Diet Pills

Diet Pills is a horrible tale about an overweight woman who wants to be thin.

Diet Pills

There was a middle-aged woman who was very fat and desperately wanted to lose weight. She had tried all sorts of fad diets, but none of them seemed to work. Exercise was out of the question because she was just too lazy and she lacked the willpower to force herself to eat less.

One day, she was leafing through a magazine when she came across an advertisement for diet pills.

“Guaranteed weight loss in just two weeks!” said the ad.

The company was selling the diet pills over the internet, so the woman decided to order a month’s supply.

A few days later, she received a package in the mail. When she opened it, she was surprised to see that it only contained twelve large pill. The instructions said that she should take one pill per month, with a glass of water and afterwards she should avoid eating spicy food or drinking alcohol.

The woman popped the diet pill into her mouth and swallowed it down. A few days later, she noticed that her appetite had completely disappeared. She didn’t feel hungry at all and even though she didn’t do any exercise, she was beginning to shed the pounds.

As the days went on, she quickly began losing more and more weight. Within no time, she was admiring her slim new body in the mirror. The change was stunning. She had gone from a pear shape to an hourglass figure in no time at all.

Unfortunately, the diet pills proved to be more effective than she had expected. Even though she was down to her target weight, she continued to get thinner and thinner. Soon, she was feeling tired and weak and she had sharp abdominal pains.

The pain finally became so intense that she was forced to go to the hospital. A doctor examined her and became alarmed. After taking an x-ray of her stomach, he asked her if she had eaten anything strange lately.

“No,” replied the woman. “I’ve barely eaten anything at all since I started taking my diet pills…”

The doctor asked to see the bottle of pills. He broke one capsule open and brought the contents down to the laboratory to be analysed.

When he returned, he had some bad news for the woman.

The diet pills contained the eggs of a tapeworm.


  1. ScaryRachel446 says

    Ugh… EWWW That is absolutely disgusting. Who would willing want to kill someone?! I hope whoever sold that poor those pills burns in Hell while Lucifer keeps plopping in his mouth.

  2. DeathBrynn says

    I’ve read something like this! I loved the story, good pick!
    9/10 tapeworm eggs.


    Eggs………..? Tapeworm…………….? OH MY GOD! THAT IS DANGEROUS! She is gonna die within days! Can’t she just throw them out…………………?

  4. ScaryGrace16 says

    Untold stories of the ER has a episode where a mother want her daughter to lose weight and told her to take it (it had toe worms) she took it daily. Plus the mother knew there was tape worms in it and the girl lived through that’s a tiny bit of it u can look it up on youtube

  5. IcyBloodRaven says

    Well Tapeworms won’t make you loose that much weight, and they won’t make you want to stop eating. In fact they’ll make you hungrier and hungrier since they are eating away at the nutrients you’re putting into your body.

  6. xfeardropx says

    I thought this was leading to the Adipose from Doctor Who. My bad. Happy Birthday Satan666. I am not sure when it comes out on DVD. I couldn’t find the info anywhere.

  7. Satan666 says

    Today’s my birthday, I am so hapy!!! :D This story was really gross! I saw a show on tapeworms and oh my gosh!!! I think I’m gonna puke!!!! :& (means puke face)Does anyone know when the texas chainsaw massacre 3d comes out on dvd? can someone please tell me? :)

  8. Terrorteller says

    You DO know that all diet pills used to contain multiple tapeworm eggs, right? And that’s not how a tapeworm works. You’re hungry, but you never get full. This is true, but everyone who took said diet pills knew it.

  9. nightwatcher says

    Hey, I read this story somewhere before about a woman who ate tapeworms to get skinny. Not a good choice if you ask me!

  10. Paradise says

    Lol thanks Pinkie Pie and @Candy a tapeworm is a kind of worm that eats the food you eat and it’s really dangerous because most people who have it are extremely skinny and weak and lack the appetite of anything. :) or so I know

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