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Glass Doll

The Glass Doll is a scary children’s story from Russia about a young girl who wants her parents to buy her a new toy and won’t take no for an answer.

Glass Doll

Glass Doll

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who loved dolls. Her mother and father took her shopping and told her to pick out a new toy. The girl went all around the store, searching for a toy she wanted. She came to a big display of doll and in the center, she saw the most beautiful glass doll she had ever laid eyes on.

The girl asked her father to buy her the glass doll. Her father picked up the doll and examined it closely. All of a sudden, the doll’s eyes turned red and the father dropped it like a hot potato.

“I don’t like the look of this doll”, said her father. “There’s something not quite right about it”. And he refused to buy it.

Then the girl asked her mother to buy the glass doll for her.

“Your father doesn’t like the look of this doll”, said the mother. “I think you should choose a different one.”

But the girl began stamping her feet and screaming “I want! I want! I want!”

Finally, the girl’s mother relented and bought the glass doll for her.

Later that day, the father was preparing to go away overnight on a business trip. Still uneasy about his daughter’s new toy, he left the girl a note. It read “Daughter, do not go to sleep with the glass doll in your bedroom.”

The girl played all day with the glass doll and then, at bedtime, she placed it on the night table beside her bed and went to sleep.

A few minutes later, she heard a noise in the darkened room and sat upright in bed. In the darkness, she could see a pair of glowing red eyes. She thought it must be a trick of the light and she rubbed her eyes.

When she looked again, the red eyes were closer. Thinking it was just her imagination, the girl rubbed her eyes again.

When she looked again, the red eyes were right beside her face.

She heard the doll whisper in her ear “Lie down on the pillow. I promise I won’t strangle you.”

So the girl laid her head down on the pillow and the doll strangled her to death.

The girl’s mother came into the room and when she saw her daughter lying dead on the bed, she ran to her and hugged her tight.

The mother heard the doll whisper in her ear “Lie down beside your daughter. I promise I won’t strangle you.”

So the mother laid down on the bed beside her daughter’s body and the doll strangled her to death too.

When the girl’s dad came home the next morning, her called out to his wife and daughter, but there was no answer. He climbed the stairs and went into his daughter’s room. There, he was startled by a horrible sight. His wife and daughter were lying dead on the bed and the glass doll was sitting in between them, laughing her head off.

In a rage, the father grabbed the glass doll and smashed against the walls and the floor until it was completely destroyed.

But his wife and daughter remained dead.

The End.


  • Yeaaah it totally did not strangle the little girl and tell her the same thing. I mean why would someone do something an creepy doll tells you to do


  • Dang, if my parents bought me what I wanted if I threw a tantrum, I’d have a lot of things XD
    Also, the doll is OBVIOUSLY lying if it literally says “I promise I won’t strangle you” ???

  • How to survive a scary doll story 101:

    If your parents say they don’t like the doll, THEY DON’T LIKE THE DOLL!!! DON’T BUY IT FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! Also, don’t throw a temper tantrum because you can’t buy your precious glass satan doll. You’ll regret it and your parents will be embarrassed to call you their child.

    Also, if the killer says “Just lie down, I won’t strangle you” then they’re sure as heck lying!!

  • Yeah it was definitely a trick of the light… People in these stories are really dumb. Plus who the f### would follow a SPEAKING doll’s orders???

  • You do NOT give your child what they want when they throw a temper tantrum and scream “I want! I want! I want!”.
    Seriously guys.

  • First of all, when you promise not to do something specific, that always mean you will! Second, the second to last line was hilarious! ” The mom and daughter remained dead”


  • Who does what a DOLL tells you it is talking obviously it wants to kill you. Stupid people. -.-*

  • Who listens to a doll?! I would have ran away screaming if a doll spoke to me. Smart dad by the way and great story.

  • I hate dolls! They look like weird! But my father encouraged me to buy one! My doll looks like pretty but I feel she is evil, I don’t like them..But know I have 13 dolls and my younger sister got 21 dolls! She loves dolls very much. I gave a half of my doll to my young sister and a half of killing my dolls. Finally, She got 29 dolls :S…

  • It was like sooo obvious the doll was going to strangle her… And if a doll would come to life in my house, I would probably scream the life out of me first and then trz to destroy it…Not just stand there (or lie there) and actually OBEY it?! That would be just weird… Poor father, though… ;(((

  • The Doll: Lie Down I Promise I Wont Strangle You
    Me: Stand Next To The Window I Promise I Wont Push You Out And Go DownStairs And Start Beating The Stuffing Out Of You

  • the moral is NEVER TRUST A GLASS DOLL U FIND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE, and never let ur guy friend play ur mother in a school play!
    (trust me on the last part!!!!!)

  • yeh its cool, but somehow, these cheap doll horror stories are getting kinda old. I mean seriously…a doll strangling an adult to death is just…
    -cheap. sorry :/

  • This story is amazing,but I feel bad about the mother and the daughter and the father have to deal with that for the rest of his life

  • This story is cool, its kinda scary, but THOSE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! If a doll comes to life and says “Lie down, I won’t strangle you.”, you can kinda guess that it’s gonna strangle you! And second of all, if a creepy doll came to life and started talking, I wouldn’t listen to it, I WOULD THROW IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!

    but overall, it was a good story.

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