Scary Riddles

Brain Teasers

Each of these Brain Teasers contains a scary hidden meaning. Can you spot the creepy story in each one? Spend some time thinking about each these riddles. If they are too puzzling and you can’t figure them out, scroll down and look for the answers in the comments section.

Brain Teasers

1. Alone in the House

I was really scared last night after I read a really creepy story on this scary Website I always visit. What made it worse was that my parents were away, so I was alone in the house. I switched on all the lights in my room and in the hall leading to the bathroom. That calmed me down a little. The only scary thing that happened was when I finished showering and went back to my room. I switched on the light and, at that exact moment, my handbag fell off the chair. That made me jump! LOL 

2. Strange Dinner

A few days ago, I was invited to dinner at a friend’s house. The strange thing is, my friend recently got involved with some weird religious cult. While I was there, he served up some type of meat, but he wouldn’t tell me what kind of meat it was. It kind of freaked me out. For a second, I wondered if it was human meat, but then, after I ate it, I knew it definitely wasn’t human meat.

3. The Girl in the Library

Yesterday, I went to the library to borrow some books. I asked the librarian where the horror section was and she directed me to some shelves that were in the corner, against the wall. I was browsing through the titles, when I came to a gap in the books and a cute girl peering through at me from the other side. Our eyes met for a moment and she smiled. I spent 10 minutes trying to work up the courage to start a conversation with her, but in the end I just picked out 3 books and brought them over to the librarian’s counter. Why am I such a wuss? If I’d been brave enough to talk to that girl, I could have maybe got her number.

4. Autopsy Exam

Studying to become a doctor is really hard work, but I scored 100% at my autopsy exam on Friday. I can’t take all the credit though. My roommate was a huge help. I wish I could thank him, but he’s no longer with us. RIP Jacob.

5. Pizza Delivery

I was delivering a pizza to an old apartment building in a bad area of town. When I pushed the button to call the elevator, the doors opened immediately. Suddenly, this woman ran out screaming with this crazy look on her face. She ran out of the building before I could say a word. Some people are just weird. I looked inside the elevator, just to check for scary murderers. Nope, nothing. But I still ended up taking the stairs.

6. Suicide Video

A few days ago, my boyfriend sent me an email with a video link in it. When I watched the video, I was horrified. It showed him committing suicide. In the video, he tied a rope around his neck and jumped off a chair. How could he send me something like that?? His funeral is tomorrow, but I can’t bring myself to go. Am I a bad person?

7. Girlfriend

My mom treats my girlfriend like crap. Whenever we come over to visit, she never sets out a place for her. Today, when she was cleaning, she grabbed her and called her dirty and tried to throw her in the closet. That was too much for me. I shouted “Mom! Don’t treat Alice that way!” My mom just looked at me and was all like “Alice? Who the bleep is Alice?” I can’t believe how rude my mom is.

8. Burglar

A few minutes ago, I was taking a shower and I heard a scream from the living room. I got out of the bath and ran out there naked. When I got there, I saw a burglar standing over the dead bodies of my mom, my dad and my sister. When the burglar saw me, he jumped out the window and ran off. I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do.

9. Three Wives

I’ve lost three wives. Can you believe that? Let me tell you, alcohol is a very dangerous thing. My first wife was an alcoholic. She loved to drink wine. After we were married for 2 years, she suffered from alcohol poisoning and died. My second wife was also very fond of wine. Her death was caused by her drinking too. My third wife died in a different way. She broke her neck when she fell down the stairs. She wasn’t drunk, though. She always refused to drink wine.

10. Cheap Hotel

I’m on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand and I’m staying in a cheap hotel. The locals say this hotel is haunted, but you know how Thai people are… They’re very superstitious. However, I did have one scary incident last night. I took a bath and while I was blow-drying my hair, I switched on the TV. Suddenly, a horrifying, old, white-faced woman appeared on the screen. It gave me such a fright, I dropped the hair-drier into the bathtub. That knocked out all the lights in my room. I had to rely on the light from the TV to get dressed. Then, when I went down to the lobby, I found out that my little accident had knocked out the electricity in the whole hotel. The hotel manager wasn’t very happy with me. LOL


  • 1: he turned on the lights. Who turned em off?
    2: Nope. Definitely not human, I have had those before…
    3: It was against a wall. No one could be on the other side!!!
    4: he killed his roommate and did the autopsy on him
    6:”how could he send me this?!” HE CANT. He is dead. Someone killed him.
    7: I messed up my numbering somewhere! Sorry!
    8: the narrator murdered them
    9: he poisoned his wives with wine
    10: the power was out. Ain’t no TV.

  • 1) All the lights were already switched on by him/her as he/she was afraid. Yet he switched on the light. That means someone must have switched it off.
    2) How did the narrator know what human food tastes like??
    3) The shelf was in the corner AGAINST the wall which means nobody could have peeked through it as there was a wall on the other side.
    4) He did the autopsy test on his roommate *gasp*
    5) The door opened right away which means the woman was running from somebody and hid in the elevator to protect herself. Thus, the murderer or whoever must be coming after her through the stairs and the narrator took the stairs. scary!!
    6) The guy already died then who recorded and sent the tape?
    7) Alice is not a person (maybe a clothing item) weird!!!
    8) He called the man a burglar not a murderer. This means he killed his mom, dad and sister. Bloody murderer!!
    9) He killed them by poisoning their wine and killed the 3rd wife by pushing her down the stairs.
    10) If the electricity was out then the television should not be working. The television is haunted.

  • 5. He pushed the elevator button first, how could the crazy lady run out if he was in the elevator too? What if he was scaring the lady?

  • no.8 i have another theory, the burglar didn’t only run away cause he was in front of a killer but because he saw the guys life scarring naked bod

  • no.6= he was murdered, cause it wouldn’t be possible for him to send a suicide video AFTER dying so whoever killed him did

  • 1. She left and she kept the light on, But when she went back in her room, she had to turn on the lights. Someone is in her room with her.
    2. The person is a cannibal, how does he know what human meat tastes like?
    3. The girl behind the book shelve is a ghost. The book shelve is against the wall.
    4. He got a 100% because he performed the autopsy on his roommate. He killed his roommate.
    5. The women was trapped inside the elevator and could get out when he pushed the button.
    6. The girl made her boyfriend commit suicide. That’s why she doesn’t want to come to his funeral.
    7. The mans girlfriend is imaginary or a ghost. His mom doesn’t know he has a girlfriend.
    8. Its a “burglar” not a “murderer”. The man killed his mom, dad, and sister. That’s why he was in the shower to wash the blood of of himself.
    9. He killed the wives. He killed the first two by wine poisoning, He killed the third one by pushing her down the stairs.
    10. The Television is haunted. If the electricity is out, How can the Television still be working?

