Eating Dogs

Eating Dogs is an urban myth about an old couple who bring their pet poodle to a Chinese restaurant. Do Chinese people eat dogs? Read on and find out.

Eating Dogs

There was an old couple in England who had a pet poodle. They loved their dog very much and treated it almost like it was a human. Some would even say they pampered it too much. Whenever they took a bath, the poodle was given a bath too. Whenever they cooked dinner, they would fix an extra plate and leave it on the floor for the dog to eat.

One day, they were taking their pet poodle for a walk when they happened to pass by a Chinese restaurant. Feeling hungry, they decided to go inside and have dinner. However, when they sat down at a table and the waiter brought over the menus, they realized that he didn’t speak any English.

They attempted to order their dinner by pointing at the items they wanted on the menu. The couple also wanted to order a meal for their dog. When they tried to explain this to the waiter, he smiled and nodded politely but didn’t seem to understand.

They tried to use sign language, pointing to their mouths, rubbling their stomachs and pointing to the dog. The waiter seemed to get the idea and he led the poodle into the kitchen as the old couple waited for their meal to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later, the waiter returned, carrying a large silver platter. When he placed it in the middle of the table and removed the lid, the old couple screamed in horror. There, served on a bed of rice and bamboo shoots, was their beloved poodle. It had been cooked and garnished with full trimmings.

There was another story from England about a local greyhound track. They said that the greyhound owners would sometimes dispose of dogs who were no longer fit enough to race by selling them to the local Chinese restaurant. According to the story, a woman who was eating at the restaurant accidentally choked on a greyhound identification tag.

In yet another story, a Mexican family bought cheap meat from the butcher shop down the street. After they cooked the meat, they found that it was very tough and tasteless. Then, the family noticed that their pet dog was nowhere to be found. It turned out that the butcher was kidnapping people’s pets, butchering them and selling the meat to customers.

Of course, these are all urban myths. Despite the rumors, Chinese restaurants have never served dog meat. One Chinese restaurant owner said, “Some people might think it is funny but it is really offensive to us and it is devastating to our business. The idea that Chinese restaurants sell dog meat is absolute rubbish and it is racist.”

However, in China, dog meat is traditionally eaten by quite a few people. It has become much less common in recent years. There are a few other Asian countries where dog meat and dog soup is sometimes eaten, such as South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam.

You may not believe this, but when US President Barack Obama was a child, living in Indonesia, he ate a dog. He even wrote about it in his autobiography and described dog meat as being tough. Now that is a true story.


  1. youaretimeless says

    I wonder if Barack Obama knew that he was eating dog. Also, why would someone eat a dog? And NO the only reason that we eat cows and not dogs is because I’m pretty sure that cows cant be a best friend.

  2. Reader_3 1.5 says

    This is the comment section of controversy, I suppose. So, I have a controversial question: is the dress black or blue? Also, WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?

  3. lovevamps7 says

    It’s maybe offensive to some when people re-act to a dog’s death but to be logical, this re-action is completely psychological… Dogs have been our friend since old ages as a plougher, as a pet and dogs protect us and are loyal to us… So, those who eat dogs, maybe to them it’s not a big deal, but those who have pet dogs or are dog lovers, to them it is something like killing a family member… I know it ’cause I have a spitz and a golden retriever and I found this article really disturbing

  4. DaryBabi says

    OMG!! Something happens to a Dog and Everyone goes Ballistic!! A Person dies or in My opinion the worst that could happen is that a Child dies in these stories and people say “Cool”..Nice Story.. Or the frase that annoys Me the Most “That’s not Scary”…But a Dog dies and it’s a OMG Poor Doggie… It’s a Animal…. What ??..You Guys don’t eat Chicken.. Pork or Hamburgers?? Even Vegetarians kill thier Food… What?? Plants and vegetables aren’t Alive??

