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Gold Coins

The Gold Coins is a ghost story from Spain about a haunted house and a young girl who discovers some hidden treasure in the middle of the night.

Gold Coins

The story of the gold coins is an urban legend that can be heard all over the city of Cordoba in Spain. Over the years, it has passed from person to person by word of mouth. According to the legend, in the center of Cordoba, there is an old, dilapidated house that is said to be haunted. The house is very big and has many rooms. All of the floors are covered in black tiles.

Many years ago, it was owned by one of the most important and wealthy families in the city. The family consisted of a man, his wife and their 8-year old daughter. They also had a team of servants and maids who lived with them.

One night, when the little girl was lying in bed, unable to sleep, she heard some noises in the corridor outside her room. Being a very curious child, she slowly opened the door of her bedroom and looked out into the long, dark corridor.

At the end of the hallway, she could make out a small figure, crouching down. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was surprised to see a young boy, the same age as herself. He was carrying a lighted candle in his hand and he was lifting one of the small stone slabs on the tiled floor. She watched as the young boy took something from his pocket and placed it beneath the tile. After he replaced the tile, the boy suddenly vanished into thin air.

The little girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She looked back down the corridor and noticed that one of the maids had been peeking out of her own bedroom door and had witnessed the same strange scene. The maid grabbed a candle and came hurrying over to the little girl. They both knew what they had seen. The young boy was a ghost.

Together, they cautiously approached the place where the boy had been crouching. They lifted the tile and discovered that there was a large hole underneath it. Peering down into the hole, by the dim light of the candle, they noticed something glittering.

The maid held up the slab as she lowered the little girl into the hole. The child could not believe what she found. It was a pile of gold coins. Shaking with excitement, she gathered up the coins and handed them out to the maid. Then, the maid grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out of the hole. They replaced the tile and it fit back perfectly, looking like it had never been moved.

The maid could hardly believe her luck and the child could barely contain her excitement. Both of them decided that they should keep the discovery of the gold coins a secret. The maid warned the little girl not mention to anything about their find to her parents or the other servants.

The next night, at the same time, the girl and the maid were peeking out their bedroom doors, eagerly waiting for the ghostly little boy to appear. They watched as the spectral figure made its way down the corridor, lifted a tile and placed some gold coins into the hole beneath. After he disappeared, the maid lowered the girl into the hole under the slab so that she could retrieve the gold coins.

Night after night, they repeated the same process. It seemed as if the treasure would never end. Each time, by the light of a candle, the girl got down into the small, narrow hole under the tile and gave the coins to the maid, who put them inside a big sack.

One night, the candle was almost finished and as the maid lowered the girl into the hole, the light started to flicker. The maid told to the little girl to hurry up. She had to get out of the hole before the candle went out, because they already had enough money.

She pulled the little girl out of the hole, but at last moment one of the coins fell from the child’s hands. Without thinking, the little girl jumped back into the hole again. The maid tried to catch her, but in doing so, she let go of the tile and it slammed down, covering the hole.

Suddenly, the candle went out.

The maid began to panic. In the darkness, she tried to make her way down the corridor to her bedroom to fetch another candle. It was pitch black and she couldn’t see a thing. She had to feel her way along the wall until she reached her bedroom door. Searching desperately in the dark, she couldn’t find any candles.

With a lot of difficulty, the maid felt her way down the darkened corridor until she came to the kitchen. She rummaged through the drawers and eventually came across another candle. She lit it and quickly returned to the corridor.

To her horror, the maid realized that she couldn’t remember which tile the little girl was under. In the dim light, she searched and searched, prying at each tile, but the corridor was so long and so wide and there were so many tiles that she was unable to find the right one. Finally, she gave up and, clutching her bag of gold coins, she went back to bed.

In the morning, the little girl’s parents woke up to find that their daughter had disappeared. They questioned the servants, but each one said they had no idea where the little girl could be. A complete search of the entire house was organized but it turned up nothing. The distraught parents were baffled by their daughter’s mysterious disappearance. The maid decided not to say anything about what happened that night.

A few days later, the mother was crying in her bedroom, when she heard a voice calling out. She recognized the voice immediately. It was the voice of her daughter. The little girl was crying out for someone to help her.