  • #5
    The woman in the elevator could be the Partner of the killer, she was just waiting the for the pizza guy to arrive and to scare him, that he would take the stairs, where the real danger, the killer was waiting for him. She was just faking it, to scare the shit out of him.

  • Did everybody go to first grade? I’ll tell u the answers… I’ll explain it too if needed
    1.) the story says he/she turned on all the lights because she was scared. On the way back the lights are off. Someone is in the house with her.
    2.) How would he know how human tastes…
    3.) it is against a wall
    4.) the roommate is a ghost that came back to help his friend! Creepy!
    5.) this was harder. The elevator opened immediately, as if she just got in the elevator. The elevator wouldn’t be stuck, because it wouldn’t have opened like that. The women was running from something, not on the elevator because he checked it. He went on the stairs to…you can guess
    6.) someone made him kill himself…how did he send it after you know
    7.) Alice is not a person…
    8.) they Calle chin a burglar,not murderer. The narrator killed them
    9.) he killed them
    10.) guys, seriously? How could the electricity go out and the television stay one… Use ya brains!

  • 1: She had to turn on the light again
    2: how could he know if he hadnt had human meat before ;))
    3: if your against the wall there cant be a girl on the other side…
    4: he did the test on his roomate… oops… FORMER roomate.
    6: he sent after killing himself
    7: it wasnt a human TAN TAN TAN
    9: Poisoned the two with the alcohol problem other one refused to drink so he threw her down the stairs
    10: How would he T.V be on if the power went out

  • Dear admin, does #5’s solution is “a murderer on stairs”as guessed by most people here? Kindly reply. I would be grateful.

  • for the 4th one i think that the guy did the test first on his roommate thats how he got 100%

  • Answer to no. 9

    He killed all his family members.The burglar got inside the house and saw the dead bodies and screamed.When he came out hearing the burglar’s scream,the burglar ran away because he thought he would be killed also by the boy.

  • 1. He turned all the lights on, left the room, and yet when he comes back he must turn on a light. This means while he was gone, someone turned off the light.

    2. To know that it isn’t human meat you must have eaten human meat. Therefore, he is a cannibal.

    3. The bookshelf was against the corner wall, so the other side should have just been a wall. And yet, he say a girl.

    4. Not that it needs explaining, but he killed and examined his roommate in order to pass his exam.

    5. I’m not sure on this one. It’s strange that the door opens right away, meaning the elevator was already on the ground floor, which begs the question of why was she waiting there if it was already at it’s destination. My only guess is that she was stuck in there, and the pizza guy didn’t want to get trapped in the dysfunctional elevator?

    6. you can’t send a video of yourself killing yourself, as you are dead before you can have a chance to finish the video and send it out.

    7. Alice is some sort of inanimate object. I’m assuming a body sized pillow, but that’s not really creepy, just a little sad. Unless I’m missing something on this one?

    8. He called the man a burglar, not a killer. He was also washing himself. He also does not seem concerned with the dead family members. He killed them, and was washing up, when the burglar broke in to steal stuff. He saw the bodies and screamed. The man ran out of the bathroom and saw the burglar, who then ran away. The man is now scared because there is a witness to his crime.

    9. The man killed his first two wives by forcing them to drink wine until alcohol poisoning killed them. The third refused, so he threw her down the stairs, killing her.

    10. The whole building has lost power. Why was her tv still emitting light? (spoooky)

  • @WeAcceptHer Hmm you’re right! Didn’t think about that!
    For no.5, I think that woman used the elevator to hide inside, as she met a murderer upstairs. I think the pizza man will be killed as the murderer is using the stairs.

  • 1-someone or something turn off the light when he was at bathroom .
    2-i didn’t figure it out.
    3-the girl he saw was a ghost ’cause the shelves against the wall.
    4-he/she was doing autopsy on his friend Jacob .
    5-maybe the woman was a ghost ’cause he probably didn’t find a floor in the elevator.
    6-how could he send her a suicide video after he died it would his ghost ,if ghosts using the internet xb.
    7-his football or doll i don’t know.
    8-didn’t know.
    9-he’s the one who force them to drink or killing them.
    10-if the whole building was out of electricity how the tv is still lighting O_o

  • No. 10 “It gave me such a fright, I dropped the hair-dryer into the bathtub.” She’s dead lol, but she doesn’t know that now she’s in the paranormal world…?

  • For No.5, it is odd that a woman is waiting inside the elevator since the elevator has already reached ground floor (in which the pizza guy is waiting). The door opens immediately, meaning that the lift is always on ground floor. So, she has probably being trapped inside the elevator until the pizza guy came. Perhaps she is so relieved to be out so she screamed all the way.

    For no6, the boyfriend is dead so it is not possible that he can send the video to the girl. Unless if it is a live video chat, then it is possible.

    no5 and no6 are confusing, but I finally understood now….

  • 1. She already turned the lights on
    2. How does he know what human meat tastes like?!
    3. The shelves were floating, there needs to be a back on a bookshelf
    4. He killed his friend
    5. There was probably a murder on the stairs and that’s why she took the lift, but then he went on the stairs
    6. How did he stop and send the video if he was dead?
    7. His girlfriend is a clothing item… weirdo
    8. The naked guy killed his family and the burglar was scared he’d be killed
    9. He murdered her when he was drunk
    10. If all the electricity was out, how was the TV on?? It could’ve been a reflection…

  • Does number 8 mean that the naked guy killed his family, then burglar was scared he was going to be killed and ran away?? That’s what I thought.

  • 1-she turned on every light already.
    2-how do they know what human meat tastes like…?
    3-if it’s a shelf, then it obviously has a back.
    4-pretty self explanatory, he used his partner as his test dummy.
    6-how could the boyfriend send the video if he’s dead?
    7-she probably can’t see her…?
    8-“I was taking a shower” “I got out of the bath” but idk
    9-she was pushed, possibly?
    10-how could the TV be on if the electricity was knocked out?