  5. airette says

    I’m an Indonesian. And (unfortunately) I have to admit, SOME people DO eat dogs here. As a matter of fact, dog meats are a rather popular dish in the North Sulawesi region.
    (By the way, they don’t eat fancy pet dogs like poodle, chihuahua, golden retriever etc..)

  6. NightmareGirl says

    And this is how ppl ruin our reputation. I’m not saying everyone, but most ppl ignored the fact that its not true.

  7. zombie_pegasister says

    thats a steriotype and also I would not eat dogs,cats, or furry critters like hamsters but I will eat cattle and pigs and chicken and turkey etc

  8. furielover12 says

    This is soo true on what they do……if u don’t believe it the look on the websites and videos on like about his thing….. It is even a ligule in some states and that includes south Korea …….and they do it in the badess way to………they should just go to hell to it and then they say its healthy for it…

  9. JustCreeped says


  10. iwasdeadbeforeidied13 says

    I don’t see anything wrong with eating dogs. In some countries people eat Bugs. We only find it gross because that’s what we’re raised to think. But cooking someones pet is disgusting.

  11. GhostGirl1607 says

    AWWWW why did the chinese ppl let the servent take there dog they should have tryed to stop him, and then BARACK OBAMA! I cant believe he ate a dog. How disgusting and cruel

  12. Mutsumi says

    in China, they actually have dog farms where they raise dogs for the sole purpose of selling the meat. like we do with cows and other farm animals.

  13. Candy1239 says

    Well not all Asians at dogs and cats.Some people just say all Asians eat cats and dogs it’s a sterotype. Oh and btw i learned about sterotypes in health this week!

  14. Candy1239 says

    I can’t believe some ppl eat dogs and cats! and @ aciddrop we are not FREAKING judging.I know eating cows, farm animals whatever is wrong. BUT what if a hobo saw a pig one day and had nothing to eat. What would u do?
    Choice A )Kill it and eat it to survive
    Choice B)Don’t eat it.(what idiot would do this? a prissy person?)
    Choice C)Just ignore it and act all prissy like “omg I would neva kill the piggy!”
    I’m just making a point. this is for ur unessary comment.What if that was your dog that got killed the same way it did in the story?! How would u feel? I would sue the resterant and cry.If you wouldn’t cry ur a heartless person. These people are more sick because they eat dogs and doggies are cute. Ok and baby piggies are cute too and cats!So anyway quit ur stupid yapping.Btw im only ten so don’t swear at me.

  15. dooms says

    OMG!!!! Americans and europeans are eating cows, pig and chickens??? WTF??? Are they crazy? I really like to trim and serve them on a plate of rice! I mean, I love cows, pigs and chickens! Eat the damn snake! I don’t like snakes. Oh my god, those people make me sick! I want to cuddle with my cows, pigs and chickens now…..LOL… oh almost forgot, eating cows, pigs and chickens is just plain wrong, and it’s also very very cruel! Barbaric!

  16. AcidDrop says

    so you call these people “sick” for eating dogs/cats whatever… people consider us sick for eating cows/sheep/horse.. etc! stop judging you idiots

  17. soon_2_b_ghost hunter says

    OMG i get that they eat dogs in japan, china, asia, etc.. but its just sad that they would eat little puppies for food! My friend went to china once and she said that she walked into this some sort of shop.. she didn’t know because it was written in chinese, but she thought it was a pet shop because it had puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, rabbits, every cute animal you could imagine.. and later on she found out it was a grocery store :( I almost cried

  18. Gray says

    Wtf? This is nonsense.
    Indonesia people DO NOT eat dog, nor do they serve the dog meat in the restaurant.
    Look here; We, Indonesian, are majority muslims and it is strongly forbidden to eat dog in our religion.
    All of these stories about Obama eating dogs in Indonesia are just mere bullshits. Obama has indeed ever lived in Indonesia, but it’s so freakin’ long time ago. Back then, his favorite food was Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), and he never mentioned anything about eating dogs or stuffs..
    Sorry about my word but I’m kinda pissed off as the writer included Indonesia as a country in Asia who consumes dogs like a daily meat.

