Horror Movies

Here are some of the best horror movies you will ever see. Well, maybe not the best, and you’ve probably never heard of them. In fact they’re more accurately described as the best obscure horror movies ever made. But they definitely have some entertainment value. If only that they’re extremely funny.

Horror Movie

Best Horror Movies
Beast Creatures Creepers Boogens Ants
Best Horror Movies
Repossessed The Car Trilogy of Terror Hotel


  1. creepypastafangirl says

    @VeraOnly: Oh, it’s not that scary! I’ve seen almost all the movies.I just need to see the one that came out in, like, 2010.

  2. xX_Protector_Ghost_Xx says

    I’ve seen almost every horror movie there is. It takes a lot to scare me.

  3. Satan666 says

    @paranormalgirl1001, I saw Halloween and now it is my favorite horror movie. I think that Rob Zombie’s Halloween has too much sex in it.

  4. KittysCorpse says

    loooove leatherface and freddy! omg! VeraOnly are you kidding me? that movies not even scary you big chicken! xD

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