  • There is song by Smokie called Living Next Door To Alice. There is a line in that song which goes like – “Alice? Who the f… is Alice? ” In the riddle Girlfriend his mother also says this Alice line. Made me laugh. : )

  • 1. He turned all the lights on before he took a shower, yet he had to turn a light on again? He already turned it on!
    2. He knows what human meat tastes like, and that’s how he knew it wasn’t human meat
    3. The shelves were against the wall, so how could someone have been on the other side?
    4. He killed his roommate and then used the corpse to study.
    5. If the doors opened immediately, then the woman would have been waiting in the elevator already. Maybe a prank?
    6. He sent the video AFTER committing suicide???
    7. Alice is a piece of clothing. Clothing can be dirty, and also be thrown in closets.
    8. Well of course someone will run away if you’re naked!
    9. You murdered the third wife when you were drunk.
    10. If the electricity was out, how come the TV worked?

  • I got number 5… The people in the apartment were all part of a secret organisation that were staying there and decided they would just live off takeaway while they were staying and that woman was part of it. That explains why the guy was delivering pizza. The woman was running out screaming because they gave her the wrong order. At least that’s the only logical reason I can see.


    1. She had turned on the lights. Someone was in the house.
    2. How would he know what human meat taste like? He was probably a cannibal or his friend was.
    3. The shelf was up against the wall so she was a ghost.
    4. He killed his friend.
    5. The woman was probably running from a murderer on the stair and then the guy got murdered.
    6. If he died how he send the video to her. Someone probably forced him to kill himself, videoed it, hacked his email, and sent it to her.
    7. Let’s face it, SHE IS A MOP!!!!!!
    8. Burglars only steal, so he killed them and was cleaning off all the blood.
    9. He forced the first 2 wives to drink until they died, and when his 3rd wife didn’t want to drink he pushed her down the stairs.
    10. If the electricity was out, how was the TV on? One answer, GHOST!

  • #1: Don’t have an answer, sorry XD
    #2: Interesting… so he’s tasted human meat before? Otherwise he wouldn’t know what human meat tasted like, so he wouldn’t have known if it was human meat or not.
    #3: The bookshelf was up against a wall… maybe?
    #4: Ew… he killed Jacob to study for his autopsy exam!! That’s sick and gross.
    #5: I got nothing for this one XD sorry…
    #6: So he took a video of his suicide. That means he’s obviously dead. And then someone sent the suicidal video to the girl. Maybe he was murdered and his dead body was used to try to fool the girl. Or there was a psycho in his house and he said “Kill yourself or I kill you AND your girl!!”
    #7: Your ‘girlfriend’ is an item of clothing. Your mother knew the clothing was dirty, because someone (you?) had been wearing it. So she threw it into the closet (maybe the washing machine or dirty clothes hamper were in there) to be washed.
    #8: Huh… as long as you’re standing there naked, no burglar is going to kill you. The poor guy ran out because you’re naked, with your privates right there. I mean, come on!!
    #9: You killed the third wife. You use these stories of two previously dead wives to instill sympathy in the hearts of other women. One of these women reached out to you. She wouldn’t drink because she didn’t want you to lose her like you lost the previous ones. Then you pushed her down the stairs.
    #10: If the electricity went out in the entire hotel, how could you use the light of the TV to see your way around? The woman on the TV was obviously either a ghost or a creepy person hiding inside the television with a flashlight or candle.

  • Oh my carrot, @SoulSuckah ! HAHAHAHA! Those are really creative and unique answers! The best answers to these riddles (although not the most probable HAHAHA) *u*

  • #1: She didn’t have a handbag. It was actually a mutant created by the government that had gone wild. The creature had the appearance of a handbag and in her initial shock, she forgot that she was a firm believer of handbag rights; handbags were people too! If only she knew…
    #2: This man had tasted that meat before and recognised its distinct flavour, making him believe it wasn’t human meat but chicken or ssomething. Or: neither of the men were human, but beasts that were allergic to human. He suspected his friend was trying to poison him, thereafter sacrificing him to his new cult. When this didn’t happen, the man knew he was safe.
    #3: This man forgot that the bookcase was beside a wall so he didn’t find it strange at all when the girl on the otherside was visible. Little did he know she was a person who had a deep gridge againt books and libraries, having been bullied as a child for being illiterate when everyone else could read. He had caught her as she was demolishing the wall, silently, with her nail gun. Realizing she had been caught, this girl stared at him until she remembered his face and waited for him to leave the library. Then she followed him home and killed him so he wouldn’t reveal her secret.
    #4: After failing his exam, this man flew into a rage and killed his roommate, Jacob- who’d gotten perfect marks. He then peeled off Jacobs face and sewed it onto his, spending the rest of his life impersonating Jacob just so he could brag about good results on facebook.
    #5: The hotel had low budget when they’d built it, so they only had a bungalow with 3 rooms called “Hotel 3 room banana bungalow.” The creepy thing is that there was no elevator nor were there stairs…
    #6: He faked his death and sent it to her, knowing she would be too stupid to realise the flaw in the plan, all because he wanted to break up with her without confronting her face to face.
    #7:The mother treats the girlfriend like such because she knows that she was responsible for the death of his twin sister but doesn’t have proof.
    #8: The burglar screamed because the man was naked and really ugly.
    #9: The wives were all the same person. They were the man. He had multiple personality disorder and each time a wife died represented his path to recovery.
    #10: An old lady lived in her television and watches her all the time but she doesn’t know that the old lady is her from the future trapped in the tv which witnessed her death caused by stupidity and also electrocution.

  • #5 has nothing to do with ghosts or the lady being locked in the elevator. The woman was clearly running from something and it hints at it being a murderer, but obviously the murderer wasn’t in the elevator, so if he was after her and she got away in the elevator, guess which way he would have went after her? He would have taken the stairs which was the way the person was going. OOoooOOOOoooOOooOOOO

  • I’ve been stuck on #5 for a while but I think I got it. What if the women was running from a murder, and the murder was going down the stairs? So the pizza guy was heading straight for him. 😈😵😯

    Anyone else agree with me?

  • I’ve got a slightly different opinion on 9. Maybe the guy poisoned the wine that his first two wives drunk as he got tired of them, and then when the last wife wouldn’t drink it, he pushed her down the stairs? I don’t know, That’s just my opinion c:

  • 1. He said that he had switched on all the lights in his house. Then how could the light of his room be off when he came out from the shower.
    2. He said that he didn’t know what kind of meat it was. But after tasting, how could he tell that it was definitely not the meat of a human?
    3.He said that the shelf was against the wall. Then how could someone be there on the other side of the shelf.
    4.He had practiced autopsy on his room mate for the exam.
    5.Don’t get it!
    6.How did he send the vdo to the girl if he had already committed a suicide.
    7. The boy is insane & thinks that an inanimate object is his gf.
    8. The man said that there was a bugler, so definitely the bugler wouldn’t kill the family as he is not a murderer. So it was the bugler who screamed after seeing the dead bodies. The man is the murderer.
    9. The man is the one who forced his previous wives to drink wine, so they are dead because of him & the third wife refused to drink wine so he killed her by pushing her off the stairs.
    10. How did she switch on the tv if she was in the bathroom as it is written that when she saw the face on tv, the dryer fell off her hand into the bathtub. Also how was the tv on if the entire building was out of electicity.

