Blue River

Years ago, on Blue River in Indiana, a girl was accidentally decapitated while out canoeing. The ghost of the girl can still be seen, looking for her lost head.

Blue River

The girl was in a canoe and someone had tied fishing line across and she was going. She was paddling really fast and didn’t see the line. She went straight through it and the line sliced into her, cutting off her head.

They say you can see the ghost of this girl, paddling down Blue River, looking for her head almost every night.


  1. B3nth3b0ss says

    How can the ghost be looking for her head if her eyes are on her head (that got cut off).

  2. Crystal says

    Stupids. On the maximum, the fishing net would leave a deep scar on her neck but not more than that! This was a really lame one, SFK…

  3. ScaryPerson says

    How could you be decapitated by fishing string?? The most it would leave is a small slice in her neck how could it decapitate her?????!!

  4. fallenangel129 says

    Seriously I’m super bored right now!!! Not even scary seriously add details

  5. LovelyEmblem3 says

    Lol I agree with Creepy on this one, how can she find her head if she can’t see it?

  6. nightmares says im asleep(lol).no offence but that ws a total waste of my time and bytes.

  7. pinkKaygana says

    what does she do on the nights shes not paddling?? the story is very short, i dont like it :( it’s kinda of like: “she was paddling and someone tied fishing line and sliced her head accidently now she looks for her head almost every night.” see, you could have put it all in one sentence!! but just because you cut the thing up into 4 sentences doesn’t make it interesting :(

  8. GothicGurl242 says

    interesting. very interesting. i would love to travel to blue river to see that with my friends. where is blue river anyway. some one please post the location.

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