Duck Children

Duck Children is a creepy short film. What starts out as a seemingly innocent school play becomes a tale of horror, death and a man with a huge head and a big googily eye.

Duck Children: In a school play a group of children dressed as ducks are performing a strange mechanical dance. The play continues with the arrival of a man with a big paper-mache head carrying a shotgun.

Duck Children was directed by Bob Blundon and Sam Walker. It was the winner of the Canal+ Prize at Clermont Ferrand 2002 and the recipient of the International Jury commendation at Brief Encounters 2001.


  1. deathy says

    I feel bad for that one duck… he didn’t know how to dance like the others, he didn’t get a tart, he was the last to die.

  2. GhostGirl666 says

    Was it ALL part of the play. It really confuses me. Can sfk please explain?

  3. Bubby_Pita1099 says

    It doesn’t scare me that much .. It is just very strange. The person who created this film was trying to send a message to everyone , like something bad will happen in all of our futures.

  4. griffin88 says

    oh i get it he’s a remorseful duck slaughterer. he kills the ducks on the convator belt but gets filled with sorrow that he kills himself…i think

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