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Crashed Car

The Crashed Car is a scary story about a husband and wife who are driving home at night when they come across a car accident.

Crashed Car

Late one night, a married couple were driving home from a party. They lived in a small village outside the city and their journey took them down a winding mountain road that passed through a dense forest.

It was raining heavily and the husband was driving slowly to negotiate the sharp turns in the road. As they came around a bend, they were shocked to see a car that was stuck in the ditch by the side of the road. It looked as if it had skidded off the road and crashed into a big tree.

They drove past the crashed car and pulled over on the side of the road to see if they could help. The husband got out and dashed back to the scene of the accident. The front end of the car was crushed and the windscreen was cracked.

Brushing the rain off the side window, he could see that there were people inside. There were two passengers in the front seat, a man and a woman. They were covered in blood and their heads were hanging limp on their shoulders. Looking closer, he was horrified when he realized that both of them had almost been decapitated. Their heads were hanging on by a few threads. There was nothing he could do for them. They were obviously dead.

Staring through the back window, he spotted a young girl curled up on the back seat. Although she was slumped over at an awkward angle, she did not seem to be badly injured. Her seatbelt had probably protected her from the full force of the crash. Taking hold of the handle, he used all his might to wrench open the back door.

The girl appeared to be around seven or eight years old. Her face was deathly pale and there was some blood on her face. He reached in and felt for her pulse. Suddenly, the little girl’s eyes flickered open. She was still alive. The man breathed a sigh of relief.

“Are you alright?” asked the man, gently.

The girl didn’t reply. She seemed to be still dazed from the impact.

Thinking quickly, the man scooped her up in his arms and ran back to his car, clutching her tightly.

“The parents are dead,” he told his wife. “This girl looks OK, but I can’t be sure.”

“We’ve got to get her to a hospital as fast as possible,” said his wife. “She could have internal injuries.”

They placed the girl on the back seat of their car and wrapped her in a blanket to keep her warm. Then, the couple drove off as quickly as possible, in search of the nearest hospital.

The atmosphere in the car was intense. They were driving at full speed down the winding mountain road. The husband kept his eyes glued to the road. He had to concentrate on the bends and curves. It was still raining hard and the road was slippery. He wanted to make sure they didn’t have an accident. The wife examined a map of the area. She was trying to figure out the fastest route to the hospital.

“The couple in the car were horribly injured,” said the husband. “Their heads were hanging off.”

His wife didn’t reply.

“It was the worst accident I’ve ever seen,” he said.

She still didn’t reply.

He turned to look at his wife. Her eyes were bulging out, staring into space. Her mouth was wide open in a silent scream. Her throat was slit from ear to ear. Blood was pouring down the front of her dress.

Suddenly, he glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the little girl licking a bloody knife.


  • Midnight Spirit you dont have to eat someone and be a vampire or super stitios. She could be a canibal.

  • -_- Wouldn’t the girl cut her tongue on the knife. Poor baby. lol just kidding

  • Pretty good story but why did she kill her parents? And was that before or after the car crashed? Was she a Vampire? *sigh* I overthink these stories too much. I love all the stories posted here,especially Call The Devil. I wish I could write like you guys

  • i have a story
    one day a young girl called autumn was home alone with her dog, eating her dinner and watching t.v., when the t.v. turned off and she heard somone or something down in her base ment she grabbed a knife (she kept a knife in every room)and went in the basement and she felt a hand around her neck………………
    she was found dead in her room tucked up in her bed to this day no one knows who killed her or what killed her.
    know one knows what happend that night her.
    before that night her dog was acting weired and was not eating.
    it could be in your house right now.

  • WOOOOOOWWWWW that evil girl if were the guy i would have gotten out of the car but frist lock the car they push the car out of road and let the creepy girl dieeeeeeee
    ( evil laugh )

  • WOW you can so tell that the picture is a miniture set just look how fake that tree is

  • Hey guys I’m on my -1g iStone wit no camera or nun but anyway goooooooood story I can’t wait to tell all my caveman friends………..
    Loo sry guys I’m home sick from skool 2day and I’m also half asleep so sorry if I make no sense and am bein annoying anyways lol jk luv ya guys=o)

  • Short riddle story: The Walk
    I was was walking home one lonely night after I passed some friendly dogs that knew me
    Until they start barking viciously…
    Why were they barking?

