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Funny scary stories for kids and adults to tell, creepy jokes, hilarious ghost stories and stupid tales. Each story starts out scary but has a humorous or weird ending.

Funny Scary Stories


  • funny scary story: the baby in the basket
    a man named Davis was at his home one day. His wife was at the hospital, and the baby was a stillborn. then Davis heard a voice, very distant. it said “baby in a basket, baby in a basket, ten minutes away.” he was terrified. then he heard “baby in a basket, baby in a basket, 5 minutes away.” then he heard “baby in a basket, baby in a basket, at your door step.
    he opened the door and a baby in a basket was there. he wiped some sweat off. then a car pulled up and put another baby on the doorstep, in the same basket, 5 minutes later. ten minutes later the same thing happened. then the car pulled up again and put his wife in the basket.

  • Yes. He was trying to get it out of the tin foil wrapping paper and he dropped the pie on its bottom. XD

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