Find The Ghost

Can you find the ghost in this picture. Look very closely.

The Pretty Girl


  1. Audery says

    Stared at it for like 5 minutes and nothing happened… but according to the comments there is supposed to be a pop up?

  2. ilykyourrshoes says

    Good one! I actually wasn’t expecting this one at all…I gasped and my fiance asked what happened….
    Nothing! Just peed a little… :0

  3. Screaming Girl says

    I was like ” This has got to be a pop up.” and then I was “Nah, it’s too messed up for that.” and then I started staring… *A few seconds later* OH MY GOD! YOU JUST SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME!! HOLY EFFING SH##, SFK! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME!!! I TRUSTED YOU!!!!

  4. B-Lovely says

    Meh… honestly this pop-up in particular isn’t super horrifying. Maybe if it was zoomed in on or the ghost had a twisted, mutilated face drenched in bloo…
    I’m gonna shut up no.

  5. XxAsianGhostxX says

    YAY :DDD I was smart :DDD
    Lol, ever since The Family Portrait story, i was all staring at the picture while my friends called them ugly, and then the purple demon poped up and we were all screaming xDD BUT, Ever since, i havent dared to look at a pic on here for more than a second. O______O I did the right thing :DD

  6. The Ninja From Mars says

    the scare failed, i went to a new tab to check something on my facebook, came back, and the “Ghost” just dissapeared, im sad now.

  7. soulserenade says

    man, at least we know its a pop up… not like those that appear suddenly,,,,,,,

  8. Paradise says

    F*CK! omg! It was 3:00 a.m. And I SCREAMED! I closed my iPod SO FAST! I was too scared to open it so when I did I closed the site like there was no tomorrow ;)

  9. ghostchicklexi says

    Wow!!!! I was just reading the comments and i scrolled up to the top and it was there
    I knew something was going to pop up because every ost that tells u to look closely somethings gonna pop up lol

  10. MadCrazyMee says

    i saw this with my friend and we jumped out our chairs cuase nothing came up so we want to get a drink then sat back down then it come up

  11. QStarrDaze says

    Ugh… I’m on my iPod so I thought it wasn’t going to work so I went straight to the comments. It popped up out of the top of my eye… Long story short, I just got PWNED!

  12. Banana phone says

    lol essense that would be so funny if you did
    has this got faster since I last commented
    WTH lexy whats bullshiggity
    skulls did rage man99 say that everyone is a women here

  13. lexy81501 says

    man that is some bullshiggitty!!! mymzx fingxfcaz are shakking i caaant tyype right!

  14. TheWorldWillEnd says

    I knew it was going to pop up Becouse under the photo it says posted by scary pop ups

  15. essense says

    Banana phone
    It was a joke
    Jeezzz!! Can’t any one take a joke
    Its not like I actually pooped my pants

  16. Taylor Momsen says

    And… It’s stupid to make the people stare at the pic for a few moments, and than the face of the girl of The Exorcist pops out and gives them a heart attack. Not even a bit original.

  17. Taylor Momsen says

    Not scary. Not even a bit scary. I may be a medium, because I quickly find the ghosts in this kind of mindf*cks.

  18. charlie says

    for those idiots who cant see it you have to stare into the pic and the ghost will apear

  19. Banana phone says

    omg lol essense pooped and peed his/her pants it seriously wasnt that scary trust me compared to scary maze game pop up

  20. xX Scary For Me Xx says

    omfg for those who wanna know what happens (SPOILER!!!
    SPOILER!! SPOILER! SPOILER!!! SPOILER !!!! I warned you

    (SPOILER)If you look long enough a ghost lady apears (SPOILER)


  21. Rage-Man99 says

    I didn’t scream! Banana phone. LOl I didn’t even make a sound! Haha the ghost coming towards u isn’t scary

  22. Banana phone says

    That picture was weird not really scary lol my brother/rage man was looking at it really close and he screamed I was laughing but I was looking somewhere else when it happened and then I saw something come out of the wall and I thought woah ! is this a video

  23. Evelyn Darling says

    i knew something was gonna pop up so i scrolled down until only the last part of the picture was visible LOL
    im such a scaredy cat

  24. Rage-Man99 says

    Ahhhh!!!! U zoomed up really close and I still couldn’t see it then I looked real close and it have me a huge fright

  25. BloodymaryBloodymaryBloodymary says

    LOL I clicked this and I was going to see the comments, then I saw “Posted in SCARY POP-UPS” Me: FAQ NAO!!!! *clicks go back*

  26. htfnutty4575 says

    @peanutbrittle did you notice the mom looks like peggy hill in the family portrait story.

  27. PeanutBrittle says

    I’m not that gullible. I knew something would pop up. But I like it! One pop up that I really got freaked out from is the picture for the story “Family Portrait”. I was just looking at the people in the picture when the girl’s demon face popped up. xD

  28. evilkat23 says

    DUDE! I was on the laptop and i got really close to screen when the ghost popped out!

  29. killerkat101 says

    I feel dumb I can’t find it can someone tell me where it is please help :(

  30. scary lady says

    @DEAD scary

    ooh that seems like fun!!!! what if it says no he won’t close the gates??? o_O

  31. DEAD scary says

    I have a game that i want scaryforkids to post so you can ALL see it. Its called penny miller.
    1. Get a quater a or a twenty pence coin.
    2choose a side for yes and for no.
    3. Ask “penny miller, penny miller, will you open the gates?” If it says no, keep trying until you get a yes.
    4. Now ask any “yes or no” questions about your future.
    5. When your finished, say “penny miller penny miller, will you close the gates?” If you get a yes, then your finished.

    *you can play this with as many people as YOU like!

    ~ DEAD scary

  32. Bananalover101 says

    Hey @deadscary are you on ur phone?? And @scaryforkids the pic doesn’t show up! Wtf is up with that?? Lolz

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