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He Knows You

He Knows You is a story written by a member of this website who goes by the name MegIz. It’s about a group of teenagers who go on a camping trip that ends in a horrific bloodbath.

He Knows You

Callie Winters was walking home with Xavier DeLoe. They happily talked about their plans for later that night. They were going to go camping with two of their friends, Samantha Ava and Derrick LaZo.

“Sweet!” Callie exclaimed, clapping her hands. “Lets make s’mores and tell Scary stories. It’ll be epic!”

She gave Xavier a peck on the cheek. His cheeks were very red.

“This is my stop,” Xavier said and they hugged.

“See you at the campfire!” said Callie as she watched Xavier walk into his luxurious home.

Suddenly, she got the strangest feeling that there was something behind her. She turned around but there was nothing there.

Later that night, Callie, Xavier, Samantha and Derrick drove out to the local camping grounds in the forest.

“Woo! Let’s get this party started!” Samantha yelled.

They ran into the woods with the camping equipment and set it down on the ground. Working together, they put up the tent, unrolled the sleeping bags and started a campfire.

“Derrick, can we go for a romantic moonlit stroll?” Sam asked.

She supressed a giggle and held out her hand. Derrick took it and smiled at his girlfriend. Then, hand in hand, they walked into the trees. After ten minutes, their stroll began to get boring.

“I need to do my business,” said Derrick

Samantha nodded and turned around. Derrick went deeper into the forest and found a tree. He unzipped his pants and took a pee. When he was done, he zipped up his flies. When he turned around, he was shocked to see Samantha standing there in front of him.

“Why were you watching me?” he asked.

Samantha didn’t reply. Derrick smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Closing his eyes, he kissed her on the lips. Suddenly, her lower half fell to the ground. Blood gushed out of her waist, exposing her guts. Derrick was left holding the severed torso of his girlfriend. He screamed in horror. Then he heard evil laughter echoing around the forest. He started running, tears bluring his eyes. He wiped them away and bumped into something.

He looked up and saw a man standing there, holding a big machete. Derrick barely had time to scream. The man brought his razor sharp machete crashing down on Derrick’s right arm, cutting it off. Then, he sliced off his left arm. He cut off Derrick’s legs also. Blood was flying left and right. There was so much blood that it stained his clothes red. Derrick was close to bleeding to death.

“Bye bye!” said the killer as he brought his machete down on Derrick’s neck, cutting off his head. Then, the killer picked up the decapitated head and smiled when he saw the look of terror on Derrick’s lifeless face.

The next morning, Callie and Xavier woke up at the same time. They both had a strange feeling that something horrible had happened to their friends. Trying to put it out of their minds, they told eachother that, after having a night of fun, Derrick and Samantha must have just fallen asleep somewhere else.

Callie yawned. Xavier wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “I love you.”

Callie pushed him away. “Stop,” she moaned. “I can’t help worrying about Derrick and Samantha. I’m going to go look for them. Are you coming with me?”

“Nah,” replied Xavier, shaking his head. “I have crazy hair this morning. Just because we’re out in the wilderness, doesn’t mean I can’t look hot, ya know.”

“Alright then. Goodbye.”, said Callie, kissing Xavier on the cheek.

After searching an hour, Callie stumbled across the dead body of her friend Samantha. She screamed when she realized that the poor girl had been sliced right across the middle. Her corpse was soaked in blood and her face was frozen in a look of terror. Guts were strewn all over the place. Callie felt sick and threw up all over Samantha’s remains.

Slowly backing away, she stepped on something squishy. She looked down and saw that it was an eyeball. Then, she noticed Derrick’s decapitated head, lying in the tall grass. His face was twisted in a horrific grimace.

Frightened, Callie began to run. Tears blurred her vision. Suddenly, she bumped into something. When she looked up, she was relieved to see it was Xavier. She hugged him tightly and began crying on his shoulder.

Just then, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Looking down, Callie saw a long machete sticking through her belly. She staggered backwards and tripped over a log. An evil grin spread across Xavier’s face.

“He knows you,” he said, laughing. “He knew Samantha and Derrick. He knows you.”

“What do you mean?” Callie yelled. Blood was pumping out of her deep wound. She knew this was the end.

“He knows you,” Xavier replied. “He is referred to me. I knew you, Samantha and Derrick. You didn’t know? Samantha and Derrick knew I was an escaped convict. They dealt with it because they liked me.” He paused. “He knows you. When he knows you, you die. So, bye-bye, Callie.” Xavier said, pushing the machete in deeper. It went through her stomach.

