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Future Husband

Future Husband is a spooky urban legend from Japan about a fortune-telling game that allows you to see the face of the person you are destined to marry.

Future Husband

For years, a mysterious fortune-telling game has been very popular with teenage girls in Japan. They call it “Future Husband” or “Futute Spouse”. According to the legend, if you play the game, you will find out who you will marry.

They say that the game must be played with all lights off, beside a window, in the moonlight. If you place a razor blade in your mouth at midnight, and look into a basin filled with water, you will see the face of your future husband or wife reflected in the water.

(Warning: Do not play this game. It is dangerous. You could cut your mouth and end up looking like The Slit Mouth Woman.)

One high school girl heard about the fortune-telling game and decided to try it out immediately. The girl had never had a boyfriend and was worried that she would never fall in love. Her worst nightmare was that she would never get married. Her love-sick curiosity made her desperate to find out what her future husband would look like.

She took one of her father’s razor blades from her parents’ bathroom cabinet. Then she took a basin from the kitchen cupboard and filled it with water. Finally, she turned off the lights, opened the curtains and waited until the clock struck midnight. Carefully placing the razor blade in her mouth, she cautiously peered into the basin.

In the water, she saw a man’s face staring back at her.

The girl was so surprised that she let out an involuntary scream. At the same time, the razor dropped out of her mouth and fell into the basin. The water became stained with a red color, like blood. The girl recoiled in fright and started trembling.

A few moments later, when she looked into the basin again, the water was crystal clear and the razor was sitting at the bottom. The girl was confused. Was it just an illusion? Had her eyes been playing tricks on her? Had she really seen a face or had it just been the moon’s reflection in the water? The girl decided to forget about it and went to bed.

The years passed quickly and the girl grew into an adult. She left school, attended university and eventually found a job. She also began dating a nice man. It was her first boyfriend and he was very gentle and receptive to her wishes. He had a friendly personality, was always witty and funny and the fact that he made a lot of money certainly didn’t hurt.

However, there was one thing about him that was very strange. He always kept his face hidden behind a large, white surgical mask. In Japan, it is not unusual to see some people wearing masks like this to prevent catching colds. Indeed, when they first met, the man explained that he had a cold and didn’t want her to catch it. At the time, she accepted the explanation, but as the months passed, he continued to wear the mask and never took it off.

Every time they met or went on a date, the man would be wearing the mask. If she ever asked him to remove it, he would angrily refuse. Despite the strange situation with the mask, the girl came to love this man more and more. Finally, the day came when he asked her to marry him.

The girl began to think. How can you marry someone when you have never seen their face? There aren’t supposed to be any secrets between husbands and wives. What could he be hiding from her? She was confident that her feelings for him would not change, no matter what he looked like under the mask.

One night, the girl took him aside and told him that she would only marry him if he trusted her enough to show her his face. She asked him to remove the mask. At first, the man refused, but when the girl insisted, he eventually gave in.

He turned his back to her and slowly unhooked the mask from around his ears. Then, he suddenly spun around to face her and the girl gasped in horror.

His face was horribly disfigured by a large scar that ran from his eye, down his cheek and across his mouth to his chin. The wound was so deep that it looked as if it had been gouged with a sharp knife. It was painful to look at.

“What’s wrong with your face?” she asked timidly. “What happened to you?”

The man’s eyes narrowed in anger. His face bore a hateful expression.

“You should know,” he growled. “You dropped the razor blade!”


  • @Dobbyisfree LMAO as soon as I read the title that part of the song kept replaying in my mind😂

  • All I could think of was Meghan Trainor’s song “Dear Future Husband” haha😂😂

  • Um, did that ritual opened some kind of portal or what? If that girl dropped the razor, how did it teleported to damage that guy’s face? He too must be doing that ritual at exactly the same time. Plus she’ll be marrying him cause the ritual showed her the face of her future husband.