    I thought of the answers myself. Didn’t see the comments! I just don’t get no. 5!

  • I’m pretty sure I get all of these riddles. I promise I haven’t looked at other comments yet in case the answer’s there, but these are my answers:

    1. The narrator turned on the lights two times — at the start, they said they turned on the lights once, at the end, they did again, which means the lights turned on in the middle. Who turned them on again if the narrator was supposedly alone?

    2. The narrator wasn’t sure what the meat was, but they said they tried it and then knew for sure it wasn’t human meat. How would they be so sure it wasn’t human meat? That means that they’re a cannibal and have eaten human before.

    3. The narrator was browsing books on a shelf that was by the corner. If it was in the corner, how did they see a person on the other side of the shelf?

    4. Jacob, the roommate, was the one who died in the narrator’s autopsy exam.

    5. The elevator was stuck and it only opens from the outside. The woman was trapped in the elevator for who-knows-how-long and couldn’t get out until the narrator freed her unknowingly.

    6. The boyfriend sent a video of himself suiciding. How did he send it if he supposedly already died in the video?

    7. Alice is actually some kind of inanimate object, and the narrator likely has mental problems.

    8. “I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do.” Scared of getting caught for murder? Think of it from the burglar’s perspective: you’re just someone without a lot of money, wanting to steal a few things for a living. You find a good house, break in, wanting to get some valuable stuff and leave, but instead find bodies lying on the ground. You’re a thief, not a murderer. Only murderers kill. That means the narrator was the one who murdered the family.

    9. The narrator pushed his wife down the stairs and killed her because she refused to drink.

    10. If all the electricity went out, how did the narrator rely on the light from the TV to find his way? The TV should not have had power.

  • #5) Maybe there was no elevator, I mean he ended up taking the stairs… or maybe he was the murderer, I don’t know, hard one though…

    1: How come the lights are off when they come in the room, because they turned on the lights before they left.

    2: Have they tried human meat before? ( How do they know how it tastes?)

    3: Hey look, a girl is behind a bookshelf that is against a wall, don’t mind her.

    4: I wish I could thank him, but I already performed the autopsy, so……..

    5: This one stumped me, I’m thinking maybe the girl running is the one who ordered the pizza, and she is running from a murderer that is in the room the guy is going to?

    6: Guy: I totally have to send my girlfriend this video of me committing suicide. ( How can he send her the video if he is dead?)

    7: Aww, he has a doll named Alice, how sweet. ( It makes since, doesnt it?)

    8: OMIGOSH NAKED GUY, MY EYES! Joking, the guy probably murdered the family, the burglar ( People who usually just steal) was probably there on coincidence.

    9: I know that most likely the one about the husband killing them is right, but I also have another idea. Maybe they all are the same wife, just coming back alive or as a different person. That could be it, right? Because the first two liked wine and had accidents. Maybe it’s the same wife hating wine now because of the mistakes? Eh, heck with it XD

    10: I wish when my power went out MY television would work…….. :(

  • no. 1: Someone was there and turned off the lights

    no. 2: how does he know what human meat even tastes like?!

    no.3: The bookshelf was against the wall, so I have no idea how the girl was there . . .

    no. 4: Maybe the roommate was a model he used to cut open or something, or he was dead and that’s why he knew so much about medicine . . .

    no. 5: Sorry, no idea.

    no. 6: I don’t think he committed suicide . . . I think someone murdered him, hacked onto his emails and sent it to her. Either that or that it was his ghost.

    no. 7: Have no idea

    no. 8: Maybe there was something behind her? Or she was ghost that he had already killed? I don’t know, Scaryforkids, please can you tell me?

    no. 9: The husband is a murderer and kills his first two wives with poison or blood or something alike, then he pushes the last wife down the stairs.

    no. 10: The woman on the TV turned all the lights off? It can’t have been her for two reasons; it was a hairdryer which runs on its own plug, she didn’t turn the power box off. The 2nd reason, if there was a power cut, how come the TV was still on?

  • Number 5 – There was literally nothing inside. No lift because it was under repair. That means the woman is a ghost since she was floating on something.

  • 1 – She had already switched ON her bedroom light before she went for her shower. But when she came back, she had to switch it on again. Basically, this means someone or something had turned the light off whilst she was in the shower. Whatever it was, it got annoyed she turned the light back on and threw her handbag off the chair. I think she has a Poltergeist in her house.

    2 – They knew it definitely wasn’t human meat because they have eaten human meat before. The person is a cannibal.

    3 – The girl on the other side of the bookshelf was a ghost. The bookshelf was against the wall which makes it impossible for there to be someone on the other side of it.

    4 – The roommate was the one who had the autopsy performed on him by his friend. His friend helped him pass his exam.

    5 – This is a very confusing one. The most likely explanation or rational one is that the woman was really just stuck in the elevator and was scared and ran out at the first chance she got. Or, she is a ghost or the pizza man is a ghost. Or, considering it is a bad area of town, maybe the woman was being chased by a mad murderer and had run into the elevator to escape him and unfortunately, when the elevator got to the bottom, the doors wouldn’t open. So she was terrified that the murderer would catch her whenever the doors would open as the murderer had maybe run down the stairs to get her. The pizza man, unfortunately, decided to take the stairs and his fate will be to meet the mad murderer on the stairs.

    6 – The boyfriend was dead so how could he send his girlfriend an e-mail? It would have been his ghost.

    7 – His girlfriend is a piece of clothing. This one is hilarious as his “girlfriend’s” name is Alice and the mother quotes the song: “Alice? Who the **** is Alice?” Lol.

    8 – The person who came out of the bath was in the middle of washing blood off of themselves. This is because it was them who murdered their family. The burglar came in to burgle the house and saw the bodies and got a huge fright. The burglar got an even bigger fright when the murderer stood there naked, still with some blood over their body. The murderer was scared and didn’t know what to do because they have a split personality and don’t remember killing their family members. They think the burglar murdered them.

    9 – The husband basically forced the first two wives to drink themselves to death. The third wife, not wanting to drink, was unfortunately pushed down the stairs by the husband because she wouldn’t drink.

