Black Tights

The Black Tights is a scary children’s story from Russia about a young girl whose new clothes are too tight.

Black Tights

Black Tights

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved ballet. Her mother bought her a new pair of black tights for her birthday. She put on the black tights and her mother dropped her off at ballet rehearsal.

When her mother arrived to pick her up a few hours later, the girl seemed to be in pain.

“Mom! Mom!”, she said “My legs hurt!”

Her mother told her to wait until they got home before taking off her black tights.

When they were driving home, the girl complained again.

“Mom! Mom!”, she said “My legs hurt!”

“Wait until we get home”, said her mother. “Then we’ll take off your black tights and see why they hurt.”

When they got near their house, the girl started crying.

“Mom! Mom!”, she said “My legs hurt!”

“Wait until we get home”, said her mother. “We’ll be there in a minute.”

When they arrived home, the girl immediately began to take off her black tights, and then she screamed. Instead of legs, there were just some bones.

The End.


  1. Cool_Geek13 says

    Such a delightful story! Wouldn’t give your three-year-old nightmares at all… NOT!

    That would traumatise them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LittleRains says

    Scary one and @animefruba, not necessarily cuz ppl can live without legs but it’s still weird cause there should be blood

  3. bensbuddy123 says

    @Kutiethekiller: She was crying “When they got near the house, the girl started crying.”

  4. sinister midnight says

    um…Next time my mum buys me a pair of black tights, i refuse to wear them…i have hundreds of black tights, the worst damage one did was scar my leg.

  5. So_AWESOME says

    A similar thing happened in this show called wizards of waverly place i believe her reaction was “WHEN IN DOUBT DANCE YOUR WAY OUT!”

  6. taintedangel666 says

    I wouldn’t have waited… I would’ve ripped off the tights as soon as my legs started to hurt!

  7. Avery Dawn says

    Wow… Her mother must of been really stupid… I mean, I know if my child was in pain I’d let her take the tights of in the nearest bathroom or I don’t know, the car?? It’s not like anyone was going to see her if that was the problem… -.-”

  8. pinkKaygana says

    good, but… it didn’t really have that much detail… and, if the tights ate her legs, wouldn’t she be bleeding or something? why were the tights haunted?? why wasn’t the girl crying?? if i were her, i would be like: “MOM, MY LEGS HURT, AND I CANT STAND IT ANYMORE!!!” and i would run to the nearest bathroom to take them off, so i dont get how the girl could be so calm. I know that our imagination is supposed to do all the rest of the work, cuz scary stories aren’t actually supposed to have real endings, but it could have gone with a bit more story-telling detail :)) and plz dont get me wrong, i dont wanna sound rude and stuff….

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