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Door Chain

The Door Chain is a scary riddle about a young man who stays in his sister’s apartment one night. See if you can figure out the solution to this riddle.

Door Chain

My sister is an art teacher and, ten months ago, she rented a cheap two-bedroom apartment to use as a studio. She never actually lived there. She just used it as a place where she could paint and store her art supplies.

When I left college, I started a new job in the city. I desperately needed a place to stay, but I hadn’t received my first paycheck, so I couldn’t afford to pay rent. Luckily enough, my sister offered to let me stay in her apartment until I got on my feet. She gave me the keys and I moved my stuff in the next morning.

That evening, I arrived home from work. I was excited about having my own place for the first time. My sister had told me that there was a lot of crime in the neighborhood and to always be sure I locked the front door. To be extra safe, I locked the door with the deadbolt and the chain.

In the kitchen, I made myself some chicken curry with rice. Then I read some comics until it was time for bed. I checked the door and the gas and went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. It must have been around 2 or 3 in the morning and I heard the sound of someone unlocking the deadbolt on the front door.

Must be my sister coming to paint, I thought to myself. I heard her go into the the room next door to my bedroom. That was the room she used as a studio. I’d been in there earlier and it was empty except for some canvas and paints.

I was tired and I had work again the next morning so I stayed in bed. Through the wall, I could hear her mumbling and laughing to herself.

“These artists are weird people,” I said to myself and it wasn’t long until I fell asleep again.

When I woke up the next morning, my sister was gone and I was alone in the apartment. I got out of bed, showered and dressed myself. I quickly poured myself a bowl of cornflakes and ate it hungrily.

Then I grabbed my briefcase and went out the front door. When I turned around to lock the front door, I was suddenly terrified.

After work, I went home to my parents’ house. I never went back into the apartment after that. I was too scared.

Why was he scared?


  • His sister pretended to be a painter and he saw her with red “paint” on her but he saw a dead body at the door ┐(‘~`;)┌

  • Wait u can only unlock the dead lock from the inside right so someone must have been inside the house already and since the sister doesn’t live there it must have been someone else. So the boy must of realised this and ran out. Right?

  • I think the reason why he was scared was because the sister went out of the house and the lock is inside the house so how could she lock it? So the reason why he ran off because he realised that the front door was unlocked all day. He probably thought that someone had entered the house and was still inside. He realised this because the door was unlocked.

  • 1. The sister said that he must lock the door because of the criminal so it gotta be a robber or a killer.
    2. He locked the door with a deadbolt and a chain. No one can get in. So there is someone already inside.
    3. He heard his sister so she is a victim or a killer. (He heard her laughing so she is probably a psycho killer.)
    4. In the morning he saw something.
    Now I think he saw a dead and tortured body. Its because the intruder was in the flat all the time. And its easier to hide a dead body from someone. Its not easy to keep an alive person hidden.

    Believe me… (*_*)

  • I loved this story it was so good but if someone broke in from outside they must of had to break the chain or something but what did he see a dead body something that he never wanted to see again I don’t know?

  • Do you know that if you wake up between 3 to 5 at night without any reason that means that someone is dreaming about you or remembering you

  • I got it now!
    In order to bolt the door you have to do it from the inside, that means that somebody unlocked it from the outside and then locked it again outside.
    Erm, right?

  • Maybe his sister has a set of key with the help of which she opened the door and let herself in. So he thought. But what about the chain and the deadbolt? How did that open?

  • The man said that he had locked the door with chain bolt from inside then how could one enter the the house without ringing the bell?????

  • Did you know that if you wake up between 2 and 3 in the morning there’s a 80% chance that someone was watching you

  • He said that he had locked the door with a deadbolt & a door chain & also he said that he checked the lock & before going to bed. So how could someone enter the house if it is locked from inside? I think that’s why he was scared!

  • and about the ‘deadbolt’ maybe BEFORE his sister previously rented the ‘apartment’
    maybe a serial killer or murderer lived there, and the crimes there were that the person’s
    body would be displayed as ‘realistic art work’ (gross).remember:when she said “crimes”?
    and when he heard his ‘sister’ it might have been a female murderer or ‘convict’.
    that KNEW how to lock or unlock the bolt! when he said he was terrified well that might have been a dead body put up as decoration? or just to scare there visitor that lived there!
    that way the killer would have the apartment for themself!

