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Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs is a funny little story for kids about a girl who won’t share her candy with her younger brother. It is based on a little tale from Korea.

Chocolate Eggs

It was midnight and a girl was sitting at the table in her living room, trying to do some study. Her little brother was on the floor behind her, playing with his toys. The girl had bought a bag of chocolate eggs and was eating them as she read her book.

“Can I have a chocolate egg?” asked the little brother.

“No!” replied the girl gruffly.

“Please can I have a chocolate egg?” he whined.

“I told you No!” she said.

She continued eating her chocolate eggs and her brother kept pestering her to give him one. Eventually, she grew tired of the constant distraction. She grabbed the half-finished bag of candy and tossed it over her shoulder.

“Here!” she said. “You can have the rest.”

She heard the rustling noise as her little brother ran over, grabbed the bag and began eating the chocolate eggs.

“There’s only two left”, said a voice behind her. “Can I eat one?”

The girl sighed. “Yes!” she snarled. “Just quit bugging me.”

She heard heard some slobbering and munching sounds behind her.

“Now there’s only one left,” said the voice.

“Stop asking questions and just eat it!” she yelled.

Then, she turned around and to her horror, she saw a hideous monster. It had just finished chewing on the remains of her little brother.


  • so im guessing the brothers brown because he or the monster said ” there is only 2 left” so.. idk maybe even white for white chocolate lol:)

  • So the monster eat her brother and is about to eat her too cause voice and there is one left an she yelled just eat

  • Win-win
    There was a girl named Candace.She had a lot of stuff.One day,Candace was outside playing Temple Run Oz.Then she saw a girl walking up the street.Candace went up to the girl and said”hi my name is Candace.Whats your name?”” Brileigh” she said.”Your pretty”Brileigh said.Thank you Candace said.I have to go home Brileigh said.Okay Candace said.The next day Candace was sorting her jewelry.She saw Brileigh walking up her driveway.Hi Candace brileigh said.Hi Brileigh Candace said.What are you doing brileigh said.Just sorting my jewelry Candace said.Hey Brileigh Candace said. Can you watch my jewelry while I go to the bathroom? Sure brileigh said. When Candace got back brileigh said I have to go home now.bye Candace said. Bye bye brileigh said. The next day Candace saw that her favorite bracelet and her iPod was gone. When Candace saw brileigh she said have you been stealing my stuff? Sorry I just wanted it badly because it was so nice and pretty brileigh said. Oh that’s okay but you don’t have to steal. Okay brileigh said. I’m sorry. That’s okay. Bye Candace said. Bye brileigh said. That night Candace woke up to a strange sound. She saw brileigh In her room. What are you doing Brileigh? Just looking for stuff she said. Then brileigh produced a large butcher knife and hacked off Candace’s arms and legs and walked out laughing loudly. Hope you don’t get too scared:-D

  • this is boring, i like short stories, but i like short stories with actual story behind it.

  • @ Lonely_Ghost
    Im so sorry about your cat…. Mine died too not too long ago.. But dont worry, hes in kitty heaven now and im sure hes doing fine!

  • omg i feel so bad for bein mean 2 ma bro now, im so mn 2 em like wen he asked me 4 help on a hw prob n cuss at him and kick him out n lock the door even wen hes da only one there. hes only 7, im mean

  • @scary lady

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have been busy. I have an idea for that story of yours! I’m a bit too tired to write it up now, but I really like your idea, so I can give you a summary.

    So, she keeps asking people if she can “borrow” there things, like their hair or eyes, and they get creeped out and say no, and then they go missing and she has whatever she wanted to “borrow.” And, in the end, she is alone in an alley, and all the ghosts of the people she killed come back and say they want their things back, but she says she will never give them back, and then the next day they find her, and part she borrowed off someone else is gone from her, and all that it left was a skeleton.

