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Digital Camera

The Digital Camera is a scary ghost story about a little girl whose mother dies suddenly. She begins to exhibit strange behavior and refuses to be left alone. It is based on a supposedly true story that apparently happened in Japan a few years ago.

Digital Camera

One of my relatives passed away suddenly. I never met the woman. She had a daughter who was four years old. The little girl’s name was Yuki. Her father wasn’t able to raise her on his own, so he asked my aunt to take care of her.

The little girl refused to be left alone and never left my aunt’s side. It started to become a problem. My aunt couldn’t go anywhere without Yuki. She constantly needed attention. Even my aunt’s own daughter started to get jealous.

One day, my aunt told me she had to go out of town for a couple of days and asked if I would babysit the little girl for her. I said it would be my pleasure. I lived alone and I could do with some company.

A few days later, my aunt dropped Yuki off at my apartment. As she was leaving, she took the little girl aside and said, “Yuki, please be good. Behave yourself.”

When my aunt was gone, I tried to talk to Yuki and play some games with her, but the little girl’s behavior was very strange. She had a teddy bear tucked tightly under her arm and never let go of it. She never smiled. She never spoke. All she ever did was sit quietly in the corner and stare at the wall. It made me kind of uneasy.

I was trying to find something that would entertain her. I had just bought a new digital camera and I decided to let Yuki play with my old one. When she saw the camera, her eyes lit up. I showed her how to use it and she went around my apartment taking pictures of everything. There was a bright smile on her face.

That evening, I discovered how difficult Yuki was to deal with. Whenever I tried to leave the room, she started crying and screaming out my name. I couldn’t leave her alone or she would create a huge fuss. She even insisted on going to the bathroom with me, which was very embarrassing.

At bedtime, she refused to stay in the spare room and insisted on sleeping in my bed. I read her a bedtime story and after a while, I managed to get her to go to sleep. That was when I noticed her teddy bear. One of its legs was charred and blackened, as if it had been burned. It made me wonder.

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by a strange noise. When I turned over, I saw that there was something wrong with Yuki. The little girl’s body was trembling and shaking. Her eyes were wide open, her teeth were chattering and tears were streaming down her cheeks. I held her close and asked her what was wrong.

“She’s looking at me again,” she mumbled.

“Who is?” I asked in surprise.

“The dark woman,” replied Yuki.

She wouldn’t say anything more. I tried to tell her it was just her imagination, but she kept shaking her head and whimpering. It took me a long time to get her to go back to sleep.

The next day, Yuki was fine again. She loved playing with my digital camera. When it was time for her to go home, I told her she could keep it. Yuki hugged me. Although she didn’t say anything, I could tell she was overjoyed.

I dropped the little girl off at my aunt’s house and stayed to have a cup of tea. My aunt thanked me for taking care of Yuki we spent a while chatting at the kitchen table.

“Poor little thing,” said my aunt. “She hasn’t said a word since her mother died.”

I couldn’t contain my curiosity. “How did Yuki’s mom die?” I asked.

A strange look came over my aunt’s face. “She died in a fire…”

“How did the fire start?” I asked.

“Well…” my aunt hesitated, unwilling to talk about it. “It’s a very sad story. She committed suicide. Yuki’s mother was a very troubled woman. She poured gasoline over herself and lit a match. She burned herself alive.”

“OMG!” I exclaimed. “How horrible!”

“Yes,” said my aunt. “Her family was so shocked, they hushed it up and pretended it was an accident. We had a small funeral but only close relatives were invited. Yuki wasn’t there. She doesn’t even know her mother is dead. She thinks her mother is just on a long holiday. We haven’t had the heart to tell her the truth.”

“Poor Yuki,” I murmured.

My aunt nodded her head sadly. “Poor yuki.”

A few days after that, Yuki died.

My aunt was trying to change Yuki’s behavior. At night, she forced the little girl to sleep in her own bedroom. Even though Yuki screamed and cried, my aunt left her there alone and locked the door. In the morning, she found Yuki lying motionless in bed. The poor little girl was dead.

Nobody could understand what had happened. The coroner couldn’t determine a cause of death. There wasn’t a mark on her body. She was perfectly healthy. She had just mysteriously died during the night. There was no explanation.

After the funeral, I went back to my aunt’s house. Everyone was very sad. She returned the digital camera I had given to Yuki. I took it home with me. It was something to remember her by.

The memory card was full of random photos that Yuki had taken. I browsed through them, wiping a tear from my eye. There were pictures of my apartment, pictures of my aunt’s house, pictures of flowers, dogs, toys, candy… Silly pictures that a child would take.

Then, I came to the last picture and it made my blood run cold.

My hands were trembling.

I wanted to scream, but nothing would come out.

The timestamp on the photo showed that it had been taken on the night Yuki died.

