Dining Room

Dining Room or There is Nothing is a short scary video clip made by David Bearle.


  1. Dobbyisfree says

    I don’t know why this is so cool to me…
    Why does she say “There is nothing backwards then forwards? Does it mean, like, there is nothing, like, wrong?
    It’s really random, too. There’s no reason to it, so that’s adds to the freakiness

  2. frostfairy87 says

    I just watch this again… why did I watch this again? This clip is unsettling.

  3. B-Lovely says

    Yeah. Don’t wake up so early that you fall asleep in your cereal.
    XD Any reason this made me laugh when she fell in the bowl? This isn’t too scary for me… but I love dolls so much, this doll or robot, whichever it is is LOVELY!!

  4. zebrarific says

    uhmmmm ok? i would scream at this video but i took a arrow to the knee….. lol

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