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Bodies in the Well

The Bodies in the Well is a scary riddle about a very evil young boy who kills people and tosses their corpses down a well. Can you solve the riddle? Think about it, then check the comments section for the correct answer.

Bodies in the Well

Bodies in the Well

One day, when I was six years old, my little sister would not stop crying. It annoyed me so much that I killed her and threw her body down the well.

The next day, when I peered down into the well, her body had disappeared.

When I was twelve, I got into an argument with my best friend over something stupid. He made me so angry that I killed him and threw his body down the well.

The next day, when I checked the well, his body had disappeared.

When I was 18 years old, my girlfriend got pregnant. I didn’t want to be a father, so I killed her and threw her body down the well.

The next day when I looked in the well, her body had disappeared.

When I was 24, I worked in an office and my boss was very mean to me. I couldn’t take it any more so I killed him and threw his body down the well.

The next day when I checked the well, his body had disappeared.

When I was 30, my mother got sick and was bedridden. I didn’t want to take care of her, so I killed her threw her body down the well.

The next day when I looked into the well, her body was still there. I checked the well every day after that, but her body never disappeared.

Why didn’t my mother’s body disappear?


  • Either the mother would get rid of the body’s or the bodys piled up so she was lying on top. Also NEVER drink out of that well.

  • Oh I think I get it. So the mother loved her son enough to remove the bodies from the well. But when he killed her no one was there to hide the crime. Is that correct SFK?

  • So the mom got rid of the bodies because she loved her son. Also, every age in the riddle is six years more than the previous age: 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30

  • When I started reading this story, I didn’t recognize the title but as soon as I got two sentences into the story, I knew it was a story I read before and I knew how it ended. And I knew that the mother was the one getting rid of the bodies for the sake of her son.

  • So the mother removed the bodies from the well to save his son but after she died there was no one to remove her body from the well!!
    Stupid boy!!

  • When I was 10, I read this riddle about a psychotic little boy who killed his mother. I didn’t want the murders of any more people, so I killed him and threw his body down the well.

    Sweet, sweet, revenge…

  • i totally thought that the riddle wasn’t going to end with the question “why didn’t my mother’s body disappear?” but how many human being did i kill.. or something like that… haha but dont mind me hoho ~,~

  • Spottedfire25 has definitely got the answer that makes the most sense. Bodies usually float when first thrown into water, but when they’re in water for a long time it starts to get inside them and weigh them down, so of course the bodies would “disappear”. I mean it’s a WELL, it has to be deep right? But that is a lot of bodies. And how would the mother be able to reach the bodies if she did try to remove them?

  • her body didn’t sink in the water like the rest of them did because she was on the top of the stack(possibly the baby bump helped make the stack) :p

  • since its almost christmas i got everyone gifts!!! *hands out presents* merry christmas!!! everyone and ‘scarystoriesforkids’!(:

  • the mother is the one getting the corpes out of the well to cover up his sons’ crimes.. when the mother died theres no one to get her dead body out of the well…

  • Am i the only one who notcied that he killed every six years? Evil child+ every six years=666 0_o

  • It’s kinda sad :( she hides the bodies because she doesn’t want her son to go to jail, but he kills her …

  • The mother was removing them and as she was removing them she got sick because of the rotting corpse or were they still alive?

  • Mabe the mother wasn’t all the way dead? becuase it never mentioned the mother seeing anything before…?

  • Either because the bodies disappeared under the water and soon piled up, or the mother got rid of the bodies.

  • sfk, how will the mother’s body surface if there is nothing below her?
    yes, if the well had a lot of salty water, this is possible

  • i got it! his mum didn’t dissapear ,because she hid the bodies and she hid the bodies because she didn’t want her son to go to jaiil so that he could look after her.

  • @MoonRavenStrikes I agree with your answer. Wells would often have water in them… right? o___o

  • I thought maybe it was because she was like a devil or something but the others just turned into ghosts but since she is already dead that she stayed….I got it wrong…. -.-

  • yay i got the answer right!! and by the way what person in there right mind would kill there own mother. seriously annoying little sister i get i get but mom???

  • Wow son killed his mom without knowing his mom was protection him what a jerk i know id never do that to a person who is my mom even though she is sometimes a pest

  • haha that’s funny. i should really stop listening to music when i read these things….but i don’t think i can.

  • I got it before checking the comments! His mother didn’t disappear because she was hiding the bodies. But it’s still disturbing she didn’t say anything about it. Was she evil too?

  • I KNOW THE ANSWER. the riddle is much like the raven and the water. when the man threw victim after victim the body also stacked and when the man threw the body of his mother in the well it was seen because the water wasn’t deep enough for so many bodies, am I right??????

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