  • sorry meghan trainor dear futer husbond here’s a few thing u have to know it i will kill u

  • I KINDA wanna try this but just IMAGINING the blade in my mouth gives me the creeps

  • One question… I feel stupid asking, but does a knife count as a BLADE?

    also, when it said that there was blood in the water, I thought at first that it meant that she would die and wuldnt get married or something…but I still like it! (sorry for so many comments) I give it a 10 outta 10

  • Another reason I don’t want to try this is that I’m scared I’ll see my OWN reflection… because if you think about it, seeing your own reflection during this game is a little disturbing, don’t you think?

    but I still wanna try, maybe I could drag a bucket of water into my bedroom by the window and cover the blade so I don’t freakin cut my tongue off!!! LOL

  • OMG OMG! I totally wanna try this! I’m in 8th grade and I have this crush, who’s in the same grade as me, same race, religion, and I wonder if he’s the guy that I will end up marrying. I don’t think the chances of me marrying him are very high, but you never know. He’s smart (like me, no he’s SMARTER than me) he’s really funny, and I just like his personality.

    I’d love to try this, but:
    1) My parents would KILL me if they found out that I was sticking a BLADE in my mouth
    2) Its kinda hard to be next to a window in the bathroom
    3) I don’t trust myself with a blade in my mouth
    4) I think that’s enough reasons…LOL

    Another reason I don’t want to try this is that I’m scared I’ll see my OWN reflection… because if you think about it, seeing your own reflection during this game is a little disturbing, don’t you think? but I still wanna try, maybe I could drag a bucket of water into my bedroom by the window and cover the blade so I don’t freakin cut my tongue off!!! LOL

    One question… I feel stupid asking, but does a knife count as a BLADE? Also, when it said that there was blood in the water, I thought at first that it meant that she would die and wouldnt get married or something, but I still like it! (sorry for so many comments) I give it a 10 outta 10

  • Man I do love this story. She must feel obligated to marry him now. Surprised he still loved her and asked her to marry him when he knew she did that to him. Thought the chick would cut herself in the beginning.

  • i would try this if it didn’t involve a razor… also why did she scream since she hadn’t dropped the razor yet so he didn’t have the scar yet… o_O

  • hahaha did u all see the warning! it said that u can cut ur mouth and be like the slit mouth woman! then when you go out everyone will run screaming slit mouth……. ! haha!

  • wooo thats cool but what does putting a razor blade in your mouth have to do with anything? gosh thats stupid

  • woah i m japanese I saw my own cousin in the basin it really works put a tissue paper on the razors blade cuz if u cut urself ur future husband will end like him!

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  • scarelover123

    like the story but it doesnt make much sense. try making it so it is more explaining.

  • i reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyy wanna try this but my bathroom doesn’t have a window.

  • What if she didn’t drop the razor blade?
    Would they keep on looking at each other? O_o

  • Wow the story about the girl with the blue dress was awesome! Best ive ever heard on here so far! Cant wait to hear more from you!

  • this is my first story so sorry if its bad its called Do you rember me? thare was a boy called michel he was lyeing in bed when all of a sudden he heard hid cuberd doors creek when he looked he saw someone in a suit and a top hat that looked like he was about to get marryed he was floating and he said in a errie voice “do you rember me?” he let out a quiet yelp and hid under his covers after a few muinets he looked again and the coberd doors were shut and no one was thare a few months went past and he kept dreaming about a girl she looked very ghosly and she kept trying to kill him but one night he went to bed and he felt she was watching him she was dressed like a bride and kept saying in his ear “WHARE IS MY HUSBAND” he was so scared he had to cry himself to sleep he never told his pearnts only his frends and sister then he had a dream about the husband it was the ghost he saw before it said “help me my wife went crazy at the wedding and killed evryone includeing herself” he awoke and was crying she was in his room she crept twords him and said “whare is he” he said he wuld not tell so she grabbed him and he fell asleep when he awoke he was tied to a seat in a room that was made like a wedding all the other guests were thare and they were tied to the bench too and the preist was tied to a pole to say the vows all she needed was the husband to marry her but meanwhile at the boys house the boy had his body lyeing on the floor all his insides were gone and his body had no cuts on it evryone was looking for the killer but no one found him and he was stuck at the wedding forever

    wait got a part wrong evryone was looking for the killer but the killer was not found and that michel was stuck in the wedding forever

    its my bday 2day (may 8) and im soo happy to find a new post here!! tank u mr. scaryforkids! u ABSOLUTELY MADE my DAY!!!