  • Scaryforkids please make a story of a waterfall ghost. And a family mabye or just hitchhikers anything.

  • i wonder what its like to be a vampire. if i was i would get revenge on all the bullies at school that make my life miserable. because i really am not the prettiest or most popular girl at school and never want to be cause i ive seen how they act and treat others. :(

  • My BFFS name too. I just spelled it different. My name is haley and my bff is arianna. it was originally gonna be kiera and tianna but i decided to name it after real life people. Jaylin is actually the bully at my school and looks nothing like that. but my dream guys always have blue eyes boys with blue eyes are almost always cute! i have brown eyes though.

    The boy
    Haley (me LOL) wished a guy liked her. she knew she wasnt the prettiest or most popular girl in school. She only had her best friend Ariana. She was 12 years old. one day a boy walked into her 3rd period class. she was taken aback by his piercing eyes. he had long brown hair, beautiful light blue eyes, (LOL my dream guy) and a kind smile. he walked over to the teacher and whispered something and showed her his schedule. “class we have a new student! meet Jaylin.” jaylin walked over to where Haley was sitting. “Hi” he whispered.”Hi.” she replied. At lunch he sat by her. she noticed he only ate the meatiest items and nothing else, yet skinny as a stick. “strange” she thought but still like him. the next day she asked him out. he seemed delighted and said yes. the next day he came over. their mothers met each other and became instant friends. the next day the 4 went to dinner together, Jaylin ordered a extra extra rare steak. when the waiter brought it she noticed his canines were unusually longer than before. he took big bites, sucked on it for a minute, and swallowed. “still weird” Haley thought but still loved him. a week later (all the while with strange eating habits) they were at school Haley was at her locker and jaylin came and when no one was looking whirled her into the janitors closet. “OH MY GOD HES GONNA KISS ME IM TOO YOUNG I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!” she thought but he held her tight. “sorry” he said and she noticed his canines were very long again. “we all have to eat ya know” he said and dug his fangs into her neck. she screamed then blacked out. ~~~ the next day they found the body of the young girl Haley in the closet. she had no marks, yet all blood was gone from her body. Later in 4th period Jaylin sat down next to Tianna. “Hi” he said.
    (if this gets posted i know it wont but just in case leave out the part that says its me thx)

  • Hey uguys have great stories!!!!
    So here’s mine I hope u like it:
    Underneath my Bed
    “Hey Tina can you go get my slipper from under the bed?” Linda said to her sister as she was walking into her room with one slipper on. “Oh fine” Tina grumbled as she got up to find Linda’s missing slipper. Tina went under the bed slowly and quietly. Five minutes later, Linda was getting impatient that Tina hasn’t come out from under the bed with her slipper yet. “Tina did you find my slipper yet?” No answer. “Tina?” No answer. “TINA ANSWER ME!!!!” No answer. Linda got up and looked under the bed. She couldn’t find Tina under the bed. She felt a little scared and started looking all over the house for Tina. But she found no trace of her sister. The next morning Linda checked once again under the bed. She saw the dead body of her sister right in front of her. Her eyes were sewn shut and there was blood all over her body. There was a note written in blood next to her corspe. It said YOUR SISTER IS DEAD, I SHALL LAUGH OUT LOUD, SINCE YOUR SLIPPER IS STILL NOT FOUND.

  • Story time: text messages
    One day an ordinary girl named Trisha was walking home from school her house was just a few blocks down the school when she walks across a grave yard then halfway through at the gates she gets a message from number “632 666 666” saying: “Trisha I’ve been waiting for you..” Trisha’s face was like O.O and felt something grab her leg but she got away on time and ran as and glanced for a few seconds then ran home Trisha tried to tell her mom but she wouldn’t believe her so the next day while they drove past the cemetery trisha got another message saying “5 passes left” Trisha had a chill run down her spine and decided to tell her friends most of trishes friends said to try and avoid the cemetery so she did after school ended Trisha tried to find a new route home but until she found out there was no other way she had no choice but to run past the cemetery then she got a message saying “4 more passes then you will burn” Trisha started panicking and got another message she screamed and slowly pulled out her phone and it said: “TRISHA YOUR FATHER IS DEAD” she ran as fast as she could to her house and ran to her mom and cried for hours then at the funeral at the cemetery where she gets the messages she had a little vision about the world on fire and everyone as skeletons and 3 seconds later everything went back to normal like nothing happened then she got another message saying:”2 more passes your mother passed! ” Trisha was terrified and waited till the funeral was over then she had school and she tried to tell her mom not to pass the cemetery but she didn’t listened and passed it Trisha got a message “1 MORE PASS!!!!!” when she finished school she had to pass it to see what happens *curiosity ensues* then got a message and her hand was shaking slowly reaching out for the phone in her pocket and it was a message from her mom saying : wanna go out for dinner? ” Trisha replied saying: sure what are we eating?” her mom Replied: “YOU!!!” then a strong force ills Trisha causing her to fall down and she get pulled directly yo the cemetery.

