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Fat Boy

The Fat Boy is a scary story for kids about a kid who is unable to lose weight.

Fat Boy

There was a young boy who was very overweight. Everyone at school teased him and called him “Fat Boy! Fat Boy!” His problem was that he didn’t know how to control his diet. Nobody had ever told him which foods were healthy to eat and which foods were fattening.

He had the misfortune of having a very strict father. As soon as he got home from school, his dad would start calling him names and telling him he was lazy and weak-willed. He forced the boy to do exercises in the morning, fed him diet pills and made him take cold showers. However, none of this was very helpful. The one thing he neglected to do was teach his son how to eat properly.

The son became very fed up with his situation. After a while, he didn’t follow his father’s orders. He always tried to get out of doing exercise, he spat out his diet pills and he took warm showers every day. In addition, he ate big bags of candy, potato chips and fast food. The father had to go to work, so he couldn’t watch his son every minute of the day and his mother often took pity on the boy and baked him cakes to eat.

One day, the father got extremely angry at his son’s lack of effort. He promised that he was going to make him thin or die trying. He said that, after a month, if the boy wasn’t able to do ten press-ups on the floor, he would buy a children’s coffin and make his son sleep in it every night. The boy tried his best to lose weight, but he just didn’t know what to do. The month passed quickly and he was still only able to do five press-ups.

His father flew into a rage and went out to buy the child-sized coffin. When he returned, he took an axe and smashed the boy’s bed to pieces. Then, he threw the broken wood out the window and placed the coffin where the bed used to be. The boy’s mother tried to protect her beloved son, but his father was adamant. A promise was a promise and he had to follow through, no matter how horrible it seemed. His son was going to sleep in a coffin and that’s all there was to it.

The stern father stood at the bedroom door and made sure his son climbed into the coffin. Lying in an open coffin really creeped the boy out, but he had a plan in mind. As soon as his father switched off the light and shut the door, the boy hopped out of the coffin and slept on an inflatable bed he kept hidden in his wardrobe.

one night, the father burst into the room and caught his son getting out of the coffin. Enraged, he decided to come up with a way to prevent the boy disobeying his orders. He fetched his drill and drilled some holes in the top of the coffin. Every evening, his son was forced to climb into the coffin and close the lid. Then, the father would nail the lid shut. The father had drilled some additional holes in the side of the coffin to prevent his son suffocating.

However, the neighbors started to complain about the sound of hammering every night. The came up with a solution and attached special latches to the coffin so it could be quietly opened and closed. Of course, these latches could only be opened from the outside.

Sleeping in a coffin was extremely scary for the young boy. It was pitch black inside and very cramped and uncomfortable. He could barely move and the air was so stale that it felt as if someone was choking him. Sometimes, the poor boy couldn’t stand it anymore and began crying and calling for his parents. He even started baning his head against the lid, begging to be let out, but to no avail. His father knocked on the coffin lid and told him that he would only be let out when he was able to do ten push-ups.

Every morning, when his father opened the coffin and let him out, the boy would try to do push-ups on the floor. He tried his best, but he was so weak from lack of food and lack of sleep, that he could never do more than two or three before collapsing on the carpet in exhaustion.

One night, the boy’s parents went out to visit their friends, leaving their son home alone. Before they departed, the father locked the boy inside the coffin and made sure he couldn’t get out.

However, as they drove down the road, the father and mother were distracted and the car swerved into the oncoming lane. A truck smashed into them and both of them were killed on impact.

Meanwhile, the boy was lying in the coffin, unaware of what had happened. The next morning, when he woke up, he waited for his father to come and let him out, but the father never appeared. The boy lay there for weeks. He was dying of hunger and thirst. Just when he was about to give up hope, he heard voices in his bedroom. The coffin lid was unlocked and opened.

He looked up and saw his grandparents standing there. They helped the boy out of the coffin and gave him some food and water. The boy was painfully thin, like a skeleton and his face was grey, pallid and drawn, like a dead man.


  • The dad got what he deserved! I’m glad he DIED! 10\10 myself happily dancing on his fathers grave!

  • The boy didn’t deserve to sleep in a coffin! What kind of father is he to let his son sleep in a coffin? Tbh, the father deserved to die. The mother didn’t though. If you’re gonna let your child sleep in a COFFIN, at least open the lid when you go somewhere. You can die in a car crash, you can get murdered, etc.
    At least the boy finally lost weight.

  • If he tried doing that to me, I would put him into a metal coffin then weild it shut and leave him in the sun for a few days! Lol :)

  • Okay… Um, this story wasnt bad but i think it could have used some common sense. If the boy were locked up in the coffin for 3 weeks how was he alive?? He would have died of hydration or starvation. A good way you could have turned the story around would be: The grandparents came to the house after 3 weeks and noticed the coffin in the room. Curious the opened the coffin and to their horrific suprise they found the skeleton of their grandson. They knew he was dead but then out of nowhere the skeleton sat up and said “i’m really hungry and some water would do too” then lay back down dead as it was found.

