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Bullies and Victims

Bullies and Victims is a sad and disturbing story written by a member of this website named AshleyIsToDope in collaboration with ScaryForKids. It’s about two friends who are bullied every day in school by a group of girls. Eventually, one of them can’t take it anymore and decides to stand up to her tormentors.

Bullies and Victims

There were two best friends named Kim and Mandy who were bullied by a group of girls in my school. They didn’t deserve it. Kim and Mandy were well-behaved and never messed with anyone. All they ever wanted to do was mind their own business and do well in school.

Every day, at lunchtime in the cafeteria, the group of bullies would sit at the table behind Kim and Mandy and throw food at them. In the school yard, the bullies would corner the two girls and verbally abuse them. They told them they were dumb, ugly, stupid and worthless. In the corridor, they would push Kim and Mandy around, pulling their hair and throwing books in their faces. They even punched them and slammed their heads against the wall.

The bullying was relentless and the teachers never seemed to do anything about it. Even the other students just stood by and let it happen. Every day, it kept getting worse and worse and I was a witness to it all. I really have no idea how it started, but I do know how it ended.

One day, Kim and Mandy were in the cafeteria and the bullies were throwing food at them and pouring milk all over them as usual. Suddenly, Mandy surprised the whole lunch room when she got up out of her seat and confronted one of the bullies. Before the bully had time to react, Mandy picked up her tray and smashed it into the other girl’s face.

Mandy completely lost her temper and kept hitting her and hitting her until, finally, one of the teachers came running in and had to pull Mandy off. When the girl got up she had blood on her shirt and there was blood all over her face. The teacher had to bring her to the school nurse to get stitches.

All of the other bullies were in shock when they saw what Mandy had done to their friend’s face. Kim just stood there smiling at them. The group of bullies didn’t mess with Kim and Mandy after that happened.

That evening, the teacher held a meeting with the school principal and Mandy was expelled from school.

A week later, the girl that had her face smashed came back to school. Although she was covered in bruises, nobody felt sorry for her. The group of bullies were the only ones who were happy to see her return.

At lunchtime, Kim was sitting alone in the cafeteria. She looked lonely without her friend to keep her company. The bullies came up and started harrassing her. They were making fun of how she looked and calling her names. They even started making fun of her phone, saying she was poor and couldn’t afford a smart phone. Kim just kept her head down and tried to ignore them.

At the end of the day, my friend gave me a ride home from school. A short time after she dropped me off, I got a frantic phonecall from her. She told me that she had been driving down the road when she saw Kim on the sidewalk, walking home.

Suddenly, a car stopped and some people got out. They were dressed all in black and were wearing masks. They grabbed Kim and shoved her into the trunk. Then, they drove off at high speed.

My friend told me she had been so shocked that she followed the car and it led her to a house in the countryside that looked as if it was abandoned. At that point, she said the masked people in the car got out and noticed her, so she just kept on driving until she got home.

“Even though they were wearing masks, I’m sure it was the bullies,” she said. “I hope they don’t hurt her.”

“They’ll probably just beat her up again,” I replied. “Let’s not get involved. If we say something, the bullies might come after us next.”

My friend agreed to keep quiet about what she had seen.

The next day, at school, Kim didn’t show up for class. I nudged my friend and said, “Don’t you think it’s weird that Kim hasn’t showed up to school?”

“Yeah, maybe they beat her up really bad,” she said. “Do you think we should do something?”

“Mandy will probably know what happened,” I replied. “We can pay her a visit.”

At the end of the day, we asked around to see if anyone knew where Mandy lived. I kept asking until someone finally told me. My friend and I drove to Mandy’s house and knocked on the front door.

Mandy’s mom answered the door. Her face was red and tears were running down her face. When we asked if we could speak to Mandy, her mom broke down and told us that Mandy had committed suicide the night before. She didnt know why. My friend and I looked at each other, shocked to hear this horrible news.

As we were leaving, I told my friend to take me to the abandoned house were she saw Kim being taken. When we got there, the door was unlocked. We looked around to make sure nobody was watching us. No one was in sight so we went inside.