    I don’t think that was a really good story.

  • When I was little at least 4 or 5 I had the same dream over and over sometimes not it had death in it. It was floating slowly into the room through the door way and I would try to wake my parents but they won’t move or wake up and death was looking down and I wouldn’t get out out of my bed because you know why but I wouldn’t panic or scream because I don’t know but I had it again but only once when I was 7 death was of course black as a shadow and it was so silent and it seems weird have a dream about death. The light was on behind death but the room was pitch black (kind of blue)

  • Oh and The stories are great, Lonely_Ghost and Xx Death Bolt Xx :D Kish u should continue it :D

  • @xXLovexHurtsXx Your answer is correct!
    @Jellokitteh just try writing something, maybe about a killer, a ghost, a vampire, a demon or anything else. Goodluck. :)

  • XxDeathboltxX, DeadgirlXXx, Tigerhallam and lonely_ghost, i really love your awesome stories!! :D
    I d write one too but i dont know what to write about…lol

  • I got a riddle, some of you may have heard it before but anyway: A lady shoots her husband in
    the face, she then holds him
    under water for 6 minutes. Finally
    she hangs him but, 10 minutes
    later they both go out to
    enjoy a wonderful dinner
    … How is this possible?

  • You posted Wonderful stories, Lonely_Ghost, Deadgirl XXx

    and Xx Death Bolt xX I Loved all of them :)

  • Love dah stories and why hasn’t he posted anything new!!?? It’s been like two days O. o and if there isnt a new one up by Saturday I will beh mad

  • Amazing stories people, read them all, I just loved them…(scaryforkids really should put some of those stories on this site)
    Here is my story:
    The 5 Survivors-
    It was going to be a fun trip this summer. My 4 classmates had organised a camp for us only in a forest about 5 hours from our school. Now, the 5 hour trip was a boring trip, honestly, nothing much happened. And now, finally we arrived… We being, me(Kish age 17), Robin(age 18), Brendon(age 19), Donald(age 18) and Hunter(age 17). No girls, just guys, 5 best friends for life…or are we?
    We unpacked, and put up our tents, then we went to check in by the game ranger’s cabin.
    We knocked and knocked, but no one answered. “He is not home” said Hunter. “Lets go, we will come back later”. As we left, I noticed something strange on the door. 3 long lines scraped from the door handle to the ground. They looked like claw marks, but what could have done that? I got closer to inspect the door, I could have sworn I saw something move when I looked through the keyhole. “Hey Kish, you coming or not?” shouted Robin. I left the door and joined my friends. Now we going into the forest, this was going to be fun!
    We grabbed our backpacks which had everything needed for emergencies, from flashlights to ropes and anything inbetween including our first aid kits and…um…my hunting rifle. What? You never know what could happen out there. We talked of this and that as we walked deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks. The hair on my neck was up, my heart beating like a machine gun. I heard a low snarl coming from somewhere behind us. “Guys?” I asked, “Are there any wild beasts in here?”. There was a moment of silence and Hunter replied, “Well, there could be bears or jackals or something like that”. “But we haven’t even heard a bird chirp” said Donald. Again there was a silence, “come on dudes” said Brendon “whats there to be worried about, Kish got his rifle and besides, I don’t think there is anything here, chill…” He was cut off by a deafening roar. “What in the animal kingdom was that?” asked Robin, his face full of fear. We all looked around…
    Then I heard it, heavy footsteps moving towards us, running I could tell, and heavy breathing, we all heard it.
    I quickly held up my gun ,in the direction of the sound, in a ready to shoot position, the others were just glued to their spots, there was no where to hide anyway…
    Then it happened so fast, first I saw grey fur rush at me out of no where, I fired the rifle, praying that I killed whatever it was, a bear I thought.
    Then I heard Donald scream, I looked back in time to see him being dragged by an unknown force, deeper into the forest, out of our view, but I could still hear them. I could hear snarling, then I heard a crunch sound then a gurgling sound then…it was quiet, like nothing had happened. I saw that Robin, Brendon and Hunter were shocked as I was, they were all on the ground shaking.
    Now, all this happened withing 5 seconds the most, I can’t tell, but in less than 5 seconds, my friend Donald was missing…(to be continued)

