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Ghost Sightings

Ghost Sightings contains a few scary riddles about people taking ghost pictures in supposedly haunted places. Read the stories and try to solve the riddles. Think about them for a while. Try to figure out what’s scary about each one. Then scroll down to the comments section and find out if you were right.

Ghost Sightings

Ghost Sighting 1

My friends and I love looking at ghost photos on the internet. One evening, we planned to take a trip to a haunted place and see if we could take some ghost pictures of our own.

There were four of us in the group and it was almost dusk when we arrived at the old house. Each of us had a digital camera and between us, we must have taken a picture of every nook and cranny in the building.

I collected the cameras from my friends and the minute I got home, I downloaded all the pictures onto my laptop. Then I checked through all of the photos, one by one. Imagine my disappointment when I realized not even one of them had captured anything out of the ordinary. Four hundred photos and not one ghost.

However, I decided to play a trick on my friends. I found a group photo with the four of us in it and used Photoshop to put a scary ghost face in the background. I was very subtle about it. You had to look very hard at the photo before you noticed the fake ghost.

The next day, I printed it out and showed it to one of my friends. He took one look at it and his face went pale.

“I-I-Is this for real?” he stammered. His hands were even shaking.

“Yeah, man!” I said. “It’s for real!”

LOL. What a dummy.

Ghost Sighting 2

I was talking to a friend of mine and we were trying to come up with something new to do because we were getting kind of bored. He suggested we take up ghost photography. It sounded like it could be fun, so we decided to go to a place we thought might be haunted. There was a house nearby where a mass murder had taken place. It lay at the end of a mountain road and it still hadn’t been demolished.

We went there late at night and took cameras with us. We entered through the front door and walked down the hall, taking pictures in the living room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Then we climbed up to the second floor and snapped some photos in the parents’ bedroom and the children’s bedroom. After that, we went back downstairs, stood outside and took photos of each other with the house in the background.

The next day, when we took a look at the photos, we were really surprised. There was nothing in them. Of course, we were both in the pictures. I just mean that there weren’t any ghosts in the photos.

“Doesn’t that seem strange?” I said.

“Maybe they went to heaven or something,” said my friend.

“Yeah maybe,” I sighed. “That means we can’t take any more ghost photos, then. What a waste of time.”

“Not really,” said my friend. “I saw a house that was pretty far from the rest. We can go there next.”

“Seriously? Is it empty?”

“No, of course not. There’s people living there. Let’s go tonight”

“Okay, got it. I’ll get ready.”

I’m looking forward to it. We haven’t done anything exciting in a long time.

Ghost Sighting 3

Late one night, two of my friends and I decided to go ghost hunting in this old house where there’d been a murder.

“I heard the killer really butchered these people,” said my friend. “I bet their ghosts are really angry.”

“Yeah, I heard it was a complete massacre,” said my other friend. “Apparently, the killer poked the husband’s eyes out and stabbed the mother to death with a big knife. Then he strangled both of the kids.”

“Are you two guys serious?” I asked, “or are you just trying to scare me? You know how scard I am of ghosts!”

As we wandered around the house, I was shaking like a leaf. It was pitch black inside and we just had a single flashlight to guide us. We went through the living room and the kitchen, then down into the basement, where the murders took place. I could have sworn I could still see blood on the walls.

The place was definitely creepy, but we didn’t see anything weird. On the way out, I turned to my friends.

“Hey, I didn’t see anything spooky, did you?”

“Not me.”

“I didn’t either.”

“I didn’t see a thing.”

So there weren’t any ghosts, then. Kind of lame, but a part of me feels relieved.

Ghost Sighting 4

I thought it might be interesting to take some ghost photos in an abandoned building near me. There was a room on the top floor that was rumored to be haunted. I spent some time setting up my camera on a tripod outside so I could get the whole house in the frame. I took three photos, one after the other. I didn’t see any ghosts or anything. After that, I left the building and went home.

That night, when I sat down to look at the photos, a shiver ran down my spine. The first two photos had nothing unusual in them, but in the third one, I could make out a creepy-looking face in the top left window of the house. I was positive I didn’t see anything like that when I was there.

You can imagine how freaked out I was. So, the next day, when it was light outside, I called my friends and asked them to come back to the abandoned building with me. We went into the house and slowly climbed the stairs to the top floor. I was ready to run if we saw anything. When my friends opened the door to the room, they started laughing. It turned out it wasn’t a ghost at all. It was just an old doll that somebody had placed on the windowsill.

I breathed a sigh of relief. For a second there, I thought I had a real ghost picture on my hands.


  • Okay, I think I have figured most of them out.

    1: Absolutely NO clue.
    2: Oh my god they’re gonna murder an innocent family! : 0
    3: Woah woah woah! WHY were there three people saying there was no ghost when this guy only brought two friends?
    4: What do you mean you don’t have a ghost pic on your hands!?! The doll wasn’t there in the previous photos of the same scene, it obviously fricking well moved you imbecile!!!!!!

  • In number 2 there were 2 secret meanings, there were only two of them so who took the picture? And they were going to kill a family to turn them into ghosts.

  • Hahahahaha!!! When I first saw the pic I thought to myself; “That looks nothing like a ghost, it looks like a turnip!!


    The doll wasn’t there the first few pics! It moved!


