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The Hieroglyphics is a story submitted by a user named Duality.


Mexico is a beautiful country, but there are some places in Mexico that are anything but beautiful. In some border towns, crime corrupts the streets and the government is based on greed and cruelty.

What is less known, however, is the disturbing incident that even the Mexican President himself took notice of, an event that was sealed away and sworn to be forgotten, until now.

Recently, a journal was found in the house where the incident happened that would surely prove that supernatural forces are a terrifying reality.

Exerpt from the Journal of Anderson Marlow:

Friday March 1, 2003
My daughter Julie and I found this place, a month after my beloved wife died. It is run down and mouldy (and I swear I saw a rat in the kitchen) but this trash-heap is all we can really afford.

Saturday March 2,
Julie has settled in nicely and even managed to make some friends, although with who I’m not exactly sure. Whatever keeps her happy I guess. I don’t know why but this place gives me the creeps. Must be the stress of moving and settling into a new home.

Monday March 4,
I visited a shabby little store today with Julie, and the weirdest thing happened. I told the old man working behind the counter that we had just moved in to the first house on the right and he just gave me a weird look – as if he’d seen a ghost! He told me to seal up my mailbox for some reason and told me something odd had happened there. He wouldn’t say what it was and I wasn’t paying much attention to him. He seemed a little crazy.

Tuesday March 5,
I checked the mailbox today and for some weird reason there was something heavy in it. I picked it out and it was a stone tablet. From what I saw it was just and arm that had a red mark on the forearm. Later in the day though, Julie came up to me crying. I asked her what’s wrong and she pointed at her left arm. Sure enough, it was scratched and bruised. She should have learned not to jump into hedges.

Wednesday March 6,
Things are getting weirder everyday. The mailbox contained a new stone tablet with another weird hieroglyphic. This time it seemed to be depicting a scratched right arm. An hour later, Julie came crying again with a cut on her right arm. Weird. Moreover, I’ve looked up the house’s history and it turns out it was the base for a cult that had sacrificial rituals where parts of the body were sacrificed on different days. Perhaps the old man was right after all?

Saturday March 9,
This is horrible! Three more stone tablets have come in the mail and Julie has been scratched horribly. I can’t even take her outside because she is so disfigured. She’s scared of leaving her room and so am I. Also, the hieroglyphs that have come in actually form a body figure. But one piece is missing – the chest. I don’t want to know what that means. Now we’re just waiting. Waiting for the final thing.

Sunday March 10,
I should have listened. Because now she’s gone. My Julie. She’s dead. The final piece of the puzzle came in, and within the blink of an eye, her chest began to bleed and her eyes lost life. Her heart was gone. Ripped from her chest. Bloody. And now, the mailbox is full again. My left arm’s beginning to bleed. Please help me.

(The final parts of the journal were unable to be recovered as they were unreadable. The writings were smeared with blood. But we can probably assume what fate he suffered. Especially since several hieroglyphs were recovered at the house where the bodies of Julie and Anderson were found, blood-smeared and torn open.)

(Ok so this is a shot of writing I’m pitching, hope you read and – better still – like it :D )


  • Ace what a good story.Bye lollolollololololol.Weird I got a mail of a cut left arm hmmmmm.Joking.Bye bye.

  • The first part was like the Exmortis! it gives me the creeps! although in the end Julie’s fate were like Gwen in the Exmortis but nce job!

  • Why in the bloody hell would the incompetent bastard say he’s waiting for the final piece?! *And yes, I’m part British, if you don’t mind me saying*

  • I’m wondering what type of cult this is. Which form of Wiccanism is it, was it Satanic, or was it a made up type of black magic that was based purely on the previous owner’s energy? Sorry, but I’m just curious.

  • I can’t decide the pics – if I could it wouldn’t be a stone tablet from godknowswhere. So yeah – its not my choice.

  • @Duality,
    Yeah, I know that the Aztecs, Mayans and other cultures like them had their own form of text, but honestly, if your going to make a story about the acient texts of Maya or other wise, i recomend putting a picture of Mayan text, not Egyptian. And i know that it’s fake, i’m not a gulliple child. I was just stating what i saw. A picture of ancient texts from egypt, not from the Maya or Aztecs, or whatever.