  • i think i get it:when he said he heard his sister laughing ,thinking she came home .now here’s the ‘eerie’ part: he got out of bed and ate breakfast.when he turned around maybe he saw his sister DEAD on the canvas and it displayed her bloody body….OR his sister mentioned “there’s a lot of crime” that tells me maybe she killed a man or woman and …displayed their DEAD parts on the CANVAS! either way….i hope this is the answer?

  • well…i do have a thing to say about it:maybe there was an unknown ‘force’ that opened his door? i dont really know sorry…

  • My guess is that he realized the sister WASN’T coming into the house at night! I think the laughing and mumbling was the murderer. Also I think he was scared because he saw his sister’s body near the door! :O

  • How do you guys know that its a he instead of a she? I mean it could be a girl who has a sister I stead of a boy who has a sister.

  • i think the awnser may be he just then relized that his sister couldnt have got in the house if the deadbolt was on the door and he heard someone eles laughing and mumbling

  • The door chain could only be unlocked from the inside so somebody must have already been in the apartment.

  • I think since the lock could only be unlocked from the inside, there was already someone inside the apartment. Then, in the middle of the night, they let themselves out and made a lot of noise – waking him up. Then, in the morning, he realised that someone was in the apartment and was scared at how close he was to danger. :D


  • @ScaryForKids you still didn’t post the answer to this riddle and it’s been almost 3 MONTHS!!! I don’t know if I’m right! It said that he opened the door near the end. It didn’t say it was locked.Or there was NO lock.

  • I got it!!!!
    He remembered his sister gave him the keys when he moved in!! How could she have gotten in at night when he had the only keys

  • There is a ghost haunting the apartment, when the person turned around to lock the front door in he realised his sister would not have able to get into the house as he bolted the front door!!

  • It just accured to meh that the doorchain might be on the outside of the door….then i laughed it out. Why would a robber or theif or criminal unlock the doorchain and go to the painting room if thay were already there? He was already outside of the apartment when he got scared….so….im actually just pretty much talking for no reason now…
    @cherarh Why are you complaining that the story should tell what happened?! Its a riddle!

  • There are two possible ideas that are logical:
    1) His sister’s body was there.
    2) If nothing could get in the house, nothing could get out.

  • Dummest story ever.
    I mean we don’t know why he is scared. I guess because the door was unlocked or something happened to his sister. Its your story you tell me.

  • Based from your guesses, I think I found out the answer.

    (also just a guess.) :D

    Answer: When her sister came out to paint, she left the lock open. It was past midnight and the boy who is left in the house did not lock it back (maybe because his sister will come back.) and that morning, her sister wasn’t in the house and when he came to check the front door, he saw the chain/deadbolt was locked. (that means that someone else came in the house when he was asleep that locked the deadbolt maybe so that the intruder will kill the boy and noone else can enter.)

    Summary: someone else came in past midnight and locked the deadbolt/chain. thats why he’s super scared.

  • thanks for the answer sfk but answer the difficukt riddles please :) or im coming with the knife, gun and evil possessed cousin. :PP im serious about my cousin though anyone know how to get an exorcism done?

  • the chain was latched. how could anyone possibly get in. unless they have some sort of freakin superpower that lets them go through doors. O_o

  • The ghost may be an artist, but he lives in the artist house and a ghost is a ghost even when artist ghost can they paint and be the paint?

  • Omg if sfk doesn’t start posting answers I’m coming with a knife and a gun and my evil possessed cousin.

    Scaryforkids says: I think the answer to this one is that nobody could get in because of the door chain. SO it must have been a ghost. The place was haunted by the ghost of a girl. The sister never spent the night there, so she never knew there was a ghost.

  • why was she scared idk but i might have a clue her sister was at the front door dead or the door chain was broken and probably the laughing was from the criminals who were torturing her or were stealing the paintings and thought it was mischevious

  • K k. I might not have payed enough attention so yaaaaaaaaaaaa awesome story though!!!!! I now command scary for kids to post dead girl story!!!!!! Or hmmm uh I know ELSE!!!

