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El Paso High School

El Paso High School in Texas is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who took her own life. There is a ghost photograph that, according to the legend, shows a ghost girl appearing in the high school class photo.

El Paso High School

El Paso High School is one of the oldest buildings in El Paso, Texas and is plagued by a very strange and disturbing urban legend. As the story goes, there is a hallway on the fourth floor of the high school that has been closed off to the public for decades. Reports state that this hallway is covered in mist and fog every single day and there seems to be an unusual, sticky, gooey substance dripping from the ceiling.

At the end of the hallway, there is a staircase that leads to a balcony which has also been sealed off. The unusual activity is said to have started after a tragic incident that happened nearly 35 years ago. There was a young girl who was a cheerleader in El Paso High. She was dating a guy on the football team and, when he dumped her, she became distraught and depressed.

In a final savage act of desperation, they say she sliced her wrists open and then threw herself off the balcony, plunging to her death. Ever since then, some people claim to have seen the ghostly image of a young girl standing on the balcony, waving to them. Others say they witnessed her ghost jumping from the balcony and disappearing before she hit the ground.

The sounds of sobbing have been heard coming from the hallway, even though nobody is there and a few people have spotted a ghostly young girl, crying forlornly in the hallway. The rumors and legends about El Paso High being haunted have persisted for decades.

There is a trophy case just inside the original front entrance of the high school. It contains a class photo that was taken in 1985. Everyone in the photo shows up clear and distinct except for the figure of one young lady whose features are fuzzy and blurred. The other kids in the photo claim that there was no girl standing there when the picture was taken and nobody knows the identity of the young girl.

About 15 years ago, a few teachers and students were trapped in the school by a snowstorm. Having nothing else to do, they decided to explore the school, starting with the tunnels in the basement. They crawled through a small opening and eventually came to a brick wall that blocked the tunnel. The bricks were old and the cement between them was crumbling. Curious, one of the teachers pushed on the bricks until some of them gave way, revealing a large dark cavity. When they shone a flashlight through the hole, they realized that it was an old classroom that had been sealed off.

The unusual discovery surprised everyone. The classroom was very small and contained antique desks, old textbooks and even notebooks containing students writings. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust and nobody could explain why the classroom had been suddenly abandoned with everything left in place and why none of the students had returned to take their personal items.

One teacher picked up a dusty old notebook that was lying open on a desk. Flipping through it, he realized it was a diary that had belonged to a young girl. She had written pages and pages about her love for one boy in the school. There were little doodles of hearts, flowers and tears throughout. The final page in the notebook contained a chilling suicide note.

A few years ago, stayed after school to finish some work. By the time he was getting ready to leave, it was almost 11PM. He approached the exit and saw someone standing in the pool of dim red light cast by the exit sign. It was a young lady wearing a blue dress. Thinking it was one of his students, he asked her what she was doing there and told her to go home.

The girl turned and looked directly at him, her face bearing an expression of unbelievable sadness. As he walked toward her, he noticed that she was not standing on the floor, but rather hovering in mid-air. She began to fade away, gliding back into the darkness of the hallway before she disappeared completely.


  • A snowstorm? In TEXAS? Ok… and btw why would there be a big gap in the photo, just waiting for a ghost to photobomb them…?

  • That’s so sad. But come on, if there was supposedly no one that was supposed to be standing in that place in the photo then why would there be just a random space in between kids for a class photo… just saying
    And also the cameras back then were highly sensitive so if you moved just a little right when the picture was taken then your image would seem blurred and “ghostly”

  • @iscareyoutodeath its is its super old and creepy looking google it and go to images its very creepy looking

  • Blue Cleaver

    There is a legend surrounding a mexican ghostly blue dog. It is called, the ghost dog of Mexico or blue cleaver. A young girl on her way home from school one night after an activity came across the spectral hound. It appeared to be lost searching for something. The girl thought it was strange to see a giant blue greyhound looking dog but didn’t think much of it. The girl liked dogs and tried to pet the creature, but it gave out a loud uncanny howl and flared it’s glowing eyes at her. She was scared and ran away from it but tripped and hurt herself. When she looked up too see the dog, it had vanished. Other people reported seeing a large blue dog with glowing yellow or green eyes. They described it as having blue flames of fire surrounding it’s slender body and running at extremely high speeds. Some say it’s as large as a moose and can turn people to stone with it’s gaze. It’s blue fire can cause pain that will never heal. The only cure for being petrified or burned is holy water. Blue cleaver sightings have been reported all over Mexico. The blue cleaver is held responsible for numerous deaths and disappearances. A grieving father lost his son to the beast, saying “that dog must have been sent by the devil to punish us.” A group of hunters decided to go out and try to put an end to the beast but all 14 of them had failed. Their bodies have been dsicovered in a marsh, stripped from their clothes and partially devoured. A man in general was desparate to see the creature to see if the legend was true. He had gone missing for weeks. The police were about to give up there search for him when all of a sudden, they were attacked by a crazed man who was barking and biting at them like a dog. They had no choice but to kill him when he would’nt stop running amok. One survivor tells his wife that he had crossed paths with blue cleaver but the creature left him unharmed,days later he and his wife had gone insane with delirium and schizophrenia. They were both thrown in a mental asylum where they died. A man seen the dog sprint by him, killing him the moment it touched him. In 1607, a school caught on fire with many children and adults inside. The firefighters tried to put out the (blue) fire but their efforts were in vain. The heat was so intense children and adults jumped to their deaths and the smoldering sulphur asphyxiated the firemen. The fired had finally ceased and over 123 peope had perished in the blaze.

    (hope you like it, I want this story to be posted I got more)

  • My first time writing comments. I’ve been reading from this site from a long time and I love it. Bravo

  • Awesome story!@Queen Sacefrin, again with Japan?! What is so wrong with Japan? There is no mention of Japan in the story! Its Texas! Japan is literally a world away from Texas!

  • the pic. looks awesome and the ghost chick looks pretty. this is an awesome story. i love haunted high schools. like the one where i used to attend.

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