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Family Photo

The Family Photo is a tale of horror about a young girl who dies and her distraught mother who wonders what has become of her daughter.

Family Photo

There was a single mother who had three daughters. The youngest daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors broke the bad news to her mother. They told the poor woman that her daughter had only three months to live.

The family were devastated by the horrible news. The mother decided to have a family photo taken while her youngest daughter was still alive. That way, they would always have something to remember her by.

They hired a professional photographer to come and take the photo. The family posed with the youngest daughter sitting in the middle of the picture and her mother and older sisters arranged around her. Afterwards, they had it framed and hung it over the fireplace in the living room.

Three months later, the youngest daughter died in hospital. Her mother and her two sisters were at her bedside when she passed away. The funeral took place two days later.

After the funeral, the mother was sitting in the living room when she happened to glance up at the family photo over the fireplace. She was horrified to discover that her daughter’s face in the photo was shifting and changing. It looked distended and deformed. Almost demonic.

They brought the family photo to the professional photographer and complained. He said he had no explanation for why the photo would suddenly change, making the dead child appear so grotesque.

The mother was at her wit’s end. She took the family photo to a psychic and begged the psychic to tell her what was wrong. The psychic took one look at the family photo and recoiled in horror.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this”, said the psychic. “Unfortunately, your daughter fell into hell.”


  • Thank you, Tomino’s Hell for bracing me. I was not scared at all thanks to you. (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧
    Also, maybe the girl was walking to heaven when she suddenly fell into a trap and fell in to hell?

  • I AM LITERALLY SCREAMING BECAUSE OF THE POP-UP!!!!!!! good story tho. 9/10 creepy pop-ups

  • @Raven Walker,

    it could have been because the picture was hanging over the fire; fireplace. otherwise, i don’t know.

  • Haha oh yeah I remember this….some of you dudes are scared of the pic. In fact you guys seem to talk more about the pic than the story haha. Hmmmm I wonder why she went to hell….what did she do that nobody knows about?

  • i showed it to my friend and he was like”what’s this?”NO REACTION!!though he usually has a straight face no matter what happens i was still surprised

  • Uh…. that pop up almost made me have a heart attack. And what did “fell into hell” meant. ples some one tell me what it means.

  • I should have known that that photo was a scary pop up. Funny story; Today during guided study (study hall) my teacher (he’s the best) showed us a bunch of scary pop ups and be sent them to his wife and mom. Also my math teacher walked into the room and she about had a heart attack when she saw the pop up.

  • i so did not interrupt my whole class by screaming like a little girl when i saw that pop up ;-;

    That scared da poop out of me… Literally xP

  • Who else jumped a little when they were studing the photo and that demon popped up!! 😂

  • Lol the end xD (I’m imagining him/her saying it calm) “Your daughter fell into hell” other than that dumb story and that pic scared me the first time :P

  • I was fine at first with the story and I read the comments and I scrolled up and exactly when I got to the top it moved and scared the cheesecakes out of meh

  • Didn’t really jump at pic………………

  • I can’t see the photo but… If it’s true then it’s really creepy.. and idk.. grotesque..? .-.

  • I scrolled down to read the comments first and heard what the picture would do. I decided not to look at it and I was scrolling up quickly because usually with my phone gigs don’t move while scrolling I just caught a glimpse of her all demonic but scared me so much I dropped my phone 0.0

  • I am going down to hell in 12 years, so if I take a family pic now or maybe 11 years later, will it change? Plus, the pic wasn’t that scary. I stared at it for more than 1 min, nothing happened. Is It the same pic given above that you all are talking about guys? This pic sacred most of you to core?

  • OMG! I live upstairs from my aunt and my mom dad and lil sis were down there helping auntie i was upstairs alone and the pic scared me so much I screamed and ran down the stairs as fast as the eye blinks!

  • The pictured scared me XD but besides that I liked the story, not the scariest but still.

  • Not much scares me much now, after working in a haunted house. But the sudden change in the picture did startle me. It felt like my heart stopped for several beats. But the story with it was pretty cool too.

    Oh! And @I_@m_spirited_away just sit there, looking at the picture, you’ll see it change soon enough… >:D

  • I almost died seeing the picture change!! I was reading the Second sentence and BOOM!! I was like wtf!! and jumped back!!

  • Every one is seeing the change but I can’t.
    The pic is same as before, just normal
    Why is this so !!!???Plzzzz tell me SFK or someone else plz plz plz

  • The first time i saw the photo change i threw my laptop to the floor and kicked it across my room, true story that.

  • For those of u who can’t c it. It’s just a photo in animated gif. The lil girl in middle bottom animates into a demon looking face and comes forward towards ur screen

  • Nothin happened with the photo :/ .. everyone’s talking about it but the photo is normal :/

  • ok never mind just looked at it didn’t get scared… YOU GUYS GOT ME SCARED FOR NO REASON!!!! meanies…:( nah, I’m just kidding! :)

  • Omg didn’t pay attention to the pic so I was reading the story I scrolled back up and I saw her changed it scared me badly!!