  • i feel sorry for that boy locked in a coffin every night. I would get claustrophobic

  • I feel like I’m so fat but I’m ten and 5 ft 2 inches tall so I guess I’m normal weight :p

  • Can we please tell the kardashians about this “Diet” Except we don’t let them out? :)

  • I wasn’t saying that you were, I was saying that a girl I know is. She always tells me that it’s just because she’s a model (i don’t really believe her…)

  • @PeanutBrittle, well im not all bones, and i just got me my grandmas figure, and no matter how much i eat…i always stay skinny…

  • SFK can you please try to stop anyone who swears. There are kids on this site and they don’t need to hear bad language

  • @soulserenade
    are you sure you’re 30 lbs? That seems really thin. A girl I know is almost 14 and 75 lbs. She’s so skinny that she’s practically bones, no muscle. It’s not healthy.

  • @Soulsrenade You’re 30 pounds. You have to be really young. When I was 9 I was 49 pounds. I’m 15 and I weigh 135 pounds and I’m incredibly short but everybody thinks I weigh 100.

  • and ive been skinny since i was 5
    younger than that, i was cute and chubby.
    oh. @essense im in year 7 too

  • Bieberzmyne
    Don’t worry what anyone says evev if they are ur best friend
    I don’t kno what It feels like to be teased about weight but I do know about teeth
    I am in year 7 and people keep asking me about why I don’t have many teeth
    When I was three I got All of my teeth pulled out and now I have huge gaps
    Somepeople ask me why I have some yellow teeth
    I DO clean my teeth very well as I have to get braces
    I know what u are feeling
    U are NOT alone

  • what? im 30 pounds, i love fat food, and even if i don’t exercise, i dont put on weight

  • hi guys. im Seerat, a 13 year old girl from new jersey. this story really affects me and i was to tell you how. as I said, im only 13 years old but i am 276 pounds. i literally have tried every thing to help. but some how i have gained more. i feel so embarrassed to walk anywhere. people make fun of me in class and i hate going to places to eat because i feel people are always staring at me. i have parents like that but not nearly as mean. people always bring up my weight and size everyday. its a hard life to live. im so jealous of those size 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 size girls i see on the street with shorts and tang tops, i guess i was meant to be this way

  • I’m going to write a story on here since it gets alot of views. And because when I try on Tell Me Your Story, my computer freezes. Here it goes :)

    Title: Adopted

    Trickles of sweat fell down my forehead, blood covering my right leg. I was flinching in pain everytime someone talked about the bad cut that ran down my leg.

    “Are you going to be able to play the game, Samon?” Coach asked me. The referee had paused the game, and my answer was what would resume the game.

    I shook my head. “No Coach, I won’t.” I flinched again, because my best friend, Kylie, had touched the cut running down my leg.

    “Alright. She won’t be playing!” Coach yelled to the referee, who was on the other side of the field.

    The referee blew the whistle, resuming the game.

    Sabine, my sister, called Mom for me. I was soon picked up and we headed to a hospital.

    My leg was fractured. It hurt like bloody hell when they had to move my leg. It barely even moved.

    But when I got home, pints of ice cream were set on the table for me. Dad was sitting next to the ice cream, smiling. He was such a goof ball.

    “I don’t eat ice cream,” I said bitterly and walked to my room, annoyed with my leg. My crutches were almost about to break because the bolts were barely in. Stupid crutches.

    I threw them on my bed and sat down. I could walk without the lousy things.

    Soon, I fell asleep. I was tired, especially after being at the hospital until 2 a.m.

    When I woke up, everyone was taking a nap except Sabine. She was missing.

    I was set into a panic. I ran to my parents room. I screamed in horror.

    My parents heads were taped to the wall, and their guts making a stick figure. I barfed.

    I ran back to my bedroom. Sabine was there, holding a bloody axe.

    “Sabine? How could you?” I screamed. I was crying uncontrollably.

    “No reason. Just for the thrill of it,” She smiled a sick smile.

    She knocked me to the floor. My leg was throbbing,
    and it hurt.

    “But we’re sisters!” I cried.

    She smiled again. “Oh you didn’t know? I’m adopted.”

    (Hope you liked it :P)

  • Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!the fat boy in the pic made me scared;(

  • My dad is trying to make me GAIN weight…
    Maybe he’s planning to eat me once i fatten up!!! D:

  • SFK you should keep writing new stories they are really interesting, I LOVE EVERY STORY YOU WRITE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK =)

  • Hey this fat kid’s dad is really mean. If i find him, i’d make him eat 10 times a day and make him sleep in a locked coffin.

  • I’m a lucky one though!! I can eat anything and not get fat (chicken fingers Klondike bars crackers) I’m 15 and only 110 lbs thts light for 15

  • Poor boy.. :( people are jealous of me because I don’t gain any weight yet I eat so much.. It’s only because I have ADHD.

  • This story was kinda weird. Why didn’t the mom or the boy call the police. I think it’s child cruelty to lock them in a coffin…

  • P.S… How can a father make his son sleep in a coffin -.-
    If I was the boy, I would have beat him up so hard that he will buy his own coffin to sleep in

  • I eat more than my dad but I still don’t gain weight.
    I’m average, I guess, and I love it that way :)
    No coffin is changing me xP

  • killerkat101 lol i cant gain any weight either and i eat 3 bags of cheetos a day and im not kidding! well mini cheeto bags, so im happy :D

  • well, the dad said he would die trying… so now the kid can live with his memaw! woot woot

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