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Devil Face

Devil Face is a game played by teenagers in Spain. They say that playing the game will result in you seeing the face of the devil in the mirror.

Devil Face

The Devil Face game can only be played by one person. You need 12 black candles to play it.

Step 1: Just before midnight, lock yourself in the bathroom and turn off the lights.

Step 2: Stand in front of the mirror and light the twelve black candles.

Step 3: Close your eyes and keep them closed until the clock strikes midnight. Then open your eyes.

You will see the face of the devil in the mirror.

But playing the Devil Face game is said to be far from safe and we urge you not to play it. In Spain, the story is told about a 16-year old boy who tried to see the face of the devil using this game and suffered horrible consequences.

One night, a group of friends were having a party in Oviedo, Spain. The atmosphere was fun and the air was filled by jokes and laughter. One of the teenagers at the party was a young man named David who was 16 at the time.

The teenagers were talking about various topics, but one thing led to another and suddenly they were telling each other scary stories. Although most of them were very entertaining, there was one tale that caused some concern for some of the teenagers at the party. The story was told by a girl named Safia who had just joined the group. She was a goth girl and dressed all in black with silver studs in her nose.

She shocked many of the people at the party when she told them she knew how to see the face of the devil. Most of the kids thought it as a joke or something she had invented herself, but still they were somewhat frightened.

Safia told them that it was a game she had played with her friends. There was a ritual involved and she said it had to be done at exactly midnight. She said you had to lock yourself in the bathroom and turn off the lights. Then stand in front of the mirror and light twelve black candles. You had to close your eyes and keep them closed until the clock struck midnight. Then, when you opened your eyes, you would see the face of the devil in the mirror.

This is the story the goth girl told and a lot of the teenagers dismissed it as a joke, but David said he would do it without hesitation. He was probably just trying to be brave and impress the girls at the party, but as soon as he said he would do it, there was a lot of excitement.

Some of the girls tried to talk him out of it, while some of the boys went out to buy twelve black candles from a nearby shop.

By nightfall, they had everything they needed to attempt the ritual. David went into the bathroom and the others set up the black candles in front of the mirror for him. A few minutes before midnight, they filed out and left him alone in the bathroom. He closed the door behind them and turned the key in the lock.

All of the other teenagers waited nervously outside, unsure about what they were expecting to happen. They heard the clock strike twelve.

After the chimes of the clock died out, there was only silence. Nothing had happened.

Feeling like it was something of an anti-climax, the teenagers were disappointed and banged on the door of the bathroom, telling David he could come out now.

But there was no answer from the bathroom. The girls began to get worried. Perhaps something had happened to David. The boys got a crowbar and started prying at the lock. Eventually, it gave way and the door swung open.

What they inside saw was very distressing. David was lying on the ground, clutching at his chest. A strong smell of sulfur filled the air. The only thing his friends could do was call the emergency services.

The doctors who treated David said he had suffered a stroke. The entire left side of his body was paralyzed and he was unable to speak. He never recovered from the stroke and never regained his ability to speak. Today, he is still confined to a wheelchair, only able to mumble incoherently.

The teenagers who were present at the party that night were so traumatized that they were unable to sleep for a couple of months afterwards. They even had to receive treatment from a psychologist to overcome the experience.

It may sound like fun, but if you think about it, do you really want to see the Devil’s face appearing to you in the mirror?


  • This is a real story from my experience Idk if it haunted but im not going back to find out.. “The house next door” 1 day my cousins and me were out side and no one lived next door so we broke in to the house through the back door gate . When we opened it a lot of bugs came running out and we screamed
    But after the bugs were gone we walked in we looked in the house and to our horror we heard GET OUT NOW!!!!! We looked and saw a black ghostly figure. We never went back after and people have moved in to the house . ( I still live next to the house , but I fear the ghost is haunting my cousins and me when we all are in a room together by our selves …..) to be continued plz post this on the website :)

  • I also made a story . Well a friend is the real writter I just added a twist to it. Once in umm, In a small village a small boy lived alone with his mother. He was treated really cruelly and sort of like a slave . Getting a few scrapes to eat he was really weak . One day when he was taking out the garbage he saw a beautifully made pink cake with strawberries on it . He thought it was just a trick or something . Unable to resist it he crumb by crumb slowly ate it . Under the cake was a note saying eat me but not the strawberries but u able to control his hunger he ate them as well. The same evening his mother noticed a glimmer of redness in the boys eyes , the lady insanely killed him believing him to be demon (u know how those people r). Anyways years later the lady had married again and even had a baby the boy was forgotten and never mentioned . One night when the lady was sleeping far way from the village the phone rang ,it was 12 in the night,she answered “hello” the reply came “24red eyes in your hotel ” she put the phone down . It rang again ” 24 red eyes in the reception ” she put the phone down. ” 24 red eyes in the lift ” 24 red eyes in the lobby” the phone rang .she didn’t pick it . A voice filled the room ” 24 red eyes outside your room . She heard footsteps . She became really scared she heard the baby cry . ” please leave me , why are u doing thus to me who are u” she said in a soft whisper . The same eerie voice beamed ” I’m doing this to repay all the hard wills you displayed on me ,mother . You know who I am”the only thing she saw before her death was 24 red glowing eyes. The end ,,,,,,,,how was it ,please comment (ok I know it wasn’t so good)

  • i want to try it then agian it could be a risk for my life activites …….but i can tell people tht i saw the devil ha im so smart

  • the devil probobly gets a big kick out of scaring the bejesus out of the idiots that try to see him.

