome story :) Well, im not popular in school at all and now, im thinking how lucky i am XD

  • @Megiz thank you for the tip,It will really help me when I tell stories when I babysit.

  • A twist is better for the ending. It leaves the reader shocked or laughing, depending on what twost you use. And you set the scene by giving details about the Place it set at. (if thats not u meant, sorry!)

  • @Megiz well I would like to know how would you set the scene?Which is better for an ending a twist or suspense?

  • The most popular girl in my school is a spoilt, stuck up brat. Almost everyone loves her apart from me and my friends. Her name is Dakota

  • I’m not popular at all. xD I don’t want to be either. All the popular people are… Ahem… preppy and bad… Oh, and MegIz you really are a good writer. :) I really like your stories. xD

  • Second story published :)
    Thanks for all the nice comments guys, its nice to know I hve fans XD
    I know im not the best writer but thanks for supporting me :)

    Im going to write another story soon (very soon) so look for it on the Humiro Mansion story :)

  • im not trying to be mean i said. it just…annoys me. i get annoyed by little things. sorry

  • Here’s a true story\biography ♥ (ex stands for experience)
    I’m in middle school. I have a group of friends, but im not popular and i dont want to be.
    Popular ex #1: I had to use the BR. for some reason at my school the bathroom is the hangout place for all the cliques. creepy i no. plus it smells like a giant port o potty. with only 2 stalls. so its tiny. u can imagine how crowded it is. a girl was blocking the door (lets call her Jaya, not real name) so i said excuse me and she moved. the lock was crappy so i was locking it and she says, “lock the f’n door.” and i’m like “jeez.” so i wash my hands n stuff and go to leave jaya was blocking the doorway and i say excuse me again and she moves like an inch so i squeeze past her and she pushes me. i got tired of her attitude i never did a thing to her. i turned around and snapped “stop pushing me.” she says “then get out of my way, b*tch.” I glared at her and walked away. ps shes like half my size and im 5’2 if you can picture her pushing me. also me and my friend were talking minding our own business out of the blue jaya tells my friend she talks too much.

    i have more but my fingers are getting tired. let me know if you want the others and please, dont try to be popular, its just. not. worth. it.

  • really people? does it matter if your the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 11th or whatever commenter? not trying to be mean, but you must have better things to do.

  • When it comes to popularity im like somewhat popular.Is it really worth killing people just to be popular?I think the nerds in my school r nicer than alot of the popular kids

  • See…I didn’t like how the new girl became cool and forgot where she came from. sure the other girl was fruit loops, but I try to be nice to everybody. there were some kids that went on a killing spree FOR REAL and one of them walked up to a kid that had been nice to him and he told that kid to get out of there so that he wouldn’t get hurt. I’m just sayin…it pays to be nice to everybody.

    Oh, and great story!

  • I literally rolled my eyes at the title. Being popular is stupid. Anyways, I liked the story. :p

  • Feels good being second. Put on more stories about kids in school. They’re the best.

  • Scary wow r these stories 4 real? it was mean for the girl with the stitches because she didn’t do anything to the other girl

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