    10 – If she had knocked out the electricity in the entire building, then how the heck was the TV still on? This could have been the ghost she seen causing the TV to stay on.

  • 1. Before she got in the shower she said that she had turned on all the lights, but when she got back the lights were off. Therefore the ghost must of turned off the lights, and when she turned the lights back on, it must of made the ghost jump, causing it to knock the handbag of the chair.
    2. He must of eaten human meat before if he knows what it tastes like.
    3. The bookshelf was against a wall, so how could he have possibly seen a girl on the other side…unless she was a ghost.
    4. He did the Autopsy on his room-mate, Jacob.
    5. As soon as the Pizza Man pushed the button, the elevator opened. Which means there was no-one using the elevator, so the lady that ran out screaming, must of bean a ghost.
    6. His spirit must of sent the video, because how could he of sent it, if he was dead?
    7. Alice was either a ghost or his ‘imaginary friend’.
    8. The boy killed his parents, then he took a bath (Probably to get rid of any blood). Then the Burglar arrived at the crime scene, and when he saw the boy, he must of thought that he was the murderer, so that’s why he ran out screaming. (Remember, Burglars don’t kill people).
    9. The man is the one killing his wives. For the first two he made them drink too much alcohol, and when the third one refused to drink any, he decided to push her down the stairs.
    10. The power in the whole building was out, so how was the Tv on? The ghost was probably powering the Tv.

  • 1. She/he turned on the light and took a shower and the light was off when she/he came out
    2. ?
    3. The shelf was against the wall, there can’t be someone on the other side
    4. He did the autopsy thing on his roommate
    5. ?
    6. How did he send the video if he is dead?
    7. ?
    8. ?
    9. ?
    10. A bathtub and a tv in the same room? Did anyone else notice that?

  • Okay, ten is really not that hard. The author=the ghost. She electrocuted herself in the bath tub.

  • ok for number 10:i find the person INCREDIABLY stupid!
    he or she obviously doesnt know that “water and electricty” dont go so well together.yes the power would be knocked out.maybe it was a ghost or poltergiest, that keep the ‘tv’ on? spirits like those are attratched to electricy or a magnetic field?

  • These r all the correct answers
    1. She turned on the lights before she went into the bathroom.
    2. How does he know what human meat tastes like? He has eaten it before.
    3. The bookshelf was against the wall the girl was a ghost.
    4. He killed his friend for the exam.
    5. The woman was trapped in the elevator when he pressed the button she was able to get out
    6. Her boyfriend’s ghost sent the video cause he had already killed himself.
    7. “Alice” was a doll
    8. The guy in the shower was a murderer he killed his family then the burgular stepped into the crime scene and was terrified of the man.
    9. Easiest ever the man killed the ones who drank by poisoning them. When the third wife refused he pushed her down the stairs.
    10. The power went out cause the blow drier fell in the water. First he or she should have been killed by an electric shock. Second the power was off the tv should not have been able to come on. It was a ghost

  • ok i got ‘number 4’ he wanted to thank his friend, on the ‘exam’ day BUT since it mentioned he said ‘RIP’ indicating he killed his own roommate to complete and pass the exam! :(

  • 1. She turned on the light and then when she came back, the light was turned off
    2. How does he know what human meat tastes like?
    3. The woman was a ghost, it says that there was just a wall behind the bookcase.
    4. The guy killed and dissected his roommate so he would get an a on his test
    5. The woman was a ghost, it said that the elevator doors opened instantly, which means it was on that floor and the woman came out screaming. I don’t know many people who spend their time alone, inside elevators.
    6. So who stopped the camera and sent the video?
    7. The guy is cuckoo, he thinks the laundry is his girlfriend
    8. The guy had already killed his family. The buglar got scared when he saw the murderer.
    9. The guy is killing his wives, he killed the first two by making them drink too much wine and he pushed the third one down the stairs because she didn’t drink wine.
    10. How did the tv stay on if all the power was knocked out?

  • Actually In my city library you can see through the bookshelves. The don’t have a Wall dividing them. Or there could have been a crack in the bookshelf. Think harder, Try harder, No brainer.

  • 5# The woman took the elevator and since it was still open for the pizza guy to check that means the murderer took the stairs which the pizza guy took. HE’S GONNA RUN INTO HIM

  • #8 the guy taking a shower killed the family the burgler screamed and was scared so he ran away the guy in the shower was scared that the bugler was going to tell on him

  • 1) When she went for a shower her light was on and when she came back her light was off, so she had to turn it on again.
    2) How would the person know it wasn’t human meat? They must’ve eaten human meat before that day.
    3) The book shelf was against the wall, there couldn’t have been a real living girl on the other side.
    4) It was an AUTOPSY exam so he killed his room-mate to do an autopsy on him to help with the exam.
    5) This one stumped me but it could be either: The elevator wasn’t an elevator it was stairs. Or, the lady or the pizza guy was a ghost.
    6) How could the boyfriend send her a video of him commiting suicide after he had commited suicide?
    7) His girlfriend is an inanimate object.
    8) The person taking the shower was the killer and they were washing off the blood, the burglar screamed, a burglar doesn’t murder. The person is scared because they think the burglar is going to tell the police.
    9) The guy poisons the alchohol that his first two wives drink and because the last wife didn’ drink he pushed her down the stairs.
    10) How was the T.V. Still on if all the electricity was off?

  • 8 the person was washing of the blood when he was taking a shower and when the burgled came In an ram away because he was scared. Am I rite?

  • Everyone is close to #8 but I don’t think the guy in the shower is the murderer. This is because he says he is scared at the end. They wouldn’t lie in a riddle.. What happened is there are 3 living people in the house. A murderer killed everyone and was probably looking for the speaker when the burglar came in.. The burglar and the speaker meet in the room with the dead bodies and the burglar probably runs off because the murderer is right behind the speaker! :0

  • 9~ the first two wives died from drinking alchohol too much. the third wife died after her HUSBAND was drunk and he shoved her down the stairs.

  • No, for number 5 is: If the elevator opened as soon as the man pushed the button, it means nobody was riding the elevator. So the lady is a ghost!

  • I believe the answer to #5 is this.When he said “I looked into the elevator to check for murderers,but nope,nothing” I think he literally meant that nothing was there in the elevator,meaning the shaft wasn’t there,so the woman coming out of the elevator had to have been floating in mid-air at the time,so she was a ghost.