That afternoon, there was a newsflash on the TV.

“Three bodies have been found at Lincoln National Forest,” the reporter announced. “The bodies were identified as Callie Winters, Samantha Ava and Derrick LaZo. They all died gruesome deaths. One was disemboweled with a machete, one was sliced in half and one was decapitated. Police are saying there were no survivors… Wait, I’m getting an update. Police are saying Callie Winters actually survived. She’s bleeding badly and her organs are shutting down, but she’s still alive. Police have requested a helicopter to evacuate her and transport her to the nearest hospital.”

Xavier put his fist through the TV. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Now, he needed to go and finish the job.

Callie lay in her hospital bed. After hours of surgery, she felt like she was going to make it. Her parents came to visit her and stood by her hospital bed, crying.

Suddenly, a dark figure walked into the room. It was Xavier.

“Hi Xavier, how nice to see you,” said Callie’s mom.

When she stood up to greet him, Xavier took out his machete and closed the door.

“He knows you,” he said. Then he cut her throat, leaving her head hanging on by a thin piece of skin.

Callie’s dad got to his feet and yelled for help.

“They can’t hear you,” said Xavier. “They’re dead. All dead.”

Then, with a smile, he swung his machete and sliced off Callie’s dad’s face.

“Why?” Callie screamed as she scrambled out of bed. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“You have ten seconds to run,” Xavier said. He started to count on his fingers. 1… 2… 3… 4…

Callie rushed by him and darted out the door.

“Ten!” said Xavier as he ran after her. He caught up with her in the hallway. Callie tripped and fell to the ground. Xavier pounced on her. He drove the machete into her stomach and she felt the same sharp pain in her guts.

“Why?” she pleaded.

“Because he knows you,” Xavier replied as pushed the machete deeper in up to the handle.

A faint gurgle escaped from Callie’s lips and she finally breathed her last. Xavier returned to Callie’s room. He plucked out Callie’s parents’ eyes and ate them. Then he sighed in delight and left the blood-soaked hospital.

That night, there was another newsflash on the TV.

“Callie Winters, her parents and the entire hospital staff at Mountain View hospital in Las Cruses have been murdered in the biggest bloodbath this state has ever seen. Police have only one clue. They found a note stuffed down Callie’s father’s throat. It read: “He knows you.”

(Hi, I’m MegIz. Sorry if my story is too long, but I would love it if you would read my story and share your opinion.)


  • The story was pretty good but u could still modify it a bit n make it sound more realistic.
    Don’t stop writing !

  • I mean, don’t get me wrong, but you have to think about this logically, because all good scary stories gave to have a bit of logic to make them scary. If Callie has been stabbed through her stomach, and has gone through hours of surgery, would she be exactly jumping out of bed and running down a hallway? No, I wouldn’t think so. Also, there must be hundreds of people in that hospital. Xavier killed them ALL? That just isn’t possible. And no one heard their screams of distress? But really, this was an awesome story. Nearly made me throw up with the gory details. : )

  • what a great reason to kill people, because they know you, excellent! I’ll kill everyone that knows me too, starting with my beloved parents. Can’t wait, since when ever could a psycho come up with such a genius idea! *sarcasm for those of you who can’t take my childish jokes @.@

  • Not to be rude or anything, but this story wasn’t good. It wasn’t scary nor interesting. 😐

  • Um, no offense MegIz, I don’t want to sound rude or snobby or anything and I don’t want to disappoint you or anything, but this story kinda sucks. I mean, big deal, Xavier’s a killer, there’s nothing so mysterious or interesting about that. And in case you want to question my experience, let me tell you I’m an 11 year old with an editor helping me getting a 457 paged book published. (Sorry, your stories really aren’t good!)

  • Gory. Very GORY! I LOVE IT!! Keep it up! :)
    Im a writer and I never seen anything like this! :) Yes im a kid, not a real writter. :( KEEP IT UP!! :D

  • @flamefetcher : OMG SO FUNNY!
    Author of story: really good though it’s a bit confusing.

  • I bet callie told the police that xavier is the murderer after her mom and dad died

  • @CutieC Ya, I was gonna put parenthesis after the part where Derrick runs into Xavier, (not Jayson, just wants to be like him) lol

  • In the beggining of this story, it reminded me of Jason from the Friday The 13th movies!!!