  • @DEAD scary
    d last one was d father whes i eyes were pooked out dats y he said he didnt see a thing he couldnt

  • 1) Unless they brought a Tripod and timed the camera to get all four of them in it, someone else was holding the camera.
    2) Idk. Maybe they’re going to kill the people living there to get the ghosts immediately.
    3) The dead father answered him as well.
    4) Someone placed the doll in between the 2nd and 3rd pictures.

  • (3.) There were 3 kids in all who went and at the end of the story 4 people answered what the 1st one asked.
    (4.)How did the doll all of a sudden get there

    {those were the only 2 I could answer on my own}

  • For these riddles the story poster should post the real answers instead of making the reader rely on everyones guesses.

  • 1 the ghost took the picture
    2 they are the ghost
    3 3 people visited the house four were there in the end
    4 the doll is haunted cause in the first and second photo there was nothing but in the third there was a doll.

  • 1) Who took the picture with all four of them in it??!!
    2) They want to murder the people living there to see real ghosts.
    3)Three people visited the house but four people said they didn’t see anything.
    4)The doll only turned up in the third photo.

  • 1)how did they take the pic if all 4 of them were in the photo?
    2)they planned to murder the people so that they could get pics of real ghosts
    3)3 people were @ the house but then there were 4 voices
    4)photos were in the same posistion in all 3 pics and the doll was in 1! WAS I RIGHT!!!!!!

  • was one of his friends holding the camera & a real ghost was in the photo
    3.The last voice was the dead father who had his eyes stabbed out or something because he said i didn’t see a thing.

  • @scary for kids could you please look at my answers because some of them are different from others
    1.For all you people who think that the camera was floating on number 1 it wasnt there were three people in the photo and one ghost which means someone did take the picture but he didnt realize this.
    2.The friends were planning to murder the next house just to get ghost footage thats just wrong and also in one line it says “we were both in the picture” when there was only two of them so this means there was a ghost in the picture CREEPY!!!!
    3.The father who got his eyes poked out was with them because someone said a fourth line when there was only four people and I think it was the no eye father because he said I didnt see a thing.
    4.The doll was moving because in the first two pics it wasnt there so that house was really haunted.
    Hope my answerrs are right bye scary for kids.

  • Oooo, that’s creepy! But about the first one, they could have set the camera on timer and put it on something.

  • 1. It really was a ghost/the friend’s dead friend/relative
    2. They were dead (Since they said they hadn’t done anything exciting in a long time)
    3. The guy who was relieved was relieved because he was the murderer
    4. It really was a ghost and the doll was put there by it… yeah I really had no clue for this one.

  • There were three people and in the end when the guy asked a question… there were three replies

  • 1)if there was 4 people,who was holding the camera?a ghost was in the photo!
    2)they were going to murder the people there so they could get ghosts
    3)there was 3 people at the beggining and 4 people at the end…
    4)he took the photos in the same position and the doll was only in 1 did the doll move?

    i think they are right xx

  • Kind of remind’s me of the abandoned police station that I live across from. Let me explain. I live across the way from this abandoned police station. Construction workers wanted to convert it into some kind of hospital or something. I don’t know. Anyways. They gave up converting it because the local kids kept smashing the windows, breaking in etc. So they boarded up the windows and just left. It has 2 floors. My friend once broke in and told me that nobody knows how to get up to the 2nd floor. One day I was coming home from A haircut when I saw that the lights we’re on at the 2nd floor. Even though nobody was on the 2nd floor because they didn’t know how to get up there. True story about my life.

  • UM no ofence scary for kids but ur things onhere are too scary for kids iam 10 and i stayed up all night long til 6 because i was too scared plz remove the Excorcist pic on the home page

  • #1 There was an actual ghost in the picture because when the guy’s friend saw the ‘photo’ he took a quick look and got shocked but guy said that a person would have to look real close to notice the fake ghost.
    #2 They we’re planning to murder the people living there.
    #3 There we’re 3 of them. 2 of his friends and him. But at the end, when the guy asked his other friends if they saw anything. 3 people replied, not including himself.
    #4 When he went to the building by himself, he said that he didn’t say anything at all. But when he went with his friends, there was a doll.

  • in #3 the 4th person which is probably the ghost, said “i didnt see a thing.” coul that be the ghost of the husband who had his eyes gouged out?

  • Awesome riddles but,
    for the 1st one, if all of them were in the photo, wouldn’t they realize that the camera was floating (or maybe it was on something) and the picture was taken by itself?

  • almost everyone in the stories are dumb. in the first story his friend saw right away that there are four people in the picture but the main character is calling him dumb….. but still creepy

  • For number 4 maybe someone was in the building doing the same thing the writer was doing, taking pictures and that person might of moved the doll to look at something?

  • I thought this for number 1:
    When the man added the fake one he said you had to look really close to see it but when he showed his friend he took one look at it which means there might be a ghost in the photo after all?

  • @ScaryForKids 1. They could have set a timer and left the camera on top of something.
    2. Yes, they would murder them.
    3. The last voice was a ghost because at the beginning, the writer said that only him and 2 friends went, so there was three people altogether. How could there be another voice?
    4. If the first two photos didnt have a doll in it, then why would the third one? Its obvious that the room is very haunted.

  • Answers:
    1. There were four of them at the house. How could they take a group photo with all four of them in it? Who was holding the camera?
    2. The two friends are planning to murder the people in the house and turn them into ghosts.
    3. Three people went to the haunted house, but there are four voices talking at the end.
    4. He took three photos from exactly the same position and only the last one had the doll’s face in it. How did the doll move?

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