  • hello goodbye
    Sarah heard a voice say hello goodbye just then
    she died. Her mom yelled when she saw sarah
    a couple nights later she heard hello good bye
    then she died. then joe sarahs brother heard
    the voice and died minutes later.ten the dad turnd on
    the raido and said there was a killer
    lose he would say hello goodbye then kill the
    vicome be carful if you hear hello goodbye run
    for your life!!!

  • @ xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx Thanks sooo much!! :D Im so glad u like it :D
    @ hiccups erm.. Anne Howard was the name of the girl who told the story (main charac) If Adele hadnt died, she would be her next victim :) I hope u liked it :D

  • furrykinz2234 and Dead Girl XXx I love your stories, I really hope that they will get added to the site! :)

  • -The Silent Killer
    If there is a word to describe Adele, it would be ‘weird’. She was always so quiet in class and never speaks to anyone and all her books until semester break too, were blank. I don’t like her. neither does any body else. The teachers know that she wouldn’t answer any question they ask so they don’t even bother asking her any question about her personality and even any school work. Nobody had ever met her mother or any of her parents because she goes home alone and no matter how much the teachers ask her to bring her parents to school, she never does it. And nobody knew her parent’s number either.
    Adele is always being bullied, not only by my classmates but almost everyone from the grade. But then again, she never cares. The boys tear her books and break her pencils and pens, but still, she doesn’t care. What anybody doesn’t know about it the little blue notebook she carries with her wherever she went. it has a black pen attached to it too but nobody had seen her write anything in it.
    Until things started to go terribly weird with Adele. One day, Gary, the bad boy of the class called her a ‘brown pig’ and Adele quietly opened her notebook. She took out the pen and wrote something on it. Everyone was looking confused as she calmly closed the book and walked away. Gary did more yelling at her but it was the usual ignoring. However, i got a shocking news at school the next day. Gary was found dead inside the sports room of the school. My heart’s beating got fast. ‘Things’ started spinning around my head about Adele.
    The same kind of thing happened the that day. Gary’s best friend tried to grab her note book but couldn’t do it and Adele wrote something in it again. The next day, he was also found dead, hung by a tree. Day after day, murder of the school students had been more. I was scared than ever. I never even wanted to go to school or see Adele’s face. Whatever she had been writing in her notebook, was very cruel.
    One night, i was walking home from my best friend’s house when i saw some one sitting by a tree, facing back. i could tell that it was a girl by her long hair. i walked over and took a look, then screamed in extreme terror when i saw Adele’s dead body, with blood around her. My eyes got caught on her notebook, which lay beside her, and slowly took it. I opened the pages of it and nearly screamed out for a second time. She had prepared a page for everyone that had died in my school the previous days. Like this:
    Things needed:
    What he/she had done to me for the past days:
    I was really freaked out. The notebook fell out of my hands when i saw the last page she had written on. Under the ‘name’, she had written “Anne Howard”.
    Again i tried my best ^.^ Hope you people and SFK like it :D

  • hey guys i made another story
    Things That Go Bump In The Night
    Have you ever wondered what makes those sounds in the middle of the night while you lay in your dark room just brushing them off as your mind is playing tricks on you? Well little Sally Whitfield has done this every night until the unthinkable had happened

    it was the day of her 12th birthday and she knew it was going to be unforgettable, her parents had a big surprise planned for her party, she invited many girls to come even new girls to stay for her sleepover. today was her day and in her mind nothing could possibly go wrong.

    little did she know that not two towns away was lucas mannings the murderer who had killed his own family and had just escaped federal prison and was making his way to cumberland for hiding.

    Sally went to school the next day and everything went on as usual, her class learned a little history, she did a little math, she ate lunch and before she knew it she was walking home for her party.

    she dressed in her best clothes and fixed her hair just right. as the dorrbell chimed she looked oncem ore into the mirror to inspect herself.

    “thats odd…” she said aloud shen oticed something different in her refelction but she just pushed past that feeling in the pit of her stomach that is alway saying “somethign is not right…”.

    sally always pushed those feelings aside blaming them on her over active imagination. finally the party began there was music food games scary stories and even a scary movie before most of the guest left.

    by the time the actual sleepover had started it was 9:00 and Sally and her two best friends rasha and kim had settled down to watch another movie while their mother went to bed.