    Yeah, it’s kinda crappy, but I’m just really tired. XP I will not be offended if you hate it. XP

  • Hi guys, you have put some wonderful stories here!
    Sorry for not posting anything for so long, but…

    My cat died and I wasn’t in a mood of writing. :(

    When I get better I will post a new story! :)

  • ok, I have something thats not a story. Its a ritual.—-There is a forest in Lincoln, Nebraska. Its position is near a library, next to a baseball feld, and if you go into the forest, its next to train tracks. This is a fairly hard task to accomplish but if you do these steps right, youll be able to kill anyone in the world living! First you start by finding the entrance to the forest. (This shouldn’t be hard considering theres barbed wire and a “do not enter” sign). Next, enter the forest, and find a wooden tower that is close to the train tracks I talked about earlier. (there are 3 different towers ive seen. so be sure to choose the right one). Then, precede to sit at the top of the tower, in a way so you can see the train tracks. Next comes the hard part. you must stay sitting until a train passes by, wait for the train to pass and then you must say, “I have come for the revenge I seek”. After this step, wait for an unknown voice to say, “Who shall the cold hand crush?” state the name of the person you want dead. (Note:DO NOT TURN AROUND, or youll be the one dead) Finally, you may leave the forest. If everything you did was right, the next day your bounty that you wanted shall be…gone. Now you may be wondering if theres a claus in this offer? Yes, there is. You will spend the next 3 years with horrible nightmares. Unless of course you share this ritual.—-so how do you like my ritual?

  • Yup scary lady it freaked the heck outta me :D people in comments make better stories then scary for kids o. O

  • NANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANA BATMAN!!! XD Hia everyone! such EPIC stories y’all guys make!

  • “Make It Work”
    Emma was a normal 6 year old girl, she liked peppy music and strawberry bubblegum. One day she was playing outside and she saw a girl walking down the street. Emma had never met her before and she wanted to say hi.
    “Hi I’m Emma, will you be my friend?”
    “Sure wanna play doggies?”
    “But I don’t have a leash.”
    “I’ll make it work” the girl said as she took off her belt and looped it so there was a circle at the end and the rest was a long strand.
    The next day Emma met up with the same girl.
    “I want to pretend to be rockstars.” said the girl, exuding excitement.
    “But I don’t have microphones,” Emma complained
    “I’ll make it work” she said as she ripped two branches off of the trees, one for herself, one for Emma.
    Later that night the mysterious girl appeared in Emmas bedroom it was around 3:00a.m..
    “What are you doing?” Emma asked still groggy.
    “I wanna play butcher.” she replied with an evil glint in her eye.
    “But you don’t have a knife.”
    “I’ll make it work” the girl said producing a large blade.

  • yayyy i wrote a new story hope u all like it btw sfk u can post this if u want

                         Little Girl

         Candy was a normal teenage girl. She was listening to music and trying on clothes. She put on her favorite sundress and went outside to take pictures. “You look pretty in that dress,” said a small voice.

           Candy whirled around, surprised.
    There was a little girl with black hair sitting at the edge of the driveway. Candy smiled. ” Oh, well thank you!” Candy laughed. 
    “I have to go home,” said the little girl as she turned to leave.

          When the girl was within a good distance, Candy turned around.
    “Well, that was weird,” Candy said.
    She continued taking pictures and singing.

        That night, Candy woke up as her bedroom door closed. She turned on the light and looked around. She didn’t see anything out of place. Candy was soon asleep again.

         The next day, Candy realized her dress was missing. “My mom must’ve washed it,” Candy said to herself. Candy went outside to take more pictures on her phone. The little girl was in the drive way again. Candy walked over to the little girl and said hello. “Hi.That’s a pretty necklace,” said the little girl as the grabbed it to look at it. “I have to go home,” with that, the little girl left. Candy didn’t realize the necklace was missing until the next day. 

             Candy knew something was wrong. She went outside and the little girl was still there. “Have you been taking my things?” Candy asked the little girl.
    “Yes, I’m very sorry. Everything was just so pretty and I wanted it,” the little girl started crying. 