  • I told a friend about this and he wanted to do it. I told him ok as long as he didn’t mind possbily having a stroke then go for it. I probably shouldn’t have done that. He’s probably going to try it now.

  • i registered just to write my scary story, ok here it goes (true story!!!)

    A girl moved into her new house, she moved alot before in her life but this was….diffrent, she couldnt keep her cat, she knew she would have to wait to make friends, and she felt weird. Like something was watching her. She walked beside her mother, only being 7-8 at that time and the house scared her. It was old but not really old. The attic smelled and whenever she went up there something moved weirdly infront of her. Nothing was normal for her in this house. A year later she spoke alone to herself hoping mabey someone would here, she said “I miss you sky (old cat), why did we have to move into a house that doesnt allow pets? why? Why do my brothers have to be mean? Tell me why!” Her step sister walked in so she shut up knowing a kindergardner would never understand. One day the girl and her step sister were playing ‘doggie’. The girl put a metal chain used for necklaces on her little step sister who started to turn purple. The girl didnt want to go to jail but the chain wouldnt come lose. She whispered “please dont die PLEASE!” and in her mind she imagined being interrogated in an all white room when suddenly the chain just popped open, and her little step sister breathed again. Years later around 2010 the girl was 10 going on 11 in a few months and she had gotten paronoid over the last few years at that old house. Scary things happened in the dark of the night that she couldnt explain, the T.V turning on, her door opening the shutting fast, her covers shifting until a weird shape was there. Whenever she did homework something or someone would distract her from her work. One day she stared at her door in the middle of the night and suddenly a stuffed animal on the floor flew at her face knocking her out. She still believes there is a ghost in her house but for some reason it does what she tells it too. It leaves her alone for a few days before coming back. She has two wonderfull cats named Keely, a small tortishell and Storm, a fat black cat that turns into a black cat with silver streaks in the sun. Now if you’ll exuse me my cat stormie is scratching at the door trying to get out (guess who the girl in the story is)

  • HEY. You people begging.
    How do you expect SFK to put your stories up when you can barely even write grammatically correct comments?!

  • I have a story to add to this website in that case!
    It’s called The Mirror.
    A young man lived at his home. He watched his son eat a popsicle. The man fell asleep in the couch in the other room.
    When he woke up he went into the kitchen where his son ate his popsicle. There was blood on the plate and a popsicle stick. A bloody knife was next to the stick. The man, having a strange feeling, ran away into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.
    Blood was splattered on his face. Lots of blood was on his right hand. The man noticed that there was a patch without blood and it resembled the shape of a knife. All of the blood was dry. But he wasn’t horrified until he looked at his face.
    He had white hair and looked 50 years older than he was before.

    OK, that was crummy. But I have a game to play, too.

    It’s called the face game.
    You must have a mirror with a cabinet and at least one shelf in it that looks like part of a mirror and inside the cabinet there must be another mirror.
    Look into the shelf. Close your eyes and say, “I wish to see what I really look like.” Make sure your face’s reflection is in the middle of the shelf and the mirror inside the cabinet. Open your eyes.
    If the mirror wanted to show you what it thinks you look like, you will have no eyes.

    OK, that was bad, too. DX

  • Here in Ireland we have a good few horror stories~
    In the county where I live, there’s a huge mansion named Loftus Hall where people say the Devil appeared and went through the ceiling. There’s tons of variations of the stories, but here’s a short one (I copied and pasted it, it’s not mine.):

    Charles Tottenham and his family came to live in the mansion in the middle of the 18th century. Charles Tottenham’s first wife had been the Honourable Anne Loftus.

    Charles came for a long stay in the house with his second wife, and his daughter Anne from his first marriage. During a storm, a ship unexpectedly arrived at the Hook Peninsula, which was not far from the mansion. A young man was welcomed into the mansion. Anne and the young man became very close. Then, one night they were in the parlour; when the young man dropped a card on the floor and Anne went to pick it up she glanced under the table and noticed that the young man had a hoof in place of a foot.

