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Country Vacation

Country Vacation is a spooky ghost story submitted by a user on this website named gothixgirl. It’s about a married couple who spend their holiday in a small village inn in the English countryside.

Country Vacation

A young married couple decided that they needed a break. They decided to take a vacation in the country man. Browsing through the holiday ideas online, they settled on a relaxing holiday in the English countryside.

The wife booked their plane tickets and they arranged to stay in a small, budget inn that was located in a little village on the west coast.

When their plane touched down in England, it was midday and, after a long bus journey, they reached their destination. It was a very peaceful rural area and there were a few houses and farms dotted about the countryside.

The inn they had booked was the only one in the village. When they went inside, the woman at reception told them that there were no more rooms available. The couple told her that they had booked their room online, but the woman could find no record of their reservation.

“Well, you’ll just have to arrange accommodation for us,” said the husband angrily. “We’ve already paid for the room.”

“Well, we only have one unoccupied room,” the receptionist gulped. “But that’s room 13… I can’t let you stay there…”

“Oh yes you will!” said the husband, as he snatched the keys from her hand. Without another word, he picked up their bags and the couple made their way upstairs. The receptionist just stood there in the lobby, her mouth agape.

The man and his wife found Room 13 very quickly. However, when they turned the key in the lock and opened the door, they were greeted by a foul smell.

“Uuugh! Horrid!” complained the wife, holding her nose in disgust.

“This vacation is turning into a disaster,” her husband growled. “I knew we never should have chosen such a remote location. These county folk live like pigs!”

They called the receptionist and demanded that she get a maid to clean the room from top to bottom. and took some pictures of the beatuful village.

When the couple returned to the country inn, they were surprised to find their room was spotless. Everything looked lovely and clean. There were pink and white bedsheets and two nice new, fluffy pillows and even fresh shower curtains. The man and wife stepped in the room and heard something like a cry of a woman.

“What the…” Said the wife

The maid was still in the room and when she heard the noise her jaw dropped right down.

“Why so scared?” Asked the wife

The maid gulped and began…

“A few years ago a husband and wife to be were staying in this room and one night the woman called Emily went out to see her old friend Richard who lived in this village. Her partner, Tony went out to find her and thought she was cheating on him with Richard. He dragged her home and she was crying. When they got to their room the woman was beat and then killed. Others have stayed here and it always ended up with a murder. I suggest you get out of this place or book 2 seprate rooms.”

“Nonsense!” shouted the husband. “I have never heard of a ghost harming a living person. The very idea is preposterous!”

That night when the maid was about to go home she began chatting to the bar tender who still had a couple of guests drinking. All of a sudden they heard a scream.

“Room 13… someone is staying there…” the maid said

The maid and the bartender froze in fear and looked at eachother before rusing to the room. When they got there they burst through the door and saw the man standing over the dead womans body with a bloody kitchen knife.


  • @ForeverGhostly PLS don’t criticize. The ghost of Tony maybe possessed the guy and he killed his wife. Good story though. BTW the couples were aggressive.

  • Soz it is my first story and yes the room is like a curse. If a couple stay there then the man will kill his wife the same way as years ago.

  • Guys dont be so rude it was good i know it was a bit confusing at the end but doesn’t mean that its the worst right? So dont give bad comments pls :D

  • My Theory: The ghost of the man went to the husband & so she killed the wife the same way she killed Emily

  • @forever ghostly im bipolar so i gotta say this. ur retard3d. its not horrible it just needs *A LITTLE WORK* u fag u cant even write a story. u probaly did but sfk dnt wanna post it cuz it sucks!

  • I really didn’t know what to think about this one.
    It’s…something. Maybe not great, but something…

  • I thought it was good. Also Aurelia, all though some of the points you make are valid, they are a bit harsh. I have seen other critiqes and just wanted you to know. I realize that probobly not what you meant to do, i just would want someone to tell me if i was doing that.
    -with all do respect,

  • It needs editing and was too short. But it could have been good if it was longer and maybe kept on the married couple, describing what went on in the night. Jumping to the maid in the bar sort of took me out of the moment. You need to heighten the suspense. It just wasn’t scary or even shocking. The end of a bit confusing too. You went from referring to them as husband and wife and switched to man and woman, which made me wonder if the maid and bartender were seeing the husband killing the wife that were staying there, or a ghostly reenactment of the previous murder. I’m not sure if it was the ghosts they saw in the room, ot the husband and wife possessed? But just work on it a little more and do more details and it could be great.

  • Quite frankly, they deserved it. They should have been nicer, and should have been grateful for a vacation.

  • I didn’t really like the story. There’s no plot. I mean, the man kills the wife because he thought he was cheating with Richard. Then the newly wed couple comes, and the husband kills his wife. Why? Is it a curse? No offence, but it seriously sucks. What is happening to all the good stories here?

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