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Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream is a story submitted by a user named Gidgey. It’s about a girl who has bad dreams after her brother was killed in a car accident.

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

She woke up gasping for air. She could still feel his tight fingers around her neck. She quickly switched the light on pulling the dark out of her room. She had been having the dream for a month now. It was the same each night. She would fall asleep. Then she would open them, this was the start of her dream.

First she would hear a quiet shuffling sound. She would roll over and the door would be cracked open. She knew she had closed it. Suddenly her brother would appear in front of her. His head bloody like it was when they found him dead in the street. It had been a hit and run. He was six years old. His name was Jake.

In the dream he would say, “Jessica, come with me.”

She always said “No!”

He would insist, but she wouldn’t say yes.

Jake would say, “Then I’ll make you!”

He would lock his small hands around her neck. He was strong for his age. She would look into his eyes, pleading. But his eyes weren’t the beautiful deep blue anymore. They were a hot, glowing red. As her vision began to blur from lack of oxygen he would laugh demonically.

Next thing she knew her eyes would flutter open and she would sputter and gasp trying to catch her breath. Then she would turn the light on so the dark shadows where he could be lurking disappeared.

Ever since the dream began she had become paranoid. Always she checked behind her to make sure no one was there. She would also keep the lights on most of the day. In her room she only had a mirror and a bed. She thought the less furniture she had, there would be less places for Jake to lurk. The only reason she had a mirror was because she loved them. Her house used to be full of mirrors. She wasn’t sure why she only allowed herself one mirror now.

Every morning, after the dream she would look in the mirror. She knew what she would see but she looked anyway. Sure enough, she had the distinctive purple bruises around her throat, just like always. She looked at her watch. It was 8:42. She put on a t-shirt and jeans and went into the yard. She sat on the bench and watched the clouds. She began to feel tired and decided to take a nap.

She opened her eyes and knew she was in the dream. She’d never had the dream during the day before, let alone outside. Jake came out from behind a large maple tree. He was smiling devilishly. It occurred to her that she had never asked him why he was here.

“Jake! Leave me alone! Why are you here?!” she screamed at him.

He walked closer. “You don’t know?” he said, sitting next to her.

“Don’t you know why you only have one mirror?” he asked.

She said no.

“Do you know why they stuck you in a mental ward instead of federal prison?” he said.

She suddenly remembered. She had an obsession with mirrors. She loved them. She was driving home from the store admiring her rear view mirror. She felt a bump in the road. She continued home and saw the police waiting in her drive way. They told her she had run over her brother.

She loved him so much. She had a mental breakdown, screaming gibberish and trying to force the police man to shoot her. They had to sedate her so she wouldn’t injure herself or others.

She pushed the memory to the back of her mind quickly forgetting it. She realized Jake had been inching closer. He clamped his hands around her throat. She gasped and choked for air. She remembered it was just a dream and she would wake up soon. She started losing consciousness. This was when she usually awakened.

But this time she didn’t.


  • it would have been better if the ending was like

    The brother was dragged down to hell because of his karmas . The boy was given the task to bring her sister down to hell from the devil because now he was a servant of the devil himself.

  • I’m ten going on eleven…Still can’t write a good story. GREAT STORY GIDGEY!!!!

  • Wow! Now this is a type of story i like to read! Really a good one! I would give it 8 out of 10!

  • Interesting. Really liked it. Gidgey, you should try and get more of your stories on here, i would love to read them :)

  • If i ran over my little brother i would cry all friggin year, but other than that i liked it. I didnt get it when she said that she suddenly remembered running over her brother, it’s not something you forget.

  • @Tigerhallam
    Because it’s too creepy :O
    And because i felt like it :P

  • guys! if tiger hallams story was real i would be DEAD! stop freaking out?

  • Oh, they’re going 3 weeks without posting new stories. They used to post about 1 a day, :(

  • Tigerhallam your e-mail story creeped me out! O_O Is that really true?! :O
    Oh btw im Dead Girl XXx xD Same person xD

  • I am freakin scared I just read a story of tigerhallam and I think it got passed onto me is it true I will die at thIs moment I’m sooooooooo scared im not gOing to sleep and I’m keeping my lights ON

  • I’m nine and I love scary stories but the problem is I can’t tell my friends any because they are too sensitive to scary stuff :( Anyway YES I LOVE THE DOCTOR WHO DOLLY EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Lovers lane.

