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Help Me

Help Me is a very short scary story about a girl who recieves strange phonecalls one night.

Help Me

One cold and dark December night, a teenage girl named Kathy was babysitting two children. There was a seven-year old boy named Taylor, and a six-year old girl named Selena. The parents had gone to the movies for the night, leaving Kathy in

Just after 9 o’clock that night, the phone rang. Kathy answered it and heard an anguished voice screaming “Help Me! For Heaven’s sake, help me!”

Confused, Kathy hung up the phone and decided that it must have just been a prank call. Thirty minutes later, the phone rang again and the same voice screamed, “Help me! Somebody, please help me!”

This time, Kathy was beginning to get frightened. The children asked her who was calling and she told them not to worry, that everything was just fine.

Another thirty minutes passed by and she recieved another call. The voice on the other end sounded scared and desperate. “Help me! For Heaven’s sake, won’t somebody help me?”

The phone went dead.

Seconds later, there knock at the door. The babysitter clutched the children tightly to her. She was almost as scared as they were. The urgent knocking continued. She knew it wasn’t the children’s parents, because they weren’t due home for at least an hour.

They could hear a voice coming from outside. It was a man’s voice and he was repeating over and over “Help me help me help me…”

She didn’t know what to do.

“I’ll have to let him in”, she said. “He needs help”.

Later that night, when the parents arrived home, the house was eerily silent. All of the lights were off. When they searched the house, they entered the living room and stumbled upon a horrible scene. Kathy and both of the children had been murdered. Their arms and legs had been chopped off.

On the wall, written in blood, were the words, “For Heaven’s sake help me before I kill again. I cannot control myself anymore”.


  • @ xX- Eat Rainbowz -xX, not necessarily coz I definitely wouldn’t open the door to some1 who was saying “Help me” if I was babysitting, especially not after reading this story!! I agree with @OMGScary BTW :p

  • @OMGSCARY well not really what would you do if you were at home and someone was knocking at your door saying Help me! Pretty sure you would open the door because it’s a normal human reaction to help when you hear someone helping.

    If this ever does happen to you then you should just look through the peephole on your door if you have one or look out the window before opening the door that’s what I do.

  • But what the heck! What did the parents of the children say? I bet they were devastated that Kathy opened the door to a stranger. That was obviously very idiotic of her

  • The girl just let in some guy into her home because he was saying help me, well that’s is what she gets for helping him, should did help him.

  • @101horrorgirl101
    No offence, but I don’t really like that story, I don’t personally think it was all too great. (Then again, I’m a huge fan of horror and read/watch all horror things, even write occasional horror stories on Storywrite.) It was so all over the place, it could’ve been told more fluently with the placement of information, plus it was extremely random; I mean, what about that girl in the mirror? What was with the fake bomb? That was unnecessary. There were far too many unanswered questions and way too many periods where commas could be. Just some advice, I do not mean to offend, if I did; I apologize.

  • Is it wrong I chuckled at the end? I mean, the man said he needed help and I assumed it was someone trying to kill HIM. But then him meaning not being able to stop killing… Freaky, but funny.

  • If someone called me and then came to my house and kept saying ‘help me’ and I had no clue who it was, I hate to say it but I wouldn’t help them. Mostly because they call and then somehow they know where I live. That’s really creepy.

  • i thnk it is a sad story. sad cuz the parents lost there children. sad cuz the babysitter tried to help but ended up dead n the end. sad cuz the children died for no reason. sad cuz the man cant stop and rlly needs hlp but kills evry time sum1 tries. it s nt scary, it’s just sad.and i feel srry for them sad nt bad sad. heehee i made a rythme

  • that picture is now going on my ipod as the first thing i see..oh and the story HOLY F**KIN SH**!! AWESOME!

  • Where does ‘Scary for Kids’ get all of these great pictures for their stories? I know some come from movies, but did he/she make this one?

  • OH COOL! How did they get the picture of the eyeball with the words “help me” on it? Did they use contacts?
    I drank some yogurt!

  • I have a good story:

    There was once a girl named Bethany who was only nineteen. She married a handsome young man named William. For their honeymoon they decided to go to Wisconsin. So they bought their tickets and went to the airport. They were sitting in the plane a few hours later when Bethany had to go to the bathroom. So, she went in and did her business. Bethany was washing her hands as she looked into the mirror. Bethany was a girl to die for. She had perfect straight blond hair and warm blue eyes. In her reflection, to her horror, she saw an ugly scarred face and tangled black hair. Cold grey eyes were staring back at her. The face was bloody. Bethany opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came.

    Suddenly, the light went out and someone gave Bethany a hard shove.She fell on the ground screaming. Someone tied a rope around her neck in one swift movement. Bethany started choking. Finally, the light came back on. Bethany got up and quickly opened the tap. Instead of water, blood came pouring out. Bethany let out a shriek. Blood was all over her hands now! The thick red juicy blood had a strong rotting smell to it.

    Bethany couldn’t take it anymore. She banged on the door, trying to open it, when she realized all she had to do was unlock it. So she did. And it opened gently. She ran out screaming her head off to her husband. She explained everything. He got up, a worried expression on his face. He held out a bomb with a timer set on it. “Jump!” William said. Bethany saw that no one else was getting up. Whatever, she thought to herself, after all, I only want myself to be alive. “Where did you find that?” She shouted. “In your purse.” William lied. Bethany ran out and tried to open the door of the plane. “Bethany, I’m just kidding!” William tossed the fake bomb in his seat. “Oh baby, I’m sorry to give you such a scare!” William said. It was true, it was just a joke.

    Bethany hugged William. And then she stared behind him in horror. She couldn’t get words out of her mouth. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest. Sweat was exploding on her forehead, a shiver ran down her spine. “W-W-i-l-l-i-a-m-m!” She finally managed to choke out. “What happened sweet-” A man sliced of his neck with a long silver blade.

    Bethany went mad. She went insane. She screamed then kicked the airplane door with all her might and jumped out, she killed herself as she landed. Her ghost roamed around looking for the killer and when she did she realized it was her boyfriend from when she was in high school, Jacob Makrylim. She killed him, chopping off his head like he did with William. Horrible things had been happening to Bethany, even as a ghost.


  • i like this story if someone called me and said that i’d call the police that would probably help him :)

  • XD. If the man had phoned me saying “Help me! Somebody please help me” I would reply “I can’t right now. I can’t cut this man’s head off and the damn cops are going to be here soon,.. One of them cut off my arm thats why I can’t chop this bloody cop’s head off. Please help me cut his head off then I will reward you by cutting your head off to”. All this time, I should be saying that in an eerie voice that should, perharps, stop him from killing for a while if he really loves his head…
    (I talk too much nonsense, I know, xD.

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