Country Singer

The Country Singer is a campfire story about a woman who haunts boy scout camps in America.

Country Singer

There was a woman who dreamed of being a famous country singer. Her name was Betsy Beaumont. The fact that she had a horrible singing voice didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. She spent every penny she had on singing lessons and sessions in a recording studio.

Her husband, Bobby, had a very different dream, though. He was a Boy Scout leader who loved camping and used his money to sponsor boys who couldn’t afford it.

As you might expect, money—and how to spend it—was a big issue in the Beaumont home. One day, while driving home from a camp, Bobby died in a mysterious accident. Betsy planned to use the insurance money to move to Nashville, but when she opened his will, she got a big surprise. He’d left every penny to the Boy Scouts to build a camp near their home in Missouri.

After the camp was built, Betsy went to visit it. Some say she intended to burn it to the ground for the insurance money. On the way, though, in exactly the same spot that Bobby had died, her car hit a deer. The accident was horrible. She was so mangled that she could only be identified by a ring that her husband had given her on their anniversary.

Betsy never left those woods. She haunts them to this day, hunting down Boy Scouts who wander away from the camp alone. Every year at the camp, some poor boy sneaking out to the toilet or to the mess hall disappears, lured away by the ghost of Betsy Beaumont. Late at night, she can be heard singing in the forest, a horrible screeching and wailing that can drive people mad if they don’t cover their ears.

If you see her, what you’re supposed to do is take a good look at her eyes. If they are blue, she is in a good mood and probably won’t even notice you, but if they are red or orange, she’s angry and that’s when you should be scared.

They say that if you meet Betsy Beaumont singing in the woods, there’s only one way to survive: tell her what a wonderful singer she is. And whatever you do, don’t insult her singing or it will be the last noise you ever hear.


  1. Anonymous says

    O would like to hear her song to check how bad her singing is…
    Anyways she is beautiful in the picture.

  2. 323914432 says

    Lol terrible voices are funny I have a good voice but I like singing terrible it’s fun

  3. princess_nobody says

    i am with her cause my voice stinks and it would be fun if we sing along

  4. nightisascaryday says

    Eh heh if she sings one direction I would sing along with her and make a fan concert :P

  5. chickengp says

    I want to know how really bad of a singer she is. I think I already experience that since my sister likes to sing a lot -___-*

  6. konmos says

    Read it on the net a long time ago,however it was named the legend of betsy beaumont.Anyway,glad i aint a scout.

  7. xXPrincessNamiXx says

    Second :3 and I think she’d be a good singer ^^ && her husbands mean.. >.<

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