    It is said that Anne screamed and the man went up through the roof, leaving behind a large hole in the ceiling. Anne was in shock and was put in her favourite room in the mansion, which was known as the Tapestry Room. She refused food and drink and sat with her knees under her chin until she died in the Tapestry Room in 1775. It is said that when she died, they could not straightin her body as her muscles had seized and she was buried in the same sitting position in which she had died. A rumour states that the hole could never be properly repaired, and it is alleged that even to this day, there is still a certain part of the ceiling which is slightly different from the rest. This, of course, is a myth, since the present house was built more than a century after the events described above. Meanwhile it was believed that the stranger with the cloven hoof returned to the house and caused persistent poltergeist activity. A number of Protestant clergymen apparently tried and failed to put a stop to this. The family, who were themselves Protestants, eventually called on Father Thomas Broaders (a Catholic priest, who was also a tenant on the Loftus Hall estate) to exorcise the house.

    The apparent success of Father Broaders’ exorcism did not end the ghostly visitations at Loftus Hall. The ghost of a young woman, presumed to be Anne Tottenham, was reported to have made frequent appearances in the old Hall, especially in the Tapestry Room, until the building was finally demolished in 1871.

    Although the present Loftus Hall is an entirely new building, interest in the ghost story has remained strong and many aspects of the story seem to have attached themselves to the newer house. Also mentioned in a documentary about the mansion many years later after the last owners had gone had said that there were reports from staff that had previously worked at the mansion, that they have seen Anne’s ghost walk down the stairs, and that horses can be heard around the building.

    The end~

    The part that really interests me is that the hole in the roof can never be repaired; even when people fix it, the very next day it appears again. I hope to go inside some day and check it out~

  • @scream XD
    Well, actually I was reading another comment somewhere else and the dude who made this website replied and said that just put it in the comments and if I like the plot I will add it to my website. He also said, if it is similar another story or he doesn’t like the plot, he will not put it on the website………

  • Yeah scream XD me 2 I have some awesome stories I made up but I don’t know how to post them! I think you can’t as well :/ Maybe there Is some way!
    Btw who the hell would play this game I mean why would anyone want to see devil’s face In the mirror?! Stupid

  • you know wat…. i wanna write some stories on here too cuz these games r killing meh!
    101horrorgirl101 got any idea how to post stories? O.o

  • I have a good story:

    There was once a girl named Bethany who was only nineteen. She married a handsome young man named William. For their honeymoon they decided to go to Wisconsin. So they bought their tickets and went to the airport. They were sitting in the plane a few hours later when Bethany had to go to the bathroom. So, she went in and did her business. Bethany was washing her hands as she looked into the mirror. Bethany was a girl to die for. She had perfect straight blond hair and warm blue eyes. In her reflection, to her horror, she saw an ugly scarred face and tangled black hair. Cold grey eyes were staring back at her. The face was bloody. Bethany opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came.

    Suddenly, the light went out and someone gave Bethany a hard shove.She fell on the ground screaming. Someone tied a rope around her neck in one swift movement. Bethany started choking. Finally, the light came back on. Bethany got up and quickly opened the tap. Instead of water, blood came pouring out. Bethany let out a shriek. Blood was all over her hands now! The thick red juicy blood had a strong rotting smell to it.

    Bethany couldn’t take it anymore. She banged on the door, trying to open it, when she realized all she had to do was unlock it. So she did. And it opened gently. She ran out screaming her head off to her husband. She explained everything. He got up, a worried expression on his face. He held out a bomb with a timer set on it. “Jump!” William said. Bethany saw that no one else was getting up. Whatever, she thought to herself, after all, I only want myself to be alive. “Where did you find that?” She shouted. “In your purse.” William lied. Bethany ran out and tried to open the door of the plane. “Bethany, I’m just kidding!” William tossed the fake bomb in his seat. “Oh baby, I’m sorry to give you such a scare!” William said. It was true, it was just a joke.

    Bethany hugged William. And then she stared behind him in horror. She couldn’t get words out of her mouth. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest. Sweat was exploding on her forehead, a shiver ran down her spine. “W-W-i-l-l-i-a-m-m!” She finally managed to choke out. “What happened sweet-” A man sliced of his neck with a long silver blade.

    Bethany went mad. She went insane. She screamed then kicked the airplane door with all her might and jumped out, she killed herself as she landed. Her ghost roamed around looking for the killer and when she did she realized it was her boyfriend from when she was in high school, Jacob Makrylim. She killed him, chopping off his head like he did with William. Horrible things had been happening to Bethany, even as a ghost.


  • Here is my scary story… Watch Me Mama

    One day there was a little girl named anna ryan who had just learned to ride her bike. Watch me mama! she yelled. Her mother said that she is cooking and cant watch her. Anna Ryan was devistated. She stopped in the middle of the road and cried on her bike. She didnt relize that there was a truck coming down the road. Before the driver could blink he had hit the little girl. The police came and told her mother. The mom seemed almost crazy. She was yelling this is all my fault! Anna Ryan was reported dead on the seen. That night the mom had settled down and climbed in bed. Then she couls here a faint voice saying Watch me mama! The mother ran outside to see her late daughter on her bike yelling watch me mama! The mother ran into the middle of the road to watch her dead daughter ride her bike. Yea she hadnt noticed that a semi was coming down the road. the mother was dead on the spot. Reunited with her daughter they walked into heaven.


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