Candle Game

The Candle Game is a fun fortune-telling Halloween game that has been played for centuries at parties.

Candle Game

To play the Candle Game, you need three candles, one pink, one green and one orange and a blindfold.

Step 1: Place the candles on a table. Arrange them in a row, approximately one foot apart.

Step 2: Light the candles and blindfold the person who is playing.

Step 3: Shuffle the candles around so that they are in a different order.

Step 4: Spin the blindfolded player around three times. Then tell them to blow out one of the candles.

Blowing out the pink candle indicates love and romance lie ahead.
The green candle means that the person will recieve money.
The orange candle means the player will be going on a trip.

Light the candle again and the next person takes their turn.

If you don’t have the correct colored candles, you can just use any candles as long as you label them “Love” “Money” and “Travel”.


  1. Crystal says

    Totally trying this out! I would be looking more forward to the green or pink one…

  2. klarri143 says

    well u could add more candles and make it more fun its sounds pretty cool though u dont have to stick with only three candles for the ppl that think its boring

  3. creepygirldemond says

    i know but it is a fortune telling thing but not any fun more if it had a color for like your going to die soon or somthing

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