Country Death Song

Country Death Song by The Violent Femmes tells a creepy story about a man who murders his own daughter. It is based on a true story that happened in 1862 when a man threw his daughter into a well and then hung himself in his barn.

I had me a wife, I had me some daughters.
I tried so hard, I never knew still waters.
Nothing to eat and nothing to drink.
Nothing for a man to do but sit around and think.

Well, I’m a-thinkin’ and a-thinkin’, till there’s nothin’ I ain’t thunk.
Breathing in the stink, till finally I stunk.
It was at that time, I swear I lost my mind.
I started making plans to kill my own kind.

“Come, little daughter,” I said to the youngest one,
“Put your coat on, we’ll have some fun.
We’ll go out to the mountains, the one to explore.”
Her face, it lit up, I was standing by the door.

“Come, little daughter, I will carry the lanterns.
We’ll go out tonight, we’ll go to the caverns.
We’ll go out tonight, we’ll go to the caves.
Kiss your mother goodnight and remember that God saves.”

I led her to a hole, a deep black well.
I said “make a wish, make sure and not tell
And close your eyes dear, and count to seven.
Know your papa loves you, good children go to heaven.”

I gave her a push, I gave her a shove.
I pushed with all my might, I pushed with all my love.
I threw my child into a bottomless pit.
She was screaming as she fell, but I never heard her hit.

Gather ’round, boys, to the tale that I tell.
You wanna know how to take a short trip to hell?
It’s guaranteed to get your own place in hell.
Just take your lovely daughter and push her in the well.

Don’t speak to me of lovers with a broken heart.
You wanna know what will really tear you apart?
I’m going out to the barn, with a never-stoppin’ pain.
I’m going out to the barn, to hang myself in shame.


  1. TamasakiLion says

    The oldest daughter and her mother must’ve had a hard time forgetting him when they grow up.

  2. Kaai Yuki says

    *Finishes story* Well…. i think im gonna go to sleep now ._. And i guess when i mean sleep i mean read more stories. ^-^

  3. FuzzUzzle says

    The past tense of “hang”, as in hanging yourself from a noose, is “hanged”, not “hung”. Just a sort-of fun fact :)

    I know it doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Dragon Slayer says

    I am looking rather seedy now while holding down my claim
    And my victuals are not always served the best,
    And the mice play shyly ’round me as I nestle down to rest
    In my little old sod shanty in the West.
    Yet I rather like the novelty of living in this way
    Though my bill of fare is always rather tame,
    But I’m happy as a clam on the land of Uncle Sam
    In my little old sod shanty on my claim.

  5. Carcass says

    That’s a bit sad. The father killed his daughter and himself. Wonder what happened to the wife..

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