Here is the last picture that poor little girl ever took with my digital camera:

Digital Camera


  • I know I am late to the party but heres my idea of what happened. Everyone says its the mom, but I think its the bear. The bear could have killed the mom and got caught in the fire. Then killed the daughter when alone. The eyes do look more glassy like ones you find on a doll. Just my opinion

  • *Yuki returns as a ghost*
    Yuki: Aunt I’ve come to kill you because you forced me into my room alone!
    Aunt: Yuki, I’m sorry please don’t kill me I was just trying to change you
    Yuki: though I’m not quite sure how to kill people when you’re a ghost

  • all I have to say is, WHAT DID SHE DIE FROM!?! and poor Yuki… CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT YUKI DIED FROM!!?!?!?!?!?

    Scaryforkids says: Her mom killded her…

  • You know, children are extremely innocent. If they’re saying something, they probably aren’t lying. Especially if it’s something like this. Yeah, I mean kids have weird imaginations, but you still should try to understand them. And when you don’t listen to them, this is what happens.

  • It looks more like a selfie with lights off than a creepy picture?!?! 10/10 selfies in the dark!!

  • CSB
    I DIED MY HAIR PINK AND CURLED IT LIKE PINKIE PIE’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now THAT is a CS, BRO

  • I love this story, and if you stare long enough you can kinda see the outline of her face and some facial features. OMG EYES! If you look very closely you can see a pair of EYES but you have to look very closely

  • It is a fine story, but i would like some more background history on the mother. Was it her mother that killed Yuki, or was it the same monster that killed yuki and Yuki’s mother?

    – When children say/feel something, always listen to them.

  • I read it back on September 14, 2015, now I read it again, and still the reaction is same. Hory sheet!!! I how can that aunt do that to Yuki? Ok you want to change her behaviour, but still, she’s a kid. And someone who lost her mother. And someone with possibly really bad memories.

  • Here’s what I think happened: The dark woman is Yuki’s mother, and she wants her daughter to join her. The fire made her eyes red, and she didn’t realize who it it was. Maybe when she finally did, it was too late.

  • So I know that the picture is meant to say that someone killed the girl but it looks like she just took a selfie.

  • look at the picture closely… after a while you can see the eye brows and with them, the pic won’t be scary anymore… even the woman in the photo isn’t directly looking at the camera.if you only stare at the eyes, yes, it will be freaking scary but when you see the other parts like her chin or hair,etc , you can see only a woman in dark and that won’t be scary at all :)

  • Omg at first I was like this isn’t so scary but then I saw the pic and totally freaked out lol

  • Omg as soon as I saw the pic the screen on my iPad began flickering and I heard a growling sort of noise behind me! The drama describing how the person felt when they saw the picture made it even scarier!

  • awesome story! im saving that picture to creep the poopies out of my mum when she next goes through my stuff!!

  • That pic really creeps me out. I want to look closer because I keep starting to see the outline every time I look longer, but I swear it looks like the eyes are looking right at me out of the screen. O_o

  • Totally forgot to check back in. Yeah guys I’m fine. I kept having weird nightmares though.


  • So im looking at this like ohh cool story, then i got down to the pictur. It was black so i had to lean closer to the screen. Bad idea i saw the eyes now im scared out of my f***ing mind! WHY DID I HAVE TO LOOK CLOSER!? WHY RETARDED CURIOUSITY!?!?


  • Soon as I scrolled to the picture there was a loud creak behind me. I am currently struggling not to turn around and about to wet myself. If I do not report back by morning, I am dead.

  • @ghostfreak and @furrykinz2234, yeah I remember a video about that too! lol. I think SFK does get a lot of his/her stories from the internet, because I remember reading the Licked Hand and Tek Tek from a different website. But I love their stories, keep it up SFk you rock! :)

  • Omg I know right furrykinz2234 I was just about to say the same thing I knew I was right but wasn’t the ending supposed to be about the girl looking out the window and the mom is there

  • i remember saw a movie like this …

    anyway, great job for this site sfk … its a shame i just discovered this site 3 days ago …

  • @furrykinz2234 same! I watched it long time ago and the story is the same, except there was no digital camera. And Yuki never died.

  • hey sfk..did you get this from a youtube video? because, I remember watching a video on youtube called 13 scariest asian stories, and this story is in it somewhere, except for the part with the digital camera, in the video it showed that the young girl was sleeping in the spare room, and when the girl walked in, she had seen the woman..

  • Hey sfk is the pic actually like true or did you put it there to make it more interesting?

  • Is it just me or is it that when you stare at the eyes pic a face slowly starts to develop 0.0
    Optical illusion much…?

  • Thx @eerie btw I will be seeing that tomorrow Morning its night right now
    (typing on my I pad so yea )

  • WHOA!!! ok there are EYES !!!!!!!! TWO EYES!!! @nightisasscaryday if you look CLOSELY you’ll be able to spot A PAIR OF EYES!!! or if you turn your computer as certan way manybe them (if you look CAREFULYY) you might be able to spot the EYES!!!!

  • pretty good story, the title kind of gave away what would happen. I liked it nonetheless.

  • That’s so sad and scary! Poor Yuki, was her mom trying to kill her? That’s awful, she should have left her alone even if she wanted to die!!!!

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