  • OK so are important numbers are on the fridge. All you have to do is feed her and look after her and play games with her no scary stories they scared her. Said the mother. Then the mother and father got in the car and drove of they were on a date so they hired a baby sitter. Her name was Kimmy Nightingale. Suddenly Molly the little girl the baby sitter was baby sitting came down stairs crying. What’s wrong asked the baby sitter well there’s this guy in the mirror. What’s he doing in the mirror. He is holding a severed head covered in blood. When did you see this guy. When I was going to the wash room. He said you were next. The baby sitter thought it was just her imagination like she just had a bad dream or something. With just thinking Molly Just had a bad dream she cooked her some meat and got her into bed and Tucked her in. Then went out of her room and went to the wash room. When she looked in to the mirror while getting ready to brush her teeth she saw a guy in the mirror this time he had no head just a big knife. He reached though the mirror and cut off her head. Hours latter when the parents came home the little girl was down stairs she was scared really scared the mother and dad asked her where’s the baby sitter and the little girl said the guy in the mirror got her and the parents and molly went in to the bath room and they both screamed there in the mirror was a guy with the baby sitter’s head and in it’s hand a knife.
    I hope you like it I can make more but I have not come up without anything else

  • I live in an apartment and my bathroom doesn’t have a window. lol

    I really wanna try this though! :-)

  • could it b a shaving razor??? loll kinda hard to cut ur mouth on that evn if u do thn u ent cut completely across your face v_v

  • Slit mouth woman now we got Spit Mouth woman,she was named that because she always Spit to any body come near

  • The Gypsy Doll

    Well,let me start from the beginning,i was younger at that time when my mother decided that we should open a antique shop,people across town would visit our antique shop to give they’re antique stuffs,one day,my mother was busy cleaning the counter when an old lady came in and smiled at my mother

    “good morning..” my mother greeted to the old lady

    i walked to my mother because the old lady was very creepy
    she was wearing an old black dress and had black creepy eyes that seem to follow you everywhere you go

    “mother,that old lady is very creepy..” i whispered in my mother’s ear

    the old lady just smiled at me and took something in her large black bag

    it was a gypsy doll! i love gypsy dolls!! i collect them and put it in my bedroom

    but there was something creepy about the gypsy doll that the old lady holding

    the gypsy doll stood about two feet two,deep black eyes,and the doll’s clothes were very colorful but the doll’s eyes were very creepy!

    “i would like to sale this gypsy doll to your shop” the old lady said in a raspy voice

    “oh,for how much?” my mother asked

    “nothing,i don’t need money i just want to sell this doll to you” the old lady said while putting the gypsy doll down on the counter and ran off

    “now elizabeth,could you please take this gypsy doll in your room? you said that you love gypsy dolls right?” my mother ordered me

    “but mother,this gypsy doll is very strange,it’s eyes seem’s to follow my every move” i explained

    my mother looked at it’s eyes and saw nothing

    “elizabeth,it’s just your imagination,now,go up and go to your bedroom” my mother said

    i sighed and grab the doll and it was indeed heavy! it was like carrying a huge tv!

    i walked upstairs and walked the long hallway,our house is in the second floor while the antique shop is in the first floor

    i set the two feet gypsy doll on the dresser and walked downstairs again

    father,was working in a company called fantasyland rodes
    it’s all the rides there,i been there on my fourth birthday!
    he will not come back after 5 o’clock in the evening

    mother closes the store in 4 o’clock.

    i walked to a treasure trunk and opened it

    it was from a man who came here one time to sale this treasure trunk,he told my mother that this treasure trunk is very special,he said that the treasure trunk was from the late 1800’s

    i enjoyed the treasure trunk because mother put all of my princess dresses in there

    i picked up a pink sparky dress with a red ribbon around it
    and a glitter tiara

    i put the dress on and the tiara,i turned around and saw mother cleaning the banister

    “mother,how do i look?” i asked her

    mother looked up and saw me

    “elizabeth,you looked very pretty!” mother said

    “thank you mother” i replied back

    i put the dress back but keep the tiara on my head

    i ran upstairs to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed

    i looked around and saw the gypsy doll on my side table

    i was shocked because i knew it was in the dresser!
    the gypsy doll was smiling wide and she was like waving

    then,a cold breeze came and sent chill’s down my spine

    i ran downstairs to my mother and shouted her named

    “Mother! mother!! the gypsy doll moved!” i shouted while running downstairs i saw my mother and a lady talking together

    mother looked at me sternly and gave me the “quiet!” look

    the lady turned around and it was my aunt!