  • Ok. Xavier said to Callie ” I love you” the day after he killed their friends. But she didn’t say it back because she was worried about her friends. It appears as if he killed her because she didn’t say ” I love you too”

  • Those ‘friends’ must have been busy if they didn’t hear Derricks loud screams from being chopped up :D “hey, did something happen to derrick? He was the only one out and I heard screaming” “… Nah he’s probably fine”.
    Good story though!

  • It’s somehow reminds me of Friday the 13th, but only a little bit. The part where they say they’re going camping and the part where he had to take a leak. xD Anyways, great story!

  • UPDATE: sorry after reading it twice i understand hes an escaped convict! Ignore my other comment.

  • This is highly confusing? “He knows you” WHO KNOWS YOU? it dosent tell you. Very impressively gorey but too confusing to understand.

  • Omg! I didnt think it wuld get on here! Omg, thank u for such the nice comments guys :) read my other stories, Glass Doll and The Masterpiece

  • Xavier: he knows you!
    Mario: who knows me?
    Xavier:he knows you ( holding a machet)
    Mario : who knows me?
    Luigi: umm Mario I think we should be getting out of here

  • that was one of the best,it was romantic and scary at the same time! and finnaly there was a stomach death!no more head or chest deaths!!! :)

  • Omigosh im speechless! :O Great job dear MagIz I love stories like these!!!! :D <3

  • oooh this inspired me!
    This is titled ‘The Girl In The Back Seat.’
    okay, here goes nothing.
    Fog covered the left side of the car. Driving the car was I, Jamie Amy. Yes, thats my name. Miss Jamie Amy, go ahead and laugh. While you can. To MY right is Naomi West. The ballerina. The popular girl. In the back was LuLu Re, the gymnist. Again, the popular girl. Here i was the loser, trying to impress two popular girls. I looked in the side view mirror and saw LuLu next to the mirror, staring at me. Wait a minute….LuLu’s in the middle seat. Right? I looked behind me and saw she was. Who was that looking at me. I looked in the mirror again. All i saw was the stupid fog. “Watch the road.” Naomi snapped, flipping her dyed pink hair. She looked angry so i did as she said. “Turn here.” Naomi said. I turned left. The fog rolled until it completly covered everything. I kept driving. LuLu ordered me to let her drive. I pulled over and we switched. I sat on the right, not the middle, not the left. LuLu drove horribly. After a few minutes we hit something. LuLu and Naomi got out of the car. “Oh Em Ge our car is totallllled!” Naomi whined. “Oh Em Ge your riiiight!” LuLu commented. Something caught my eye from the right. A little girl smiled at me. “Shhh.” She said, putting a knife to her mouth as if it were her finger. She hopped into the front of the car and started it. Naomi and LuLu looked forward. “Jamie or Amy or whatever your name is, i know you know we’re wayyyy better than you but you dont have to leave us stranded here.” Naomi said. The girl opened her mouth but her voice didnt come out. MINE did. “Oh no i wont leave you stranded,” LuLu sighed in relief. “I’m going to run you over.” the girl finished. Naomi stared back in horror, unable to see the one talking. The girl lurched the car forward. “No!” I shrieked but my voice didnt come out, a little girls voice did. I looked in confusion and horror as the girl turned around and smiled ear to ear. “Just sit back and watch the show.” She said, my voice still projecting itself. I watched as Naomi and LuLu disappeared under the car and the girl from the back seat hopped out. She took her knife and cut both girls hair. She then cut off their ears. What she did next horrified me. She took the knife to Naomis’ chin and made a long curve to her lips then did the same to her other side, making a long frown. She did the same with LuLu but made a smile from ear to ear instead. “Go now, Slit Faced Woman. Haunt villages my creations.” She whispered and Naomi and LuLu rose from their spots and ran off. The Girl In The Back Seat simply smiled and bowed before running forward, punching the windshield and cutting my throat. The last thing i saw was her laughing.
    June 1st 2:22am- The fog rolled in as a crash was reported, a young girl was decapitated and her two friends were suspects. I looked at my two wonderful daughters in the back seat and saw three sets of eyes staring back at me. It looked as if there was another girl in the backseat….

    Rlly bad…

  • Holy sugar honey iced tea! That is just freaky! Congrats MegIz! Okay, I’m getting a story idea… I just need a few minutes.

  • Hey! I read this on ” Tell me your story” and i knew you would get it on the accual website!!!! You are a great writer and i hope to see more!!! :3

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