  • Here I am with a new story of mine! Enjoy!
    Call the Devil

    I and some friends were having a sleepover at Jennifer’s house. Her house is quite big, having two stores and three bathrooms. We were alone that night as her parents were out for a dinner.
    After doing silly things girls do at sleepovers, we got a bit bored, so we decided to play a “Truth or Dare” game. The game was fun with some funny dares and embarrassing truths coming up, until Alice asked me: “Truth or Dare?”
    “Dare of course” I answered, as I don’t like truth – I find it boring! “I dare you to call the Devil through a mirror” she said with a big grin on her face. I gulped, but I didn’t want my friends think I am a coward! So, I agreed to do it.
    Just before midnight, I locked myself in the bathroom with the big mirror and closed the lights. Breathing heavily, I took off twelve black candles and I light them slowly one by one. I looked at my clock. It would be midnight at exactly twenty seconds! So, I quickly closed my eyes shut and started counting the seconds.
    “20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10…” I felt a chill running down my spine.
    “9, 8, 7, 6, 5…” My heart was bumping like crazy in my chest.
    “4, 3, 2, 1” I opened my eyes.
    For a few seconds I couldn’t even close them. That “game” was REAL. Just in front of me, in the big mirror, I saw the Devil. Fear filled me but I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t move. Suddenly, I fell something pushing me with great force, and I fell down. I tried to get up, put it was like something was forcing me to stay at the ground. Before I could even think, I felt a terrible burning on my forehead and my chest. The pain was unbelievable; it was like someone was pushing a burning piece of metal on my skin. I scream in horror and pain as much as my lungs could take. Then everything got black.
    I woke up later just to find myself on my bed. “Just a dream” I thought. I got off bed to get to the kitchen, but as I passed near my mirror, I noticed something strange on my head, so I got nearer to see what it was.
    In great terror, I found out that at the spot that I had felt the burning while calling the Devil was a burning in the shape of “666”. My breath got faster as I took my T-shirt off. At the exactly shame spot that I felt that terrible pain, it was written “DO NOT PLAY WITH ME”.

  • Thanks ;) I love writing stories, I should put more of mine here. I’ve only signed up after the influx of posts, as I’ve been here for a long time unregistered.

  • Dead Girl XXx I just saw your story… Really creepy and scary too! You are very talented!

  • Thank you Jellokitteh and Dead Girl XXx! Well, I don’t know what to write on a second part but I’ll think of something xD
    Tigerhallam although your story was a bit long, I don’t mind because it’s AWESOME!

