Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop is a scary tale about a young woman who does a favor for a blind man and almost gets more than she bargained for in return.

Butcher Shop

A young woman was walking down the street, when she saw an old blind man coming towards her. He was stooped over and wore dark glasses and a cane. He seemed to be having trouble walking and when he was passing by her, he almost fell over.

She grabbed his arm and steadied him and he thanked her for her kindness. Then he asked the young woman if she could do a favor for him.

“Could you please deliver this letter for me” the blind man said. “I’m old and disabled and I have a terrible time finding my way around the city.”

Being a nice person, the girl agreed to help him and he handed her a letter with an address scrawled on the front. As the young woman turned to walk away, she happened to glance back and saw the blind man walking down the street quite quickly, with his cane tucked under his arm. Then, to her surprise, the blind man took off his dark glasses and casually tossed them into a garbage can.

Suspicious, the woman took the envelope to a nearby police station. The police went to the address on the letter, which turned out to be a butcher shop owned by an old couple. All seemed perfectly ordinary until the police asked the old couple to open the large refrigerator in the back of the shop. The old couple refused so the police had to break it open themselves.

Inside, they were confronted by a horrible scene. There were dead bodies strung up on meat hooks and shelves stacked high with chunks of human flesh.

Until now, the police had overlooked the letter which the mysterious blind man had given the woman. When they opened the envelope, a piece of paper inside contained one chilling line:

“This is the last one I’m sending you today”.


  1. Dark_Destroyer says

    Saw that comin, but how many did he send that day? And how many does he usually send? That’s terrible…at least she was smart about it though.

  2. DollaBills says

    Old Blind Man: Hello there child, could you please help me cross t-

    Me: Hell no! I ain’t fallin for your tricks

  3. superhuman123 says

    I read something like this in Horrible history ww2.But there the victim became suspicious for a much smaller reason.The BLIND man looked at his watch and told her to hurry cause it was late.

  4. GhostGirl666 says

    I have read a similar story set in Germany in WW2. Instead of a young woman it was a little girl.

  5. ilovescarystuff says

    ohh maaa goddd wut is rong wif dis dudeee?!!??1?

    just kidding im not stupid. but this definetly tells me to not trust everyone..

  6. Kdauthor says

    Ahh! Thats terrible!
    But I have to say, love the twist at the end.
    ._. I’m not really sure if the lession here is not to help people or not to trust anyone. xD

  7. AGhost13 says

    That sounds like somthing that would happen in russia after reading a story about a kid who brutally murdered his father in front of his mother because he took away his computer game!!

  8. TheLittleGirl says

    That really freaked me out! I wont ever help a blind man! I know it sounds cruel but after reading this.. not that much I think …

  9. Midnight Spirit says

    Did you guys understand? The man was sending HER to be killed and used, which is why the line read, “This is the last one I’m sending you today.”

  10. katie4894 says

    she was kinda dumb, i mean she shudda know tht if the guy was blind he cudnt write a letter!! And if i saw the guy runnig off id chase after him and tell him to deliver his own damn letter the lazy so and so lol!

  11. pinkKaygana says

    this is just SICK. i’ve heard another version of the story, but this time, the reason that the little girl (yes, in the other version it was a little girl) got suspicous was because, instead of her looking back, it was actually the man. he said: “but hurry up, it’s getting dark.” anyway, i didn’t actually believe in the story, cuz the little girl seemed a LOT smarter than most little girls when she took that letter to the police. why, even i wouldn’t be able to figure out that the man was NOT blind!! if i was suspicious, i would throw the letter away, but if not, i would just smile at the dude and say: “sure, sir :)” …..yes, im stupid :'(

  12. Nightmare 258 says

    I only have one question………..Who is going to buy and eat them? I mean it just doesent make sense!!

  13. ang119xoxo says

    what the? like seriously!! he was gonna slaughter the woman. thats canabalism

  14. DeathBySkittles says

    That`s gross!!! What pyscho would do that to humans?! This story isnt scary just gross && weird.

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