  19. ghost_biscuits says

    i dont know if anyone knows this? but, did u know years and years ago people use to eat dogs in bread like hot dogs and thats how they got the name hot dogs, but im not sure if they used sausage dogs?

  20. htfnutty4575 says

    Some people have to stop being hypocrites and some people have to quit bitching about what other people think… Thank you for your time :3

  21. soulserenade says

    where i come from…(brace yourself) they eat dogs.

  22. PeanutBrittle says

    Would some of you please shutup? It’s quite hypocritical when you shun the very small percentage of Chinese who eat dogs, when I’m sure most of you eat chickens, cows, and pigs at least daily.

  23. Sonnet says

    How could most of you be so racist? It’s not the entire Asian population that eats dogs! I’m pretty sure Hindus scold Americans for eating cows, so how is that any different from a bit of the Asian population eating dogs?

  24. humanoid for the win says

    i wanna trim them and serve them on a plate of rice and bamboo this makes me sick

  25. xx scarygirl xx says


  26. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    …..So people say “Eat cats!” and it’s better than dogs?….. So want to throw an Edward Elric sized tantrum full of cussing all over this site right now o.e

  27. QStarrDaze says

    For the people who are saying “Poor Dogs…” and “SICK CHINESE PEOPLE!!” the only difference in dog and cow is that we don’t usually keep cows as pets. You have to look at it BOTH WAYS before you judge the way people live. OKAY

  28. imgianna says

    I love cats but EEEEEEEEWWWW!! Eat dogs? @HanaBom (twitter)i doesn’t like animal abuse all the other way around. (._.”)

  29. x pinkblood x says

    you can tell right from the start what was going to happen dumd story I LOVE DOGs I WOVE YOU SHADOW o that reminds me i have to go feed him bye hey wait why did they let the poodle in a restaurant

  30. Icyblu4211 says

    No dip dogs are living things! So are pigs, cows, and all of that other delicious meat!

  31. Jinx says

    Yeah, everyone thinks it’s sooooo wrong to eat dogs (which it is, I agree), yet not as many people seem give a damn about cows, pigs, horses, lambs, chickens, or fish. They’re all living things, it’s practically cannibalism in it’s own light.

  32. Alexian says

    Ugh… I hate people eat dogs made me feel shit. I feel very hungry. I ask to my dad. My dad say he get my dogs and ate it as hot dogs. But, I refused to relpy him.

  33. inside lingo. says

    I’ve had more dogs already than most people have in their lifetimes. Me and my brother are Korean, my other brother is Chinese. Currently, I have seven dogs and three cats. When the bus came to pick me up for school, the kids in my grade saw all my dogs and…well. So: now everyone thinks my family eats dogs. So that’s the Asian stereotype for you, I guess. My dad’s friend said he was eating at a Chinese restaraunt and a bunch of cats fell from the ceiling. But, whatever.

  34. angelofblaze says

    biancaslamet: i’m also indonesian. And i also do not ate any dog.
    Actually, not only in villages. I’ve saw some (what is word for “warung”?) people sale dog satay at city

  35. reTARDIS says

    wtf? so barack obama actually ate a dog? that is absolutely disgusting. poor poodle, anyway. and hey, i don’t see flamefletcher anywhere! i love the mario and luigi stories. XD

  36. biancaslamet says

    im from indonesia.. well i have never ever ever ate a dog but it is true though. but they only eat dogs in some villages.

  37. angelofblaze says

    I know one place in Indonesia which the people consume bat, rat, cat, and dog for daily diet. Some people do eat dog, but not the pet dog. We can easily find stray dog in Indonesia, expecialy Java Island.

    Sorry for my bad grammar. :)

  38. Dreymon says

    I like how the story is all making fun of the chinese with dog stories and then they’re like well…that’s just a myth and they go back on themselves and are like well…some uv em do and end it with an Obama story. O political correctness how they’ve failed u :)

  39. Dragon Slayer says

    People can eat whatever they want. There is no law against it, unless you are a cannibal of course.