          Candy felt bad for making the girl cry. She picked her up and sat her down on her lap. ” It’s ok. It’s ok. But, it’s not nice to take things,” Candy said, trying to calm the little girl. 
    “I’m sorry,” the little girl said between sobs. Candy put her down and sent her on her way.

          The next day at school, Candy’s boyfriend broke up with her. Candy started crying and continued crying all day. When she got home, she sat down outside and cried. She just wanted to die. The little girl showed up in the driveway again.

       “What’s wrong?” asked the little girl. Candy stopped crying enough to say,”My boyfriend broke up with me,”
    The little girl was confused by this. Candy explained it. “The boy I like doesn’t like me anymore. He thinks I’m ugly. I just want to die,” cried Candy.
    “Oh. Well, I still think your pretty,” said the little girl, trying to brighten the mood. The little girl soon left. 

        That night, Candy went to sleep crying. She woke up in the middle of the night. The little girl was walking toward her. Candy started screaming.

          Candy’s mother called the cops. The police found Candy’s mangled body underneath the blankets in her room. She had been skinned, scalped, and her eyes had been plucked out of her head. There was a note sprawled in messy writing across the wall. “It’s a win win,”

  • lol well im still workin on elaboratin it but thrs this girl nd she getz rlly jealous nd she like physco so if she jealous of ur hair she go nd scalp u put ur hair on her hed nd stuff but itz rlly hard to make it more interestin :\ horrible lol ill prob start on another story insted

  • @XxPhantomFangWolfXx
    ya tht wud b rlly kool!!! cuz were both pretty good at imagery nd got those slightly demented minds to make stories just scary enuf to make anyone hav to look behind him a few times XD btw im workin on a new story but i rlly dnt kno where its goin

  • Furry Friends
    Tyler walked home from school. As usual, his dog jumped onto him and licked him. “down, boy down” he giggled. The dog stopped frolicking around and stood still. Tyler realized there was something that wasn’t right about Munchkin. He looked the same and acted the same, but there was something he couldn’t put his finger on.
    That night, Tyler went into bed and was ready to sleep. As he went under his covers, he heard a small, angry growl. “Munchkin? Is that you?” he said. He heard a small whine, and a whimper, then silence. Tyler heard some padded footsteps getting closer and closer. 
    Suddenly, a scream pierced the soundless moment. Another scream sounded. He heard something splatter. The footsteps continued. This time it seemed to be headed towards Tyler’s room. A long, creepy howl scared Tyler out of his wits. He pulled his covers over his head. Hoping this was a nightmare. The footsteps stopped. The thing was right next to his bed now. 
    He slowly made a hole in his blanket and took a peak. A wild-eyed man was holding a blood covered knife. The man said “I know you’re looking…!” in a both threatening and childish voice. He raised the knife. 
    Suddenly, Munchkin ran in and tackled the man. He bit the man’s neck, and blood flew everywhere. The man didn’t move. “Munchkin… You saved my life!” Tyler said gratefully. His peace didn’t last.
     He stared in horror as Munchkin slowly grew larger and his teeth sharpened into fangs. His puppy eyes now had the hatred of a killer in them. His tiny paws extended into razor sharp claws. “That pathetic excuse of a murderer does not deserve to kill you…” Munchkin said in a deep, raspy, unnerving voice. “Munchkin, NOOOOO!” Tyler screamed as the Beast dug its fangs into Tyler’s neck.

  • @ scary lady

    Thanks so much, you just made my day! That was a really sweet of you to say, and I love your stories as well. :) Hey, maybe we should do a collaboration story! I bet it would be epic!

  • Holy burrito guys you write the awesomest stories here in the coments!!!!
    I still cant think of a story to write! I real want to write one, though!!
    Dx :3

  • @XxPhantomFangWolfXx
    heyyy i remrmber uuuu u commented on my othr story!!! lol ya i edited tht one so its longer now same with the one i just wrote lol
    and YOUR story young child was awesomee!!! great detail great tone just awesome builds a great picture in ur mind while you read it good job keep writing XD

  • poor little boy. the pieces of his body are probably sloshing in the monster’s stomach!

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