Candy From Strangers

Don’t Take Candy From Strangers is a creepy story for kids about a young girl who accepts some sweets from a strange man.

Candy From Strangers

Candy From Strangers

There was a young girl named Alina who loved to eat sweets. One day, on her way home from school, she passed by a man selling candy on the side of the street. His cart was packed with all sorts of mouth-watering treats. Alina didn’t have any money, but the man told her he would give her some candy for free.

The delighted girl gladly accepted his generous offer and ran home with her bag of candy. She gobbled it down and within minutes the bag was empty. Not long afterwards, she began to experience painful abdominal cramps. It felt as if her belly was on fire. The shooting pains in her stomach grew worse as the night wore on.

By bedtime, Alina couldn’t stand the pain any longer and her father took her to the local hospital. In the emergency room, the doctors examined her, but couldn’t figure out the source of the problem. After taking an X-ray, they were shocked. Her stomach was inexplicably missing and there was a large, dark mass in her belly. The surgeons decided they had to operate immediately.

They placed her under local anasthetic and performed surgery on her stomach, cutting her open with a scalpel. They were horrified when they peered into her belly and found a hairy creature lurking inside. It was the size of a fist and had huge, sharp teeth and an unpleasant odor.

The surgeons extracted the mysterious creature with a tongs and placed it in a glass jar. It was then sent to the laboratory for analysis. The damage the thing had done to the girl’s insides was immense. It had eaten Alina’s entire stomach, leaving just an empty space.

The only thing the surgeons could do was attach her esophagus to her small intestine, bypassing the stomach completely. This meant that, for the rest of her life, whatever she ate went in one end and came out the other.

So, be careful. Don’t take candy from strangers.


  1. libby says

    This was good but the hairy creature? There was no real buildup to it. I was expecting maybe he poisoned the candy instead and it dissolved her stomach. Still a good story though. LOL X

  2. So_AWESOME says

    Wow… I would be like really if she were my child. I mean come on, FREE CANDY? From a stranger? ON THE FRIGGIN STREET!!?! Wht did her parents never teach her stranger danger?? Also i think the candy was made of some chemical compound and when mixed with her stomache acid created the monster inside of her. I know… Im a geek B)

  3. Rachel says

    That is yucky! I hate taking candies from strangers! I was with my friend in school with my classmates, We were doing sports and we were tired so my friend sarah gave me a candy so i said “sweet!” But I opened my candy and then my boyfriend jackson took it from me and showed me this story.. Can i take from my friend’s candy?

  4. Banana phone says

    lol does anyone else see the amy yei thing saying will you date me? lol never i would date you is my reply i bet she is a desperate loner no affense amy but amy isnt a jappenese name and what are you doing on a scary website this is no point because she wont be reading this

  5. Banana phone says

    this is what my mun always tells me and also if the monster thing ate her heart wouldnt she die

  6. danceliketheresnotomorrow says

    Creeeeeeepy. This is exactly why I don’t talk to strangers. When I was reading, I thought that the candy would have a severe effect such as putting the girl in the hospital because it poisoned her. But the monster, it made me not believe it.

  7. julissa says

    this is a cool creepy story and i WILL NEVER get candy from strangers!! :/ *a.p.r.h

  8. Valentine says

    I agree with Really? Scary? Call me Rose! Flamefletcher should post his stories in tell me your story.

  9. iscareyoutodeath says

    @Alina My Friend In School Is Named Aleena She’s Like 20 Inches Shorter Than Me XD

  10. Alina says

    lol i wont soulserenade but it was creepy that its spelled right two but u say my name like aleeeena but its spelled alina lol

  11. Mole.D.Cheese says

    I think the little girl was so hungry for the candy that she accidently ate the creature that was lurking in the bag of candy.

  12. reTARDIS says

    The Free Ice Cream game was awesome! Poor little girls. I managed to escape from the insane cook by watching the walkthrough. LOL.

  13. queen of chills says

    meep little kids are dumb. I would never take candy from strangers especially if it’s free

  14. Jinx says

    ..The picture does go good with the story. Imagine. A psychotic murder dressed up to look nice drives up outside a school and give out free candy to the kids, except the chocolate has razorblades and the hard candies are poisoned. Everyone goes home to eat their treats while the crazed man sits out on the street in his dirty, rusted old van, and he smiles maniacally and eats a peppermint candy while finding sick pleasure in listening to the crying and screaming of the children who fell victim to eating the tainted sweets…
    (Yeah I’m sick. I don’t know why I just wrote that. In other words, I enjoyed the story.)

  15. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    awsome story, i thought that the candy had the most powerfull acidin them, and when saliva touches it ten minutes later when its in the stomach the stomach disolves, but i guess stories theses days are not predictible as hey usd to, but anyways i love unpredictable and shocking stories :P and by bye dracula

  16. _darkwolf_ says

    Seems like a (dun dun duh!) Fringe event!!! (Fringe is a t.v. show like the x-files for all who don’t know)

  17. killerkat101 says

    This story was weird and ended nasty DX. Lol flamefletcher love your Mario and Luigi stuff XD

  18. Really? Scary? Call me Rose! says

    FlameFletcher,I love Your Mario And Luigi stories,you should go on TellMeYourStory and post them there!!

  19. jacob hackman says

    bob: jimmy go get me some sweets were all out
    jimmy:ok than wheres cheapest store
    bob:drug store
    jimmy goes to drug store and the clerk says:hi we got cheap drugs here wat you want
    clerk:that guy outside sells 2 bags for 50c but if you buy from him ull die in seventeen days
    jimmy:dont you mean seven days
    clerk:who am i the ring????
    jimmy goes outside and buys sweets from the guy but goes to 711 to buy sweets for himself when he gets home he givs the sweets to bob and says:enjoy
    jimmy eats his sweets bob eats his 17 days later jimmy had a heart attack his last words were hey bob your about to i ughgh eee aaaahhhhhh
    bob:um ooooooook

  20. flamefletcher says

    Mario was walking on the road one evening
    when a man offered him free candies.
    Mario being greedy at all the cadies at once.
    He started having stomach ache.
    He bent down to vomit.
    just then the evil man wanted to insert a virus into mario by a injection into his buttocks.
    After vomiting Mario felt comfortable his stomach was free.
    all the gas was out from back and front.
    After mario left the area.
    911 was called and a man was taken to a hospital where he died instantly.

  21. reTARDIS says

    I agree with Peanut Brittles, the pic just seemed legit! XD anyway, poor girl. and how can they attach her esophagus to her stomach.?! that will be weird.

  22. trapoula says

    every story on here is scary i only read these at night alone i bet most of u read em in daylight cuz u guys r wimps lol xD but i do recommend reading at nite but most of u prolly wont even btw i am in love wif scaryforkids this wwebsite iz better than all the others (in my opinion)

  23. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    So you mean to say as soon the girl ate something it instantly came out through… You know where. 0.0

  24. PeanutBrittle says

    that’s part of the reason why her stomach was hurting so bad. It would really suck having that creature eating your stomach and having hydrochloric acid burn your organ. I’m really surprised that the creature didn’t die though…the acid in your stomach can dissolve a penny but not a hairy thing? O_O

  25. imgianna says

    OMG! Nice story! And I think it contains chemicals that secretes that hairy thingy. Don’t you think? :”>

  26. PeanutBrittle says

    What I would want to know though is what kind of candy could hold some repulsive hairy creature!

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