  • Even the second time I had a mini heart attack and that was almost 5 minutes ago 😭 I cried the first time I seen it

  • When I red it first time it was good but the second time I was staring at the photo and the picture moved I was going to smash my iPad on the ground the first time it didn’t moved

  • I was scrolling down and the picture zoomed. My heart was about to come out of my body XD yeah and im 14 X”D

  • It was my first time on sfk & I really didn’t know there were moving pictures so when i started reading the story, suddenly the pic moved & I screamed. :P

  • I never noticed that the picture was kind of zooming in. I was scrolling and I saw it do the thing while I was scrolling xD

  • @Sufi I Know right?… I’ve been sitting here reading scary stories and playing scary games so I’m terrified already, then the picture scared the crap outta me. I jumped out of my chair screaming and shaking my arms, my sisters were like what the hell is wrong with you, then I started laughing like crazy cause it was funny.

  • OMG. My younger sister keeps laughing at me cuz i showed it to her with a pillow in my face and she said it was not scaring so she refreshed the page and tryed to take the pillow alway.I am really scared :( like for real.

  • I sreamed so loud.It REALLD scared me cuz i read it before in the other section and it did not happen it just said how she fell in to hell.

  • Haha! I had just got to the word “brain tumor” When the picture changed. It scared me badly!

  • When I saw the photo I jumped, screamed, and ran. Wasn’t expecting it though. Then tried to calm down afterwards. Cool pic.

  • i cant see the photo my computer is macking it flip so fast its relly hard to mack out what she looks like but i think the story was creepy

  • the picture tricked me into fear but not heart attacks since it was on the category of scary illusions

  • know that i saw the photo WISH IT SCARED ADJSFHDSALKDJKLASJD FUDGE OUT OF ME i am not going to read the story since the photo scared the fudge out of me ono

  • ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scary! that…..that,……..mouth?! what happened to that….???

  • Dude after looking at that picture my heart is currently beating so fast I am so scared 😱😭

    MOMMAY: *looks up* What was that sweetie?
    MEE: Err….
    (Heyyyy ;D)

  • i watched Dead Silence late last night and all that hapened was I got nervous gigles. That picture nearly gave me a heartatack.

  • yeah poor kid..i am just cassually looking at the image.then it changes! it made my heart skip a beat! lol(:
    scared me so much got my blood pumping!

  • casually i was reading then i see this messed up face appear quickly getting closer.i full on jumped and accidently pressed the home button.goling back to the stroy iu ahd to make sure the pic was a gif and not something bizare that just happened


  • How did they get the picture to change like that? It scared the crap outa me! I closed the whole page and like 5 seconds later it came back up and then another 5 seconds later another came back up! AHH AMAZING STORY

  • even though i didn’t really look at the pic i saw the bottom cuz i was reading then i saw somthing coming through the photo and bam!

  • Thanks SFK. I knew something was fishy. Should’ve not scrolled up to the pic. BTW, is it normal for your ears to feel warm after looking at a scary pic?


  • i need to change my pants. And ive not even read the story yet. im still recovering from my little cardiac arrest. i actually screamed and fell off my bed

  • when i saw the pic i almost screamed! nice scare. haven’t freaked out like that for awhile. i couldn’t scroll down fast enough.

  • You probably thinking how she fell into hell? Well what you don’t know is that there was supposed to be 4 sisters not 3. Apparently The oldest daughter ask the devil to give the youngest daughter a terminal disease in exchange for her mothers unborn child by trick her mother on signing the devils contract.

  • Holy crap! I slammed my computer down when the picture started to move! And the story was really good.

  • Even though I saw this pic before, I still got scared. The mom looks like peggy hill.

  • OMG I nearly had a heart attack wen I saw that pic! My bro was here with me and I was staring at the pic wondering wats so scary about! My hearts not beating….. Ok I’m good

  • I was looking at the picture and when the face came it almost gave me a heart attack. T^T

  • That pic scared me so DANG much!!!!! This is probably what I looked like: 😱

  • Crikey the pic gave me a fright! It scared my sister and the stories ‘dead’ creepy. Lol xoxo

  • There a Japanese version of this story but the thing I wonder about this story is why did she go to hell? Hmmm?

  • I saw that vid on youtube! It wasn’t scary when I watched it there, just funny. When I saw it here I forgot that it moved. I jumped out of my seat!

  • omfg…… i nearly bloody fell from my seat when i saw tht picture. i mean seriously ive already got one of my legs in a huge cast broke in 2 places, i dont need to fall with fright an break the other 1 2. :D.

  • I was sitting, staring at the photo, then the girl’s face changed! It scared me!
    Interesting story, though.

  • This site should be banned for causing serious health hazards. After looking at the photo,almost got a heart attack… Owww,my chest hurts.

  • when i heard she was in the middle i scrolled up to see her and as soon as i did the face come up and i screamed

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