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Clap Clap

Clap Clap is a scary story about a man and woman who get lost in the mountains and come across an old cabin.

Clap Clap

One day, a young married couple went hiking in the mountains. As the sun began to set, they realized that they were lost. The wife was getting worried, but her husband tried to calm her down and assured her that they would eventually find their way back to their car. However, after walking for hours, they still had no idea where they were.

It was growing dark and the man and wife were getting desperate. They didn’t have a map or a compass with them and all of the trees looked the same. Just when they were about to give up hope, they came across an old cabin in a clearing.

The cabin looked as if it had seen better days. It was dilapidated and seemed like it hadn’t been used in a long time. Some of the windows were cracked and broken and a lot of the tiles had fallen off the roof. The husband knocked on the front door but there was no response. When he turned the handle, it slowly creaked open.

Inside, they found it was in a bad state of disrepair. There was very little furniture and the floor was covered in a thick layer of dust. As the couple cautiously looked around, they noticed a strange atmosphere and a peculiar musty smell.

The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with graffiti. Written in red paint, the words, “Death! Death! Death! Death! Death!” were repeated over and over again.

The man and woman were unnerved. With a shaking hand, the husband reached out to touch the wall. He was horrified to find that the paint was not yet dry.

The couple were very frightened, but they had nowhere else to go. They knew that the mountain was dangerous at night and there were lots of wild animals prowling the woods. Despite the creepy writing on the walls, they decided to stay the night.

Going upstairs, they found a moth-eaten mattress that was covered in stains. The husband and wife wrapped themselves in an old piece of carpet to keep warm and tried to make themselves as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. They lay down together on the mattress and eventually managed to fall asleep.

Sometime after midnight, the couple were awakened by a strange rustling noise. It sounded like someone or something was moving around outside the shack.

“Did you hear that?” asked his wife. “I think there’s somebody out there.”

Her husband listened for a while, but he didn’t hear anything. He got out of bed and walked over to the window. It was too dark outside to see anything. Opening the window, he stuck his head out.

“Who’s there?” he called nervously.

There was no answer.

He was about to go back to bed when his wife said, “Maybe it’s someone who can’t speak…”

The husband returned to the window and said, “Is there anybody out there? Clap once for YES and twice for NO.”

He strained his ears to listen. The stars twinkled in the night sky. The crickets were chirping loudly.

All of a sudden, he heard a loud CLAP!

The man turned to his wife and said in surprise, “You were right. There’s someone out there.”

He leaned out the window and his eyes scanned the darkness. He couldn’t make out anything in the pitch black.

“Are you the owner of this cabin?” he asked.


“Are you a man?”


“You’re a woman, then?”


“Are you human?”


A chill ran down his spine. He swallowed hard and croaked, “Did you come here alone?”


“How many are with you? Clap once for each person…”



  • Nice story, i realy liked the idea of the person not being able to speak. However, i would like a form of reaction from the couples side.

    – Never sleep in a cabin, never. Never. Never. Never.

  • i have a ending for this story:

    It was 11:30 when the man heard it the told his wife . The couple didn’t know what to do. Then the man had an idea. He looked around the house looking for knifes, guns, or anything that will protect him and his wife. He looked in the first floor while his wife is on the lookout. He looked in the worn out kitchen on the first floor. He found some pots, pans, shattered bowls and plates. He finally found his weapon: matches. He grabbed it and opened it up . He found five matches. Boy, he was lucky. He shouted out to his wife ” I found five matches!!! I just need some items to burn!!! how is it doing up there!?” His wife responded ” I ask the creatures some questions like , ‘ How close are you to the house?’ and ‘ why are you here?’ Overall i’m fine here!” ” Okay great just don’t get hurt or anything up there!” said the man after his wife.

    He walked around the cabin looking for wood or/and papers to burn. Then he came across a small shelf with a few books on it. He was so excited and thought they were going to survive. He flipped through the pages of the books to see what the owner of the cabin was interested. The man saw that the owner was into witchcraft. He was spooked about how many books are about witchcraft. The man saw the last book. It was a diary of the owner. The diary’s cover was printed ” MY WITCHCRAFT BOOK” it originally said ” MY DIARY ” but the owner stitched in ” WITCHCRAFT BOOK” on to the cover. It was made out of leather and the pages looked like it was burned but the writing can be viable . He read the first page, it said:

    May, 12, 1986

    I ran away from the house because Mommy and Daddy was fighting . I didn’t want Mommy or Daddy to leave each other so i ran away so they can fine me and they won’t leave each other! I have the smartest ideas!! i was walking around the woods then I found a cabin. Nobody lived there so i desided to stay there so when Mommy and Daddy come for me i won’t be outside waiting . I looked inside the cabin . The kitchen is really pretty. I found pots, pans, bowls, and plates. i looked in a drawer and i found matches!!!! I can’t touch matches Mommy says. I will follow her rules even when she is not there!! I am such a good boy. I am sleepy . I hope Mommy and Daddy fine me soon.

