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Bloody Mary Legend

You’re wondering whether Bloody Mary is real or just an urban legend. Well she’s real. Or at least she was.

This is the real story of Bloody Mary. You’re probably wondering if she is real or just an urban legend. Well, the truth is that she’s real. Or at least she was real. The legend of Bloody Mary is based on a true story.

Bloody Mary

According to the legend, you have to stand in a bathroom, with one candle lit and say the name “Bloody Mary” into the mirror three times in a row. It is only the bravest of children who would attempt to do this, because the story says this will summon her ghost.

If you see her ghostly face in the mirror, it could have one of the following terrible consequences:

1. Your eyes being ripped out and your face horribly scarred.

2. Being found dead with claw marks all over your face and body

3. Disappearing mysteriously from the bathroom and ending up trapped in the mirror with the ghost for eternity.

You could also be driven insane or drop dead on the spot.

Bloody Mary Legend

Bloody Mary Legend

The history of the chanting game is based on mixed up legends and history that, over the years, have become the main basis for the story surrounding the urban legend.

The most common story told is that Bloody Mary was a witch that lived over 100 years ago who dabbled in the black arts. She was found out and executed.

The second story is more modern – a local woman was involved in a fatal car accident, and her face was horribly scarred before she died. She reappears in the mirror when summoned with that same horrific face.

There is another suggestion that the name “Mary Worth” was derived from a victim of the Salem Witch trials.

The fourth story is that Bloody Mary is based on a historical figure – Queen Mary I of England.

Mary Tudor

It is largely believed that the origins of the names “Mary Worth” and “Bloody Mary” came from a slight mix up of characters from history. Mary I, Queen of England, or Mary Tudor, who reigned during the Tudor period was also commonly known as “Bloody Mary”.

Mary Tudor

She was a Catholic and earned the nickname “Bloody Mary” when she ordered the violent execution of numerous Protestants and burned countless people at the stake for heresy during her 5-year reign. She also was unable to have children and suffered two phantom pregnancies, this is why it is speculated that the variation involving chanting “I stole your baby” became tangled up with the legend.

Mary Worth

They say that Mary Worth was a witch who lived in Chicago around the time of the Civil War. She used to catch runaway slaves and keep them chained up in her barn. Then, she would use them in her diabolical black magic rituals. Eventually, the locals took the law into their own hands and burned Mary Worth at the stake. Her charred remains were supposedly buried in St Patrick’s Cemetery.

Mary Worthington

They say that, in the 1960s, there was a beautiful girl named Mary Worthington who was very vain. She loved to look at her reflection in the mirror. One day she was involved in a terrible car accident and her face was horribly disfigured. No one could bear to look at her. She couldn’t even stand to look at herself. One day, when she accidentally caught a glimpse of her reflection in a mirror, she committed suicide.

Mary Whales

Mary Whales was a young woman who was run over by a truck and killed while she was waiting on a street corner. Her face was horribly mangled in the accident. To summon her, you say “I believe in you, Mary Whales”.

Elizabeth Bathory

Another possible origin is the legend of Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian noblewoman who lived from 1560 to 1614. She was also known as “Countess Dracula” or “The Bloody Countess”. She is believed to have tortured and killed many young girls because she wanted to bathe in their blood. She believed it would preserve her youthful beauty. She killed more than 600 victims in all, using hot pokers, an iron maiden, pins, blades, and freezing water. Eventually, her crimes were exposed and she was walled up alive in her castle in Slovakia. Of course her name was not Mary but somehow the stories of this cruel woman have been inserted into the legend.

Mary Weatherby

Mary Weatherby was a woman who was stabbed to death by her husband. They say that if you go into a dark room and say her name three times, her mutilated face will appear in the mirror and she will chase you with a bloody knife.

Mary Lou

Mary Lou was a girl who lived in the USA in the 1950s. At her senior prom, she was crowned prom queen. Someone decided to play a trick on her and set off some firecrackers. Her dress caught fire and Mary Lou was burned alive.

Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson was a witch who was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials. To summon her, everybody sits in a circle and holds hands. The room must be completely dark. You repeat together, “Come, Mary Johnson, come!” A dim light will appear over the head of one person.

Hell Mary

Hell Mary is a reversed allusion to Hail Mary. There is one legend that claims if you go into a dark room, look into the mirror and chant “Hell Mary” 7 times, the mirror will run red with blood and you will see the face of satan.

Svarta Madame

In Sweden, there is a version called “Svarta Madam” (Black Madame). She appears in the mirror if you say “I don’t believe in you, Svarta Madam” 12 times. She has black skin, green hair, red teeth and glowing yellow eyes.

Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades (or Dama Pika) is the Russian version of Bloody Mary.



Veronica is the Spanish version of Bloody Mary.



The Japanese have their own version, called Kuchisake Onna or The Slit-Mouth Woman.



The Candyman urban legend was inspired by Bloody Mary.

How do you play Bloody Mary?

What you need is one candle, a strong heart and a big bathroom with a large mirror.

Turn out the lights, place your candle down and light it, stand and look into the mirror, chant slowly “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. And see what happens…

If nothing happens try spinning around three times and then look into the mirror. You may just catch a glimpse of her terrifying face.

Try it out if you dare, but don’t blame me if you find yourself trapped in a ghostly netherworld with the ghost of Bloody Mary forever!

There have also been a number of horror movies and TV shows based on the legend of Bloody Mary:

Supernatural – Bloody Mary

Supernatural Bloody Mary

Episode S01E05 of Supernatural featured a young woman named Mary Worthington who lived in Indiana. When she was 19 years old, someone broke into her apartment and murdered her. The killer cut out her eyes with a knife and she died in front of a large mirror. She tried to spell out her killer’s name in blood, but only managed the letters T-R-E. A surgeon named Trevor Sampson was suspected but nothing was ever proven and her murder went unsolved. Her body was cremated, but her spirit was trapped in the mirror.

Dead Mary

Dead Mary

In this horror movie, a bunch of young people spend the weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. They decide to play a game called “Dead Mary” in which they summon an evil witch by repeating her name three times in front of a mirror.

Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

This movie features a young woman named Mary Banner who dies on Prom Night when a prank goes wrong and she gets locked in a chest. Her body was never found and, 35 years later, her ghost returns for revenge.


  • my friends at school did that in the girls bathroom o_o and they told me to do it and i got scratches on my back. it was scary

  • I did this when I was little and she appeared in the mirror. She had bloody scratch marks on her face. Obviously, I didn’t die and I’m not trapped in a mirror and my eyes aren’t ripped out of my face… Yes, it was creepy but none of that stuff happened to me or my sisters. We all did this at the same time.

  • me and my friend emily went into her bathroom and we set up 3 candles and we had all the lights off and the door shut and no one was home but us but her older brother matt and little bro dann and they wereoff do something stupid as usual after we turned off the light we looked into the big mirror on the wall above the sink and then we held hands and closed our eyes and said bloody marry 10 times and and then said bloody marry we come to help you search for your child and a blury face come up and then it came mor clearer it was a middleagged laddy with long black hair with deep dark black eyes with blood running down her face like tears the laddy in the mirror schreamed and the mirror broke then the laddy was standing by the sink holding her arm out pointing at us with her head tilted down and her eyes looking up at us she started walking toward us and emily screamed emily tried to turn the light on to make her go away but it wouldnt turn on she started freaking out and im like emily i told you !!then she said you told me what what was it!!!!!!!!!! and i said open the door!!!! and she open the door and we ran out and shut it and then we ran into her room and an hour later she made go out and make sure it wasnt out there so we could go play wiiand then we blamed the broken mirror on her lil’ bro dan dan lol XD

  • NEVER try this. My friend did it and she was almost driven crazy but luckily she recovered after a few days.

  • Me and my friends did this in third grade, except we said bloody Mary 14 times in the mirror, instead of 12, and the water in the sink turned on. I’m not saying it was bloody Mary, in fact it could have been our friends playing a trick on us. Either way, we all freaked out and ran out of the bathroom screaming and ran into a teacher in the hall, literally. We told her that we saw a spider instead to keep from getting in trouble. It is a great story to tell when you’re young to freak your friends out, it sets a nice moody atmosphere and, though I don’t think it’s real, when you say it you can still get really creeped out even if you don’t believe in it.

  • Maybea the reason she was called bloody Mary is because she bathed in the blood of teenage girls named Mary.Also she might have favorited the blood or killing of 1 certain teenage girl named Mary.Just sayin’!Mwahahaha!

  • Its not real, none of it. It is your own imagination tricking you. Your subconsious is making you see her. If you believe it will happen and you will see her, then you will. I’ve done this multiple times and the only times I’ve ever seen her is when I believed I would. Also about if you don’t see her, she will kill you in your sleep. Also not true, this is all bullshit. Its all about YOUR mind and YOUR subcouncious tricking you.

