Blue Headphones

The Blue Headphones is a humorous story about a girl who, for reasons she will not disclose, always wears earphones.

Blue Headphones

In a small town in America, there was a young girl who was very beautiful. Everyone agreed that she was the best-looking girl in town. However, everyone was puzzled by the fact that she always wore a set of headphones. Wherever the girl went, she was never seen without the headphones in her ears.

One day, the girl went to the hairdresser’s to get a new hairstyle. When she sat down in the chair, the hairdresser asked her to remove the headphones. The girl refused and said that under no circumstances would she ever do that.

The hairdresser was puzzled, but proceeded to cut her hair anyway. He had to cut it very slowly and carefully so as not to snip the wires on her headphones. The hairdresser was taking so long that, after a while, the girl fell asleep. When the hairdresser saw this, he carefully pulled the headphones out of her ears so that he could cut her hair more easily.

A few minutes later, the hairdresser glanced in the mirror and noticed that the girl’s face was turning blue. He felt the girl’s pulse and realized that she was dead. He was horrified and immediately called the police. While he was waiting for them to arrive, he remembered the headphones. He picked them up and put them in his ears to find out what she had been listening to.

He heard a voice repeating: “Breathe in… Exhale… Breathe in… Exhale…”


  1. HydraGaming_YT says

    That’s so weird, but the guy shouldn’t have taken the headphones out if her ears! He’s an idiot!

  2. Dark_Destroyer says

    Cool…but kinda sucks she needed earphones for that reason. This would definitely be me cuz…I would die without my music.

  3. bloodylucy says

    Her life was depending on the headphones so she didin’t know how to brethe!?!?!?!?!?well thats just weird

  4. TheDarkKnight says

    An alternative explanation would be that she was an alien on earth in human form, so she’s being instructed how to survive via headphones

  5. lovevamps7 says

    This story was lame… Breathing is kinda involutary… It happens kinda automatically… And if she really didn’t know when to breath, she would have stopped breathing at night and died… I mean a girl carrying headphones while bathing, in the loo, while sleeping is sorta gross I guess

  6. Username_Invalid says

    Nice. I read it in a book once that birds wear parachutes in case they suddenly forget how to fly. The book was Great Lies To Tell Small Kids.


    Her parents could have taught her to breathe when at the right time. Now don’t say that their parents too wear headphones!

  8. snowwhite says

    so she can hear the voice while asleep..and she wont breath if its not remind to her…STRANGE

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