Goosebumps DVDs

They’ve released 16 Goosebumps DVDs so far. The lastest ones are Night of the Living Dummy, Say Cheese and Die and It Came from Beneath the Sink. 

Goosebumps DVDs Goosebumps DVDs Goosebumps DVDs
Night of the Living Dummy
He’s still walking. He’s still stalking.
Say Cheese and Die
One picture is worth a thousand screams.
It Came from Beneath the Sink
It’s warm, it’s breathing and it doesn’t do dishes.
Perfect School
They’re watching you learn the hard way.
My Best Friend is Invisible
Not seeing is believing.
Shocker on Shock Street
It’s a real dead end.
This toy plays with you.
The Ghost Next Door
There’s a strange new kid on the block.
Scary House
Step inside if you dare.
Cry of the Cat
Dead cat walking.
How I Got My Shrunken Head
Two heads are better than one.
Deep Trouble
Don’t go in the water.
Night of the Living Dummy III
Every dummy has his day and his night.
Werewolf of Fever Swamp
Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf.
The Haunted Mask II
New face, old nightmare.
Welcome to Dead House
It will just kill you.
The Nightmare Room
Camp Nowhere.
The Nightmare Room
Scareful What You Wish For.


  1. queen of chills says

    i know these are dvds but i actually read the books so out of these i read… night of the living dummy, say cheese and die, it came from beneath the sink, shocker on shock street, cry of the cat, deep trouble, night of the living dummy 3, werewolf of fever swamp, the haunted mask 2 and welcome to the dead house….
    but thats just the stories here that you see right in front of you

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