  • The dark one:

    There was a boy about 14 named grason he had a good house,nice family,perfect life.Grason was coming home from school one day walking with his friend Josh,Soo josh what do you wonna do today? Grason asked. Umm sorry Grason I have….Plans ya plans sorry. Josh sayes and walks off.He allways says that we havent hung out once sence I moved here.Grason walked in his house and throw his bookbag down on the couch.No one was home his parents worked and he was the only child.He went to go outside to play when he herd a car pull up,he stops sits at the front door with it locked till they leave.They walk up to the door and dang hard it sounded like they wonted to brack the door down when they yelled in and said “I KNOW YOUR HOME GRASON”.He sits there scared not moving by shock and scared ness then the deep voice says agin “I KNOW YOUR HOME GRASON LET ME IN NOW!”Thats when Grason jumps up and runs to the kichen on the other side of the house.Then the deep voice yells “IM COMING IN GRASON!”. Befor Grason could even run the man was in the house with a knife.The deep voice yelled “GRASON WERE ARE YOU? like a playful voice.Grason runs to te back door.The man herd him becase he yells “GRASON YOU CANT RUN ILL GET YOU!”Grason throws open the back door and straight out to the fence.The man runs after him and grabs Grasons arm befor he was over the fence.The man pulls him overan yells “NOW I HAVE YOU GRASON YOULL NEVER LEAVE!”.Grason strugles to get away,grason passed out after 4minuts of stugleing to get away from the man.Grason wakes up a few hours later it was dark by then.He felt dizzy so he lays there and falls back asleep.The next day Josh comesover to find Grason asleep on the grass.Grason wakes up when Josh walked up.Grason sits up looks at Josh.”Why are you slepping on the grass? Josh asks”. “I-I-I cant remember….”.”WELL COME ON MAN LETS GO GET A PAPER IT MIGHT HAVE A NEW VIDEO GAME ADD??!!.”says josh.”Umm ya sure games..right” Grason responds.Grason stands up and they walk down the street to the bus stop to grab a paper. Josh payed for it a brung it over to Grason.Josh turned to the add page they both looked at the adds. When Grason saw a page that looked strange. “Josh lt me seethis a sec.”. “sure grason”. Grason started reading.When he came to a part that made a chill go up and down his spine.It was silent. Josh looked at him and says “dude…dude whats wrong?”.He sits there still in silence.But hands the paper to josh. Josh reads it and drops the paper.”NO THIS CANT BE….ITS GOTTA BE A MISTAKE!!??” The both saw Grason Blaze on the paper found dead last night.Some one snuck in the house and got him he struggled to get away but no use he died that night.Josh looks at Grason.Grason sits on the concreat staring at nothing. Josh looks away and turs back to Grason….no grason.That was the last time Josh had ever seen Grason agin.

  • To everyone who enjoyed the story – or not – thanks for reading/liking – much appreciated :)

  • @lexalina101
    Yeah, um the problem with your comment is that you tried to probe the story fake (which it is – a piece of fiction, not history) on a kids ghost story website. What do you expect, 100% fact? Next thing you know is that you’re saying the pokemon curse is real but a story with one historical ‘inaccuracy’ must be FAKE? If all you’re here to do is complain about egyptians (the correct spelling) then do that somewhere else instead of a scary story website. Anyway, shame you didn’t enjoy the story for what it is, but I’m not modifying anything.
    Oh and you are wrong: Aztec and other Native American hieroglyphic tablets and carvings have been found in Mexico.

  • Hieroglifics are egyption… Someone messed up in the production in this story… And trust me, when i talk about stuff from eygpt: i know my stuff. Mexicans can’t speak egyption, infact, egyptions didn’t remember how to read it until the code was cracked by someone from greece (greece or france i’m a bit fuzzy on which) who could read acient greek and the other language on the roseta stone. Please, who ever got the mixe up: edit that -_- most mexicans can’t read egyption… (unless they went to egypt or where ever teaches you how to reconize and read the codes left by the egyptions over 3000 years ago.)