    “sally” kim said in a tiny voice, “why is the bathroom light on” she said glancing over, Sally knew somethign just wasn’t right Rasha had already fallen sound asleep oblivious to the terror they were about to face. “im not sure but i wouldn’t worry, Mom probably left it on for us so we could see.”

    finally the two girls got tired and went to sleep blocking out any sounds they heard.

    Sally jolted out of her sleep without knowing why. a feeling she had perhaps. the feeling of not being alone. heavy breathing penetrated her thoughts. all of a sudden she heard something that made her scared…. “footsteps…” she thought to herself as she made her way to her mothers room flipping light switches on the way without any result.

    power outage her little brain assumes.
    “mother?” she said in a hushed voice to keep from startlign her mother.she saw a sleeping form layign on her mothers bed and she made her way to gently nudge it to wake.

    but before she could get to the bed she was grabeed and pushed against the wall
    “why don’t you ever listen to your gut kid?” a hushed voice said
    “thats to bad about your friend sally… it said again
    m-m-my friends … she stammered.
    “ha did you not notice their dissappearance? or did you think everything was like it was before when you laid your head on your soft pillow? poor little sally, always thinking that noises are the house setting or a branch tapping on the window. i hate to be the one to inform you this but” he lowers his head down to her ear “everyones dead your beautiful mother, sweet little rasha, and annoying little kim with that deer in the headlights look and yes…Sally…yes you are next.

    Sally was terrified. she didn’t know what to do or how to react. she was only 12… was this how she was going to end her life? at the hands of a madman? Lucas stared at the terrified girl as he imagined how he was going to “do her in” some would say.

    she was different from the other three he just got rid of. she wasn’t begging for her life or crying. she was standing there with a look of pure terror in her eyes. almost frozen and looking past him, not directly at him but behind him which gave Lucas the chills.

    deciding to finish it he walked toward Sally with a knife in his hands with the thought of her warm young blood on his skin. suddenly Sallies eyes got big and round her mouth fell open open exposing gruesome yellow fangs and a horrible screech came from her foul mouth.

    Lucas didn’t know what to do.looking at her brought him sudden terror but he couldn’t look away. her little girl eyes turned black as coal and her face twisted up as he had never seen before.the little hands turned long and skinny topped with vicious long fingernails.Her angelic voice turned demonic.

    “are you scared of the things that go bump in the night lucas?Because im not… backing away Lucas felt something grab him around the waste. He feared to look back but what he felt was pure evil.this little girl walking slowly toward him was no little girl at all.this was the devil in disguise and when she jumped at him he knew this was the wrong house to hide in.he realized he had just made the worst mistake of his life as he was bleeding to death.

    little Sally turned toward the bed where her mother had laid. with a long overdue sigh she grinned as she wiped blood from her mouth.”fathers home.”she muttered to herself as she walked toward the dark evil figure,that had black eyes and smoke circling his hooved feet, she had so bravely stared at while her “attacker” tried to kill her.

    hope you liked it guys! this may be one of my best stories yet! btw plz post this story on your website so that other people won’t have to read the comments and can just read from the top plz!

  • U cant unlock the door from the other side and plus when he got up the chain was locked

  • It’s simple really. I am new here by the way.
    The answers is…
    “Who could have locked the door chain when her sister was outside and he was asleep?”

  • The answer is obvious…he was scared cause someone got in even though he locked the door.

  • I have yet another story: William was an escaped covict. He went to live with his parents…… they didn’t know he was a criminal. Everyday was the same, his parents went to work, and he hid in the house all day. The police had already lost track of him and figured he was out of town by then. The father started seeing wanted posters with his son’s name on them. He grabbed a poster and fled home. But he was too late. When he got there the police were out in the steet. William was in the house with a hostage… his mom! The cops started to go inside, William shot at everyone of them. He threw his mother to the floor. One cop ran up and tackled William. He suddenly felt pain in his right shoulder, William put a knife in it. He threw the cop off of him and there was instantly bullets raining on him. Months after his death, every cop that was at the scene was found with a knife in their right shoulder and the exact bullet holes in their bodies that William had. He started killing all cops. I hope you arent a cop.