“Please, help me! Let me out of here, please!”

The mother searched the house again. Sometimes the screams seemed to be coming from one part of the house, but when she got there, the screams sounded like they were coming from somewhere else. Try as they might, the parents could not pinpoint the source of the screams.

The father dug up floors, demolished walls and punched holes in ceilings, all in an effort to figure out where the girl’s cries for help were coming from. After almost destroying the interior of the house, the parents were forced to admit defeat.

For months, they lived in the building, listening to the incessant cries of their beloved daughter, unable to do anything to find her. All of this took its toll on their mental and physical health. Eventually, the mother lost her mind and committed suicide. The father, devastated by grief, moved away and died of a heart attack a few years later.

The people of Cordoba say that this is a true story and the house is still standing today. According to the legend, if you go there at night, they say you can still hear the screams of a little girl, pleading for help. The house has become famous all over Spain and sometimes teenagers visit the place at night to test their courage and see if they can find any gold coins. Others go there to explore the huge building in an attempt to discover where the remains of the little girl are located. As yet, nobody has been brave enough to spend the night there.

The house is now boarded up and the neighbors often call the police because of the strange cries and screams that come from within. They say that when the police arrive to investigate, the only thing that they find is an old candle, sitting on an old stone tile in the middle of the floor.


  • Is this a true story? If so, how can I get there? I searched on Google many things with the keywords of ‘gold coins’, ‘legend’, ‘cordoba’, ‘spain’, and ‘mansion’, but no results were necessary or helpful. I really want to travel to Spain and try to find the girl’s remains.

    Scaryforkids says: This is a real legend from the city of Cordoba in Spain. It’s also known as “The Girl and the Coins” or “The Coins in the Floor”. They say the house was in the center of the city, but the exact location is unknown. So, no matter how much googling you do, you won’t be able to find it. Sorry.

  • Poor lil gurl… :( It was only one gold coin. She could have gotten it the next night.

  • I would rather find an endless bag of money then a bunch of gold coins. I hope the ghost boy helps the girl stupid maid.

  • If I have that much courage, I would gather up my friends and fly all the way to Spain and search all over the corridor’s floor to find the girl’s remains.
    @Nada, why don’t you read it then?

  • Ah, but the maid didn’t care for the girl, she just wanted to be rich. If this story is true, Why don’t people dig up the tiles? it’s not like some mysterious person knew the truth and didn;t bother to say anything about it.

  • That’s what happens when you’re greedy…..If the maid really cared about the little girl she would have told the parents what had happened and I was thinking that too leon2156.

  • wow idk about yall but most of the stories i read are from spain or mexico…crazy stuff happens there i guess

  • If this is in spain and in this city where lots of rich people live we live in a house with stone tiles……and we hear things but not screams but whispering my friend came over to stay and her foot fell in a bucket and now it happened yesterday and now we sent her to the spanish hospital and there is a gold mark on her foot and we found like a box and it had a bag and it had a string around it and we thought not ot open it becuz it could be anything and we shoke it and it sounds like coins and our attic is covered with red paint and we called a painter and he said its not paint and he said he will come back tommorrow he did not he said to buy paint and sort it out urself meanie

  • Mean maid because she quitted looking for the girl. Foolish girl cuz she came back for the coins.

  • Uhhh…..…y ddnt the parents just look under the tiles or y ddnt the maid just wait tip the next nite 4 the lil boy 2 come again?

  • why didnt the maid just wait through the next to see the boy and the tile then pick the girl up

  • this reminds me of a true story my grandfather told me a long time ago—

    Jonathan Moulton fought courageously in the French and Indian War and after his military career, he returned to his home in Hampton, in which he was born. There, he became wealthy and prominent but was very greedy at was never satisfied with his current state of anything. One night, as he was mulling over his accounts, he sighed loudly and declared: “I would sell my very soul to Lucifer himself if I could become the richest man in all of this state.”

    Immediately after, a fountain of sparks burst down—not up—the chimney and before General Moulton stood the Devil.

