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Family Photo

The Family Photo is a tale of horror about a young girl who dies and her distraught mother who wonders what has become of her daughter.

Family Photo

There was a single mother who had three daughters. The youngest daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors broke the bad news to her mother. They told the poor woman that her daughter had only three months to live.

The family were devastated by the horrible news. The mother decided to have a family photo taken while her youngest daughter was still alive. That way, they would always have something to remember her by.

They hired a professional photographer to come and take the photo. The family posed with the youngest daughter sitting in the middle of the picture and her mother and older sisters arranged around her. Afterwards, they had it framed and hung it over the fireplace in the living room.

Three months later, the youngest daughter died in hospital. Her mother and her two sisters were at her bedside when she passed away. The funeral took place two days later.

After the funeral, the mother was sitting in the living room when she happened to glance up at the family photo over the fireplace. She was horrified to discover that her daughter’s face in the photo was shifting and changing. It looked distended and deformed. Almost demonic.

They brought the family photo to the professional photographer and complained. He said he had no explanation for why the photo would suddenly change, making the dead child appear so grotesque.

The mother was at her wit’s end. She took the family photo to a psychic and begged the psychic to tell her what was wrong. The psychic took one look at the family photo and recoiled in horror.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this”, said the psychic. “Unfortunately, your daughter fell into hell.”


  • Who else jumped a little when they were studing the photo and that demon popped up!! πŸ˜‚

  • Lol the end xD (I’m imagining him/her saying it calm) “Your daughter fell into hell” other than that dumb story and that pic scared me the first time :P

  • I was fine at first with the story and I read the comments and I scrolled up and exactly when I got to the top it moved and scared the cheesecakes out of meh

  • Didn’t really jump at pic………………

  • I can’t see the photo but… If it’s true then it’s really creepy.. and idk.. grotesque..? .-.

  • I scrolled down to read the comments first and heard what the picture would do. I decided not to look at it and I was scrolling up quickly because usually with my phone gigs don’t move while scrolling I just caught a glimpse of her all demonic but scared me so much I dropped my phone 0.0

  • I am going down to hell in 12 years, so if I take a family pic now or maybe 11 years later, will it change? Plus, the pic wasn’t that scary. I stared at it for more than 1 min, nothing happened. Is It the same pic given above that you all are talking about guys? This pic sacred most of you to core?

  • OMG! I live upstairs from my aunt and my mom dad and lil sis were down there helping auntie i was upstairs alone and the pic scared me so much I screamed and ran down the stairs as fast as the eye blinks!

  • The pictured scared me XD but besides that I liked the story, not the scariest but still.

  • Not much scares me much now, after working in a haunted house. But the sudden change in the picture did startle me. It felt like my heart stopped for several beats. But the story with it was pretty cool too.

    Oh! And @I_@m_spirited_away just sit there, looking at the picture, you’ll see it change soon enough… >:D

  • I almost died seeing the picture change!! I was reading the Second sentence and BOOM!! I was like wtf!! and jumped back!!

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