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Free Wifi

Free Wifi is a scary story about a young girl whose family can’t afford the Internet. She hears about a new service that allows you to connect to the Internet for free.

Free Wifi

My name is Masha and I’m 16 years old. I live in a small town in Russia. My father doesn’t make a lot of money and my family isn’t very wealthy. There are a lot of things we can’t afford. One of those things is the Internet.

One day, while I was in school, one of my friends told me she had heard about a new service that gives you free access to the Internet. She said all you had to do was connect to their network, which was called “Free Wifi” and then you could browse the Internet to your heart’s content without having to pay a thing. It sounded almost too good to be true.

That evening, when I got home, I decided to try it out. I opened up my laptop and searched for the network called “Free Wifi”. The signal was excellent, so I selected it and clicked “Connect”. My Internet browser popped up and, on a black background with sinister red letters, there was a message:

“Welcome to Free Wifi! Thank you for visiting! We don’t require any payment. We don’t require any registration. All we ask for is some basic information about our visitors. Please answer the following question.”

There were four pictures on the page. A bus, a boat, a train and a plane.

Underneath, there was a question:

“What is your usual mode of transport?”

I cycled to school, my father didn’t own a car and we could never afford to go anywhere on holiday. I didn’t use any of those modes of transport, so I just chose the train at random and clicked on it.

A “Thank You” message appeared on the screen and then, I was able to browse the Internet. I was delighted. This was the answer to all my problems. Now, I could set up a Facebook account and keep in touch with my friends on Twitter and Instagram.

The next day, however, as I was watching TV, the show was interrupted by a breaking news alert. The local news reporter was saying that there had been a terrible accident. A train had derailed and come off the tracks just as it was crossing a bridge. Several carriages plunged into the river below and almost everyone on board had been killed.

I was horrified. That’s when I remembered the website I had visited the night before. I had selected the picture of the train. I tried to tell myself it was just a coincidence. I mean, what would have happened if I chose the picture of the plane. Would there have been a plane crash the next day? The idea was ludicrous.

That evening, I needed to use the Internet again. I connected to the Free Wifi network and again, the same page popped up. This time, the question was different.

There were 4 pictures of houses: A bungalow, a two-story house, a three-story house and an apartment building.

Underneath, in big red sinister letters, was the question:

“Which type of house do you live in?”

My family lives in a bungalow and I was about to choose that option when I stopped myself. My finger hovvered over the mouse button, but I couldn’t click it. What if my suspicions were true? I wondered. It was a silly thought, but I just couldn’t take that chance.

Instead, I clicked on the apartment building, just to be safe. A “Thank You” message flashed on the screen and I was able to connect to the Internet again.

The next day, the apartment building near my school burned down. Luckily, the fire happened during the day, so most people weren’t home. About 20 people perished in the blaze. The police said they suspected arson.

I was worried. It was starting to seem like more than a coincidence. No matter how crazy it seemed, I had a sneaking suspicion that somehow, the Free Wifi was causing these tragedies. I decided that I would be better off if I just left it alone.

However, that night, I began to doubt myself. The more I thought about it, the sillier it seemed. Was I just being paranoid? How could connecting to a Free Wifi network result in the deaths of over 100 people. Who would ever believe such a thing was possible?

After mulling it over for almost an hour, I was convinced it was just an insane coincidence. I took out my laptop, turned it on and connected to the Free Wifi.

My Internet browser opened again. There were 4 more pictures. When I saw them, I let out a gasp of horror.

The pictures were of my mother, my father, my little sister and me…

Underneath, in big sinister red letters was the question:

“Which of these is your favorite family member?”


  • I bet you that the person who told her about that is the one who was causing this. Or a random stalker. πŸ‘€

  • LOL some guy’s wifi is named “No wifi 4 u betch”
    I connected to it and got wifi anyway :D

  • How did she get to this webpage if she doesn’t have internet???? WAAT
    Correct me if I’m wrong plez bcuz I know very little about the internet lol πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • dont believe these kind of things these all are scams by the way good plot story 7 out of 10 chocolates

  • If she knew that there was something wrong with the website why did she continue using it?Like,if i knew something was wrong with it I wouldnt keep using it.

  • Unrealistic, but creepy enough. Not really terrifying, though. If she had enough money for the laptop, why didn’t she have enough for WiFi?

  • Wow cant you just go to a mates house or to school or phonebox or internet cafe for wifi i mean wtf and you can afford a laptop but cant afford some internet that is like cheapest $5 a month.

  • Good story but just a little confused-How can she live in a bungalow, have a laptop, AND be able to watch TV yet, DOES NOT HAVE WIFI???? I mean come on. I have a way less expensive house than a bungalow I have a one floor house it’s really cheap. We have 3 tv’s but thats normal I guess (Living room, parent’s room, my room) and NOBODY has a laptop, we have ONE COMPUTER that works!!! and we STILL have wifi!!

  • What??? This doesn’t make any sense! She owns a laptop and lives in a bungalow, but doesn’t have wifi??? Well, this was creepy and I really liked it! 8’outta 10!

    The story was superb…… but if the girl can afford laptop then why can’t she afford internet….at least once a week. And what happened to her friend? Did she had the same fate? Also this girl lives in a bunglow… i don’t think she is poor…..

  • She should inform the police. I mean I would have if it were me. Nice story though. Imagine the cause of every fire, accident or something is just someone using Free Wifi.

  • Oh c’mon black background sinister red letters no payment and a few strange questions were enough to make her believe that something was wrong with that site. Saw that coming nice story anyway!

  • Remember kids, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Anyways I knew since the first question what was gonna happen….hmmmm😑 another thing how would it know what apartments to go for? There has to be more than one set of apartments….

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