    That night, a deal was struck: the Devil would fill Mouton’s tall boots which hung above the fireplace with golden guineas every month in return for the General’s soul after his death. Moulton was delighted and the Devil looked forward to reaping his rewards. The very next day, Moulton went out and purchased the largest boots in all of Province, New Hampshire. And sure enough, month after month, Moulton’s boots were filled each and every month with the golden coins. Even these riches did not satiate the General’s greed and one night, before the payment was due, Moulton cut out the bottoms of his boots.

    The Devil attempted to fill the boots, but they were never full. As Moulton and the Devil stood knee-high in the precious gold coins, Moulton was delighted. The Devil caught on and, enraged, took back all the gold Moulton had received and in revenge burnt down his house. Nor did he release the General from his contract but turned up to receive his soul at his death.

    The pallbearer at Moulton’s funeral opened his coffin to find it barren, replaced by a box of gold coins with the Devil’s mark stamped on them. Jonathan Moulton was buried without a tombstone, and the site of his grave is unknown.

  • Cool story bro, btw I’m not new….just interested to make an account, I’ve been visiting this site for like years lol

  • I feel so bad for that girl, and that maid shouldn’t have just kept her mouth shut, the jerk. >:(

  • hey guys can u do me a favor nd read the comments on scary stories nd scroll all the way down nd read my story nd tell me wat u think itz ny first story its called true stories
    thank yhuz<3

  • I have a story!! Sorry if it’s no so good its my first time:)
    scaryforkids i hope you put this up..
    Title: Dorm mate
    A videotape was found under the table in my friend’s dorm in Osaka, Japan. The tape showed the police how my friend Cory died. My name is Todd, A few days ago, my friend Cory passed away due to unknown circumstances. Cory lived in a dormitory with a friend but he went home for vacation so Cory was left alone. He didn’t mind it because he always wanted the room all to himself, but he regretted it soon. He was studying when I called him. I invited him to a party downstairs, I told him that everyone in the building will be joining but he insisted to stay since his grades were slipping, he needed to study harder, so I just went to the party. But when I noticed the time, I decided to go upstairs to check on him since he was all alone in the building. His room is in the 3rd floor so I felt uneasy thinking I had to walk all the way to his room since there was no one else in the building b ut him. But I worked up my courage and put on a LMFAO music to drown my fears. I started on the 1st floor, it wasn’t that scary. The lights are on and all the rooms are noisy. When I arrived on the 2nd floor i felt like someone was following me. Bu teverytime I turn around there was nobody behind me. But Everytime I walk i hear whispering behind me. I just put on my earphones and forgot all about it. The hallway in 3rd floor was kinda eerie, it was dark because they didn’t fix the lights yet, but I arrived at his room safely. I knocked at his door and he opened it. I was shocked when I saw him. His hair was messy and his eyes are crazy. He pulled me in and locked the door. I asked him what was going on. He said he heard running in the hallway while he was studying but everytime he opened the door to look,the sound stopped. He was pretty sleep deprived so I thought he was being paranoid. I made tea and I asked him to calm down. He set up a videocamera on his table,turned it on, and left it lying there. He sat down and drank his tea and calmed down a bit. We watched a movie and I left since the party is over and people are coming back upstairs. I arrived back to my dorm and slept like a baby. At midnight, we all heard a scream. I assumed it was Cory so I went upsatirs and checked on him but there was a crowd gathered around him. I was about to ask him what was going on but when I arrived he was already dead. While we were watching the tape, I felt something behind me. When I turned around, there was a lady outside the room and she was grinning maliciously at me. I was focused on the lady when I heard Cory’s voice on TV. He was recording himself in his room. Cory narrated to us what happened. “I was studying when I decided to lie down. I was staring at the ceiling while memorizing some facts when I fell asleep. I woke up and there was a la-lad- lady floating on top of me and grinning maliciously at me. I closed my eyes and prayed hard but when I opened my eyes, she was even closer! She imitated my prayer but in a cold voice. So I passed out. And when I woke up, she was sitting on a chair across my bed watching me sleep. I screamed and went out of bed but a force pulled me back.. ” Then the camera scrambled and we can hear screaming in the background and a voice saying “Come” over and over again. The camera returned to its normal state and Cory ran to the camera and said there was no time. Then a hand grabbed him and he was gone. The camera moved and fell down the table.
    that’s all. xDDD
    I hope it was good :)))

  • First of all yay first comment a second this story wasn’t that scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lacie <3

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