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Girl in the Photograph

The Girl in the Photograph is a creepy story about a boy who finds a picture of a beautiful girl and becomes obsessed with her. After doing some research, I’m pretty sure this was originally a Japanese or Korean urban legend.

Girl in the Photograph

One day, a boy was sitting in his classroom in school. He was extremely bored and was waiting for the school bell to ring. When he looked out the window, something caught his eye. There was a photograph lying on the grass outside.

When school was over, he ran outside and picked up the photograph before anyone else had a chance to see it. Turning it over in his hands, he realized it was a picture of an incredibly beautiful girl. She was wearing a white top, a short, black skirt, black tights and black shoes. For some reason, she was holding up two fingers.

The girl was so pretty that he wanted to meet her. He showed the photograph to everyone in the school and asked if they knew her. Unfortunately, nobody recognized her.

That night, when he went to bed, he placed the photo on his bedside table and went to sleep. Around midnight, he woke up. There was something tapping on his window. Then he heard what sounded like someone giggling. More than a little frightened, he worked up the courage to investigate it. He jumped out of bed, went over to the window and opened it. There was nothing there.

The next day, he showed the photo to his friends and neighbors and asked if they knew the mysterious girl. Everybody he asked said they had never seen the girl before in their lives.

That night, as he lay in bed, he heard the tapping sound again. He looked out the window and could just make out a figure standing on the other side of the street. He couldn’t be sure, but it looked like the mysterious girl in the photograph.

Clutching the picture tightly, he threw on his clothes and raced downstairs and out the front door. As he crossed the road, he forgot to look both ways and was suddenly hit by a car. The driver got out of the car and ran over to help the boy, but it was no use. The boy had been killed on impact.

The driver noticed something clutched in the boy’s hand. It was a photograph. Turning it over in his hands, the driver realized it was a picture of an incredibly beautiful girl. She was wearing a black top, a short, black skirt, black tights and black shoes. For some reason, she was holding up three fingers.


  • Lol that means she had already killed two boys before😕 well that’s sad !! And it wasn’t creepy at all sorry sfk

  • @DayliyahHasTheSalt she held up three fingers because that’s how many people died while they had the photo. The boy didn’t kill anybody.

  • She went from wearing a white top to wearing a black one….I remember reading this one before…kinda surprising she has only gotten 3 victims.

  • so, if the girl held up three fingers when the driver accidentally killed the boy, who did the boy kill?

  • I think that the spirit in the photo is forced to be there until she reaches 10 victims, and only then can she be free.

  • THAT WAS SO FREAKY! I was thinking of this song when i read it. “Don’t go into the closet, you might just find a monkey, the monkey will rip your head off, so don’t go into the closet. Don’t go into the closet, you might just find a vooodoo doll, and the voodoo doll holds up 1 finger. *scream* 2 fingers. *2 screams, one muffled.* 3 fingers, *3 screams, 2 muffled.* 4 fingers. *4 screams, 3 muffled.* 5 fingers. *5 screams, 4 muffled, one coming from the person as he/she drops to the floor, dead.* And then comes you’re death.” *song ends with static, then a clear voice, of the person who died.* “And remember, Don’t turn out the lights.” FREAKY!

  • Read this one so many times. It never gets old though. I was actually thinking about submitting it (not taking credit of course)… And then I realized that it’s right there. TT_TT

  • This is the continuation of that story. Turning it over in his hands, the man realized it was a picture of an incredibly beautiful girl. She was wearing a white top, a short, black skirt, black tights and black shoes… but then suddenly the man just realized something after accidentally killing the old woman. That this was the cursed picture everyone was talking about that mysteriously killed 11 people. Because for some reason, she was holding up ten fingers and 1 toe. lol

  • Dont you think that is a bit stalkerish? The boy is looking for a girl he has never met before in his life, why is he all the sudden obsessed with this stranger girl…

  • The picture of the girl held up 2 fingers when the boy picked it up. After the boy died, another man picked it up and then the girl in the picture held up 3 fingers.

  • Ever realise how in every scary story, the kid/adult is always stubborn and gets themseles killed

  • i think that the amount of fingers she was holding up was actually how many kids she had killed with her beauty by getting them to run across a road and get run over.

  • OMG this is the story i posted in the comments on rules of survival! its just edited :D :D :D :D :D :D :D scaryforkids did you see and read my story in the comments? if you did thank u thank u thank u thank u! yes deadgirl you did read the second one b4 it was my story that i posted b4 scaryforkids posted it. im so happy right now im hyper now OMG srry if im to overjoyed just that no one has ever liked my stories b4

  • furrykinz it was one of my favorite stories u had posted :D I kind of even guessed that u had written it but i didn’t check xD Wow… the owner likes it.. and it is nice :)

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