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Friends Forever

Friends Forever is a spooky urban legend from Spain about two young girls who take a blood oath, promising that they will always be together.

Friends Forever

There were two 15-year old girls named Alice and Sarah who had been best friends since early childhood. They lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same school and went to the same classes. In short, they were inseparable. However, they very different characters. While Alice was cheerful and outgoing, Sarah was very shy and quiet.

One day, Sarah and Alice were talking about their friendship.

“Do you think we’ll be best friends forever?” asked Alice.

“I think so,” replied Sarah. “Why wouldn’t we?”

“I don’t know,” said Alice. “Sometimes when people get older, they grow apart.”

“I have an idea!” said Sarah. “Let’s take a blood oath!”

“A what?” asked Alice, surprised.

“A blood oath,” said Sarah. “Look, we both have to swear that we will be BFFs – Best Friends Forever. If we ever lose touch, we both swear that we will do everything we can to make sure we will be together forever.”

“That’s nonsense, Sarah,” said Alice. “We won’t lose touch. We’ll always be together.”

But Sarah continued to insist and, with a mixture of amazement and amusement, Alice finally agreed to the proposal.

Sarah found two needles and handed one to Alice. The girls took a piece of paper and wrote “Best Friends Forever” on the top and then signed their names at the bottom. They lit a candle and heated the tips of the two needles in the flame. Taking their needles, both girls pricked their index fingers and each smeared a drop of blood next to their signiature.
Their blood oath was now sealed.

As the years passed, the girls grew up and left school. Alice went away to college i another city, while Sarah stayed in their hometown and got a job in a local store. Both of them got boyfriends and fell in love. The girls still kept in touch by phone, calling each other at least once a week.

When Alice had completed her law degree, she got a good job and decided to get married. The couple bought a house and settled down. A few years later, they had a beautiful baby boy. Alice was so busy with her family that she rarely found time to call Sarah. It wasn’t long before, the phonecalls stopped completely and the friends lost touch with each other.
Although Alice would sometimes still think about her best friend from her youth, she never took the trouble to pick up the phone and call her. In the end, life had led the two women down different paths and they had not seen each other since they left school.

One night, Alice had a horrible nightmare. She was driving along an endless highway, when suddenly a truck in front of her began to swerve into her lane. The truck skidded and then collided with her car.

She woke up suddenly, soaked in sweat. Just as she was trying to calm herself down, she heard her front doorbell ringing. She glanced at the clock by her bedside and realized it was after 3 AM. Her husband was fast asleep on the other side of the bed.

At that moment, the doorbell rang again, insistently. Wondering who could be coming to visit at that time of night, Alice got up, threw on her nightgown and went downstairs.

When she opened the front door, she was shocked to see a woman standing on the porch. The woman was terribly pale, extremely haggard and had a huge, bleeding wound on her forehead. Although she had changed a lot, Alice recognized her immediately. It was her old friend, Sarah.

“OMG, Sara! What happened?” she cried.

Sarah just stared at her.

“Come in out of the rain,” said Alice. “Are you hurt?”

Sarah didn’t move from where she was.

“What’s wrong, Sarah?” pleaded Alice.

“Long time, no see, Alice!” hissed Sarah. “I’ve come to fulfill my promise. I’ve come to tell you I died.”

Alice was speechless. Sarah held up her hand and pointed at Alice with her index finger. Her finger was dripping blood.

“Life has separated us,” Sarah continued, “but we will be together in death. I’ll be waiting…”

Alice fainted and collapsed on the ground.

The next morning, when Alice woke up, she found that she was lying in bed, next to her husband. She rubbed her eyes and wondered if the events of last night had all been just a bad dream.

At breakfast, she turned on the television and what she saw chilled her to the bone. The local newscaster was saying that, the night before, at 3 AM, there had been a fatal traffic accident. A truck had collided with a car on the highway. The driver of the car had been killed on impact.

The driver of the car was a woman named Sarah.

From that moment on, Alice’s life became a living hell. She barely ate a thing, she forgot to pick up her child from school and when she went to work, she couldn’t concentrate on her job.

Every night, she had the same terrible dream. She would awake to the sound of the front doorbell ringing. She would open the door and find Sarah standing there, her bloody index finger pointing straight at Alice. Each time, she said the same thing: “I’ll be waiting…”

Each morning, Alice awoke in a cold sweat. She looked down and her bedsheets would be streaked with blood. She felt an excruciating pain in her finger and when she looked, her finger was covered in blood.