Just as we opened the door, a disgusting, nasty smell hit us in the face. I had to hold my breath. Taking a look around, we saw a lot of trash strewn across the floor. There were old papers, empty beer bottles and dirty blankets. As we started going down the stairs to explore the basement, the smell kept getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, when we got to the bottom of the steps, we waited for our eyes to adjust to the darkness. Suddenly, my friend let out a high-pitched scream and I was horrified to see Kim’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. Her face had been stabbed repeatedly and her body had been sliced open. We saw her insides just laying on the floor and her legs and arms were nowhere to be found.

I saw Kim’s cell phone lying on a chair, so I picked it up and looked at the screen. Reading the text messages, I realized that Kim had been texting Mandy when she was in the trunk of the car. These were the last messages between them:

Kim: Mandy I think I’m gonna die.

Mandy: Why????

Kim: The bullies have got me. They threw me in the trunk of their car. I overheard them talking about killing me.

Mandy: OMG! CALL THE COPS!!!!!

Kim: It’s no use. I’m tired of living like this. I’m done living in hell. I love you, Mandy. You’re my best friend. I’ll miss you.

Mandy: I love you too Kim. You’re like the sister I never had. If you die, I die. When we leave this earth, we won’t have to suffer anymore.

Kim: Bye. I’ll see you in heaven.

When I read the last message, I burst into tears. If only someone had stepped in when it really mattered… If only someone had been courageous enough to stand up to the bullies, these two girls would still be alive today. But nobody helped them. Nobody even tried. I witnessed all the bullying myself, but I kept silent. I was too scared. If only I had said something… If only I had told somebody, maybe I could have saved them.

My friend and I went straight to the police and told them what we had found. The bullies were arrested that evening and the evidence on Kim’s phone was all they needed to put them away for the rest of their lives.

To this day, the deaths of Kim and Mandy still haunt me. I can’t forget them, no matter how hard I try. Every day, I ask myself, “Why? why didn’t I say something?”

(AshleyIsToDope says: Its my first story. Hope someone likes it.)


  • Tbh this makes me more MAD than sad… 😡
    If this was me this is how it would go down…
    Bullies: hahahahah loser
    Me: oh hey i just realised i accidentally brought this new AXE to school. Mind if i test it out? Dont worry this shouldn’t take too long °u°
    News reporter: a group of bullies wad murdered! But we cant find the killer! But its no biggie since nobody cared about them anyways.
    😔 makes me feel better for some weird reason.. Btw everyone is my friend and im really kind by nature. But get on my bad side and i will make your life HELL! °u°

  • I don’t like this story. I LOVE it! Its so inspiring and bold. It brings out rainbows. And an important lesson about friendship. It brings me tears of joy! And it makes me laugh.👍👍👍✌😜

  • I liked the way their friendship bond was still not broken till the end. I hope they are enjoying in heaven…

  • I really liked this story it is sad that Kim and Mandy had to die I hate bullies I had been bulled in grade 3 and now in grade 6 it is not a good feeling I still am bulled today

  • Me: *Visits the bullies in jail at night* Hey… I heard you killed Kim. It must hurt so much to stay in jail…
    Bullies: Yeah…
    Me: I’m gonna end your pain tonight! *Stabs each of them and kills them* Job done. *Returns home*

  • Just saying, I tried to put a link to this on a site called Quotev, but the link ended up bringing people to my profile on here. :)

  • One of the best stories ever. It’s so sad I’m about to cry. It’s beautiful in a way. It is amazing and I barely know what to say. Good job. :)

  • This is probably the saddest story on SFK. It really shows how cruel and heartless people can be. Those girls deserve the death penalty!

  • My God what deep story, it sends a powerful message to anyone who witnesses innocent people getting bullied. Please don’t remain silent do tell a teacher or even the police…I was also bullied while going to school, but held my own each day aND I also got quite the prize for graduating and they did not. ^^

  • good story AshleysToDope oh and RandomFloridain you dont deserve the bullying wish i could help but beleive me when i tell you i am really far away from where you stay

  • I am always bullied. People make fun of me just because I’m not a religious person. Thank you, AshleysToDope because you are like a friend to me. Amazing story!

  • Awww thanks all you guys i was thinking about giving up writing , because i thought i was bad..but you guys make me think my writing isnt that bad. Thank you guys !!! :)

  • This Is A Good Story & Btw I Just Made A New Account Though I’ve Been Coming Here For A Long Time ( :

  • I was bullied too. In grade one and two, a guy in my school kicked me, shoved me and called me names. I was bullied a bit in high school too.

