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Chat With Strangers

Chat With Strangers is a scary story written by a user on this website named mehrurox28 in collaboration with ScaryForKids. It’s about a teenage girl who finds a new chat website and meets a new friend online.

Chat With Strangers

A 16-year old girl named Stephanie was home alone. Her parents had gone to visit her sick grandfather and left her to take care of the house. Late that night, she was bored and decided to look for something to do on her laptop. On one of the websites she was browsing through, she saw an advertisement.

It read: “Chat With Strangers! A brand new way of meeting interesting new people! Talk online for free! ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL!”

Curious, she clicked on the ad and it brought her to a website called Chat With Strangers. She registered a new account and chose the username Stephiegirl13.

After she signed in, Stephanie looked through several chatrooms, but found that they were all empty. Eventually, she clicked on a chatroom that had one user inside.

Stephiegirl13: Hi!

Bella_SpArks: Hey! I was all alone in here. I’m glad I finally found someone to talk to!

Stephiegirl13: Me too!

Bella_SpArks: So where are you from?

Stephigirl13: I live in California! How about you?

Bella_SpArks: I live in California too!

Stephiegirl13: Wow, whereabouts? I’m in Santa Cruz.

Bella_SpArks: San Ramon.

Stephiegirl13: Cool. That’s only like an hour and a half away.

Bella_SpArks: Yeah. What a coincidence.

Stephigirl13: Yeah, sure is!

Bella_SpArks: 758ehje4378hds4832hj4387eqhj76gr67j

Stephigirl13: huh?

Bella_SpArks: Sorry! My cat ran over the keyboard! :P

Stephiegirl13: LOL! That’s OK!

The two girls chatted for hours and discovered that they had a lot in common. It was getting late and Stephanie decided to call it a night and go to bed.

Stephiegirl13: Well, it’s been really nice chatting with you. Hope we can do it again sometime.

Bella_SpArks: Of course. We seem to be the only ones who use this chatroom. It’s like our own private chatroom. Just for us.

Stephiegirl13: OK. Sure. I gtg now

Bella_SpArks: why?

Stephiegirl13: It’s late and I have to get up early tomorrow. My parents are coming home and I’ve got to tidy up the house! :P

Bella_SpArks: Oh ya, I know how that is…

Stephigirl13: Bye!

Bella_SpArks: OK so lets talk tomorrow.

Stephigirl13: Of course.

Stephanie was pleased to have a new friend. Over the next few days, the two girls kept chatting and they became the best of friends. They even exchanged phone numbers. Eventually, they started talking about meeting up in real life.

Stephigirl13: Heyyy! Wats up, girl! My birthday is the day after tomorrow and it would be great if u could come. I tried calling you but u didn’t pick up ur phone or reply to any of my texts! I even tried e-mailing you but you never got back to me.

Bella_SpArks: yeah I know. Sorry about that. My phone got cut off because my stupid father forgot to pay the bill and my e-mail account is full of spam!

Stephigirl13: That sucks. Well at least we can always find each other in the chatroom.

Bella_SpArks: I know… Hey cool I’d love to come to ur birthday! I will actually be in the area tomorrow. Can I have ur address???

Stephigirl13: It’s on the corner of Broadway and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bella_SpArks: OK. I will be there for sure.

Stephigirl13: You can stay with me.

Bella_SpArks: Thanks for the offer, but I will stay in a hotel.

Stephigirl13: Why? It’s easier if u come straight to my place!

Bella_SpArks: I can’t.

Stephigirl13: Why not???

Bella_SpArks: Because I have a surprise for you…

Stephigirl13: Uhhh okay. But how did you know it was my birthday? I JUST told u… How could you plan everything right this second?

Bella_SpArks: well actually, Stephanie I was planning to surprise u with a visit so I had everything planned already.

Stephiegurl13: OK… cool…

Bella_SpArks: 84r2824839e9494*3843u4843r

Stephiegirl13: Your cat again? LOL! :P

The next day, about an hour before her party was due to begin, Stephanie heard the doorbell ringing. When she went and answered it, she saw a girl standing there carrying two gift-wrapped birthday presents.

“Hi Stephanie!” said the girl.

“OMIGOSH!” exclaimed Stephanie. “Are you Bella?”

“The one and only,” replied the girl with a broad smile.

“It’s so great to finally meet you,” said Stephanie.

They talked for a while about the fun they had chatting online. Then Bella handed the present to Stephanie. She opened up the first gift-wrapped parcel and found there was a chocolate cake inside.

“Happy birthday!” said Bella.

“Wow. Thanks,” cried Stephanie. “Chocolate is my favorite.”

“I know,” said Bella. “Mine too!”

When Stephanie opened the second gift and looked inside, she was shocked.

“Oh,” she exclaimed. “It’s… It’s a knife…”

“Do you like it?” asked Bella.

“Uh… whats it for?” Stephanie asked suspiciously.

“To cut the cake, Silly!” replied Bella.

“OK… I guess… Thanks,” muttered Stephanie.

She turned on the television and Bella went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. On the news, a reporter was saying that an insane woman had recently escaped from the local mental asylum and police were warning people to be on the lookout for her. She was considered armed and dangerous.

Stephanie suddenly felt a little uneasy. She could hear Bella in the kitchen, humming softly to herself. Suddenly, a picture flashed up on the television screen. Stephanie’s eyes opened wide and a chill ran down her spine. She recognied the woman in the picture. It was Bella.

Shaking with fear, Stephanie ran down the hallway. Just as she reached the front door, the closet burst open Bella leaped out.

“where are you going?”, she hissed.

“Just to the corner shop to get some snacks,” replied Stephanie, her voice shaking with fear.

“Oh no, you don’t,” said Bella.

Just then, Stephanie caught a glimpse of the gleaming knife Bella was brandishing in her hand.

Minutes later, when the first party guests arrived, they found the front door standing open. Walking inside, they called Stephanie’s name, but there was no answer. When they got to the living room, guests stopped in their tracks and began screaming in horror.

They saw the bloody remains of Stephanie lying on the floor. Her body had been ripped open from her neck to her waist and her intestines had been pulled out. There was a message carved into her forehead that read, “Chat Mates Forever.”

The police later examined Stephanie’s laptop and foung her chat logs. They tracked down the IP address of Brianna’s laptop and it led them to an old abandoned flat in San Ramon. It was empty except for an old couch and a laptop sitting in the middle of the floor. Bella was long gone.

It turned out that Bella had escaped from the mental hospital after murdering two nurses. She was completely insane and sometimes typed gibberish in the chatroom because of her crazy mental problems.

Today, she is still on the loose and still stalking teenage girls. She hides in their closet until midnight and then kills them with her knife as they lie sleeping in their beds. She could be in your closet right now…

The End.

Mehru says: hey guys. i dont know how to get it in recent posts. hope u like it. took me 3 hours :)


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