Her husband did not understand what was happening. He took his wife to see a doctor and a psychiatrist, but neither of them could find any explanation. Alice’s condition only grew worse and in her nightmares, she began seeing Sarah standing at her bedside, pointing with her bleeding finger.

One night, the husband was awakened by a dreadful noise. It was the sound of breaking glass. He ran out to the bathroom and discovered that the window was broken. Peering outside, he saw Alice lying on the sidewalk, her limbs askew. The horrified man rushed downstairs and out the front door. There was a pool of blood around his wife’s head.

Beside her, on the pavement, someone had written in her blood: “FRIENDS FOREVER”.


  • That is exactly why u do not do blood oaths. Because your life becomes a living hell. Wtf

  • “she looked down and her bedsheets would be streaked with blood.” Me on my period Lol

    anyway, this made me think of that part with Lenore and Beth in “Midnight At The Electric”

  • They say the quiet ones are evil


    Just kidding, lol. But that was pretty…. weird

  • Sarah why would u take your friends life u said u will wait so then just wait why kill her

  • stupid sarah! she only made the oath because she knew she had no future! she was shy, quiet.. no chance:) she was probably jealous of Alice’s life. What a great ‘best friend’ you are SARAH!

  • Well …I have a friend. We met a year ago, shes funny and stupid bu shes also kind. I like her and she likes me. Butt she worships the devil. Should I be worried?

  • This seems awful for this to happen! A promise is a promise and she couldn’t keep it.. Sad for this to happen

  • I agree with Sarah. A promise is a promise. But she didn’t have to do it the hard way. Murder her and scare her every night? Now that’s just creepy…

  • I love the story, but… who would kill their BFF? I mean it’s really your fault because you let yourself die. You don’t need to go CRAZY person on everyone else.

  • Crap me and my bestie have the same name and she is the out going one and I’m the shy one and one day my friend said when one of us die the other has to die to so I just went along with it and we make a pact and now I’m regretting that… Tomorrow I’m gonna plead to my bff that she dies before me to no matter how angry she is with me not come back and try to murder me
    Wish me luck 🙏

  • I have a best friend I won’t be able to see her for a year next year she’s younger than me I wish we could be in the same grade together even if we don’t see each other we text still I won’t know what to do when I get in high school without her next year I would miss her

  • I’m shy and quiet like one of them too and I had a dream it was either me gettin in a crash or drowning but I survived in it

  • But my name is Sarah and my best friend is Alice… We’ve also taken a blood oath…..

  • @livingdeadgirl98: IKR! I WAS LIKE “There has GOT to be someithing about this story… Me an my BFF made a blood oath. …”

  • *looking at stories*
    Best Friends Forever?Hmm..doesn’t sound scary.Imma read it :3
    *a few minutes later*
    -pokerface-What the hell…

  • I understand though, when a friend hurts you like that…I get it, and im sure that most people can relate.

  • not a happy ending…not a bad ending..haha!! that’s a funny story, if you know what i mean…i can’t stop laughing…really!!!

  • That’s funny.
    My name is Izzy, and my friend Kyla is sitting right next to me.
    I don’t think we’d ever be able to be separated, and if so, not for long. And I’m the quiet and shy one, out of the two of us, though I do show weird interests. xD
    I sometimes think I’m crazy.

    And once more, at the beginning of the story, Kyla and I chose characters, based only on the names. I chose Sarah.

  • there not creepy at all! :)
    o wow they had to cohse blood have you ever herd of a contract!!!!!!

  • I wonder if the same thing is going to happen to me and my BFF. It’s kind of weird because my friend is cheerful and outgoing and I’m shy and quiet. o_o

  • @brendanjoke……actually I’m eating cookies while reading the story xD Striped Chocolate chip cookies xD

  • I feel kinda sad of this D: Best friends shouldnt forget each other! I would not let this kind of separation to happen between my bestie and i :O

  • if my bff died or the closest person in the world died and they show up at ur door and drove u insane then i would suicide:)

  • That was sad… If you do that to someone, you were never really their friend. Just an obessed psychopath hanging on to the past too hard.

  • Wheres mom?
    one day a girl got home from school and asked her dad
    wheres mom?
    He said she out shopping hes said. Ok she said She went on
    the computer and she had a message on facebook that said
    you dad is going crazy he is going to kill me!
    Don’t lisen to him!!! just then she wanted to take a bath and
    in the tub was her moms dead body she screamed her dad
    come up and say shut up she was still screaming and he killed
    her.. hope you like it plese post it

  • oooooh thats good but shouldnt she have died when she stopped calling? btw yay first comment!

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