  • These are my answers also scary for kids please check my answers on all of the riddles tomorrow
    1.Someone was in her hand bag and turned off the light so nobody would see her.the girl turned on the light meaning that someone turned it off because she turned off all lights in hallway also the handbag fell to the ground meaning somebody was searching in it because it wouldnt just fall by itself so I think she was robbed and she will possibly die after she jumped.
    2.How could the guy know what human meat tastes like , he is a cannibal.I think that family better watch out.
    3.It says the bookshelf was against the wall so the cute girl is a ghost.
    4.He did the autopsy exam on Jacob so Jacob is dead. That guy isnt a doctor he is a murder.
    5. I cant decide what I think is right either there are ghosts in the elevator or the women was trapped there until the doors opened.
    6.He sent the email as a ghost because he commit suicide before he sent the video. Also I think the girlfriend is the reason he died because I guess they argued or fought a lot and the boyfriend decided to commit suicide thats why she didnt attend the funeral.
    7. Alice is actually a doll or a piece of clothes that the mum was calling dirty and put in the closet and the boyfriend is insane and is imagining her weird he is demeneted.
    8.The narater killed his family before the burglar arrived so he screamed when he saw the bodies and ran out.LOL I think he ran out because he was naked
    9.He forced his wifes do drink but the last one didnt so he pushed her down the stairs god this guy is a major drunk phyco.
    10.The t.v was on but I cant explain how it got on maybe there was a ghost in the t.v who magically turned it on lol
    Thank you for these amazing riddles SFK please check them and comment on my smartness but mean whle bye and also I am loving all your stories.

  • #8 the burglar thought the guy in shower was trying to rape him for killing the parents.

  • 5-The elevator was stuck, so when the guy pressed the button from the outside, the woman was finally free. And he was actually lucky that he took the stairs! Lawlz

  • @scary for kids please tell me if I’m right about these answers
    1. Someone was actually in the kid’s house and they turned off his/her lights.
    2. It wasn’t human meat but it turns out the guy was a cannibal!
    3. Their was NO girl because the bookshelf was was in a corner and up against the wall. She was a ghost! BOO, now go 💩!
    4. His roommate is dead.
    5. The woman.couldnt get out until the guy pressed the button.
    6. He was being threatened to commit suicide and after he did the other person sent the email.
    7. He is insane, so his girl friend is ACTUALLY an IMAGINARY girl friend.
    8. The burglar didn’t want a witness!
    9. He was drunk and accidentally pushed her down the stairs. Or someone just randomly killed her.
    10. The TV couldn’t be on if the power was out.

  • I got everything … Here are the ones that I feel are tricky:
    5 – I think that .. This apartment he was delivering pizza to it was in the bad part of town right? I mean im not from America or anywhere im from a whole diffrent continent so its just a guess .. I mean probably the building in the ‘Bad parts’ of town didnt have elevators ? I mean it opened at once right ? So probably nobody used it .. Maybe IT DIDNT EVEN EXSIST ! Cause its in the bad part of town which probably mean the parts only have seedy buildings .. No elevators and its an old building .. So its just my guess .
    & 2 – The guy who was eating the meat how does he even know how human meat tastes ?? he probably tasted

  • 1. Ghost turned off light and knocked bag over.
    2. Person is obvious cannibal, knowing what human meat tastes like.
    3. Guy was either imagining the girl or it was a ghost.
    4. Guy killed Jacob and performed an autopsy on him.
    5. Either the lady or pizza guy is the ghost.
    6. Boyfriend’s ghost sent the video.
    7. Imaginary or inanimate object.
    8. Person taking shower was murderer, burglar was shocked so he screamed. He ran away because he realized that the nude guy was the killer.
    9. Husband poisoned the first two wives. Since the third wife didn’t drink, he pushed her down the stairs.
    10. Ghost was in the TV.

  • 1: no clue
    2: question, how does that person know what human meat taste like
    3: there’s a wall behind the book shelf…
    4: he killed Jacob to help with his exam
    5: me no no
    6: I’m scared how could he send her a video if he’s dead
    7: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    8:oh i get it the guy taking the shower is the killer he was washing the blood off
    9: he poisoned the first 2 wives and snapped the 3rd wive’s neck
    10: how is the tv still on if all the hotel lights are knocked out…

  • 10: He Turned on the TV That Means He Is In The Living Room How Could He Drop The Hair Dryer In The Bathtub If He Was In The Living Room

  • I Will Explain The Fifth One He delivered The Pizza In an OLD APARTMENT BUILDING Which Has No Elevators

  • 1.) She had all the lights turned ON at first when she got out of the bathroom the light was off. GHOST DID IT! She turned the light on and the bag fell. Lol, she startle the ghost…. they like the dark.
    2.)He tasted human meat before. Therefore he recognized the taste.
    3.)The cute girl was a ghost; the bookshelf was against the wall remember! :o
    4.)He did an autopsy on his roommate Jacob… R.I.P Jacob
    5.)Has me a little stomped… The frightened girl was a ghost or maybe she was happy to get out of that SUPER creepy building! The pizza delivery boy is in for a surprise.
    6.)Who can film themselves committing suicide then send the video? Think about it, they committed suicide! He sent it from the other side. They have email and Internet connections! :o
    7.) His girlfriend is totally an inanimate object. He has a great imagination! FOREVER ALONE
    8.)The burglar was about to steal and to his surprise everyone was dead. The person telling the story is the murderer! RUN BURGLAR, RUN!! Never though I would say that. Ha! That’s what he gets for trying to steal.
    9.)The husband has killed all wives; alcoholic poisoned 2 and pushed the other one down the stairs after she refused. Evil mad man!
    10.) The person who’s telling the story is too hype. Anyway all the lights went off in the hotel EXEPT the creepy TV in which she saw the white face of the woman. :o

  • Scaryforkids, did I get #7 right? I read your last comment that PinkGhostieGirl asked you about and you said that only a few people got it. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to say that he was insane or just say what I had said.

  • Answers:
    1. He turned on all the lights in the house, so how could the bedroom light have turned off?
    2. Hold on… How does he know what people taste like? He’s a cannibal…
    3. If the shelves were against the wall, then how could anyone be on the other side? The girl’s a ghost.
    4. He performed the autopsy on jacob…
    5. The lady is a ghost! If the elevator wasn’t moving, how or why would she have been trapped in a working elevator?
    6. The boyfriend is a ghost now. It’s impossible to send a video of your own suicide, you’d already be dead!
    7. Tha mom wasn”t cruel… Alice could have been a doll, or most likeley, a ghost?
    8.burgalar doesnt kill people… Therefore the killer was the man in the bath. He murdered them before he took a bath.
    9. The husband kills his wives with alchohol, but if they refuse to drink, like the third wife, he kills them by knocking them down the stairs.
    10. He knocked the whole hotel’s power out, and therefore the tv couldn’t have been on. Either it was haunted or the ghost was in or in front of the monitor.