  • NO NO NO it should have been like ALL THE OTHER KIDS IN THE PUMPED UP KICKS BETTER RUN RUN FASTER THAN MY BULLETS remeber liitle boys and girls never think suicide think homicicde

  • I was bullied in high school like kim and mandy. That’s sucks -_____- Oh btw, great story :)

  • That’s horrible (not bad writing, I mean it’s tragic)!!! I cried myself to sleep.

  • this story kind of related to me… i been bullied same as kim and mandy… the only difference is i am still alive

  • This is the original version of the story for comparison purposes:

    Bullies by AshleyIsToDope

    Everyday at school a group of girl would bully these two girls that were best friends kim and mandy. They didnt deserve it, they would never mess with anyone they would just mind there own business. I really dont know how it started but i knew how it ended. Everyday the group of girls would go up too kim and mandy and sit a table behind them and throw food at them and would tell them there dumb, ugly ,stupid. Teachers never did anything about it, But really nobody did. Everyday it kept getting worst. They were getting pushed around there hair pulled and get books throwed at there face and even push there heads hard against the wall.

    Till one day mandy supprised the whole lunch room because when the group of girls were throwing food and pouring milk on them, mandy got up picked up her trey and turned around and smashed it into the girls face, She kept hitting her and hitting her then finally the teachers came and got the mandy off. When the girl got off she had blood on her shirt, and there was blood all over the other girls face, all her friends were in shocked and kim was just smiling.

    The group of girls didnt mess with kim after what had happened to one of there friends. A week later the girl that had her face smashed came back to school and her group was happy to see her. So it was lunch time and the girl was telling her friends that mandy got exspelled and how kim is lonely was making fun of how she looked. Kim didnt mind she was on her phone, then the group of girls started making fun of her phone and saying she was poor because she still had a flip phone.

    At the end of the day after my friend dropped me off home she called me and told me that she was parked outside at the park when she saw kim walking, a car stoped, someone came out that was wearing all black and shoved her in the trunk She told me she followed the car and they led to some house that looked abanded, She told me the address and she said she just kept driving because she thought that the people in the car had noticed her so she just went home. The next day at school kim didnt show up and i payed no mind to it but it wasnt a couple days after that i told my friend “dont you think it werid kim hasnt showed up to school?”, she said “yeah.”

    So at the end of the day we asked around if anyone knew where mandy lived alot people didnt know how mandy was, but i kept asking till someone finally told me. Me and my friend went to mandy’s house and we were shocked when we found out the news, mandys mom opened the door and her face is red and tears are running down her face, my friend ask for mandy and her mom tells us that mandy had commited suicide and she didnt know why. Me and my friend looked at eachother and we knew why, well i thought i knew why.

    As were leaving mandy’s house i tell my friend to take me to the house were she seeing kim get taken too and she did so when we got there we looked around to make sure nobody saw us go inside, nobody was in sight so we tryed to go thru the front door but it was locked but then we went thru the back and there was a door and it was unlocked. Just as we opened the door the most nasty smell hit us in the face, i had to hold my breath.

    Me and my friend looked around and we saw alot of trash and empty beer bottles and blankets, when finally when we started going down the basement stairs the smell kept getting stronger and stronger when finally when we got to the basement me and my friend were horrified, to see what we saw, we saw kim on the ground herlifeless body laying in a puddle of blood her face has been stabed and she was cut open , we saw her insides just laying on the floor and her legs and arms were no where to be found. I saw kims phone laying on a chair and i turned it on and i saw a video when she was getting killed it the group of girls, and when kim was in the trunk she was texting mandy the last messages between them was

    Kim: Mandy i think im gonna die
    Mandy: Why ????
    Kim: The group gots me and they throwed me in the trunk
    Mandy: CALL THE COPS !!!!!
    KIM: No im tired of this, im done being living in hell. Mandy i love you, your my bestestfriend. Please dont call the cops.
    Mandy: I love you too kim, and no if you go i go, your my sister. When we leave we wont have to suffer anymore
    Kim: Bye i love sis ill see you in heaven

    Mandy never replys as i read this i cryed these two girls could of still been alive till this day but nobody helped them or even tryed. I was a witness a myself, if i said something to the group of girls Mandy and Kim would be alive. To this day it haunts me and everyday i ask myself why? why? didnt i say something?

  • loved it, hey SFK, when are u going to make more Riddles/Facebook updates? those were my favorite :)

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