  • My story here… u would all know what im hoping for xD
    -Black Fingernails
    I had just moved into our new apartment with my family because our house had burned due to fire. I saw it in my dreams the night before, and that’s what is special about me. Whatever i see in my dreams, it happens sometime soon. My mom and dad doesn’t believe in my dreams, though. Until the house got caught in fire.
    It was a lively apartment and the owner was a very kind woman. I liked her very much. She always had the cheerful smile on her face and her voice was soft and nice as well. She lived all alone. Mom and dad said that her husband and kids died in a murder inside their apartment.
    I went to my room and kept my things, and relaxed. This place, was going to be a good home for me. We had dinner with the owner and she suggested to tell her if we needed anything. I thought that she really was a very nice woman.
    During the first night in my new home, i saw this fearful dream. i saw fair hands with black fingernails and was carrying a knife. Then i saw my dad, decapitated, blood dripping from his severed head. My mom was chopped into pieces and there was a pool of blood around her. Then the person with the black fingernails came into my room and with a scream, she cut me into half.
    My eyes opened in shock and i knew that i was sweating hard. I looked around me, it was midnight. I wanted to see mom and dad so bad, so i stood up from my bed and slowly started walking towards the door. I was gasping and my feet were trembling.
    Just when i opened the door, i nearly fainted at the horrible sight. My dad was decapitated and his eyes were staring at me. I covered my mouth with my hands and ran down the stairs, tears running down my cheeks. Where was my mom? Where was she? There were blood dripped down on the stairs. Whoever the killer is, was downstairs. The drops of blood lead me to the basement. I opened the door and screamed in horror. Just like in my dream, my mom was chopped into pieces and there was a pool of blood beside her. I began screaming louder. I could not stand to see the sight. However, i felt like cold hands grabbed me. To my horror, It was the owner of the house and there was blood all over her. She had the most evil grin i ever saw in my life. On her other hand, she had the bloody knife. “Your dreams could do nothing this time.. I was the one who killed my family.. and I am the one who killed your mother and father… and i will never let you run away.. JUST DIE!!!!” She screamed out and as her knife came closer to my chest, i saw the black fingernails she had. I never recognized it before. I never even had to. Because What i felt was a sudden pain, then nothing.

  • Lonely_Ghost i seriously adore your story! :D It’s awesome! I also want it to have a second part! :D
    Tigerhallam well, its long but nice xD Cool, u guys are talented in this! :O

  • I love this, and I have a story of my own here. Sorry if it’s a bit long.
    I’ve always wanted to be immortal. Then I dreamed-rather, had a nightmare. I used to want to be immortal. Now I’m not so sure…

    William was just another normal boy, with brown hair and blue eyes,. He was quite thin, average in height and pale-skinned. He went to a secondary school and was twelve years old.
    Everything in his life changed when he went to the sleepover.
    At the sleepover, at his friend James’ house, with four other friends, they exchanged spooky stories in the dark of night, like normal. Until an adult came up. Usually this was against the law of sleepovers, but James’ dad had a scary story to tell to them.
    He whispered in a dry, cracked old spooky voice, put on for their benefit.
    “One dark night in the castle, King Arthur could not sleep. In a dream an angel appeared to him. ‘Bring back the goblet, the chalice. The chalice to live forever! SIV! SIV!’ Then she was gone. The next day, the King found a piece of parchment beneath his pillow. There was a riddle:

    Thou who seekest the forever cup,
    Must not leave it merely to luck,
    For this is no simple drinking horn,
    For this many families have had to mourn.

    For there speaks in legend, of a curse,
    Which would make the user more the worse,
    If you need not the chalice, it will be gone,
    You will be lost, the curse be done,

    “Go East to the Middle,
    Where the desert doth lie,
    There in the tomb,
    the forever doth lie.”

    “ A word of warning, ye cautious folk,
    Open your eyes to this be awoke,
    Immortality is not so good, day by day,
    With such a heavy price to pay.”

