Horror Movie Rules

In the movie Scream, Randy said “There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie”.

1. You can never have sex. BIG NO-NO! BIG NO-NO! Sex equals death, okay?
2. You can never drink or do drugs. The sin factor! It’s a sin. It’s an extension of number one.
3. Never, ever, ever under any circumstances say, “I’ll be right back.” Because you won’t be back.

In Scream 2, the rules for a horror sequel were:

1. The body count is always bigger.
2. The death scenes are always much more elaborate, with more blood and gore.
3. If you want your films to become a successful franchise, never, ever, under any circumstances assume the killer is dead.

In Scream 3, the rules for surviving in a horror movie trilogy were:

1. You’ve got a killer who’s gonna be superhuman. Stabbing him won’t work, shooting him won’t work. Basically in the third one, you gotta cryogenically freeze his head, decapitate him, or blow him up.
2. Anyone, including the main character, can die.
3. The past will come back to bite you in the ass. Whatever you think you know about the past, forget it. The past is not at rest! Any sins you think were committed in the past are about to break out and destroy you.
4. All I know about movie trilogies is in the third one, all bets are off.

In Scream 4, the rules were:

1. Modern audiences have become savvy to the rules of the originals. I mean there are still rules, but the rules have changed and the kills have gotta be way more extreme.
2. The unexpected is the new cliche and virgins can die now.
3. To be 2.0, the killer should be filming the murders. It’s the natural next step in psycho slasher innovation.
4. You have to have an opening sequence.
5. Don’t f*** with the original.


  1. beyond scared says

    who cares if someone swears. im 12 and i don’t give a crap what anyone says in front of me. go back to ur little kiddie webssites if you cant handle it. ps.i’m writing this on mah 3ds. i’m on it now.

  2. DeathIsForever says

    Blehhh sex? who puts that word on a website. I can imagine a little kid seeing the word and using it in school.

  3. Zombieluverz says

    lol once my friend had a halloween party and her older sister and her friends were in da basement watching scream 3 they didn’t let us enjoy our movie!! they were making to much noise screaming. BTW we were watching Sean of The Dead. I’ts like Dawn of the dead, but a parody sorta of it.

  4. clairethecookiemonster says

    nancypotpie You really didn’t hear about Scream 4? I saw it in the theatres when it first came out in… 2011? I was 11.

  5. lexalina101 says

    @WeavileRoxxCANDY it depends on the context you use it in “Ass” is a word with a duel meaning
    Definition A: the cuss word
    Definition B: another term for donkey.
    in this case it is the first definition presented -_- like i said it depends on the context it is used in.

  6. Devilgirl21 says

    Oh yeah, on halloween a lot n I mean a lot of ppl wear scream masks! Im sick of those masks!!! Its just too much . When I was little my big brother used to scare with that mask! He done it so may times that it doesnt scare me anymore:D now I scare him with my horrifiyng chucky mask!!!!XD

  7. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ superninja
    Is it, really? :O No, i haven’t seen those masks o_o.. Am I really unknown of a famous movie?? o.o

  8. furrykinz2234 says

    really in the first two rules it says getting drunk and taking drugs is a sin well…sex is a sin to ppl! and SEX is not for kids its way to disturbing and disgusting and i have to admit i don’t even know how i know wat sex is! like im only 10 O.o O_o <-which face is better. btw i am seeing this:
    a little kid sees the word sex and does not know wat it is so he ask his mom and she faints then he says "oh well if mommy wont tell me i guess i will look it up on internet" so he does and becomes addicted to it <-idk why i am seeing this its just haunting me and im not telling you who this person is….. although i tihnk oyu already know

  9. superninja says

    lmao scream is like one of the most famous slasher movies ever! havent you seen those masks? many people wear scream masks on halloween!

  10. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Xx Death Bolt xX
    hehe me too ^_^.. yep we’re on the same track :) And lol, i agree with the mature-people-attracting-more part :D :D

  11. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Oh, and this site is called ScaryForKids not OnlyForKids so i think this site attracts more mature people than kids because of the term “ScaryForKids”

  12. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    I have never heard of scream either, we on the same track Dead Girl :)
    This is the internet, u do whatever u want, u cant stop someone from cursing, plus, cursing is part of life now we hear them everyday, well most of us do…

  13. Dead Girl XXx says

    I have never heard about any movie called “scream” :/ Is it a nice one or what? and WeavileRoxxCANDY was right :)

  14. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    I can totally see this happening…. —>
    Little kid: *sees the word sex and doesnt know what it means*……….. *goes and gets his mom* Mommy what does ‘sex’ mean??
    Mom: *faints*
    XDDDD who else can see this happening?!

  15. BOO XD says

    @laxalina101 wow ur such a baby im not allowed to see swear words god who cares if you cvan read then you should be allowed to see them if and i doubt a little 3rd grader is gonna read this.

  16. sofiaisepic says

    HUH, I never knew there was a movie called “SCREAM” oh well…

    ~SOFIAy (lol)

  17. twisted.story says

    I have seen Scream 1, 2 and 3, but not 4. I think they were good, especially compared to the fact that the third one was made in 2000, I think. Thanks for posting this, by the way. :] Guess I’m gonna have to watch the fourth one soon. Perhaps on Halloween?

    And to “queen of hills” You really think Scary Movie is better than Scream? I’ve seen it, and I think it’s rather… effed up. Scary Movie is for children, or, those who have a child-like sense of humor. I don’t hate Scary Movie, but I do not think they are better than Scream. How is Scream boring and stupid compared to Scary Movie, by the way?

  18. WeavileRoxxCANDY says

    @lexalina101 “Ass” is NOT a swear. Stop acting like swearing is against some sort of law, because it’s not. Did you ever hear of “Freedom of Speech”? Go back to your little kiddy websites if you can’t take it.

  19. lexalina101 says

    is this really a site for kids <> “it’ll come back and bite you on the ass?” WARN US FOR SWEARING OR PUT IT ON A SITE THAT IS KNOWN FOR ARTICALS WITH CUSSING! WAY TO KEEP IT CLASSY “scaryforKIDS”

    Scaryforkids says: “Sorry, all of the rules are lines of dialogue quoted directly from the movie. I didn’t write them. I wasn’t sure if I should put this article on the website. Maybe I should delete it?”

  20. Brooke says

    Lol. :D I Never Even Watched These Movies. I’ve Heard They Are Complete Crap.. I Bet They Are.

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