    “aunt!” i shouted while running to her

    my aunt bent down to my level and hugged me

    “hello elizabeth,how are you doing?” my aunt asked me

    “I’m doing fine aunt” i said

    i walked to my mother

    “mother,the gypsy doll move!” i said shaking

    “elizabeth,it’s just your imagination” my mother explained

    i shook my head and told her no

    i grab her hand and we walk to my bedroom

    the doll was now back on the dresser

    how could this happen?? i asked myself

    maybe mother was right

    “elizabeth i told you,it was your imagination!” mother said

    to be continued….

  • This story is rlly stupid, i made it incase anyone wanted to read it…
    This story is all about me. Me, me me. Beautiful, skinny, attractive, dead, me. The happiest night of my life to be precise. It’s also the last. Can you taste the excitment? Get ready, the horror story is about to begin!

    I pull out my stunning blue dress, accompanied by my long blue heels. I blink in the mirror. Mascara. Lipstick. Was this right? Not wearing make up is something I have always been proud of, but…No matter! I have a date tonight!

    Actually, eighteen dates. Dates with destiny! First, Austin. I grin in the mirror and pass my mother. She doesnt wave, smile, or even say “Hello.” Not like she can. She’s in a coma.

    A lavishing yellow home. Thats where he lives. The lights are dark, I see him sneaking out of the window. Perfect! He’s coming to meet me. He hops down and lands gracefully and I run to greet him.

    “You the babe?” I giggle and nod. He smiles. I know he’s got fowl intentions. I can see it in his chocolate brown eyes. His handsome face. His future.

    “Lets go.” He leads me to a sports car. Not his obviously. This dirtbag couldnt afford a mini van. I smile and pretend to like it. Batting my eyes. Sickening.

    He knots his fingers in my hair. My hair’s too good for him. This car’s too good for him. I’m too good for him. I look at my watch. 8:25, I HAVE to get out of here. Now. My next date starts in five minutes!

    This dirtbag will be easy to get rid of. I’ve practived enough. “Babe, lets go to my friends bedroom. It’ll be sweet. My mom wouldnt approve so we’re going there.” I nearly snort. He obviously is clueless.

    He’s got me in bed in three minutes. We’re making out. Just as i’m starting to enjoy it when his friends come in. Seven imbeciles, as planned. They’re holding rope, hand cuffs, metal bars, gags, saddles, and everything in between. “Sorry Babe.” Says Johnny, my date. In seconds i’m tied to the bed, nude. They’re observing. Touching. Feeling. Oh dear, I think, This will make me late.

    One of the idiots turns out the lights. To get started, i’m guessing. I smell fear from one of them. It smells yummy. I can see my eyes from across the room. I see the fear in their eyes. Like deers they’re are frozen. I break free from the handcuffs without hesitation.

    Johnny. poor, poor Johnny. They all speak, scream, and shriek but I hear nothing. I dont speak, so I dont pay attention to others when they speak.

    My blonde curls run red with blood. No survivors. No survivors. I keep that in my mind as I rip them apart. My blonde curls are turning gray. My hands are turning into long claws. Good, this will kill time.

    The rest of the night is like that. Bloody. Dark. Clawing. Biting. Tearing. Eating. Screaming. Howling. Things like that. When it’s all over, I exceeded my mothers amount. She said I couldnt kill 100,000 people. She was wrong. No, she wasnt. She was wrong about me, not about her daughter.

    Anabelle, Sweet, sweet, Annabelle. She’s dead now. Always has been. Anyway, the police came. Investigated. Arrested. Were proven wrong. Arrested again. Were proven wrong, AGAIN. Finally, they found me. Beautiful, skinny, attractive, Not dead, me.

    I plead insanity. No one can kill thousands of innocent souls, bodies, children, anyone, without reason. The fact that I had no reason made me sound insane. The police wanted me gone from this world. I wanted in. I think we all know how this ends.

    Tasers, Guns, Knives, Explosives, Nucleur bombs, Torpedos, Tsunamis, earthquakes, famine, everything. I have lived through them all. I love being alive. I love feeding off the bodies of my victems. While in my chambers I devised a new way to get victims. Heres how.

    I simply write a story of the night I was captured. Simple huh? They let the insane here, in Brook Falls Rehabilitation For The Insane, have an hour of computer time. I only need half an hour. After I write the story, I let people see it. Comment. View. Read. Laugh at the quality of the story. Simple enough? Yes, it is. Then I’ll come out of any open doors, windows, and uncovered mirrors.