  • 1. There was a ghost that was in the house that turned the light off in the bedroom and accidentally knocked off the handbag when the person who is telling the story turned on the lights.
    2. The person is a cannibal or at least ate human meat at some point because the person’s friend served meat and the person somehow have known that the meat wasn’t human meat so that must mean that the person really is a cannibal or ate human meat at some point in his life.
    3. The person must have met a little ghost girl in the library because the library shelf was against the corner against the wall which means that nobody can get behind the selves but ghosts.
    4. The student was to do an autopsy on something to become a doctor so the person used their roommate to do the autopsy.
    5. The person was a ghost, being a pizza delivery man so the woman in the elevator must have been a murder so she must’ve murder the person so when she saw the her victim as a ghost, thus, making her scared to death and the person checked inside the elevator to make sure the woman didn’t murder another person so he could report the murder if there was. Since the person is apparently a ghost, if the person took to elevator, the person would go through the elevator while the elevator goes up so the person wouldn’t be going anywhere so the person took the steps so he would be able to go somewhere.
    6. I got two ideas. A: The girl must have been murder or at least told her boyfriend to commit suicide and watched him do it. Then, she must’ve recorded him doing it and sent it to her computer so she could watch it over and over again but when she saw it, she became guilty of doing it so she can’t bring herself to go to his funeral because she is guilty of causing his suicide. B: The boyfriend’s ghost sent the video of him doing it to show that he had died and he didn’t want his girlfriend to get the wrong idea that he moved away without telling her.
    7. Alice must have been in his imagination and he must’ve imagined that his mom was throwing Alice in the closet when his mom might’ve been throwing something else in and since it was in his imagination, he would be the only one to see Alice so since his mom couldn’t see Alice, she didn’t put a place for Alice. Alice couldn’t be a ghost because if Alice would’ve been a ghost, the boy’s mom would’ve known who Alice was and she would not be able to touch Alice because Alice was a ghost.
    8. The person in the shower was already dead because the burglar secretly killed him before he killed his family. When the person came to check on the scream he heard in the living room, the burglar saw his victim that he killed before the family as a ghost and left because he was shocked to find out that the victim was a ghost.
    9. The husband was always the killer and what he means by “Alcohol is a very dangerous thing” is that he poisons the wine that his last two wives drink to kill them. That is why his third wife died a different way because she always refused to drink wine or any type of alcohol which was the usual way to kill his wives so instead shoved his third wife down the steps to break her neck to kill her instead of the other way with wine poisoning.
    10. The hotel really was haunted this whole time. When the person turned on the TV, that was also the same time when the ghost appeared so when the electricity went out, the TV was the only light source he could use because it was where the ghost was.
    Did I get it right Scary for Kids? Please reply back!

  • 1. The lights were all turned on BEFORE the shower, something must have turned off the light & knocked the handbag
    2. he was served halal meat, & to begin with already knew the taste of human meat so knew he wasn’t searved that
    3. how can a girl me peering through the gap if the books were against the wall?
    4. The roommate was used for pre-autopsy prep for the exam
    5. Since the door opened straight away I’m guessing the lady was trapped in the elevator until the button was paused
    6. he died before the video could be sent
    7. That’s a song called “Living Next Door to Alice”
    8. the person is lying, they were taking a shower but jumped out from the bath? They killed the family
    9. The husband murdered all three wives, the first two by poisoning the wine – the last by breaking her neck and pushing her down the stairs
    10. first, how can you take a bath/blowdry your hair/watch tv at the same time? If all the power was knocked out how can you get dressed by tv light?

    Yusss I win!!!! :)

  • 1. The lights were already left on.
    2. Human meat? How’d they know?
    3. The shelves are against the wall, creepy girl :/
    4. He killed Jacob for science
    5. She was trapped there LOL
    6. He’s dead, how’d u sent it?
    7. Alice is a toy or doll
    8. The dude in the shower killed them, the burglar screamed
    9. Great excuses. But he killed them
    10. No power = no TV

  • 1.) They turned on the light but they had already turned it on before they went into the shower.
    2.) How do they know what human meat tastes like?
    3.) The shelves were in the corner against the wall. How did a girl get on the other side?
    4.) He did an autopsy on his roommate Jacob?
    5.) If the doors opened immediately, why was there a lady in there?
    6.) How did he send the link if he was dead already.
    7.) Alice is a doll, I think?
    8.) A burglar doesn’t kill…I think?
    9.) He killed them?
    10.) How was the TV on if all the power went out?

  • for 1 how did she get scared because she said she truned on all lights did i get it right?
    3 how did the girl look at him wasent in the corrner
    4 he did a aptopsy on his roomate did i get it right?
    5 ???????? it was bloody?
    7 the alice was a dog?
    8 i have no idea
    9 he killed them
    10 she died because you can not have a blowder in the tub and a tv the white women was her ghost figure ?

  • 5) The woman was trapped in the elevator and could finally get out when he pushed the button… Am I right?

    Scaryforkids says: Yes.

  • 1) a ghost turned off the bedroom light
    2) I agree he tasted the meat before
    3) I again agree that she was a ghost
    4) I again also agree he performed the autoouspy on his roommate
    5) He the pizze guy is a ghost?
    6) he ( the frined who died) was murdered
    7) the narrater is mental and is basing he’s expreincess to be ‘Alice’
    8) the guy who ran out of the shower died and returned as a ghost
    9) I agree he murdered his wives
    10) (lots of agreeing) I too agree, the tv is haunted

  • I can’t believe nobody got #10. He said that he dropped the hair dryer in the bathtub while it was filled with water, and he was in it while it happened. He likely shocked himself to death.

  • Why am I the only one who thinks Alice is imaginary or a ghost? Look at the hint: she never gets a seat for dinner. So the one his mom threw in is probably imagination.

