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The top 30 best creepypasta stories about the scariest video games, lost episodes, children’s cartoons and disturbing images. This archive contains the scariest tales written by anonymous people on the internet.

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  • i keep checking recent posts, but sfk hasn’t uploaded any for a few months, it use to be about 4 stories every other week which is rlly good, plz reply so i knw everythings cool sfk:)

  • I love this site… It is scary but some stories I can’t read because I get to scared!

    _/ || \_
    _/ \_

  • I got a Creepypasta story. Trust me, it’s real!!

    The title is called “BEST CP EVERA! THX REDDIT!”

    so 1 night, i wnet 2 teh walmert store and i found dis case of “teh Flintdrones lost episoda” i always a big fan of teh Flintdrones, there my childhoed. but it l00ks s0 werid because teh cover is gray and it’s haz boold in it. i bought it, teh caisher told me to nevea bye taht but i dont give a nipple. i put it on and teh theme was werid…it shows glitchy butt pixles and teh song is disorder. the epsiode wnet on and its teh scaryiest thing evea! it sowhs an appel jucie cover in bl00d. and it shoed ponies with no 3y3s and they kill each othre. its aslo show an hyp3r r3alist s0p0ngeb0b facez, and guess wat? IT TAILK 2 ME! it siad “d0nkey, u still have to paid child support” and it end rihgt tehere and i l00k around and dis wat i saw, an scariey pickachu d0ll wtih no 3y3s and it killed me. Pls r8 dis 5 and no haters, thx.

    I’m going to be famous on the internet! :3

  • Princess of the dead sfk told her that she is seeing her cousins book. And that the ads are specific to us. I don’t like romance or manga. Why am I getting dumb manga ads? I never clicked on anything manga.

  • Hey SFK do we have specific ads for the place we live in? Because if we dont, I hope you can stop the ad that has my cousins book in it. Thanks 😊

    Scaryforkids says: The ads you see are specific to you, so that’s why you’re seeing ads for your cousin’s book.

  • SPIRIT BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We’ve got The Legendary Virus
    BJ:(yawns then shape shifts into a giant snake)
    Me(Goes inside BJ and “kills” him.)
    BJ:Ow.(leaves then Comes back as a Weird,gooey thing.)
    Guts(Kills BJ while I get out his way)

  • The Return
    (Me) Finally… After so long…
    (Everyone) Creepy? Is that you?
    (Me) Yes. I’m back… And I brought new friends with me… Say hello to Ticci-Toby, Clockwork, Bloody Painter, Puppeteer, the FNAF gang, and a few OCs of mine…
    (Ben) Who are the OCs?
    (Me) That’s for me to reveal…

  • I hate the new creepypasta stories. The theorys are stupid and it ruins my childhood. Now nothing can be cute and wholesome, and every thing has a dark back story. Start making good stories and stop the stupid theories and dark back stories.

  • It’s strange… Jeff and Slendy seem to have the most fans, yet the others seem to be less popular…

  • Is it just me, or do all these stories sound epic when I listen to Marylin Manson?

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