Blind Woman

The Blind Woman is a short humorous story about an old lady who keeps a memento of her dead husband.

Blind Woman

There was an old blind woman who owned a farm. Her husband had been sick for years and he eventually died. She cried for days and decided to chop off his finger to keep as a memento. As he lay in the coffin, she felt around for his middle finger, grabbed it and chopped it off with a knife. She wrapped the finger in a handkerchief and kept it in her pocket.

One night, the old blind woman was lying in bed when she heard footsteps downstairs. She recognized those footsteps. They sounded exactly like the footsteps of her dead husband. A shiver ran down her spine as she heard the footsteps walking up the stairs. She heard her bedroom door creak open and the smell of death filled the room.

Tremblingwith fear, the old blind woman said “Have you come back for your finger?”

She heard the ghostly voice of her dead husband reply, “That wasn’t my finger you chopped off!”


  1. Hollyleaf798 says

    I’m only 10 and I understand this. This is dirty, the second I figured out I was just thinking this is scary for KIDS KIDDDS not adults.. e_e

  2. Dobbyisfree says

    Well, now he can’t use the middle finger in Heaven…! Or so she thought………

  3. Dobbyisfree says

    …… Unfortunately I got this cause I have a lot of male cousins…….. Sounds like something they or my granda (grandfather, ‘da’ is father in Gaelic) would joke about………. But, I mean people stop freaking out! It’s just kinda disturbing, but think about it. BUT THIS IS A KIDS WEBSITE, COME ON!!! I thought of my grandma when I saw the pic.

  4. allaboutscary says

    The first thing that pops into my mind after reading this is that she cut off his butt!!!!!!!(Not all of it but the……)

  5. The Creepy One says

    She cut of his dick lol.Maybe he needed to do something with it in the afterlife.XD Don’t worry kids won’t understand



  7. dark_angel_love says

    Read 2 many comments! :p just realized after first one still call urself afk KIDS!? Sick lol

  8. I dont know if im dead says

    Wait, didn’t he have pants on when they placed him in the coffin? So it couldn’t have been the ” thing”.Plus, she was fumbling around for the finger, unless he was nude this theory makes no sense. It couldn’t have been his toe either, he probably had shoes on. Just stop being so dirty minded and try looking at the facts,you don’t burry someone naked so she couldn’t have cut it off!

  9. ♥ BLOODY ALICORN ♥ says

    One second after reading story: -.- What did she chop off?

    Three second after reading story: -.- What did she chop off?

    Five seconds after reading story: O_O EWWWW OH GOD WHY!!!!

  10. Peekaboo512 says

    Omg. I just laughed so hard. His Peewee. GO SPECSAVERS LADY!! You ruined his chance of babies in the AfterLife.

  11. gangsofghouls says

    cause the woman was blind.Instead of cutting the middle finger she cut his XXXXX!!!!!!!!!!

  12. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    I just had a fridge-horror moment. This is what my I did after finishing the story:

    One second after finishing: ^u^

    Three seconds: ^u^

    Five seconds: O_O!!!!

  13. Banana phone says

    OMG that was his private thingy lol I thought at first it was her own finger but then I thought that she would feel it , I really think this should be on funny stories because I was ROFL

  14. scary story lover x31 says

    his penis> lol funny story.oh because she was blind she thought it was his midle finger but a middle finger isn’t that long and massive, oh sorry for typing all that :( mind my language.

  15. bikkiecake says

    Well like most people here I assumed that she chopped off HER finger but then I realised that she cut off his um……….. “down stairs”. BTW I dont like saying it cause I feel uncomfortable. *shudder*

  16. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    I never knew that some people make such a big deal over a simple word, how immature. . . — ____ —“

  17. The_Yellow_Dash says

    sumtimes sfk copies like this story. they copied this frum scary stories to tell in the dark. but every1 does it =)

    Scaryforkids says: Sorry Yellow Dash, but that is not true… All of the stories in “Scary Stories to tell in the dark” are urban legends. The guy who wrote that book doesn’t own any of those stories. They are folktales that have been passed around for decades. Also, I made up this story, inspired by The Golden Arm which is an old folktale from the 1800s… Mark Twain even wrote a version of it.

  18. 1997PianoGirl13 says

    Due to my mind & brain, I instantly KNEW it wasn’t his finger. In fact, I knew exactly what she cut off. o-e

  19. Mole.D.Cheese says

    Well that was rude of the dead husband! Hello, the old woman is blind! Give her a break, besides it was close enough no?

  20. Horror_Chica says

    ewwww! how could she mix up a middle finger and his man parts!? she must have thot hi middle finger was huge!

  21. xSilentCreepzx says

    @imyournightmaregirl211 I was about to say that xD hahaha it must of been,if she thought that was hiz finger lol

  22. queen of chills says

    huh it would have to be kinda small for her to think it was his finger… akward

  23. GhostGirl666 says

    At first I thought she chopped off her own finger but then she would have fel pain. Im still a bit confused but did she take his dangly bits?

  24. killerkat101 says


  25. NinjaYuuta says

    Wow… This is really funny if you have the right mind for it. XD Thankfully, my mind has been corrupt to that point. I share some of the stories I read on here over facebook chat with my friends, and they absolutely love your stories as much as I do. Keep up the good work SFK! :)

  26. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    @SCARYFORKIDS… Do you make up these stories on your own or do you get them somewhere? Either way, they are awesome and I just want to complement on your website, its absolutely amazing, keep up the great work, cheers!

  27. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Haha… @Anyone who doesn’t understand… She chopped off his baby making machine, hehehe…

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