  • Thats how Max was adopted…
    Many months have passed since Max was first brought home. And even if he was very cute and a great friend, he caused a lot of problems in the house of the Williams family: he digged in the garden, he chased the neighbour’s pets and he even bit Aaron a few times. Thats when Aaron started neglecting him. He never had time to play with him, to walk him, even pet him. The boy even started to be afraid by the look in Max’s eyes.
    One day, while the boy was watching TV, he heard a noise coming from the kitchen.
    ” Mom? Dad? Is that you?” But there was no answer.
    Suddenly, the dog came in the living room chewing a bone.
    “Max! Bad dog! Where did you get that?!” Aaron yelled
    The dog started barking and left.
    After a few more minutes he came back, chewing another bone.
    “Max STOP CHEWING THAT!Aaron yelled again. “NO, we won’t play fetch with it!”
    Aaron tried to take the bone out of his dog’s mouth but he couldn’t, Max was just too strong.
    Suddenly, the dog ran out of the living room, towards the garden. The boy followed his pet and when he stepped outside, he saw a horrible sight: his parents were lying in a pool of blood,with their bodies contorsioned in impossible angles. There were bloody bones spread all over the garden and one of the corpse’s head was missing. And, the most frightening image was Max, standing on the dead parents, with Aaron’s mother’s head in his mouth, chewing it. His sharp fangs were covered in blood, and his eyes were red, redder than the burning flames of Hell. And Aaron could swear that the hound was smiling. A devilish smile. A smile of death…

    Hope you like it! Its title is ” The hound from Hell “

  • “Mom, please, can we buy it?” asked Aaron, making big puppy dog eyes.
    It was a sunny Friday morning, Aaron’s 12th birthday. He and his parents, Mrs. and Mr. Williams were at the local pound, searching for a furry little pup. Getting a dog for his birthday was all Aaron wanted, so his parents decided to make his wish come true.
    “Please?” he begged again pointing towards one cage.
    “Well..I don’t know, Aaron” said his father. “It looks quite big” Mr. Williams said, looking at
    the dog his son picked. It was a huge black coated dog, with big pointed ears and it kinda looked like a wolf. It was definitely not a puppy.
    ” It looks scary” his mother told Aaron. “It’s something in its look that I don’t like” she whispered. ” But, because I’m sure you’ll be a great owner, you can have it”
    Aaron hugged both his parents and the three of them went towards the office where papers had to be done.

  • Thanks a lot @nightlock and @wolf_gurl! It’s my first story so I’m really happy :D..(I guess it isn’t hard to tell) and yeah….I LOVE TACOS and Batman ,of course XD

  • this story is awesome!! ^^
    @ilovetacos: your story is creepy..(shudders) but, its still cool, though.x]

  • when i read name of this story i thought it was about my handwriting now i that i read whole story i say its awesome.

  • Please help me.Please…I don’t know what to do anymore.I woke up this morning just to see the note that my mother left me.She told me she had gone shopping and I tought it was okay at first but then…After an hour of TV I heard the door opening and I didn’t say anything,thinking it was my mom.I wasn’t paying attention to the TV anymore,so I heard her going upstairs,and then in her room.Half an hour later I went into the kitchen to grab a sandwich from the fridge.As I closed the door,I saw a shadow moving quick.It scared the crap out of me and my sandwich…But it was only my mom.I didn’t hear her go into the kitchen so I guess it was normal for me to be surprised.I decided to go upstairs to play minecraft on my computer but before I could go upstairs,I heard my mom’s voice calling me from upstairs.Horrified,I ran outside,screaming.I saw my mom coming out of the house,crying.She told me that she heard me calling her twice.Once when i was at the TV and when I was at the bathroom.I told her I have never been to the bathroom since she came back.We were so scared,we took out the car from the garage and mom drove as fast as she could.After a few minutes,she completely stopped the car,so I thought we could go outside to calm down a little.Before I could ask ,I saw my mom locking the windows.Not knowing what she was up to,I guessed that maybe the “thing” was following us.Looking behind,I saw my mom running as fast as she could towards us.It was too late.The “thing” next to me,who was sitting in te driver’s seat,said in a rusty,metallic voice:”You know the movie,right?:Two moms,no son….

  • stupid cults. i read a book by an author in england and the book was about cults brainwashing people. SFK can you find storys about cults and satinist’s?

  • WOW The Stories Written By Users In This Site Usually Don’t Scare Me But This One Is Scary And creepy

  • This is an amazing story! He shouldn’t have opened the mailbox… Anyhow, I still love the story!

  • @nightlock
    Thank you very much for the compliment and no, you got the name just right :)
    If you want something scarier, try the Midnight Game or Bloody Mary – you may like those.

  • Great job Duality!!! I wish I was as good a writer as you
    ( sorry if I spelled your name wrong)

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