    James’ dad finished spectacularly, hissing menacingly. Then he bowed and walked out of the room, to applause.
    “Wow, that was real scary!” Said one boy.
    William researched the chalice of King Arthur but could find nothing except the legend of the Holy Grail. Then he typed in SIV like the angel in Arthur’s dream. The result was incredible. He was forwarded to a site called SIV-Starlight Indigo Violet.
    ‘The Prophecy’ was one page. It said:
    When salt of starlight, and an indigo moon, with violet water, come together they will save the world.
    The Chalice was mentioned, too.
    The three must go into the cup. The cup is forever, the drinker is forever, the curse is forever.
    He eagerly clicked on another page called ‘The Curse.’
    The curse of the three into one, the forever drinker. None of the forever drinkers have been seen again. It is believed a ‘curse’ got them.
    But William wasn’t looking at the last few words. He had spotted yet another page, saying ‘Where is the Chalice now?’
    The chalice is believed to have been buried in the Middle East.
    It is now in a graveyard in Hillingdon. It is due to be retrieved by believers on the 25th March.
    So there was truth in an old scary story! But-today was the 24th!
    He had to get the Chalice-he just had to!
    The screen must have done something to him. It was all he could think about.
    He was in a graveyard with a spade. He felt stupid. There was no way he could know which grave to dig at. Then he saw it. A small gravestone in the shape of a cup. He knew that was the one. He began to dig.
    When he held the chalice in his hand, he marvelled at its shiny red material-as red as blood. He raced home.
    The SIV site had instructions:
    Salt of Starlight-Leave salty water out in full moon to bathe in its light for ten hours at least.
    Lucky there was a full moon out tonight.
    Indigo Moon-Place filter over window. Let chalice soak in the purple moonlight.
    Violet Water-Blood. Your. Own. Blood.
    It was ready. He used a small kitchen-chopping-knife for the blood. He winced and sucked his thumb.
    It was ready.
    He drank.
    The next day at school was far from normal. William smiled to himself.
    He was immortal! He could not die! No one bullied him any more. They could sense a change.
    He was in his Geography room when it happened. The bell went for lunch and everyone filed out.
    “William, could you stay behind a minute?” Quavered Mrs Grues.
    “Of course, Miss.” William liked his Geography teacher. They got on well.
    “Good. It’s just that-that-” She paused and advanced. “Why don’t I just show you?”
    Her voice grew deeper and her skin grew baggier. It fell away. A skeleton stood in her place.
    “ So long. So long I have waited. Do you see what the curse has done to me? DO YOU?”
    “You’re…immortal? Like…”
    “Like you, boy. I need some fresh skin to wear…”
    William woke up. It had been a dream. Mrs Grues peered down at him anxiously.
    “ Are you alright, my dear?” She quavered.
    William ran. He ran up the stairs to the English corridor, and wrenched open a door. He jumped in and pulled it firmly shut behind him. He turned round.
    And stared straight into the face of the skeleton, who cackled. He shook his head and she disappeared. He charged onto the balcony. Unfortunately, the Sixth Form had had an army day. Guns were up here. William tripped. The skeleton drew nearer…
    And nearer…
    And nearer…
    William scrambled to the edge. A machine gun rested on a stand. He pointed it at the monstrous figure. He fired.
    It was the wrong way round. Still, he managed to hit the horror, who stumbled and fell back. It was just a teacher after all. He had been seeing things.
    William was torn into pieces. He flopped over the balcony and crashed to the floor. The dead body lay there. A curious song started, very softly.

    “ A word of warning, ye cautious folk,
    Open your eyes to this be awoke,
    Immortality is not so good, day by day,
    With such a heavy price to pay.”

    And William? He became immortal. Just not the way he had wanted…

    Do you still want to live forever?

  • Glad you liked it hiccups! I’ll try to write a second part!
    You are right for the google translator, although I can’t trust it that much… :P

  • Wow, creepy story! Hey guys, I just finished writing my first scary story! Read it please!
    Ow, and Scaryforkids, if you like it, please, can you post it? :3 Oh, I forgot… The title of the story is “Statue museum”. Enjoy! :3

    Violet and her mother were standing at the door of the museum with the statues that afternoon. Violet was excited. She really loved museums but never been to this museum before!
    They entered the building and paid the entrance. They went through many rooms, and they ended up at the modern statues room. The statues there were strange, and Violet thought that they didn’t make any sense, so without telling her mother, she went at the ancient statues museum.
    In that room, she was all alone, as the group was still at the modern statues. In the room that she was in, there were many broken statues, as they were quite old. There was one that showed a man holding a bow, and another one was with a young woman making bread. Violet suddenly saw a statue with a woman that looked very sad, as she was crying over a little child. The statue of the child was probably dead, and Violet got sad from that statue.
    Right that time, a scream that was like someone was in terror, was heard in the museum.
    Violet’s mother recognized her daughter’s scream. Worried as she became, she started running in the museum rooms. But she couldn’t find her daughter.
    She finally got in the ancient statues room. She still couldn’t find her daughter. She stepped in front of the crying woman statue. The statue of the dead child opened its eyes and looked horrified into Violet’s mother’s eyes.
    Violet’s mother screamed in horror and fainted. In the statue, she recognized her daughter’s eyes.

    That was it! Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, I am from Greece and I am still learning english!

  • Plus The Lil Girl Killed The Family!AHhaa I Found That Out First Suck It!*Exuse Me For My Language*;(

  • First! But I’m not sharing my cookie ;). The story was okay, need more scary stuff :D xoxo

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