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Children on the Bus

The Children On The Bus is a spooky tale from Japan about a man who overhears an intriguing conversation while he his traveling home from work one evening.

Children On The Bus

It was late in the evening and a man was on his way home from work. He thought he was the only passenger on the bus, but then he heard children’s voices coming from behind him.

As he listened to their conversation, he was intrigued. The two young boys were apparently talking about a ghost story.

“…and if you turn around, the ghost will snatch you away and carry you off to the afterworld!” he heard one of the them say.

The man recognized the boy’s voice. He had often seen the kids on the same bus when he traveled home from work every day. They attended a school nearby.

The other boy was saying, “That’s easy, then. All you have to do is make sure you don’t turn around.”

“Yeah,” replied the first boy. “But the thing is, you can’t help but turn around. The ghost will try all sorts of tricks to get you turn around.”

The man realized that they were getting close to the stop where the two boys usually got off. However, it looked like they didn’t notice it. When the bus stopped, the kids were still talking.

The man thought he should warn them that they were missing their stop, so he turned around.

The man was never seen again.


  • @deathlyprincess
    I can see your’e a big fan, but do you honestly want a story about your favourite boy band dying and getting chopped up into a billion pieces??

  • What if you are facing a corner and have no choice but to turn around? Or something

  • Creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gawd how did one direction end up here. The comments usually take “many” directions. But now that one direction was mentions it’s only going one direction, to fangirl city. If one thing is scary, it’s FANGIRLS.

  • If people dont like One Direction, then keep your comments to yourself. I understand that not everybody likes them, but it was just an idea. You dont have to insult people. Some little girls see them as their idols. Doesnt mean that everyone else has to also.

  • You guys don’t realize how much these bands and singers mean to us I’ mean one direction is the only music I like and you don’t hear me makeing retarded comments about Justin beiber or Cody Simpson and guys unless you are jelouse of those boy bands and singers I suggest you stop moking the people alot of girls idolize because we take it very seriously or you might not even get to talk to some girls. And I almost know for a fact that other comments are going to say something to insult me but I don’t care because some people think that they know it all. : /. And no I’m not some kind of obsessed person I’m just sick of peole doing that.I hope this wasn’t offensive to anyone.

  • I don’t need any One Direction horror stories thanks, I already see the band members’ faces plastered all over Quotev and sometimes on deviantART. Not here too D:.
    That and I can’t take stories seriously, especially horror stories, if they include junk about celebrities. The things that happen in horror movies/stories are unrealistic anyway, but putting celebrities in it will often make it so unrealistic that I laugh.

  • @ghostfreak why u have to be so mean. i mean i only like one song from them but other than that, I HATE THEM!!! you dont have to say it like that

  • great story by the way shut the hell up about one direction nobody gives a beep get the hell out of her fraks

  • Well alot of people do and its for the great or good. Plus it’s just a few stories its not like it’s all the website. SFK is probably a probably a guy so he would not want put them up even though lots of guys like one direction. I got carried away… Sfk you made a Justin beiver one why not a one direction one?! ;-)

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