    The man knows that the owner is a boy. He called out to his wife ” I found some books to burn ! But they are all about witchcraft ! It seams like the owner is into witchcraft ! Also I found the owner’s diary ! Guess what!? The owner is a guy!! ” Then his wife said” Creepy!! The owner is into witchcraft and a male !!” There are some crazy males out there !! Bring up the books and the matches ! ” The man listened to his wife and brought the books and matches to the second floor.

    His wife flipped through the books and sat on the matress. ” Wow, how boring are these books. ” Then she got up and walked to the window . Her husband followed . ” I got an idea for the creatures outside.” her husband nodded. ” Were you created by the owner of this cabin?” CLAP! ” Were you created when the owner was young?” CLAP!CLAP! ” Are we the only people that came here after the owner?” CLAP!CLAP! “Are you guys in the cabin?” Then they heard a echo . CLAP!CLAP! ” THEY ARE IN THE CABIN!!!!” the wife screamed to her husband. He grabbed the matches and the books. His wife found a rough surface that he can rub the matches on. He did that . The fire burned the pages of the book . His wife looked outside the door and screamed bitterly” ARE YOU GUYS WALKING UP THE STAIRCASE!?” CLAP! She looked back in the room where her husband is. ” HURRY UP THEY ARE ON THE STAIRCASE!!!” ” I GOT IT !!! I GOT THE FIRE!!” shouted the husband in exsitment. They heard slumping , pounding, and dragging on the the staircase. They heard stump stump drag stump stump drag . The man tried to not let the fire burn out . He walked to his wife shaking in fear. ” We are going to lead the creatures up here and make them go into one room and then burn the room. ” he wispered to his wife. ” But there is 48 creatures out there! How are we going to do it!?” said his wife. Her husband didn’t answer he just handed her a book with burring flames on it. ” COME UP HERE CREATURES!!! ” screamed the husband . The wife and her husband hid in a room across each other in the hallway. Then they saw the creatures . They were dissucing looking animals and half human. There was a wolf man with a cut snout and an its eye was missing, there was blood stains on his fur with cuts. Most of these animals were like the wolf. But they can stand like human beings . Their paws were replaced with hands. Then the couple striked . They were circing the animals with their torches . They finaly made the animals into the room!! But then the wife triped into the room and she dropped her torch on her leg. The husband ran inside the room trying to pull his wife out on the room. He threw the torch in the room and the room caught on fire . The wife was telling him that the room is burring but all he said that he will die with her. She pleated that she will stay there with the animals and burn to death. The time was about 5:00 am when the cabin burn down. THE END!!!!!!

    it took me about two hrs to make this and i hope you liked it!!! ps SFK this was the BEST story EVER!!!

  • I don’t get it. Makes no sense. Really, just don’t go into the house in the first place, sleep in the rain or wait until sunrise.

  • Oh my God what a very creepy story, wow impressive 48 claps…that means there were at least that many victims of the owner. Who ever he or she is lol, no those poor people are shadows of their former selves I guess or rotting filthy ZOMBIES!!!! >.> Good Story by the way ^^

  • Omg 48 things outside that house :-o
    Nicely written but I’m eager to know what happened after that :-)

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    Oh you’re not?
    I deeply apologise. Can I cheer you up?

  • Clap once if you’re out there, twice if you’re not. CLAP CLAP! Okay, nobody’s there. Why would you stay in a creepy cabin in the middle of the woods? HASNT ANYONE SEEN MOVIES?!?!?! Didn’t you have a car to sleep in?

  • If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! Clap, clap! If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! Clap, clap! If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it; if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! Clap, clap!

  • Lol I just read cell phone and I had the song selfie stuck in my head now I got boom clap in my head

  • I liked this story a lot. It wasn’t a cliche story of the mountain man coming to kill the couple.

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