  • ok nightmares4545. ill tell u the real story. legend says that bloody mary was a witch a century ago. she had miscarriages and false pregnancies. she finally had a baby and someone stole it from her.

    she appears if u say her name looking for revenge

  • I had a sleepover with some girls from school who I hate. I dared all 3 girls to go into the bathroom with a candle and say the legend. They pretended they were “not afraid of anything” and they did it. Because I hated them, I put a video camera and a clip of the exorcist face pop-up in the bathroom. That way, the second they where done saying it, the scary face would pop up. I videotaped the whole thing and put it on facebook! OMG it wuz so damn funny. Hey don’t get mad at me. They’re mean to me every day. I have three words… PAYBACK’S A B*TCH :D

  • The way I was told about the Bloody Mary was that when Mary was a child she was very ill and she went into a coma and back then they did not know what a coma is so they pronounced her dead. Her parents did not think she died so when they buried her her father tied a rope which was tied to a dinner bell and they went to her grave every day. One night her father was asleep and heard a ringing of a bell so he ran to her grave and the bell was on the floor. So he ran to get a shovel and he dug up her grave. When he got to her coffin he opend it up and what he saw frightened him. What he saw was that there was blood on her dress which she was buried in and when he opened the coffin more he saw that her finger nails were gone they were stuck to the coffin because the coffins were made up of wood back then and women had long nails. So they think she died of to much lost of blood. And that is how I heared about Bloody Mary. And ps if you turn around three times say Bloody Mary once each turn and then saying it one more time when standing still. You will see her standing there and then she will reach out and will scar you and then you wil stay and look the way you did when she scared you but you only have four days to live after you get scared. So never do Bloody Mary.

  • Meh, not real. I’ve heard so many versions theres no way of telling.

    Say it 3 times, 10 times, 20 times, even 100 times, with lights off, spinning around, staring up at the ceiling, saying “I have your baby” or something–nah, I did it twice with the classic 3 times and nothing happened. ;D

  • actually shes quite attractive and she deserves to be left alone you pricks she is just another person who lived if yu got summoned everytime someone saidyur names three times you would be pretty pisssed off to wouldnt you?<_<RIGHT MARY!

  • i really want to know the TRUE story of bloody mary so can someone tell me it?

  • :] i tried this once, she held three fingers and pulled one down :D it was the coolest thing ever ^^ Don’t diss Mary! :<

  • One time in kindergarden I did it and nothing happened, but when I came out of the bathroom I had a scratch on my knee. I still have it and it’s been almost 7 years.

  • um the version i heard is you call her name 3 times and then you will hear a bell everywhere you go and if you look into a mirror she comes out at you. The origin is different too. She was a peasant girl and she died of the plague. They buried her alive when she was in a coma and she rang the bell but no one heard her. She scratched so hard her fingernails went into the coffin and that’s why she was referred to as bloody mary.

  • i dont know if its true or not but i advise u not to medle in supernatiral for 2 reasons 1 i can c y she would be pissed off its not bad enougth to have people bad mouthing u but to be woken up by it iwould be pissed too and 2 you might not want to c the effects

  • This story is true! Once my friend went to her cousin’s house and they played Bloody Mary with about 8 other kids. They said her name at midnight exactly. The youngest girl that was playing was 6 and she started screaming. Her cousin’s mom came in and her left cheek had a big gap missing. She had to go to the hospital and now she has a phobia of mirrors (all of this is true).

  • The story to what happened is, Mary Worth was a senior, who went to the ball with her two best friends. They all went with football players. The football players drugged her friends and attempted to drug her, but she escaped it. She went outside to find her friends stumbling to the car. She ran to a mysterious chamber. Her “date” punched her and she fell .He thought she was dead and threw her into a treasure chest. She woke up and couldn’t breathe so she died with a bloody face and haunted people so they called her Bloody Mary.

  • me and 2 of my friends tried this in 5th grade. we were at a sleep over at some girls house. it was a dare for 3 of us to do it… so we went into the bathroom turned off the lights locked the door (except we didn’t have a candle. it was fully dark and we were hand in hand. we looked at the mirror and said bloody mary 3 times. then one of my friends was like “omg do you guys see that?” then i saw a red cross come towards me. then all of a sudden my other friend screams n falls to the floor. i turned on the lights. she was on the floor in tears. my other friend was sitting on the sink counter with her head down. everybody else was outside the bathroom telling us to open the door but i couldn’t unlock the door. my friend on the floor looks up at my other friend and was like “omg your leg is bleeding!” (she had 3 scratches on her leg and so did my other friend and me myself..it was on my other friends chest.. and i had it on my cheek.. really scary but we never saw bloody mary…

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