  • Number 8: He said it was a BURGLAR. The BURGLAR probably ran off because the guy in the shower was the MURDERER. The dead bodies were already there. Thats why the BURGLAR ran off. Probably to call the police or something :/

  • I know number 5!!! The guy saw the ghost of a murdered woman!! Look where it says ”She ran out screaming with a crazy look on her face” and where it talks about the orderer for the pizza being on a top floor. She probably got murdered by the person who ordered the pizza. :I

  • 1.she turned the lites on wen she was in the room but wen she left she had turned them off then she was trying to turn dem on but she ran into the chair nd wen she turned dem on she realixed she dropped thepurse… i get it..yayayayaya

  • oh…i get #5. the guy didn’t see any MURDERER but another mysterious thing…am i right? when the guy checked the elevator, he didn’t see a murderer..but something else..get it? creepy huh? @scary for kids it’s my first time to read this..including #5..but i think i got the #5 answer right away
    ahhh!!! number 4 kills me!!

  • #2.How would they know what human meat tasted like?
    #4.He practiced on his roommate O.o
    #6.How could he send it if he committed suicide?
    #9.He killed her? I’m not sure why though
    #10.There’s not supposed to be a TV in the bathroom? idk

  • 1)How could the light to his bedroom be off of he turned all the lights on?
    2)How could he know what human meat taste like?
    3)The girl couldnt have been on the other side of the bookshelf because there was a wall there.
    4)He used Jacob for his autopsy exam.
    5)Dont know.
    6)The boyfriend couldnt have sent the email if he was dead.
    7)His girlfriend was a piece of clothing.
    8)A burglar doesnt kill people, they only take their stuff so something else must have killed them.
    9)He pushed his third wife down the stairs because she refused to drink wine.(He poisoned his other two wives.)
    10)How could the T.V. be on of the power went out?
    Hope I got these correct :)

  • My answers:
    1) Dont know
    2) Still dont know
    3) Maybe the girl is trapped there, books or a ghost
    4) He cut up Jacob
    5) The woman probably was a murderer or the elevators haunted or broken
    6) Sent the e-mail just before he commited suicide
    7) His girlfriend is imaginary or a ghost
    8) Maybe ran off because he was naked XD
    9) First and second wife were poisoned by him, the third was pushed down the stairs
    10( I dont get it

  • I got #5
    there’s a dead body inside the elevator
    I think
    Think about it for a while and you’ll understand

  • #6 he could not have sent the video after he killed himself so somebody told him to kill himself the sent the video to her!

  • 1.Oh wow seriously -.- She turned on the lights after she turned it on before she took a bath so she turned off the lights then she hit the chair and her bag fell 2. How does he know how human meat tasted like -.- 3. How did he see the girl when the shelf was leaning at the wall unless he was looking at a picture xD 4.He performed autopsy on his friend … 5.Maybe the lady was a ghost? 6. How could he send the video if he was already dead unless his ghost did it 7. He didnt have a girlfriend maybe it was laundry? 9.He poisoned his first wife’s wine Dunno bout the third the last wife wasnt alcoholic so he pushed the down the stairs 10.If his hair dryer caused the electricity to be down why is the tv on unless it was a ghost or something lol

  • 9 he made hes wives drink but hes last wive didnt so he pushed her down the stairs
    10 how the tv be on if the lights were out

  • 9. He is a cruel man who forced his wives to drink wine until they died, but when the last wife didn’t drink he pushed her down the stairs
    10. How was the t.v still on if all the electricity in the hotel was knocked out ?

  • 1. her bedroom light was off when she turned all the lights on.
    2. How in the world did he know what humans tasted like? cannibal much !
    3. How did he see a girl on the other side if there was a wall there? *she was a ghost*
    4. He used his roomate for his exam *he did the autopsy on his roomate*
    5. Dont get !!!!
    6. How did he send an email when he was dead ???
    7. Dont get !!!!
    8. The guy telling the story is the real killer

  • 10.the scary part is that the ghost was INSIDE the tv because how could you lose all electricity but still have yor tv on?

  • 9.he killed them by giving them to much wine and killed the other in a differnt for refusing to drink wine

  • 9. That liar fed them all too much wine and killed them all >:O When the third one wouldnt drink, he killed her in the ‘different way’ :D
    10. The electricity in the whole hotel was knocked out? o_o and the TV was still on?
    LOL xD Dirty thoughts hahahaha xD

  • 10.How could she/he be alive she dropped the blow dryer in the bath the electricity wouldve killed her/him and if the power is out why is the tv on????

  • 9. He forces his wives to drink and if they don’t he kills them by pushing them own the stairs XD

    10. The ghost was the light source?

  • #10: She said all the electricity was knocked out, but her TV was still on 8O

  • 9: i think he poisoned the wine his wives drank and killed them, or made them drink too much. when the last wife wouldnt drink, he pushed her down the stairs.
    Scaryforkids says: Awesome, you are exactly right.

  • My sister told me this story about a girl who started her first year of high school,

    There was a beautiful girl who started her first year of High School, everything was going fine, she made lots of new friends, she had a boyfriend, she was happy. However, one day after school the girl stayed an extra hour to study for an exam. When she logged off the computer she heard all the doors close and locked, she tried to find a way out but it was no use. Then she felt someone walking behind her, telling her not to turn around or else. But the girl turned around and a deathly scream could be heard.

    The next day, when school reopened there was no sign of the girl who had been locked in the building the night before. The search for her was disapproved as they would never find her, she had instantly been forgotten.

    Months later, in a certain classroom a horrible stench could be smelt and the children often complained. One day, the teacher decided to open the classroom closet door and everyone was shocked at what they saw. The body of a girl was rotting away, but there was no sign of injury that caused fatal.

    One of my sisters friends said that when she was walking in the garden in the middle of a Halloween night, looking for her cat that she heard the voice of a girl calling for help. She ran back inside frightened, the next day her cat was safe and sound. No sign of a break-in though.

    Pretty cool huh? lol

  • @ ariahope1995
    Um.. no, but it took that much time between the posts ‘Rules of survival’ and ‘After midnight’ v_v

  • R we gonna half to wait 3 more months for a new story??

    Scaryforkids says: Nope. I will be posting more regularly now. Sorry about being away for a few months at the start of the year.

  • @scary for kids In response to answer number 2, that’s easy: He didn’t know. The meat must have been a meat he’s already tasted before. That’s why he knew it couldn’t be human meat. And if he had tasted human meat before, then why would he be so worried about it?

  • @AlmostNakedAnimals i understand that the guy isnt going to post but hes looking for scary sories to share

  • Okay.. so we need new stories sooner than another 2 or 3 months -.- I like to be patient.. but please v_v

  • Ok, im not gonna come on here for one week. After that week i want to see at leaat three more STORIES.

  • i didn’t get #5 but anyway great riddles! :D oh and hey scaryforkids why were you gone for so long? it was like idk a year b4 u came back. im just asking and plz answer me

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