  • and that mumbling must,ve been an kidnapped person who was tied up and that laughing was his sister so his sister is a kidnappper. so someone could of gotten in or was already in the room

  • He was scared because he knew he locked the door and his sister wouldn’t have been able to get in

  • mabey he remeberd the lock was inside orremeberd the lock was inside and it was maby his sister trying to escape oh and my first comment :D

  • im stumped but i have 4 answers
    1. the door unlocked itself
    2.the chain hung his sister
    3.the paintings came to life
    4. the guy was outside when he went to lock it and you can’t lock a door from the outside and he probably locked himself out and the chain was latched

  • I think I understand it,
    His sister was gone in the morning but the deadlock was probably locked.

  • It’s pretty obvious.
    He locked the door with the deadlock.
    So his sister couldn’t even come in actually.
    Someone could have been inside the appartment, so yeah a ghost.
    But ofcourse it also could be that someone was hiding inside the appartment.
    This one is so hard :P

  • Yesterday, I did a “pretend” campfire with my friends. We made a scary story up and ate some marshmallows =D
    In 1967, two twins hated their neighbors.The older twin, Sandra, decided to get revenge on their neighbors.When Sandra told Jessica, the younger twin, her plan, Jessica refused to help her.But remembering the cruel pranks their neighbors did to her, Jessica agreed.Sandra and Jessica made a call to the police, claiming that their neighbors were witches and warlocks. Sandra claimed that they strangled and choked her. Jessica claimed that they fed her some green slime.The police arrested about 22 neighbors and 20 people were put to death.Sandra and Jessica laughed at their plan. It had worked!That night, Jessica heard Sandra in the kitchen.Thinking nothing was wrong, Jessica went back to sleep.The next day, Jessica went in the kitchen and screamed. Laying on the table was Sandra, all lifeless. On the wall written in the blood were the words “They strangled and choked me.” The police found no evidence that it was murder so they decided to say that Sandra suicide herself. A few weeks later, one of Jessica friends called the police saying that they saw a strange woman feeding Jessica something green.When the police checked the house, they found Jessica on the table, lifeless. On the wall in blood were the words “They fed me some green slime.”
    Hope you liked it! =)

  • Ha! I had to reread it to understand!
    Answer: The door was locked!
    Proof: In the story, it says that the guy heard the door latch being unlocked.
    Idea: A thief probably went in, lol.

  • i dont know i have 2 possibilites 1. the door chain had hunged his sister and his sister is dead or….. 2. the door chain is unlocked?

  • I think someone might have been hiding inside the apartment, how could his sister have opened the chain from outside? And why would she come to to paint in a dangerous neighbourhood in the middle of the night?

  • I got it!(i think) someone tried to enter the house from the outside , but it was locked with the was all an ilusion! He was scared for nothing.probably , his sister was inside the house(?)and when a criminal tried to open the door , his sister went to the studio.

  • Um scary for kids I’m not sure if you have this on the site but Stephen king has a very interesting story called where’s my cake bedelia. Just a suggestion

  • Hi people it’s me but on different account btw it means I is Zz You Wish You didn’t exist zZ well um um I think that the sister never locked the deadbolt and a murderer snuck in and hid. He knew the person was there so he unlocked the deadbolt to act like the sister got in there. He went to his parents and learned that the sister has been at there house and never left for the apartment. Or that his sister was killed.

  • I agree with all of u, the chain was inside the apartment, u cant open it from the outside, what I don’t understand though, is why there was noises of the chain and deadbolt if it was a ghost that went through, I mean, it cant touch those objects…right?

  • zigg and creepy789, those are all great possibilities, but what I think happened was that he was remembering what happened the night before, and once he walked out the door, he noticed that the door chain was inside. How could his ‘sister’ come inside if the deadlock was inside the door?

  • hence the title door chain, no one from the outside can open it so some entity went right through when he saw the chain he comes to conclusion it was a ghost, knowing what his sister said, the area is dangerous. if she will be there to paint no one in their right mind would go in a dangerous place especially a girl, she will call or text him or wait till its morning. just saying :)

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