  40. Dead Girl XXx says

    Well….just myths, right? Thankgod they’re not real… btw the picture’s disturbing!

  41. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    12345juliana, “ARE THESE PEOPLE CRAZY? DOGS ARE LIVING THINGS TOO.” Yes, and so are cows, chicken, fish, even plants are living. You don’t see people screaming about someone eating a hamburger or KFC, so don’t scream at others and threaten them about eating dogs. People eat what they want and they don’t do it so you, and people like you, can judge them. Nobody has the right to judge anyone else, we’re all made equal but certain people can’t get it through their thick, stubborn skulls. *steps off of the soap box* Kay thanks for your time everyone~ xD

  42. htfnutty4575 says

    @xXUNINSTALLXx they can say what they want to say,but it doesn’t mean it’s true. People can ignore it. I always do it all the time.

  43. MerrBearBallet says

    this girl i used to know went to china and ordered duck in a resturaunt, except she found out after eating that it had been DOG.

  44. xXUNINSTALLXx says

    Hey um, I’m chinese so that is kind of offensive to me and some other chinese people. Please don’t put anything else that is offensive like that. Ok?

  45. lilbooshy says

    “OMG WHAT KIND OF MONSTER EATS DOG?”…You guys realize there are people saying that about our beef diets, right. It’s a cultural thing and I’m kind of offended that the whole shock/scare here “oooooh! some people are different than you!”

  46. rashona says

    uhm… you guys realize that they said in the text that chinese restaurants DON’T sell dog meat and it is just myth? they said that in some remote areas they eat dogs.. and i doubt the picture is real…

  47. Tali Z'orah Kasumi says

    I refuse to read this. And Asian people eat dogs like the carnivores they are! The picture says it all! Whoever wrote this is sick and twisted severely.

  48. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    Some People eat horses, lizards, deers and snakes and many eat baby animals (lambs, veal) and few find it bad, but they find it bad when others eat dogs and cats. This is confusing… Why are dogs and cats more significant than other animals… Oh, Nevermind -___-“

  49. MegIz says

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG D,x I almost started crying because of the picture. I’m an animal lover and it just breaks my heart that this one owuld be posted on here :( I want to cuddle my dogs right now DX

  50. psychochick says

    The very first story I heard of on a show called urban legends. The went to the Chinese restaurant and after they ate the dog meat the waiter came back with the dogs collar.

  51. lacole luv99 says

    That is just awful,and honestly I think it is a bit racist to think ALL chinese people eat dogs.I LOVE dogs though I have 2 of them.

  52. Horror Head says

    Actually, you people should be ashamed of yourselves, if the chinese people (and others) eat dogs, its because thats their diet, and as long as it is not other peoples’ pets, you have no right to criticize about what they should eat just because you don’t eat it…

  53. scarycheyni1998 says

    LOL! Love the pic. I had a friend that ate dog before, she said it tastes good……..

  54. prettydeadgirl5 says

    people some chinese people eat dogs not all so chillax. Btw I love dogs but you shouldn’t just call them helpless if they don’t like something they can bite it up xD and what about the cows some of eat everyday aren’t they helpless? #truth

  55. Archangel_the_girl_assassin says

    in korea they eat dog too.. it was a horibble place to live… there was stray cats and dogs everyway..the koreans also ate cats I:

  56. deerrose6 says

    I once listened to a story on youtube like the first one, except the couple wanted the waiter to keep the dog in the kitchen while they ate. but then the dog got cooked but they didn’t know that right away so they ate thair poodle whitch they thought was good. then the waiter came out with there dog’s collar and then to thair horror they reliezed what happened. I think that this story couldn’t really happen. I mean if you want chicken noodle soup at a resturant you don’t bring your own live chicken, do you?

  57. 12345juliana says


  58. killerkat101 says

    @Gidgey IKR I absolutely love dogs I even have a little chihuahua mix. Any way poor dogs =(

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