    I easily escape the Assylum. I feed too, I grabbed a few of the staff. Who knows what the insane have in their systems. All I really had to do was turn into my true form. Fangs dripping, Gray fur swirling, I stand on my hind legs. I am hideous. My claws are long. My jaws are powerful and blood thirsty. Can you imagine what I look like? I bet you can, with the imagination you have! Then when all are dead, I check the websites I posted my story on. One website, http://www.scaryforkids.com
    has gotten a lot of views!

    I go through the computer, I hide in the shadows, in the mirrors too. When I cant get through a computer i go through an opened door, window, or uncovered mirror. In fact, i’m hiding behind you now. Behind your shadow, in the mirror near you. In the bathroom, slowly opening your door. I’ve got to go, another victim is reading. Wondering. Wait, do you hear that sound behind you?

  • That is a good story. Yeah,I advise anyone not to try that game (Just to be on the safe side).

  • Oh my god! I kind of creeped out kind of burst out laughing xD I wanna play this game and find out who my future husband would be but i definitely don’t want to cut my mouth and end up like a Slit Mouthed Woman ._____. Or a Slit mouthed zombie maybe .____.

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX
    lol ikr so wats ur lil crushy wushy like?? rofl mines like a foot taller than me nd hes tan nd he got like dirty blond hair nd its spiked up in the front nd he rlly sweet nd funny nd the other day he rlly scared meh he was like screaming for no reason nd just bein the weirdo he is lol i started runnin for a sec bd he startd laughin nd hes like haha im sorryyy

  • Hello everybody I’m the newest member yet I have stories to share and I’m here to love this website like forever !!!!!!! Next month I’ll have a year visiting this website I vist it everyday . And finally made my account lol :)

  • Good one! I want to try this but i dont wanna cut my mouth… besides i am afraid of the dark! LOL

  • @MrPsychokiller69 well, guys can try it too! it says you can find out your future husband OR wife :)

  • I like 1direction (I don’t know y I bring this up) but they are like 6 years older than me and they don’t know I exist so the chances of marrying some one from 1D is one in a thrillion

  • omg i like someone in eighth grade toooo nd im in sixth grade :) he flirts with me a lot and im a cheerleader and hes a football player and im bffs wit his lil bro XD haha im so lucky in meh little world of middle school luv <3

  • I get it! when the face was still there she dropped the razor blade and it CUT HIM!!! I get it now….That was the reason for the blood and why he had that huge, deep, scar!!

  • hi, i have a scary story to share!!! I woke up one night shacking and sweating, i just had a scary dream. I glanced at my clock and it was 3:00 AM. I cound not move. My body was parrilized with fear. i still had the evil wispering voice in my head. When i was thinking of it saying you cant wake up, i heard a huge crash up stairs! I heard my mother screaming, and my little brother crying. I coulden’t hear my mom screaming after 5 secondes had past just my brother crying. Still parrilized with fear i started calling out to mom. There was no awners. My brother stoped crying, and started laughing. A second after my brother started laughing, i heard the same evil wispering voice from my dream saying that it was coming for me now. I heard another huge crash up stairs, and my brother started crying instently. The crying stoped, and my door opened. I saw a dark shadow and i starded screaming. the ghostly shadow stood over me redy to kill me when my dad came in my room and turned on the light. the shadow vanished and my dad ran to hug me. we went up stairs and there were the dead bodies of my mom and my brother. on the wall writen beside the dead bodies, was you cant wake up now. Just after that my dad and i blacked out. we woke up in the hospital. There was a person standing in front of us. she said that my mom and brother had been killed in a fire, at our house. The fire department found you two laying on the floor. They said the fire was unexplainible. My dad and i never spoke of this again, The end hoped you liked it sorry for the bad ending this is not true.

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX good luck, but I’m sure there will be other boys you like besides him. I’m an 8th graders and I’ve liked MANY guys, haha. :)

  • omg im so tryin it, hopefully i marry this guy i like in 8th grade named angelo… im in 6th grade so i have really high hopes

  • @JoslynVicious let me know if it works :) haha but dont cut your mouth, be careful!!


  • Haha, I’m so trying this! Jk, it probably doesn’t work… but sfk posted this recently… lets hope theres more to come!

  • stupid girl and i agree wiv u TheHollowDevil i wont try it its dangerous!!!!!!!!!1

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