    Once 2 young couples, Jake and Molly decided to drive out to Lovers lane, Jake started some music to make the mood, Molly and Jake started making out, and in the middle of the music was a new bulletin.
    “Pardon the innteruption, everyone in the area of Rockwick needs to evacuate to Heathergate, an insane lady has escaped from the aslym and everyone needs to evacuate, if you see a lady with a grey tanktop and yellow shorts, please call 911 and hide.”
    Molly and Jake were in Rockwick, but Jake trying to act all cool decided to stay, Molly tried to force him to drive, he wouldn’t, he kept telling Molly they will be okay, Molly didn’t listen, Molly pushed him out of the car and drove away the Heathergate, she stayed in the car, locked the doors, and listened to music, soon a news bulletin came on again,
    “Attention everyone, we have caught the lady, she had a partner too, go to our website for details”. Molly wanted to know, so she drove home, forgetting about Jake. She looked on the website and saw the partner was a male, who had short brown hair, and blue jeans with an hollister shirt, Jake was wearing the same exact thing. She drove back to Lovers Lane and found Jake laying on the ground, passed out, with a note besides him, saying, “Why did you leave me?” she ripped it up in tears and was crying, she had blood all over her grey tanktop and yellow shorts.

  • I’m not new just got a account.

    The printer..

    Once there was a girl named, Laura. She was very pretty, everyone was jealous of her. Everyone wanted her beauty. She had natural blonde hair, with highlights, deep blue eyes. And didn’t need make-up, she was 5’5, but something was strange about her. She was obsessed her hair, it was always in a smooth, slick, bun. And never took it down, not even in the shower, in the shower she just put a shower cap on and after put in leave in conditioner. She doesn’t even know how long it is, but she works in a a press, she makes newspapers. She goes there everyday after school to make the paper.
    But one day like normal, she went to the press, she had to restore the ink in the filter, when bending down to reach for the ink in the cabinet, her ribbon got stuck onto a handle, and her hair just cascaded to the floor her here was to her knees, she was impressed, and from then on, she wore it down, but still never washed it….
    A few months later after everyone jealousy, she went to the press, she was to fix the printer, they had a giant hi-tech printer that is as big as a kitchen table and is as fast as a bike, so she went on with her job and was fixing it, she hand to turn around to throw away batteries because the printer was working, her hair got caught in the printer, she was inching closer and closer to the printer trying to get her hair off, finally the printer jammed, with out Laura knowing, she kept pulling her hair until her whole scalp came off, she started crying and finally died, when people found her she had no hair and her face in a silent scream, with her skull out of her head.
    This sucked.
    This is terrible.
    I’ll try again.

  • yeah scary stories ROCKS, so true….Twilight movies SUCKS xD hahaha just kidding (peace twilight fans)

  • WOW that was really really really awesome, very original,,,(very late comment too) ^_^

  • Picture this , a dark rainy day and me in a spooky basement. I got grounded yesterday and mom is making me clean the basement for my punishment.I hate doing this , but it neeeds to be done before mom gets back.I start clearing out junk behind a wardrobe when i find something strange .It’s a little box with a lock on . On the box it says ” DONT OPEN ” in strange red writing . Curiosity gets the better of me and i take the box upstairs . I sit at the kitchen table and inspect the box . I take a deep breath and open the lid . Theres a shiny silver disc with the words ” DONT PLAY ME ” written on in a red marker . Once again curiosty gets the better of me and i slot the ddisc into the tv .A loud laugh booms from the tv .I start to shake as a pale woman appears at the screen . Her hair is lank and greasy , her white dress is splattered with blood and her eyes are evil.She holds her knife high and shouts ” DONT OPEN YOUR CLOSET “then the screen goes black . I start to shake and switch off the tv . I take the disc out and snap it . And i smash the box into a million peices . I go to my room and lay on my bed . All of a sudden i hear a laugh coming from my closet . I put my hand on the handle
    Once again curiosty gets the better of me ….
    Hope you like it , its my first story and i hope it gets posted :)

  • Gidgey, this is a very good story! I enjoyed reading it! This is why I’m glad I usually don’t dream… If I do, then it’s kind of awkward. But I like most of my scary dreams.. Heh, my brain’s corrupt. 14 and psychotic! And a little psychic… :) Anyways, good story!

  • I hate bananas and once i saw dream where i ate a banana and i puked it out and it came and swallowed me xD Ew!

  • once i had a dream about eating a taco then the taco grew a face and started yelling at me then it ate me… Very strange

  • I am only 10 and I had a dream that i was watching my family get killed then that I was killing John Lennon then that I was jack the ripper it was quite scary :P maybe just maybe that’s why I is called weird at school!?

  • Gidgey, I too am young and disturbed! Only 14 years old! :D

    Young, disturbed, and damn proud of it!

  • Most people are amazed to learn that i am only 11 years old… I am one disturbed person!! Scary stories rock !!!!!

  • WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW I AM SCARED 2 GO TO SLEEP CUZ I ALWAYS HAVE NIGHTMARES THAT FEEL REAL!!!!o well i think that sort of sounds like freddy kruger

  • while I have the thought, has anyone ever seen the original smile.jpg?
    And also, what do people rate the scariest story on this site of all time?

  • Not bad,reminds me of dead space 2,when isaac’s dead girlfriends appears like this and tries to kill him

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